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Ergohuman V2 Plus Elite Mesh Office Chair Fit $599 (RRP $699) + Shipping @ Temple and Webster


After previous popular OZBargin Ergohuman office chairs had expired (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/590261) and a lot of people definitely would have liked the mesh chairs to go one sale, here it is. 50$ more than previous. Fairly positive reviews based on comments previously here.

I've got two for the home office just to try it.

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  • +12

    A touch $50 more than previous deal.. hard to proceed with it as an ozbargainer.

  • +5

    Anyone is hoping for a bigger discount?

  • +5

    Waiting for $450

    • Do you think it'll drop that low given how high demand is currently? :/

      We might have to wait for a while

      • I'm prepared to wait, at this price, I'd rather spend a little more to get something much better. Like something from Steelcase.

        • Yeah, that's fair - its unfortunate that there are no stores to try the Ergohumans in either.

          • +1

            @poppingtags: I hear the seat mesh sags soon after. i.e. quality isn't so good.

            Leather one might be better but that defeats the purpose of mesh.

            Worth buying at the old sale price, but not for $599 + shipping.

        • Steelcase Leap with headrest is like twice the price of this. I wouldn't really call that "a little more".

          That said, not really keen on buying a chair I can't try out. Hoping the pandemic eases up and we see people selling their expensive chairs they got for WFH.

          • @Diji: Steelcase Leap base model is $946
            Steelcase Think base model is $797
            Steelcase Series 2 Task is $759

            On sale they are 15% cheaper.

            Shipping cost is an additional ~$40 (TNT Road Express) vs $113 for the Ergohuman (from the post below)

            I'd pick any of these over the Ergohuman.

            • @Ctn: Fair enough. Personally if I'm paying hundreds for a chair, I definitely want it to have a headrest, and most places selling the Steelcase chairs don't seem to offer them. Those that do start at like $1200 or so. Arms are also a must.

              I suppose it depends on how you intend to sit in the chair. Reclining without a headrest is extremely uncomfortable, IMO. If you're just using it as task seating then no headrest is fine.

  • +11

    $113 postage is an absolute piss-take.

    • Someone's gotta push it out from the store to your house. Depending on where you live, that could be a lot of walking.

  • +2

    I've broken both arm rest and all the plastic wheels cover, but im still using it.

  • Lousy quality

  • Love mine. Solid built and weighs a tonne

    • +8

      Typical racist white boomer piece of *#^$

      A bit hypocritcal calling someone racist, and then using their race as a slur… Leave race out of everything, the fact that someone is white or Chinese shouldn't matter

    • +1

      Just bought a Secretlab omega in soft weave fabric from the black friday sale and I didn't find it to be very comfortable. Its fairly overhyped having actually bought one & sat in it. Currently going through the return process for it, going to bite the bullet go for a Herman Miller Aeron Remastered instead.

      • that's a very big jump in budget!

  • Is this the gold standard of office chairs for under ~5-600?

    • Probably for the $500-600 mark for new, alternative is finding a great deal on a used Herman Miller

      The next tier down is probably the ~$300-400 mark, which probably goes to the Ikea Markus

      Of course, its also possible these chairs do not suit you so YMMV

      • +2

        Try before you buy if at all possible. We were going to buy 2 ikea markus but tried and really disliked it. Still on the hunt.

  • I've got the fake my deal one. 6'1" 130kg and no concerns regarding construction.

    • I'm like 85% sure that the chair you're calling "fake" is just an aesthetically-different version of the same chair. If you go to the (multiple) manufacturer/distro sites, you can find the variations that mydeal is selling. Having also recently bought one I've compared it to pictures online and can't notice anything to indicate it's a fake.

      In my case, you can see it's a white W-mesh of the chair branded as "Mirus".

      • It's a nice chair. I had to fix some manufacturing tolerance issues that stopped the left arm rest from seating fully causing it to wobble. Had it not been sold to me as genuine I probably wouldn't have cared about it being fake.

        • Had it not been sold to me as genuine I probably wouldn't have cared about it being fake.

          ….but that's what I'm saying - based on all available evidence I don't believe it's a fake.

          • @MHLoppy: The only markings are 'ComfortComfort' both on the chair and the box. Perhaps these are back door specials from the Ergohuman factory that didn't meet spec to sell for full price if that's what you mean. The QC definitely wasn't 100% so that's possible. MyDeal kept telling me it's a sub-brand of ergohuman and although mine is branded ComfortComfort all of the new ones they get now are branded ErgoDuke.

            • @drew442: The lineup goes by a huge number of different names. "Ergohuman", "Eurotech", "Raynor Group", "Comfort Global" all have a few of the same chairs. In our case it looks like we got the Comfort Global branded variant (hence "Comfort Comfort"), but marketed with only the Ergohuman branding.

              It could be possible that they're the slightly "off" QC samples as you've suggested, but without having more samples there's not enough evidence to say for sure.

  • So what's the difference between this one, the mydeal one and the one on the official ergohuman website?

    Also, anyone know where I can try one of these out in Melbourne? Really hesitant on dropping so much cash on a chair which may not be suitable.

    • From what I gather, the only places selling them are online.

  • +1

    Looking back through the deal history on these it only seems to get more and more expensive every year, $469 in 2018, $479 in 2019, $549 a fortnight ago, $599 now.

    • 469->479 is 2% so that's fair. The $549 jump includes a design change I believe. The $50 difference before Christmas is just because there's more competition before Christmas compared to after.

      That's my guess anyway

      • I'm skeptical of there being any design change. They've been selling the Elite (EHPE-AB-HAM) under the name Deluxe for years and all it looks like to me is that they finally changed the product name (not the description though) to reflect that.

  • Anyone know where in Victoria to go to try these out?

  • other than the fabric leap v2 and aeron

    what else competes above say $400?

    • There are loads of chairs in the price range from stores that seem focused on furnishing businesses but reviews for them are scarce, unfortunately. e.g. https://www.swanstreet.com.au/Style-Ergonomics-Executive-Sea...

      I think part of the premium commanded by Herman Miller and Steelcase chairs is the name and reputation. Not sure if I'd be willing to go with one of these unknown chairs despite the 5-10 year warranty often attached, but I'm also not willing to spend $1000+ on a chair, so…

  • Just a heads up - T&W are unsure if the warranty on the item is 3 years or 5 years long (It states 3 years in one section and 5 years in another). They're contacting the supplier to check now. Unfortunately based on what I can see from other websites, it appears that the warranty is 3 years long and not 5 years.

  • +3

    ANN5637YE worked for an extra $50 Discount

    Order Summary
    Items 1
    Subtotal $599.00
    Shipping $30.95
    Promo #ANN5637YE: $-50.00
    Total: $579.95

  • Will this be suitable for someones who is 5'3?

    • I don't think so. I tried it at empire office furniture in brisbane last week. I'm 5'10" and had it all the way down to keep my feet flat while partially reclined.

      • Ahhh that sucks thanks for the info.

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