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$100 Cashback with a New Everyday Account ($300 VISA Debit Spend & $250 Salary Deposit in 3 Months Required) @ Bank First


$50 after spending $300 on the VISA debit card within 3 months of account opening.

$50 after arranging for your employer to deposit at least $250 a fortnight into the account within 3 months of account opening.

Offer ends 31 Dec

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    I signed up and it said I'll need to scan and send my ID to verify my identity…

    Everyone else get this?

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      Got that too

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      I got an email from them:

      Hi ██████

      As part of your recent application to become a Member with Bank First you selected the option of verifying your identity online. This process involves an attempt to match your personal details including name, address and date of birth with the details held on your credit file which is maintained by illion. Unfortunately, on this occasion the details that you provided did not match those held by illion and as such we are obliged by legislation to inform you. Whilst this process has no affect on your credit file you may want to make further enquiries with illion by calling ██ ██ ██ during business hours.

      An alternative means of identification is available - If you have already completed your ID verification using an alternative method, you don't need to do anything further.

      If you have not yet completed your ID verification, you will receive a further email from us with details of how you can be identified.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Relations
      Bank First

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        I downloaded the PDF and apparently I need to find a Certifier? That's a bit too much effort :(

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          Sounds like a nah for me then. Thanks for letting us know.

        • +1

          It is annoying. But now I'm more motivated to deprive them of $100 …

      • I got this email too when I applied in the 20th and nothing until today (24th) when I got a message saying my accounts are open.
        I've had this in the past with HSBC and possibly other banks too - get a notification that my details don't match exactly, but still have success with the bank without having to do a paper form.

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      Customers having to KYC when opening a bank account is the law.

  • How they verify the deposit is a salary? Maybe as long it comes from a company name with ABN?

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      They can’t. Transfer from another bank should be fine.

      • Hope you are right. It does make sense, because my salary could come from Mr. Howard Jones account, not necessarily always Howard PTY LTD

        • Make sure it comes from someone different from yourself though.

          • +2

            @demiurge: A bank has no way of knowing who the account holder is of a sender.

        • These days salary credit have ‘your boss just sent this’ next to the $ amount so banks will know

      • They likely can't.


        (1) Make sure its transferred from a different bank account.
        (2) Include 'Salary' in the payment description.
        (3) Probably make multiple deposits into the account, with the same amount and description, every second Thursday (i.e. 'payday')

  • +1

    What about those with monthly salary? Are they strictly expecting payment fornightly to qualify?

    • Just read the terms at the bottom of the link.

      "2. In order to receive $50 cash back you must arrange for your employer to direct credit a minimum of $250 per fortnight of your salary to your Bank First Everyday (S1) Account within 3 months of opening your Bank First Everyday Account. $50 credit will be applied to your account within 1 calendar month of receipt of your first deposit. "

      • +1

        Strange criteria, reading the comments it seems like they can’t verify if 5e deposit is income or not and it won’t matte rif you deposit the income fortnightly or not because they will credit you after 1 deposit?

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    Does this exclude previous customers?

    I previously did this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/422169

    • I did this last time, too. It does not say anything about previous account holders, so should be fine.

      • I don't know what you are reading but the website is quite clear.

        "All offers valid until 31 December 2020 and available to new retail customers over 18 years only, excluding students where different offers apply"

    • "All offers valid until 31 December 2020 and available to new retail customers over 18 years only, excluding students where different offers apply"

  • Offer states valid until 31 December 2020…

    Does this mean we need to open an account by this date or satisfy the criteria by this date?

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    Sorry, I meant if you closed your first account, like I did, 18 months ago, so I should be a new customer now.

    If you never closed it before, you would not be a new customer.

  • +1

    Is there a monthly account keeping fee?

    • $0 Transaction Fees1 + $50 in your pocket2

  • Will this become a Xinja - just announced collapse

    • +2

      No, this one is a credit union and been in operations for a long time. Used to be known as Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank.

      P.S. Not financial advice of course

  • Those who pissed off illion credit reporting wil have to do manual photo match ID check send your best selfie with ugly drivers license

  • Nah for me as well

  • +1

    The last time I did one of these deposit and withdrawals for free cash my account got flagged for money laundering or something stupid. Took me a week to sort out. Never again.

