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GraysOnline $50 off $100 Minimum Spend, for New Customers Only


Saw this pop up on my Facebook newsfeed.

GraysOnline is offering a free $50 voucher for signing up. I entered a random email and the voucher popped up on screen.

Minimum Spend is $100

New Customers ONLY - not sure how relevant that is, just use another email.


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    Thanks OP. Wonder if it’ll stack with this that also popped up:
    “Use Code HAPPYHOLS2020 To Get $10 OFF.*
    *Min. spend $40. One use per customer.”

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      Only 1 Reward Per Cart Allowed

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    over-priced auctions with something like 16.5% fees on top
    gotta spend lots of times to dig gold/bargain out of it…

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      The premiums certainly are steep there, but I’ve found that most regional auction sites have crept up over the past ten or so years.

  • Last time it was popular with cheap wines and liquor.. Wonder what's in store this time

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    Seems like a set code:

    • I got the same twice means code is generic

    • Nice work. Anyone know if it works on existing accounts.

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        Confirm works

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      You don't even have to enter an email lol. Just press submit and the code pops up

      • Lol

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    Coincidence it's a PE play looking to IPO ;) — one to pump the figures a bit

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      Take all the PE money, don't buy a IPO. Dick Smith Mk2

      • 100% — sold 1.5 years ago for $60m, and they're looking to list at $500m valuation

        • Looks like they bought grays.com to look big.

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    $24 shipping for QLD for 2 box of beer
    It kills the deal

    Any free shipping items?

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      You can filter for free shipping items.

      I bought the Glenrothes 12 Years Scotch Whisky ($96) + Kitchen Thongs ($10.95) for $56.95 delivered

      • Oh thanks

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    Is there anything worth buying?

  • it said "To use this voucher you must set a payment method." and there is no way to enter card detail before applying the code.

    • It's the chicken and the egg

    • Go to your account ("My Grays")

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    Nice post! Works. Just curious as a noob. What is gray's online good for in terms of shopping? I've never ventured much outside of eBay, amazon, catch and the store front retailers.

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      Excavators…. Plant and equipment

    • The only people I personally know who buy use it for alcohol purchases, same for me.
      They regularly send you a discount code if you leave something in your cart/browse heavily for a while and don't come back for a few weeks. I have a friend who buys a different bottle of scotch every 3 months at $20 less than RRP with this method

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    2 x Whitley Neill Gin for $60 delivered. Usually $60ish each, Thanks OP

    • how did you get free delivery? I’m seeing a delivery charge

      EDIT: No worries, I see its free delivery with the original, i wanted to try the quince one.

    • I ordered the same as you! Cheers!

    • all i can see is 3x for $179.97 with free shipping, is item you bought oos?

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    Worst after sales service. Never buying from them again

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    Thanks OP.

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    I think I had to use different payment systems for each account, PayPal for one and credit card for the other.

    But it's fairly straightforward and you can probably find some good deals.

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    I thought this was a deal for GreysOnline

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      legend, bought.

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      Thanks. Got one based on your post.

      It's the cheapest it has been from what I could see when looking through other posts.

  • Won't this just bump up the average sale price for decent items by $50 during the period the offer is valid?

    • Maybe on some auctions, but not always ;)

      • And it could bump up the price by more than $50 for some popular ones. For unpopular ones price might not change at all.

  • 12 blass Shiraz for 70 delivered is a good deal. Not quite lowest price per bottle but not far off.

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    2* Glenfiddich 12yr Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (2x 700mL), Scotland — $85 delivered

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    You know it's overpriced when even with $50 off $100 it's still cheaper to get things elsewhere.

    • YMMV

  • the question is, is there any good deals worth spending ;)?

    • Doesn't look like it. Haven't looked at Graysonline for years and judging by my visit today I haven't missed anything.

      • Ditto.

  • Wonder if they'll honour multiple items to the same address with "new" accounts.

    We'll see. 👀

    • It'll all be done electronically. Too expensive to vet each order. They outsourced CS to the Philippines and those guys have no idea about how things work in Australia.

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        I tried to do a similar thing with Boozebud and they tracked the intro coupon per address (automatically denied when trying to enter the coupon). In that case though I ended up using the auspost parcel locker thing, lol

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          In that case though I ended up using the auspost parcel locker thing, lol
          hah thanks for the tip

  • What to even buy there?honestly, how they survive these days?

    • They used to sell some decent imported wines. Not sure how much profit they made. Not much. The imported wine they sell now is very different. Now they mostly sell absolute dreggs. Most lots are passed in. You can't make anything if you sell nothing!!!

