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Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries 4pk: AA $14.99 (50% off RRP), AAA $15.99 + Delivery ($0 w/Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Ozb's most highly raved batteries are on sale on Amazon.


Eneloop PRO AA $20.99


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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Is it worth paying a bit more for Eneloop Pro's?

    • +3

      Pro has more capacity but overall similar performance (owned both versions). Just get this one

      • +8

        Just get the LADDA’s. Made in japan.

        • My eneloops are made in Japan too

          • @OnlineShopper123: These newer Panasonic envelops have been made in China for a long time. You must have the older Sanyo eneloops which were still made in Japan. Testing shows there’s quite a difference in performance over time.

            • +1

              @ATangk: I think because of the controversy, Panasonic started making eneloop in Japan again. And btw although pro version has higher capacity, it has higher internal resistance and higher self-discharge rate. So in many cases the Balck eneloop doesn't perform better than the regular one.

              • +2

                @woahipxc: This is what happens to consumer trust. Once you lose it it’s hard to get it back. I haven’t bought those Panasonic white eneloops for years now.

              • +3

                @woahipxc: The circle on the top right of the packet does say these are made in Japan

  • AAA is OOS

  • Damn. Was looking for such a deal a week ago, have bought the ikea ones instead.

  • thanks OP. Damn..missed AAA.

  • The price comes out the same as Ikea Ladda, what makes these better?

    • +4

      Laddas are eneloop pros

  • +1
    • Is it possible/recommended to recharge ladda batteries with eneloop charger? I was looking to buy these but i was not sure whether these are supported by eneloop charger.

      • yes it charges fine

      • I use a LiitoKala Lii-500 charger off eBay for both and it works awesome for all brands of batteries.

  • +2

    Don't know why people are still after these. Get the IKEA ladda and you'll be 1.25x as happy. They're the same capacity as Eneloop Pro's and the same price as the normal Eneloops shown here. Potentially same manufacturer in Japan as well.
    Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jeo_hv-8bHI if you don't believe

    • Herd mentality

      • +17

        Convenience.. Nearest Ikea is about 20km , while I can shop from Amazon and get it delivered next day while still sitting on my couch and eating potato

        • +2

          Exactly. And you don't have to walk through a giant maze of people and products and wait at registers. Even if IKEA was next door I'd still order from Amazon, or buy from a normal store. Maybe I've had too many bad experiences at IKEA haha.

  • Thanks grabbed 8 of these and 8 pros

  • The Ikea Ladda Recharge AA has Battery capacity: 2450 mAh. this one same size only 2000 mAh
    and the price is still the same

  • I see people recommending the LADDAS over Eneloops these days. Are there Spacers available from IKEA? I can't seem to find them…

    • -2

      Just buy eneloop when on sale. I have both and eneloop far better.

      • lol Ladda's are rebranded eneloop pro's

  • also the USB ikea charger are only $4 each granted they only charge 3 at a time but $4 Starbucks charge you more for something that does not even save any planet

  • -1

    Made in China vs made in Japan. I will get the ikea ones. Thanks.

    • +1

      Not sure why you say that when under "About this item" it says "Made in Japan".

  • What about Aldi ones?

    • +1

      Total shit, IMO.
      Drain so quickly and don't recharge well. The price is so tempting and easy but after purchasing… far too many ALDI rechargeables I've finally learned my lesson and will not buy them again. YMMV, of course.

      • I've had this same issue with the Aldi batteries. Going to stock up on better batteries next time I'm at Ikea.

  • 4 pack AA sold out

  • Gah! I always miss these when i want AAA's.

  • How safe is it to charge Laddas or Eneloops on say, a Coles or Energiser charger? I've mixed brands for a while and nothing has exploded, but curious to know if others do too.

    • +1

      They're all NiMH chargers and in general they'll charge any brand of NiMH battery

  • Anyone here recommend a charger for Eneloop Pro's ?

  • For some reason it's showing full price of $36.40

  • Add to cart says $36? Not till the 26th is it? About to get my 1st Eneloops after years of Aldis ones which have been fine…..

  • +2

    I purchased just so that I could show off my profile pic

  • does this deal apply? Batteries are not in amazon's category of " 0% cashback" are they?

  • +1

    AAA pro are still there for 19.75

  • Was going to get yet another pack of eneloops but saw this deal and decided to give it a crack, an interesting concept but could be poorly executed, well given I already own that many eneloops, why not?


  • Always remember you need to add an extra dollar onto the Laddas for a hotdog

  • What's the good/recommended charger for charging these?

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