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Daniel Wellington Men's Watch Classic Warwick 40mm $171.21 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best deal I’ve found, ends up being $159.22 after 7% cash back with ShopBack

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Put it towards a quality watch instead.

    • Hijacking top comment…

      What are some better options around the following price points?

      • $200
      • $500
      • $1,000
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        These are a million between $200-1000. Colour? Size? Sapphire crystal? Movement? SS bracelet or leather? You'll have to be more specific.

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        $200: Orient Bambino IV, Seiko SNK809, various Citizen EcoDrives, various Tissot Quartz
        $500: Tissot Seastar Quartz, Bulova Lunar Pilot, Victorinox INOX, Orient Star
        $1000: Maurice LaCroix Eliros, Seiko Alpinist, Longines Conquest, Hamilton Khaki Field

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    If you want a quality minimalist watch get a timex or a Orient bambino, don't get one these.

  • Branding instead of quality on this one. Agree with other comments to that you’re much better off putting this money towards a better watch.

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    If you have any interest in watches do yourself a favour and get something decent instead. DW are cheap and nasty fashion watches that have a couple of dollar quartz movement in them, promoted by similar class people on social media.

    For not a lot more you can get yourself a good quality mechanical Seiko. Otherwise Steinhart are good quality for entry level Swiss made. There are lots of other much better options out there than DW.

  • Terrible quality watches for the price. Avoid.

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    If it was half this price it'd still be a bad deal compared to Seiko, Citizen etc.
    The appearance might look pretty to some, but the innards are ugly as hell

  • Agreed. Cheap and nasty better to get a Japan made Seiko.

  • Agree with everything else here. However on the flip side because these are really nothing special it's very easy to get a very decent fake off of DHGate for $10-$20. Wearing one myself now, for $30 with a leather band it's a decent looking watch.

  • If it was $1.71 I'd buy it for a stocking filler

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    Cheap and nasty crap, not worth any more than a few bucks

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    The horologist's holy grail timepiece…

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    To be fair some people just like the aesthetic and this is what they want, for $170 its not the worst thing in the word.

    You aren't getting great value relative to what you could get with other watch brands, but if you are getting what you want for less than you would pay elsewhere then its still decent.

    I wouldn't wear one of these if they paid me but taste remains subjective.

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      It is the worst thing in the world.

      You're proudly getting ripped off and it shows that you're a unsophisticated sheep.

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        you're 'an' unsophisticated sheep.

        I'm OK with other people being OK with these watched, the cheapest watch I own is a Seiko Alpinist (which is still low end) not everybody has to have the same taste as me and many people wear watches for aesthetic reasons first and foremost.

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    DW watches are literally $5 pieces from China. This is a terrible deal for one in any event when they're routinely under $80 on various websites and ebay sellers like janoshop.

    If you're spending $180+ on a watch, get a Seiko, Orient or even a Tissot quartz on special.

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      I wouldn't quite go as low as $5 LoL but yes no watch enthusiast would be caught dead wearing these. Junk.

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        :( I sometimes wear mine

        • Oh LoL…!

        • Hopefully in the pool.

  • Curious for links of better watches at same price point as this? Obviously if you pay more you get better, but for $171…?

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      You can get a Seiko 5 when on sale

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      Seiko, Casio, Timex, Citizen come to mind first. There's a lot to check out depending on your preferences.

    • Starbuy - track the deal of the day until its something you like thats in your price range. You ill get a much better watch. Depends if you're just buying it for the look though.

  • These watches are literally the bottom of the pile. They're very low quality and only cost about $5 to make. The marketing company however are bloody brilliant to get away with charging the ridiculous prices.

  • Absolute garbage

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    Pick one from here for around this price.


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    I do like the aesthetic of this watch. Taking on board what others have said about Timex, Seiko etc though. Is there anything out there of higher quality but with the same clean design?

    Everything else linked just looks too clunky.

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      Citizen have some Eco-drive models (powered by the sun) with a similar design.

    • You could take a look at the Citizen AU1080 (comes in white, black or blue dial options): link to an example.

