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North Bayou F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $35.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ ScreenMounts Amazon AU


These monitor arms were extremely popular and are back on sale again! Have one and it does the job very well. Plus very cost affordable!

  • Includes Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount options in the box.
  • VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm - (Not suitable for RECESSED VESA Mounting points)
  • Fits most 17" to 30" displays
  • Supports monitor weights from 2-9 kg
  • Upright lift distance 260mm
  • Rotation 360°
  • Swivel 180°+

For monitors with screen size larger than 30 inch, consider the F100A model on sale for $70.36. This one has integrated cable management and USB ports on the base for easy access.

For dual monitors:

Basic F160 Dual Monitor Arm on sale for $61.60. Supports up to 30 inch monitors.

Beefed up F195A on sale for $119.20. Supports up to 32 inch monitors

If you have a RECESSED VESA MOUNT (i.e. it sinks in), it’s safer to get the H80 linked here - its not on sale at the moment but hopefully we can get the rep to do a sale on these!

UPDATE regarding H80 deal from Store Rep:

We will certainly look at a deal opportunity in the new year for the H Series as they are great mounts.
We had all kinds of issues getting stock into Amazon and last shipment took 5 weeks for them to allow the courier company to deliver it - Amazon rescheduled delivery twice!
There is very limited stock for these deals at the moment and so we did not highlight this ourselves as we did not want to disappoint.

FAQ: Difference between non recessed and recessed VESA Mount

Non recessed - the mounting plate is flush/flat with the monitor.

Recessed - the mounting plate often clips into the monitor. It dips/sinks into the monitor by ~1 centimetre.

Images of difference: https://imgur.com/a/40QRzK3

Please note: F80 may also work on recessed monitors but only if the VESA mount size fits the square hole in your monitor. If unsure, leave a comment. If you want to be 100% safe, get the H80 for recessed.


PS. mods hope this and batteries can be posted separately as they are very diff items

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    • I have mine as far apart as possible so that I can have my desk close to the wall.
      Two single arms is very flexible in regard to how you can position your monitors though!

  • +4

    Would love a deal on the H80 rep :)

  • Should I get this over the standard S2721DGF height adjustable stand? I'm not entirely sure what the benefit would be.

    • +1

      Your choice haha
      I have 2 plain vivo mounts without much adaptability and they are much better than the monitor stands they came with, just because:

      • More desk space
      • Looks better

      This one would also have the benefit of:
      • Easier to adjust without moving things around on the desk

  • Does an adaptor exist that sits between the vesa mount and arm to make the monitor higher than it currently is at max stand height setting? I find the monitor sits slightly low because of where the vesa location is

    • +1

      Not sure about adaptor but if anyone wants better heigh adjustability, h80 is best suited because it has the pole

      • h80 is best suited because it has the pole

        Waiting for special.

  • Can these work with a desk topper sit-stand desk that sits on top of a desk? The mounting hardware looks like it needs a fair bit of clearance under..

    • Certainly works with the ones Screen Mounts Australia sells. You need about 100mm beneith the top deck for installation with clamps or you can grommet mount and cut the bolt down to just a few centimeters.
      Hope this helps.

  • Anyone have any idea if this will work with a Samsung C27JG52 curved monitor?

  • +2

    Didn't need one but got one anyway cos ozbargain

    • Ok you may keep your OzBargain license

  • +1

    If anyone can confirm the required size of the VESA slots to fit the F80 into the recessed mount that might be the easiest way to make that decision vs H80?

  • Whats the difference between the H80 and F80 in terms of the build as they look very different?

    • Whats the difference between the H80 and F80

      H80 have a pole which will allow to mount it higher.

    • Build is just the same. Price difference is from different materials and manufacturing process. Cheaper to make fabricated and powder coated steel than cast finished and painted aluminium base components.

