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Cascade 24x 200ml: Lemon Lime & Bitters, Lime & Soda Water or Tonic Water $13.20 ($11.88 S&S) + Del ($0 Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU

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$11.88 with Subscribe & Save!
Cheapest price as of late.

24x 200ml Cans:

Cascade Lemon Lime and Bitters is a classic and zesty favourite. Created with sparkling water and the finest ingredients to deliver an exceptionally crisp finish.
Cascade's range of sophisticated sparkling softdrinks are the perfect choice for enjoying either straight or as a mixed drink.

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Does anyone, or anyone you know, drink tonic water?

    • +1

      Just ordered a case..

    • +26

      With gin…

      • Makes sense.

        I'm just not that sophisticated.

    • +5

      I like it, both on its own and with gin

    • +2

      Me. A lot of it!

      Picked up the taste flying American airlines in the US for many years!

    • I couldn't finish some of the cans then I put in car radiator, it works pretty good. Nearly 100k kms. Gonna flush it soon.

      • +1

        Some have a lot of sugar, I'd be careful putting it in the car.

        • +1

          I tasted radiator fluid too, they are kind of sweet too. dont risk put it in your car like me.

    • +1

      Yes. Quinine helps a little with restless legs/neuralgia. Have to be careful of the sugar though.

  • +3

    $2.2 for 4 at Safeway

    • +2

      So cheaper here yeah?

      Unless my maths is even worse than I think it is

      • 55c per can, so same price unless you S&S from amazon.

  • +19

    5.0 out of 5 stars Can confirm, it is tonic water.
    Reviewed in Australia on 11 July 2018
    Flavour: Tonic WaterSize: 24x200mlVerified Purchase
    My girlfriend constantly asks why I bought 24 mini cans and filled up the fridge…but she just doesn't understand the value that these cans represent. Hence we had to break up due to a fundamental difference in our appreciation of a good deal.
    18 people found this helpful

    • What's their ozbargin user name?

  • Does subscribe and save charge you the price you initially paid or the price of the item in the future?

    • future

    • Edited: My first reply was confusing.
      As TEERX says, For the first shipment, the SS price as listed, then on future shipments whatever the prevailing rate is.
      I can confirm that happened on SS orders I have set up in the past.

    • For the first shipment, the price you pay as listed, then on other shipments whatever the prevailing rate is.

    • It's generally whatever the price was about a week before the future item actually ships. You get an email a few days before outlining any price changes and giving you the option to cancel before being charged.

  • +1

    Lemon lime bitters out of stock.

    • Really? Just bought a case

      • That comment was made almost a month ago, it was out of stock at that time.

        • Ah my bad

  • +1

    $2 for 4 at Woolworths this week too. Some other flavours available as well.

    • $2.22 in WA :(

      • Actually $2.20 in NSW :'( Did not realise I was looking at a different price haha

  • Would you get 10 cents back per can when you recycle? Would this end up cheaper than buying a large bottle?

    • +2

      Yes to first question.
      Cbfed doing the maths on the second

      • +2

        Cbfed doing the maths on the second

        That's why I asked XD

  • +1

    Ordered a case but can anyone who enjoys gin comment on the quality of the tonic? Haven’t tried this one before. Guess I’ll know in a couple of days time lol.

    • +1

      It’s good. Not too overpowering and perfect if you only like the occasional G&T as it’s the perfect size for one glass

    • +2

      Nowhere near as good as Fever-Tree or Capi, but nonetheless better than all of the other cheap tonic waters.

      • +1

        Ah yeh fair enough. Figured that’s where it would probably sit. Can’t complain then at this price.

  • Cheaper at Woolworths currently.

    • -3

      $12 as woolworths > $11.88 on amazon.

      also, on amazon i get some indian guy deliver it to my doorstep.

      i dont have the time to drive, park, push thru people and find the item on the woolworhs shelves, then go to the self-scanning checkout to scan the barcode and then find my other card to pay for the item, then make my way back to my car, drive home…..

      amazon is a few clicks. and cheaper.

      no wonder amazon is going to rule the world soon!

      • +1

        no wonder amazon is going to rule the world soon!

        That's not a good thing. They've already made several businesses go out of business themselves.

        As for Woolworths, I get 10% with my car insurance and also a further x% off using giftcards.

        I use both, but hate Amazon

        • That's not a good thing. They've already made several businesses go out of business themselves.

          Didn't Woolworths send businesses out of business also? Just karma if Amazon sends them out of business. I'd suggest it won't happen. Amazon in the UK partners with one of the big 4 grocery chains to deliver.

      • It's called click and collect mate, the best thing ever! I hate shopping centres, which is another reason I go to the stand alone Aldi, because I feel the same way as you do about malls!

      • +1

        Ah, my tired eyes didn't see the S&S price or it got edited in. Also the assumption is that you wouldn't be going to Woolies purely for one item or do you get all your groceries from Amazon?

        • i actually get a lot more from amazon, which results in less trips to wollworths.

          and even those trips to woolworths, are being replaced by my local butcher and local fruit ship which has fresher and cheaper fresh foods.

          so amazon is changing a lot of ways we do shopping in this household.

          • @sachz: Tl;dr you still go to woolies so your original comment is moot.

            I also have prime and buy my fresh food from markets but thanks for letting me know.

      • $12 as woolworths > $11.88 on amazon

        Don't under estimate how little people value time. Even with 10% Woolworths insurance discount would you lug it from shelf to trolley, then lug it for scanning, into the car out of the car. Yes, some people would as they were going there anyway is the excuse.

        • Huh? You're talking about 2 seconds, the same amount of time it would take to click through the necessary screens. If you go to Woolworths for any other reason there is no time saving.

          • @Cheaplikethebird: Maybe not clear. People will buy stuff at Woolworth for 12c more because they don't get the concept of time even if you are "going there anyway"

            • @netjock: I think you overestimate the value of your time.

              • @Cheaplikethebird: Not talking about myself. How nice of you to assume it is a self centred comment. To care about what other people believe is the value of my time is just folly.

                • @netjock: You made a universal statement about how people value time.

                  • @Cheaplikethebird:

                    @netjock: I think you overestimate the value of your time.

                    That is different to you make a universal assumption about how I value my time. I don't care how you view my value of my time.

                    • +1

                      @netjock: My point was that you are referring to yourself. Anyway as I value my time off for a beer. Have a good weekend bud.

    • Same price at woolies actually.

  • tonic water gone too

  • Woolies Cascade Lemon Lime Bitters Can 4x200ml - $2.20 ($2.75 / 1L) - $0.55per can
    Amazon Cascade Lemon Lime Bitters Can 24x200ml - $13.20 - $0.55per can

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • wrong. subscription discount.

      • Oh, what's that sorry mate? Does one require prime for it?

  • Woolworth have 1/2 price currently also. Grabbed 4x4 packs

    • Yea, is what I said on my link up top. I think I got the math right if you got it!

  • Available again

  • Thanks op got some Lemon lime bitters and the lime sodas

  • LL&B gone again

  • thanks got lime+soda

  • Is the lime sofa better than the mount Franklin ones?

    • green is my favorite colour sofa personally.. the lime soda is unavailable now thou :(

  • wow… impressed with the shipping

    ordered 9pm last night and just received this morning….
    SE VIC

  • 2 in stock of Lemon Lime & Bitters

  • FYI for those subscribed to this thread, LLB & Tonic Water Available again.

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