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    I am familiar with the Bank - it has been around for a few decades now and is well established. It is actually an APRA regulated Bank now and not a credit union, so they have to comply with all of the same requirements as all the other banks. The only difference is that it is a customer owned bank, so technically not-for-profit but for the benefit of members. There are quite a few of these around like Bank Australia, Bank Vic, Heritage etc. I recall seeing in some magazines that it had won a lot of awards in a number of categories over the years against all the other banks, so I believe they're quite competitive on rates and fees etc. from the last time I had a look and I think they've got all the standard stuff like phone apps and Apple Pay etc. Might be worth checking it out, so if you've got a question maybe give their call centre a go. Being member based, you would hope that it should at least be based in Australia and fairly well-staffed. I have used a lot of these sorts of deals in the past to simply cash in with Bank of Melbourne, ING, ME Bank, HSBC etc., so I can understand the appeal of just doing it just for that, but banking is a lot more democratised these days in terms of ATM access and removal of mortgage exit fees, so it might actually be worth giving these guys a go for day-to-day banking after the promo has ended. LOL - just as an aside, I remember there was this other financial institution a few years ago before the legislation came in that had a $14,000 exit fee buried in the fine print that would turn you into a hostage. I just think it is a little bit better now that there is some competition and things are a bit more open. Just my 2 cents…

  • offer seems to have gone down to $50 now on the site

    • It's $50 for spending $300 on the debit card and $50 for having your employer deposit at least $250 (so a combined total of $100).

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    Applied yesterday but have not got any email about it? Anyone else?

    • Yep I am in the same boat… so weird? Not even an automated email to say "we have received your application" etc. Nothing…

      • I thought maybe I clicked the wrong button at the end? I think it was a blue Verify button or similar?

        • I got to this page after verifying identity with medicare and nothing since application. Just tried again with the same email and also didn't get any confirmation email.

          Thank you for your application. We will be in contact with you to confirm your products have been opened or to request further information.

          For new customers: if not verified via this form, each new customer must be certified using the Proving Your Identity form. Scanning and faxing of the Proving Your identity form is not permissible as original signatures are required. Once completed, please send the form to:

          Bank First, Reply Paid 338, CAMBERWELL VIC 3124.

          If you require further information or assistance, please call 1300 654 822 or visit bankfirst.com.au.

          • @tajid: Same, applied yesterday morning, got this and no email. Maybe the guy who manages applications has gone on leave.

          • @tajid: I applied in the 20th and finally got opened today.

            • @archiexyz: Did you get any email before that?

              • @tajid: Yes when I first applied, I got the same email as @kurisu put above (3rd comment on page). Then nothing until the accounts open email and text message today.

            • @archiexyz: Check again, there could be credit freeze on your account. It happened with me.

          • @tajid: I entered my drivers licence earlier in the process (when it asked for personal details).

            I got to the last step (pressing the Verify button) - pressed it and I got the message you have copied pasted.

            Very strange. It did not ask to enter drivers licence again, or enter other ID (medicare).

  • -4

    Why deal with the hassle of opening and closing this account for a measly $100? Invest in some crypto. Easily make $100.

    • or easily lose 10k like I did lol.

      • +1

        What did you buy? Wassa wassa wassup … Bitconnect?

    • Did you forget what did you're on mate?

  • +1

    Just got this, anyone else got the same?

    Thank you for your interest in opening an account with Bank First. Unfortunately we are unable to process your application at this time as we require more information.

    In order to comply with Government legislation under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Act 2006 (Cth), it is necessary to provide identification for the account holder and each signatory when opening an account with a financial institution.

    Proving your Identity - Each account holder and each signatory to the account must be identified using this form. This form must be signed and completed by an acceptable certifier and returned along with certified copies of identification documents.

    Send your completed paperwork to the address below:

    Bank First
    Customer Relations
    PO Box 338
    Camberwell VIC 3124

    We apologise for any delay in processing your application. Upon receipt of the completed form, your account application will be processed without delay.

  • My account number seems to have a letter in it. Is that a thing?

    • Worked it out. It doesn't, but the way the account number is displayed is quite misleading.

      • Pretty meh, had on Osko transaction take 5 days to process

      • I'm wondering the same thing, do you mean that the account number is just the numbers before the letter?

  • I'm getting "Session expired" error every time I click VERIFY button. Has any one faced this ?

  • +1

    Does anyone know whether the account has to be completely open by 31st to qualify? Or is just making the application before then sufficient?

    • Same question here

      • I ended up calling them today. They were able to open my account over the phone.

    • Just needs to have the applications done. I called today to confirm.

      • +2

        They would have to be the most useless bank. I just called to do the same. Was on hold for a while, then was advised my application had been received but hadn’t been ‘uploaded’ into their system yet. The team that did this was all away on holidays and to check back mid next week if I haven’t received an email communication notifying the account had been opened.

        Also she could not confirm the terms of the promotion (whether it just had to be applied for by today, or opened by today). Said that is a ‘marketing’ thing and only something the marketing team would know.


        It’s 2020 and it takes more than 10 days to open a bank account, and staff don’t even know the terms of the offers available to new customers.

        • Relax.

          It's the end of year holidays.