  • +1

    Has anyone used this with the AOC 27G2? The 27G2 has a recessed VESA mount and unsure if this monitor mount will still fit? I would prefer to use this mount over the H80 variant as the base of the F80 looks sturdier and there is no discount on the H80 at the moment.

  • Does anyone know if this arm can be used to mount a 24 inch 16:9 monitor above a 34 inch ultrawide? Will that work?

  • Anyone know if a Dell S2421H would fit?

  • Hi all, I got a reply from the store rep regarding H80 - looks like a "no" to getting a deal on those - see below.
    We couldn't get stock into Amazon FBA in time and Amazon decided what they would run back in early November and approved by Manufacturer. Sorry.

    I've asked when they might do a sale again or if they can do eBay sale.

    • yep same-ish reply. Had to call the rep to check ozbargain haha

      • Did they say when they might do a sale again? Or if they can discount on eBay?

    • +8

      We have to dispatch product sold on eBay, so if we were going to do a sale on all of the H Series, we may as well do it on our own www.screenmounts.com.au site as a New Year Sale. We could put this in place for the 1st of January.
      Anyone interested?
      20% off current website price with free shipping for all four H Series models. H80, H100, H160 and H180.
      One day only or until stock on hand is sold.

      • Yes have been waiting for the H series on special.

      • +1

        Will buy two H80 if you can do 20% further discount on the current website price with free shipping.

  • Quite happy with this one. Sturdy as hell and dont require much of a behind space. Holds my 27 LG, but feels like it can hold 10 more of them. Ohh, and cheap, $50 :))

  • Anyone knows if this would fit a Dell S2716DG? My guess is that it should be similar to Dell S2721DGF? I don't have pictures cause the monitor is somewhere in a box atm :(

  • Does it fit Samsung UR55?

  • Anyone have the HP E243 and know if this works

  • Anyone knows if the AOC 24g2 is compatible with this?

  • I have a Blitzwolf BW-MS3 Dual Monitor Arm on order from Banggood but they just refunded it so I could re-order the item as the first one has gone MIA, but they want me to pay a more expensive price than the original order sooooo might bite the bullet on this dual monitor one instead!

  • Does the F100A fit recessed mounts?

  • If you got a recessed VESA mount, buy some nylon washers and use them to pad the mount. Superglue them in a stack to get the height required.


  • The H80 becomes $37.80 after the 12% Amazon chashback tomorrow. Good timing as I need two.

    • they will be cheaper than that on jan 1.

      Keep an eye out!

      • why will they be cheaper on jan1?

        • new year sale from ScreenMounts direct :)

          limited stock

          keep an eye out!

          • @skido: cheers mate :)

  • Would this be in one of the cash back categories for shopback, anyone know?

  • Will it fit
    AOC AGON i2490VXQ 23.8"?


  • Currently using a broken Visionmount mount for my xiaomi 32 I need to replace does anyone know what the max height of the f100 that is referred to for 345mm is actually point to point? Is it from. Base to middle of Vesa brack?. From base to lowest or higher screws of Vesa bracket?
    The 265mm will defi etrly not be enough on the cheaper. Model for me.

    • 345mm is the vertical adjustment range (how much the screen can move up and down). 530mm is the max vertical extension from the middle of the vesa mount to the table.

      (Did you not look at the pictures? It’s in the diagrams!) :)

  • Anyone used this on officeworks Matrix Electric stand desk table ?

  • +1

    just bought this with 12% cashback :)

    • Did it track?

      • Not yet lol

      • Just to update you, it did track! $4.22 expected

  • Hi can I use this with my Dell 24 Monitor – S2421HN?

    Thank you

  • I was looking to pick up a monitor mount for my MSI Optix MAG342CQRV, because none of the other mounts seem to be compatible. Reckon it'll work with this or do I need to buy an adaptor of some sort?

  • How come it still shows as $44 when I pay?

  • +2

    Got mine today, 1 day after order. Jeff Bezo might be Scrooge McDuck but god damn the delivery is efficient.

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