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Voss Still/Sparkling/Lime & Mint Water 375ml $2, Still Water 800ml $3 (Sold Out) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Amazon AU


Similar to the Prime day and Black Friday deals.

VOSS Artesian Sparkling Water - 375ml $2, 800ml N/A
VOSS Artesian Still Water - 375ml $2, 800ml $3 SOLD OUT
VOSS Artesian Lime and Mint Flavour Sparkling Water - 375ml $2

Note that the 500ml bottles are not glass and therefore I did not include them, as I believe most people buy these for the bottle. However, that option is there if you want it for $2.15.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Yep. Only time i bought VOSS was for the glass bottle. Otherwise i skip and go evian or the other one (which i havent seen for a while.. the icelandic brand)

    • +11

      haven't seen a VOSS bottle in offices for ages now, think everyone moved on to insulated/doublewall sports bottle so no risk of breakage and spills - to go along with their 10K steps per day goal.

      • Actually everyone moved to the 2l kmart bottle that resemble the 20l refill can.

          • @payton: i always wondered how you wash the parts you can't reach with a brush…. do you just dispose of these after a while or do you just let gunk grow until you start to get sick?

            • +1

              @slowmo: Been lucky so far with just using few drops of dish soap plus some water and shaking the solution, and not leaving part consumed water in the bottle for more than a day.

              There's all sorts of cleaning 'hacks' with various liquids but i'm not keen to try them out.

        • +4

          I instantly don't talk to anyone who uses these. Always the type of people to carry on about their gym/yoga/fitness rubbish

          • +3

            @Herbse: i'm taking notes, carry one of these to make people avoid me in general. :)

          • @Herbse: Yeah and I hate how they almost shove it in our faces while having a conversation… Like they have to prove a point that they're going to the gym by carrying a big ass bottle.

      • I moved a long time ago to a 1L sistemic (spelling?) which was on sale for $10 from Woolies/Coles at one point. The VOSS still stays in the fridge…if i need cold water ;)

    • +1

      Surely no true OzBargainer would buy water in a bottle at this price? Voss days have been and gone I think?

  • just a note that these bottles are heavy af (literally picking up the bottle feels like youre doing an arm workout) and risk a shattered mess if you accidentally dropped/bumped it

    • +5

      It's just a glass bottle. If that feels like a workout, you probably need to pick more of them up.

      • it was an exaggeration but for people actually considering to use this as a daily water bottle, it adds a lot of weight to your backpack

        • +6

          You can't say 'literally', then call it an exaggeration.

    • -2

      these bottles are heavy af

      Do you even lift bro?

  • +2

    never understood the appeal of the VOSS brand and why people think their bottles are so cool and hipster….

    • The round bottle fits into my bags perfectly.

      • +2

        That’s what she said

      • But arent all other water bottles? The glass ones are heavy, can shatter and are super impractical. I use my Camelbak Podium Chills, weights a fraction and is insulated with jet valve. I legitamately dont understand the fascination with the brand name.

  • +1

    Given 2/3 of my Vegemite orders from Amazon got shattered by drop delivery I bet anyone buy this will likely end up with shattered glass.

    • Bought 4 from the last deal. Packaged pretty well. They were bubble wrapped individually.

    • +5

      press F for ozbargain's own tahini litigator

    • Should've gone for the "put it down gently" delivery instead of drop delivery.

  • +2

    I have a few of these - use them to store homemade salad dressing and the like in the fridge. Works very well for me.

    • Does the cardboard seal thing get soggy in the cap?

      • Its not cardboard. Its foam. You can remove it. Clean it. Then put it back.

  • Got some from the last deal. Were all packaged very well, although one did have a slightly broken seal but I thought I'd be safe and not drink it.

  • +3

    Bottled water on its own is an environmental waste. Now individual bottles shipped out to you 😂 we have no hope for the future.

    • Most people reuse these bottles.
      That's the only reason I buy these.

    • Are you suggesting adding some magical sugar and brown dye to the water makes it not an environmental waste?

  • 800ml sold out lame

  • -1

    There's literally no protein in this drink…

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