      Otherwise, if you want something with those aesthetics from Seiko, you may want to consider the SPB113J1 and SPB115J1 (maroon and white enamel dials - which does drive the price up quite a fair bit).

      Citizen AU1080: https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/product/citizen-eco-drive-men-s-nylon-strap-watch-au1080-20a-beige-3.html?cf_chl_jschl_tk=d45d953d2187a76df49898ebcac78d9fde2ce9c1-1608160111-0-AZICHdCw4k4YLNhyG2b6lLnemZOj1FKP_XM69ewMDj7KwckS57329YksdQgKDbeCSgjHj4hcGrZ6NfFAejS9dH7GZPNKNIO32oxhX6ff_1xA9qKa-1esE2lZzI11TbXSdUUfO9t4jgPqcv3kW3nqpt3-YtxiHtGwR5h1br9MeywtFGKEOsWuwu_ioft1mHT1enVcQROa868SXYN4qf773oYvOAMfLQVUD2MhGawdo7oYa_XLoIc7PINwi-YgQq-aTvGccEICfj1R7OGrOus3IkmIIk8nN3TozUclenRwX-7PwTbNzQC84teA_fXEHKLPNNOozlopWqYCjgSSi7jnbyNvsM4OMeY1XD2nLPus-kNzBllRrH9g1TlzkHeHf9Utc8HT52K4nbE1JKZuh6KmGouDqOyf_JE5LB_alFfCVSvDuWuyMxNUNwtepX-pnFfjM85oWmFGn46NV71azR3vYg-V9akWVo4FRRdem5lZgWFH

      Seikos: https://wornandwound.com/seiko-adds-two-new-riki-watanabe-in...

    • I have a Oris Classic Date as a part of my collection to fill that dressy minimalist watch vibe. I love the display window on the back with the bold red rotor, I even chucked a nato on it. But that is jumping up in price.

    • Not a whole lot of good minimalist watches on this space tbh. Tissot Everytime is probably one of the cheapest simple Swiss watches, otherwise moving up in price you could go for a Bauhaus design from Junkers or Junghans, or really spurge on Nomos.

      Or, if you like the DW style and don't want to spend, grab it off aliexpress for $30- no one will be able to tell its fake because they will be the same watch.

  • How Daniel Wellington Made a $200 Million Business Out of Cheap Watches

    that been said, if you like it and you got money to blow. go nuts.
    you can find the exact same design off aliexpress without the logo for literally a few dollars.

  • Thanks folks.

    Just had a quick look at the Tissot Everytime and that looks like it might tick the box. Also just fell in love with the Nomos Metro Date. Maybe one day.

  • -1

    Hahaha love all the negative comments, as someone mentioned design is completely subjective and many people or "sheep" as they have been labelled love this design.
    It's a great deal relative to prices elsewhere for same item.
    For all those suggesting other watches, send me through one that looks like this. I'd happily buy as i love the design.

  • Any of these are better than a DW. You can buy a replacement strap (nato) for a few dollars and you can change the strap very easily yourself (youtube it). I have no necessaryily linked the cheapest sites (you can do that), but they are reputable. Aliexpress also has a treasure trove of cheap Chinese watches, and for the same price you get a nearly scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

    Timex Weekender ‘Fairfield‘ or'Southview"
    BULOVA Corporate Silver 96B104
    BULOVA Aerojet Quartz 96B316
    BULOVA Classic Aerojet Blue 96B289
    BULOVA Aerojet Quartz 96B314
    Citizen Automatic NH8350-08E
    Citizen Automatic SS bracelet NH8350-83E
    Citizen Automatic SS bracelet NH8350-83A
    Orient RA-AC0E Japanese Automatic
    Any Orient Bambino
    Orient Men's 'Capital Version 2' FUG1R008B9
    Tissot Heritage Quartz Mens Watch T118.410.16.057.01
    Tissot Everytime Quartz Mens Watch T109.610.36.051.00
    Seiko Men's Daywear 100M Watch SGEH89P
    Seiko Solar White Dial Men's Watch SNE523P
    Seiko Classic SUR307P

  • Once you go Skmei, you don't go back.

  • Cheap garbage fashion watch! BUY AN ORIENT INSTEAD