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Qantas Store Summer Sale (up to 60% off)


Saw this right before heading to bed, thought that Ozbargainers may be interested in the sale.

Save up to 40% on hundreds of products
The savings are heating up with our Summer Sale! Use your Qantas Points or Points Plus Pay now and save on a huge range of products from brands we know you love like Garmin, Bose, Seiko, Timberland, Global, Tefal and more. Ends 28 January 2021. Delivery charges apply.*

Up to 40% off selected electronics
10% off all Apple - ends 28 December 2020
20-40% off a selected Bose range
Up to 35% off select Ultimate Ears
30% off a selected Jabra range
25% off selected Cricut
25% off selected Audio Pro
25% off selected Cygnett
15% off selected DJI drones
20% off selected Uniden
25% off selected Nextbase

Up to 20% off selected appliances
20-40% off selected Tefal
20% off the entire Magimix range
10% off the entire iRobot range
20% off selected Cuisinart
10-20% off the entire VAX range
20% off selected Fisher & Paykel
20% off a selected ILVE range

Up to 40% off selected homewares
15% off selected Weber
40% off selected Noritake
40% off selected Global
20% off selected Karcher
20% off selected Bosch
40% off selected Scanpan
50% off selected Tefal
40% off selected Sheridan
30% off selected Maxwell & Williams
40% off selected Neoflam
20% off selected Black & Decker

Up to 60% off selected Luggage
Up to 60% off select Qantas Luggage
60% off selected Pierre Cardin
Up to 60% off selected Milleni
Up to 60% off Samsonite
Up to 40% off selected Lapoche
Up to 60% off selected American Tourister
Up to 60% off selected Morrissey

Up to 45% off selected Sports & Outdoors
Up to 50% off selected Garmin
50% off selected Onsport Fitness
50% off selected Caribee
Up to 35% off selected Coleman
25% off a selected Adidas range
25% off a selected Callaway range
45% off a selected 2XU range

Up to 30% off selected Women's items

Up to 30% off selected Men's items
50% off selected Seiko
30% off the entire Citizen range
20% off the entire Ray-Ban range
20% off the entire Fjallraven range
20% off all Hugo Boss

Up to 30% off selected Kids' items
30% off selected Baby Jogger®
20% off the entire Skip Hop range
20% off all Philips Avent
30% off the entire Schleich range
20% off the entire Osmo range

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  • +3

    points club plus extra 10% off stacks

  • Weight up an gift cards and buying in a store vs the Qantas prices

    • You mean using points to buy gift cards and using them instore?

  • +1

    any bargains?

    • qantas branded luggage seems ok

  • How many cents is a Qantas point worth these days 🤔

    • Market .8
      Gift cards .6

      Closest it has even been if you don't fly or want to risk selling its viable now .
      And to the Whingers that can get 2-4 C a pt flying there no shortage in the market at .8 why value it so highly ?
      The normal person will say good luck you can find value .

  • +1

    Thanks OP, picked up this Seiko for 63,750 points after Points Club discount:


  • +3

    Thats a whole lot of "selected" and "up to". I wish their filter/search was a bit better - the store has so many products these days!

    • If you are interested in seeing items that are on sale, there is a filter option for it.

      But yeah I agree that the search/filter is subpar. My biggest gripe is the lack of option to sort items by lowest/highest points. The old website had this function was much more user friendly imo.

    • +2

      What does this even mean?

    • +2

      not sure how leaving accrued points unspent supports the workers

      • Yes, surely spending points costs more money for Qantas than leaving them unspent?

  • +3

    Don't forget Amex QF credits can now be used for reward store purchases

    • Bose 35 II Limited edition $302.28 + 2000 points
      Jaybra Elite 65t earbuds $121.44 + 2000 Points
      Apple USB-C 20Watt Adp $13.92 + 2000 Points
      Postage $15

      Total $452.64 and 6000 Points redeemed

      Amex $450 CR used and 876 points earned

      I believe this is really good value!

      • +1

        Have been waiting for a Qantas 10% off Apple promotion since AMEX announced that the Qantas AMEX Ultimate Card travel credit could be used on the Qantas store - haven't flown since February and will not be flying until COVID is over. Plus, Apple products never get seriously discounted anywhere, so 10% off retail is about as good as it gets.

