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WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First post, hurt me plenty. Haven't seen it this cheap before.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU
Amazon AU

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    Buy tomorrow between 9-11am and get 12% cashback!

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      Awww yeah

    • Which cash-back co. &
      how long to wait for the 12% to find its way back home…? :~)

      (There was a similar offer for Seagate 10TB desktop drives
      a while ago, w/ 2x USB charge-points, Long ago,,, when we
      first bought into Amazon)

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    was $239 on prime day

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      Prime day Prime day gotta get down on prime day.

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      How do I miss these bargains? I virtually live here.

      • I saw this while still plenty of stock, only realized it was REALLY cheap when out of stock.
        Not in a hurry to upgrade so will be waiting for the next <$20/TB deal

      • Someone should make an app
        to notify its subscribers when-
        ever a bargain (for items on
        a list of easy-to-describe items-
        of-interest) is listed & sensed.

    • That wasn't a deal, not many sold at that price.

      • It certainly seems like a deal to me with the 30TB in my NAS from it.

        • Wow, lucky you. I was in the market for a 10+TB drive, but was too slow. T_T

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    was $172 for like 20 mins couple weeks back

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      Most likely a mistake :)

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    US plug even if you buy it from AU.

    They also pack it with a couple pieces of paper as padding. Make sure you run an extended test.

    • Are you sure? It states "Australian version" in the Amazon title.

      True about Amazon's dreadful packaging.

      • Bought one previously. Sold by Amazon AU, and got to my door in two days.

        There was another report in the $179 deal thread.

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      Just email wd support and request the correct power adapter. They sent me 3…

      but I shucked them anyways. lol

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    Do you like shucking?

    • This guy shucks.

      • Tell me about the first time you shucked.

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        He'll shuck for money if the price is right

    • I used to shuck hard drives like you back in high school.

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    This drive is really noisey, so I would avoid, the 12-14Tb are way quieter

    Returned mine for the 14tb UK deal

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      I concur. The 10TB Elements don’t use helium drives anymore and are air-filled.

      • Yeah, noisy as.

        $173 for 10TB I can live with the noise.

        But at 250? You might as well spend a bit more and get the helium ones.

    • My 12TB is one of the best drives I've bought, ever…. quiet and fast. The Red 8Gbs I had before are annoyingly loud.

  • Whats peoples opinions on the cheap 1 or 2TB drives? i have a 2Tb one and seems to work fine

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      They are cheap and have either 1 or 2tb in them.

    • 1/2TB HDD are horrible price per GB these days.

      8/10 is usually where the savings are at, not to mention significantly less power required by a single large drive than many smaller ones.

    • The 4tb SE version I tried from Officeworks last week was really quiet, and USB3 powered.
      But only 120 MB/sec

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    More Linux distros!

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    Got 2 of these in the last few deals.
    Easy to shuck.
    Unfortunately both have reallocated sectors after read-write - reread test.
    No more WDs for me.

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      With bad luck like that, I’d wonder if you received returned units. Seen it happen before due to the way Amazon handles their inventory.

      • I'd like to say yes. But they looked brand new sealed boxes and sealed bags on the inside.
        Got 2 seagates recently too, both smashed the tests no worries. I had 3 WDs fail on me in a row in my nas a few years back. Thought I'd give them another go, didn't work out. :)

        • Which test should I run, and how long will it take?

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            @HeisenbergMelb: 10tb takes around 53 hours.
            HD sentinel has that sort of test, but not sure if paid feature. Under surface test you choose read+write+read test.

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      What software do you use for read write read test?

      • There's heaps of different ones available.
        I use the preclear plug in for unraid. But anything that can do a read - write - reread cycle will do the job.
        HD sentinel has a test for it but not sure if it's behind paywall.

      • I found a free solution that's pretty let's you continue testing a drive over multiple sessions, and little risk in loosing your data if you select the wrong drive.

        Step 1: partition drive into roughly 750gb+ chunks. Try to keep the size to base 2 for best results. E.g. 1024mb X 750 for 750gb. Picking the wrong partition size would lead to a few megabytes bring skipped during the test. Most people should have around 20 drive letters free. So a 20gb drive can be split into 20 parts.

        Step 2: use h2testw to do a write read test. 750gb will take about 3 hours at 130mb/s.

        Step 3: review results and test the other partition at your own lesuire.

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    Time to build a backup server for my backup server

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    Don't buy it now, wait till tomorrow for 12% cashback with cashrewards

  • Keep in mind JB Hi-Fi Price matches Amazon AU. I got it price matched since I didnt want to wait to get my drives.

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      Are you sure? I specifically asked on an item and they said brick and mortar stores only?

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        I've had no problems with price matching Amazon at JB Hi-Fi before.

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        "A JB Deal applies to identical products in stock at both the competitor and the relevant JB Hi-Fi store at the time of price matching. The competitor price must be verified by JB Hi-Fi. Online price comparisons must include any delivery costs."

        Source: https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360053193014...

        • But what if you have Prime with free delivery

          • @OfTheOverflow: Amazon got free delivery for any order over $39, you don't need Prime.

            • @annarchon: Right, my point still stands. So they'd price match with no added postage cost? My local JB doesn't match Amazon

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    Anyone who shuck'd it before know if it's a SMR drive inside?
    Spin at 5400rpm? or 7200rpm?

  • So would JB HiFi price match this even though it's a sale item?

  • I wish they'd sell these in a more "mountable" form. This is just another box to put somewhere in the house. That being said, can I plug it directly into a router to use as a network drive?

    • Almost any mass storage with a USB drive should work.

      If it doesn't, it's almost always your routers problem, not the drive

  • When you plug it in and turn on the drive, is there supposed to be a light that switches on? I got the 12Tb drive from Amazon UK during the Black Friday sales. It has the UK plug, but I put an adaptor on it and turned it on. Unfortunately nothing happens- the computer doesn't recognise a new USB device plugged in. I'm not sure what the problem is- whether I have a bad drive, or the power pack isn't powerful enough, and I need to order a AU plug.

    • Can you hear/feel the drive spinning up?

    • should be a small light at the front and you can see it if looking down from above through the vents

      Sounds like a DOA

      My 14TB from the UK works fine

  • Me shuck you long time.

  • With some difficulty, I was able to get JB to match even though they said this was under their own staff price