          You are going to get the offer as long as you apply through the campaign link before midnight tonight.

          Who cares if it takes a bit of time to process? (Though it would be nice to see an automatic email that acknowledges the application has been received, and you are eligible for the offer).

          It may also take a bit extra to send out the initial pack and debit card, because mail delivery is taking longer. I am not worried about it.

  • Applied about 6 business days ago, haven't heard anything nor the courtesy of a confirmation email. Great to know I gave these novices my PID including my license number.

  • +1

    The linked page now says "All offers valid until 30 June 2021" so I think it's been extended.

    • The individual offer pages still say 31 Dec 2020. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  • I applied at the end of Dec and was requested the ID verification. Sent the required docs today and to see whether will I got the bonus.

    • Same. Not expecting much from them based on the experience to date.

      • agreed…weird services..

  • +1

    My account got approved today. Where does one find their A/C number?

    I have a member number and a BSB? The Member Number ends with S01 - is that the account number just without the S01?

    • Login to internet banking and you’ll find the account number

  • Also their email confirmation consists of a blank email with a word document attached.. can’t deal with this bank 😂

    • Yeah, super professional. Definitely tempted to make them the primary institution for all my banking matters 😄

  • +2

    Just got a letter from them ( a single A4 sheet in a C4 envelope no less)

    Dear Mr FACE

    Thank you for you recent application for an account with Bank First.

    We have assessed the information you provided. Unfortunately, we are unable to open an account for you.

    • +2

      Maybe you missed putting your first name? 'Chicken'.

      • nah it's '(profanity)' i'm being discriminated against

    • +1

      I guess bad behaviour proves they're a real bank …

      I reckon I'll be getting one of those letters.

      • I went through the whole application process without a hitch but didn't get a confirmation email. The letter is the first acknowledgement I even applied.

      • Surprisingly they gave me an account. Given how difficult that was, it's hard to be optimistic about them honouring the two $50 offers …

    • I just got the same letter today, dated 29 December 2020. Seems like the kind of thing that would've been more suitable for an email.

      • +2

        Got the same letter, but they still opened my account?

        • you now have schroedingers bank account

    • Me too. I guess someone who pays off their credit card debt in full at the end of every month isn't the kind of customer they're looking for…
      Strange that they sent me the debit card though.

      • -1

        What are you talking about?

        (1) I assume you would be applying for the transaction account. If that is the case, the bank knows nothing about your debt repayments.
        (2) Even if you were applying for a credit card, the bank can only see your credit report, which shows whether you made minimum repayments (which is usually 3% of balance). They cannot tell that you pay off balance in full

  • +1

    Are they kidding? 😄

    Congratulations on joining Bank First!

    As part of our ongoing commitment of providing superior service and to help us better serve you in the future, we’re inviting you to complete a short survey about your experience.

    • It took me 12 business days to get an email saying account was opened.

      Fair enough given it is holidays.

  • +1

    I have got my salary $50 cashback mid-Jan straight after the second fortnightly employer deposit.

    • Good to hear, thanks.

    • Nothing for me yet after two pays.

      Did yours include the word 'salary' in the transaction description?

      • Both $50 bonuses were received yesterday.

        They also sent an email about the two offers yesterday.

        All offers valid until 30 June 2021 and available to new retail customers over 18 years only, excluding students where different offers apply. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw these offers at any time.

        1. In order to receive $50 cash back you must arrange for your employer to direct credit a minimum of $250 per fortnight of your salary to your Bank First Everyday (S1) Account within 3 months of opening your Bank First Everyday Account. $50 credit will be applied to your account within 1 calendar month of receipt of your first deposit.

        2. Spend $300 using your Bank First Visa Debit Card within 3 months of opening your Bank First S1 Account and we’ll credit your Bank First Everyday (S1) account with $50 in the month following the $300 spend.

  • Anyone having trouble setting up google pay? Says call to verify, which I did. Went through some steps, was told it was all set up. Checked again an hour later and still not set up. Really can't be bothered calling again.

  • got my $100 exactly a month after first deposit

    • So you didn't have to put multiple lots of $300, just 1 deposit?

      • +1

        i got 2 or 3 fortnightly lots paid in but withdrew them each the next day

  • Just got my $50 for the card transaction ($301 BeemIt transfer) on 17 Feb. My salary bonus was 15 Jan, so seems to be processed mid-month.

  • +1

    Deposited 4x in 4 weeks, nothing. Spoke to them and they have NFI. This bank is run by absolute armatures.

    • I'd expect it mid month following your second qualifying fortnightly deposit. Were your weekly salary deposits >$250 each?

      • Yes.

        The T&C's say "$50 credit will be applied to your account within 1 calendar month of receipt of your first deposit." and it's past that mark.

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