    • Survive by people buying inflated prices for niche products or by conning people into auctions and spending more than they would've

    • +1

      When it was new and unknown it used to have better pricing than eBay for entertainment and electronic goods but once everyone knew about it the prices went sky high and customer service went down. I can't believe there are so many Grays Online buyers willing to pay more for a reconditioned TV than a brand new TV with full warranty and local delivery. These buyers are the opposite of OzBargainers.

  • Fifine K670B for $51.95 by combining it with 2 packs of straws at $3.95 each - https://www.grays.com/retail/K670B/audio-tv-and-home-theatre... and https://www.grays.com/retail/SB-STWPNK/toys-and-games/strawb...

    • $65 on eBay, not a huge saving…

      • +2

        I assume the one you see for $65 is the K669B, the only $65 k670 is an extra $35 shipping. + $14 is lunch :)

  • cheers op for 18 bottles of wine for $59 delivered

    • Buy cheap wine now, have a good whine later .. :-( .. !!

      • I always look at the reviews on other websites before buying on grays online , have had good success

    • What did you buy?

      • 2 Monkeys Shiraz 2020 (12 x 750mL) SEA and Lindeman's Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 (6x 750mL).

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    Thanks. I just bought: Gardeon 190L outdoor storage for $50 and a few cents. (including shipping). Insert the code only after you press check out so that shipping fees are included before they will take the discount into account.

    • Good deal. I actually need one of these, grabbed one - cheers.

    • Cheers, ordered one yesterday. This is useful for my backyard. Thanks for the post.

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    I literally found nothing worth buying, what a terrible website

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    Dear (name) you recently purchased from GraysOnline for invoice number xxxx however your payment method was unsuccessful for $50.0. Please pay here or respond CALL to complete payment.

    • Got the same on one of my orders which I used a preloaded card. Wonder if they would've just pulled $50 if it was on an uncapped CC. This is defintely the difference between order value and what was already paid (coupon)

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      Did you end up calling them and cancelling the order? I got the same message and I am unable to get hold of them.grr

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        I keep getting this message. Looks like a PayPal dispute incoming

  • Note: You have absolutely no guarantee that you'll get what you ordered. And they'll keep ignoring your calls and emails until you finally drag the NSW Office of Fair Trading in - then they'll agree to refund half of the difference in value. It'll take another 2 months of phonecalls and emails until they finally actually give you the refund they agreed to.

  • "Please enter a valid code"….

    Has this been Ozbargained? The unique code certainly isn't unique —- figuring they've pulled the plug on this one.

  • As others, friends and I have all ordered under the code. All auction. 7 orders, 4 successful, 3 orders "Dear (name) you recently purchased from GraysOnline for invoice number xxxx however your payment method was unsuccessful for $XX.XX. Please pay here or respond CALL to complete payment.". Note that unlike above, it's not the $50 outstanding but the total purchase (but the $50 coupon is tracking fine). E.g. $160 -> $110 payable.

    Interesting to note that I asked around, everyone was split between paypal orders, debit card, old accounts, new accounts. Doesn't seem to be any pattern on the 3 client side. All money is pending in their accounts. One paid again and it cleared the invoice debt, but the previous "pending" charge still remains.

    Buyers beware on this one.

    • Wasn't the $xx.xx just the $50 that was meant to be deducted by coupon? or was it the actual balance?

      • Just updated, nope. It was the actual balance. The balance reflected the $50 coupon though, so that's nice.

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          Ahk, think my case was different then. Got the Ardbeg for $55, but they're requesting $50 to be paid

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    Has anyone received a shipping notification?

    Received an invoice showing the $50 credit and then stone cold silence ever since.

    Was expecting a shipping notification by now.

    • For a shipping notification yesterday

      • That's a good sign I guess.

      • Did you get the emails asking for $50 though?

  • One of my boxes of wine was delivered today

    • Did you get delivery notification?

      • +1

        One of my whiskies got delivered. I got an auspost notification this morning, but that’s it

      • Yeh I did

        • I ordered on the 20th and apart from the order confirmation, I’ve heard nothing. They don’t even show the order status on your account online. I’m thinking they could be closed until the new year?

  • An update: I ordered on the 20th and received an order confirmation. There was no further communication. I submitted a customer service ticket and they replied, saying that they could not find an invoice under my email address. I said I didn't receive any invoice, but I sent them the record of transaction from my bank. They then said they would be looking into it and get back to me.

    • Update: GraysOnline customer service says they are unable to fulfill my purchase listed as it was out of stock and a technical error caused a stock discrepancy. They are in the process of refunding me.

  • All mine arrived

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