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G-Dragon Workstation $15500 Delivered Australia Wide @ BOOSTER


For those who missed out the last wave, this is your last chances to tax rebate against your WFH/small businesses tax rebates this year!

Delivered to your door Australia-wide. For non commercial premises, there will be some installation required by yourself(instruction manual and support provided) as majority of our home weren't equipped to fit a fully assembled workstation(folks who lived on a private mansion can ignore this) and a mininum of 80cm width for your door in order to have the workstation fit in. It will be delivered in two crates to you and assemble are required.

As for commercial premises with loading dock and lift, as usual, we will ship the product in whole to you!

Features as per below:
Versatile Computer Desk
Ensures Maximum Comfort
Touch-Screen Control Panel
Zero-Gravity Feature
Bluetooth Music System
Massage chair and Heating Feature
Adjustable Headrest
Heat & Cold Preservation Feature
Wireless Charging
Adjustable Monitor Mount
Fit Up to 3 Screens
RGB Light Option
Weight: 333kg
Dimensions: 197 × 136 × 179.5 cm
Comes with 3 years of manufacture warranty

For any modifications request. Please contact us for a quote and your request to prevent any disappointment.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • +5

    Thanks mate. Got 10.

    Ato audit in 3..2..

    • +1

      Don't forget your Cashrewards.

      • +1

        Every penny counts

      • If only Prezee had vouchers I could use zippay with for that sweet sweet 10% off

        • +1

          All zippay,afterpay,laybuy, whatever split payment it is comes next month.

    • +3

      ATO still on christmas break.

  • +1

    Costs more than my car

    • +4

      On the bright side, at least it doesn't cost more than your total networth. Glass half full!

      • +7

        Bold of you to assume my networth is more than 15k

        • you shouldn't have clicked on the link!

    • costs the same as my bike

  • +1

    For this price I could pay someone to do my job and still be on front

    • +1

      Hire me

  • Good financial investment? on the fence

    • +4

      Get a new advisor or landscape designer, yout choice.

  • +5

    Sorry but I can't take a business serious that uses smileys on their Page and has grammatical mistakes

    • +2
      • +4

        He's not wrong though.

      • I'm not, usually im the party clown. But there is a line between fun and business.

        • It christmas seasons, at least let us have some fun for the last month of the ***** year.

  • +1

    could i swap my car for this?

  • +4

    What advantages does this computer chair have over say, a train? … which I could also afford.

    • +5

      Buy a train and stick this in the driver seat

  • +4

    If you can fit a bench press, lateral pull down and leg curl machine, im sold.

    There will go no reason for me to get out of the workstation except to go to the toilet, unless you can fit one of those too

    • Sign me up

    • Can't do the first part, second part pieces of cake.

  • I could build something like this myself and save $10000

  • -1

    Only a fool of a Took would buy this

  • +2

    I'd rather have one of these…


    • those were great fun!

    • Good ol memories

    • and it has a coin slot. ……oh yeah!!!!!

  • What … the actual frick is this thing?

    It looks like it should transform into a robot or something.

    At least for that money, I'd be expecting nothing less.

    • It does, well at least for the upper half…

  • +2

    Were all the photos taken on a potato?

    • +2

      No all photos were taken by a potato.

      • +1

        You should join our christmas party.

    • They're compressed to save you your data. HD image at full details

  • You could add a Covid shield/wall/cone of silence around it and pivot/reinvent it as a Covid safe workstation

    • That's extra modifications, as per mentioned we could do that!

  • +2

    Can you sleep in here too?

    ..,,Coz i'll need to find new place to sleep if i buy this thing when my wife returns home.

    • It's your new sofa, With zero gravity sleep position.

      • I'm afraid i'll be forever falling..like that guy in the movie 'Get out'

        • We'll watch over you

  • +1

    For that price I was expecting a 3 axis cockpit sim.

    • That's one of the modification as well

  • +1

    Seriously, this guy is better than most corporate social media/marketing managers. He could convince you to sell your wife for this… Ha ;-)

    • If it wasn't illegal to do so. Will definitely go into the extreme so I get my bonus pay!

  • +1

    Throw in the girl from the video and you've got yourself a deal

    • +2

      Will cost you more than 15k ;)

  • +1

    +1 for boosterAU

    • Thanks for the support, sometime we think that we should be running a sports club and sports team rather than business.

  • does it come with AU power plug, or just a travel adapter ?

    also bluetooth, 4.0 or 5.0 ?

    • AU plug, Bluetooth 5.0

  • So say you were using this and there is a power failure. Are you trapped in this machine?

    • +1

      Nope, unless you're too bounded on the workstation and refuse to get out

  • What’s the usual price?

    • Last time on introductory price it was 16.4k

      • When is the 99% off sale

        • When inflation goes brrrrrrr

  • +5

    Don’t get one of these, trust me, serious post.

    Ordered one, delivered fine, specs and materials were A+. It’s only after I set it up that the problems started. Throngs and throngs of women beating on my shield, asking to come in. I had to tell them no, I’m taken but they wouldn’t take the answer.

    Then the fellas showed up. Demanding that I give their women back. Luckily this thing is bullet proof, as they were coming for me hard.

    In summary, absolute chick magnet but your work will be hampered by fending them and their angry partners off.

    • +1

      Almost shoot you on the first sentence as well

  • +1

    I just came here to read OP's comments. Fantastic!

  • False advertising I don't see a gangster dragon!

    • Everyone here gangsta until they see their bank balance

  • I saw that on South Park, they called it the monowheel.