        So I just put through an order for an Apple MacBook Air M1 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD. Qantas is discounting the cash prices as well (seems to be about 8% off retail, rather than 10%, if using cash), which is great as using points for any purchases on this site is poor value versus buying flights or upgrading flight class when traveling.

        2000 points + $1,330 spent ($1,780 minus $450 travel credit)
        5,785 points (2pts/dollar = 3,560 from Qantas Store + 1.25pts/dollar = 2,225 from AMEX) earned back from the $1,780 cash spend

        Would love to have had a 16GB RAM MacBook, but the great value had here was too good to pass up. Everyone says 8GB RAM is plenty in most situations anyway. Can't complain at all :)

      • +1

        Wait can you use the Amex credit for Qantas Store? I thought it was only for flights.

    • Can you please post details on how to do this and the announcement?

      • +2

        It's only available to Qantas Amex Ultimate Card holders whose $450 travel credit for the last cycle has not been redeemed yet.

        Usually you are only able to use the travel credit on Qantas flights booked via Amex Travel portal, but due to Covid-19, Qantas has extended the expiry for the travel credits expiring in early-mid 2020 to March 2021 and changed the travel credit to a statement credit offer instead which is applicable to all purchases made through Qantas.

        Here's the link to the aforementioned deal

        • +1

          Man, i was hoping id be able to use my Explorer travel credit!

        • Made a booking using my travel credits in Feb, but due to COVID, the booking was cancelled and credit was returned to Amex.
          I have since cancelled my card, but am still eligible to make a booking using those credits through Amex Travel (can't login, have to call up to make the booking) up until March '21.

          Any idea if I would be able to use those credits through Qantas Store? I have been searching for any information around this but can't seem to find anything. I have a feeling if I call them up, they would not honour this since I am not a current cardholder.

  • Dollar-wise, isn't converting points to flights equals to more bang per point?

    Of course need to wait until the pandemic is over, but I've never once redeemed my points for items.

    • +1

      Agree. Much better value when using points to upgrade to business class for international flights. But I guess some people will just see a flight as getting from A to B, they would prefer to actually get some 'free' items compared to flight upgrades.

      • -1

        Much better value when using points to upgrade to business class for international flights.

        While this is true, good luck getting it if you have a bunch of Plat/Plat One flyers onboard requesting upgrades. They get priority.

        • No need to be 'sour' cos even if you use your points to book flights, it is of better use than redeeming them for products in the qantas shop, not to mention that lots of brands in the shop have huge margin and they are always 30%-50% off at the retails.

  • Vax stick hoovers any good ? Discounts look good

  • +1

    Just a reminder. Qantas store told me that this is a reward not a purchase. I had a bad experience with Qantas store. the customer service team at Manila gave me misleading information and refuse to admit in my follow up calls, his team manager refused to admit any wrongdoing and refused to escalate my request to anyone in Australia.

    • +1

      Agree, their off-shore customer service team is terrible. Rude & useless is an understatement.

    • +1

      What does this difference mean? The way your points are treated, or warranty issues?

  • Seems like a good price for the Karcher K5 $485 plus 15,400 points, plus I earnt some points back as well.

  • +1

    Thanks for putting together such a detailed list!

    However, even with these big discounts, it's still about 20% more expensive than retail price let alone OzB prices.

    I've got a crap ton of points from all the bonus points credit card deals. I'm not interested in seat upgrades which is the best points to dollar value.

    I guess it's either flights or wait for a larger discount sale.

  • Bose…only if they have them in stock! My delivery has been postponed for 3 times, still waiting…

  • The 2xu stuff is actually VERY reasonably priced compared to the retail prices. They're good quality skins too with real graduated compression to support muscles during workouts and stimulate better recovery.

    Use them daily for running.

    2,000 PTS + $70.56 is almost half price on RRP. Usually you can get them for $100 so still 30% off if you compare to real world prices.

  • Is anybody else having problems with the website?

    I am unable to log in or view products currently

    Edit: Working again currently. Seems to randomly log me out.

  • +1

    Seems to be a great price for the Men's Seiko Presage Limited Edition watches. $485.51+2000 points vs $839 at Starbuy.

    As reference, was posted here at $599 a couple months ago. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571697