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Petrol Mower $179, Line Trimmer $99.99, LED Smart Bulbs $12.99, LED Downlights $3.99, 20V Brushless Hammer Drill $79.99 @ ALDI


Few different types of items On sale at ALDI from 2nd January.

Garden, car care and lighting.

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  • This lawn mower or bunnings for $179? Aldi has three years while bunnings as one. Any opinions?


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      Is that a lawn mower? I swear it looks like Percy From Thomas the tank engine.

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      Aldi 17" 132cc vs Bunnings 16" 127cc

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      We have last years lawn mower (comparable model) and it's good. Starts first pop every time. No issues with it so far.

    • Aldi gives you 60 days to return it to store if you're not happy, after that it's much more complicated - you have to pack the item, post it (pay for shipping out of your pocket), and wait for their decision.

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        If the item develops a defect, it can still be returned for a full refund as long as you have the receipt

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        ACL says you can return to point of purchase, then it's up to them to return to supplier.

        For bulky items, they are actually supposed to arrange for it to be collected from you at their cost, but I don't know what classifies as bulky.

        They don't necessarily need to provide you a refund though. They have the option to repair or replace (though you'll likely have to wait for the supplier)

        • In the past I managed to get Aldi to pick a queen mattress from my place. Mattress was stained out of factory and once it was out of the box I didn’t have the means to return to Aldi. It took a bit of back and forth till it was picked up then went to Aldi for refund.

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        Incorrect, ACL overrides store policy.

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      OHV engine won't disappoint!

    • does anyone know if it's bar blade or swing back?

    • bunning for sure , I have last year mower and the catcher fell apart

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    got bosch one from amazon https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585423

    might grab the line trimmer from aldi

    thanks OP

  • Anyone have experience with the smart bulbs? Do they link with Google Home?

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      They don't. They're not what you're thinking. They are bulbs with an additional sensor or functionality, not WiFi bulbs.

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        They dont sound that smart then :)

        • Agreed. Shouldn't be allowed to market bulbs as smart unless they have Google Home / Alexa supports.

          Does anyone know the brightness of these 'smart' bulbs? I could use one in my bathroom but I currently have a very bright 18W LED in there, I'm guessing these are around 10W (yes I know, measure in lumens, I'm too lazy to check)

          • @Click_It: Lumens is the measure of brightness. Wattage is simply power consumption…

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    I bought the line trimmer maybe 3 or 4 years ago and it still runs fine. Picked up some cheap line on ebay. I probably use it 5 or 6 times a year.

    If you're lazy and not fussed about your garden I wouldn't recommend it, but it has lasted me a while for what I paid

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      If you're lazy and not fussed about your garden I wouldn't recommend it

      Seems contradictory, do you mean you would?

      • Precisely what I thought - no one who cares about their lawn could get away with line trimming once every two months ("5 or 6 times a year")…
        Ozito ones are good gear for the price and warranty.

    • Do you find that it overheats at all? I have quite a big area to whipper snip and I always have issues with them overheating/shutting off but looking at one of these

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    The smart lights are $13 at Kmart and the firmware can be replaced.


    • Not the same, the Aldi ones have a motion sensor but seems they have no Wi-Fi.

      Kmart ones have Wi-Fi but no built-in motion sensor.

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      Custom firmware for light bulbs? What an age!

  • anyone know what size the barclamps are?

    • Probably same as last time.

      These clamps did not get a good review though in the comments, and looks like no F-clamps this time.

      • thanks mate. they should be fine for my needs at least for smaller clamping needs. pity no F clamps

        • My bad … on the regular grocery run today I saw they did have the F-clamps.

          • @dufflover: wow lucky, i went in at open on saturday and they only had 4 clamps, all taken :(

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    Anyone has experienced 20V hammer drill? Is it any good for brick?

    • Also can you use it for normal screw work and drilling, or better to get an impact as well?

    • Should be fine for home use

    • If you want to drill into brick you need the hammer function

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    What is the best battery operated line trimmer on the market?

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    Petrol no brainer over meek battery mowers

    • True, but corded vs petrol is the real question, no servicing, no required petrol vs obvious downfalls of corded

      • Depends on size! If you protect petrol mower from weathering you wont need to service it

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          nahhh battery 36v+ mower shits on petrol.

          Cords and petrol are so 1999

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      You've never tried the 80v (Victa in my case) by the sound of it. Mower, whipper snipper, even chainsaw all now battery and better than the petrol they replaced.

  • I was gifted a petrol mower from Aldi before. I use it, but man its crap. Belt that drives wheels to make it easier on the sloped land falls off way too much hassle really.

    • What about apart from that though? Doesn't jam, starts reliably?

  • FYI , the wiper sniper doesn't have bump feed

  • Will bunnings match brushless drill

    • We wait in hope. History would indicate it is likely.

  • Is the lawn mower for sale from today? When can I buy it from?

  • Anyone has experience with this ezy load trimmer line. There is no spool or bump feed. It uses pre cut lines.

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    Surprised Bunnings hasnt yet price matched the 20V Brushless Hammer Drill $79.99

    Does anyone know if they price match Aldi catalogue items everytime?

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      Price matching department on leave…

    • Sucks I was waiting to get the hammer drill

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