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Xiaomi 34" WQHD Monitor $499.95 Delivered @ PC Byte


Slightly more than the Kogan deal but that's now on backorder - ships 1 Feb 2021. This is also AU version in English with local warranty compared to Kogan's international version.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • might be the same monitor at kmart for $450. just saw it today.

    didn't compare, so might not be the exact same monitor.


    • Seems to be OOS

      • +4

        literally just walked out of a kmart store with it still in stock.

        at least 5 on the shelves.

        i think it's OOS online, but you can definitely get in store stock if they are still available.

        • +1

          my bad

          Find in store doesn't load for me.

    • Did you see it instore?

      • +5

        yes - at least 5 @ kmart sunnybank QLD

        • Just grabbed the last one at Sunnybank

  • 5 of these in stock at Kmart Southport for $450.

  • Any in SA?

    Could get 10% off gift cards for Kmart too for extra discount!

    • +2

      Just give your local(s) a call. 2 of the 4 stores I rang had stock. I just got home with mine. :D

      • +1

        NSW north shore here. Called every store. None of them had it in stock. The only "maybe" was Hurstville which is a 45min drive one way; and the rep wasn't entirely sure.

    • +1

      where do you get the gift cards from?

      • I'd like to know, too.

        • +1

          I'd assume he meant with the 10% off with Zip on Saturdays in December, which of course has now ended entirely.

  • no stock in top ryde, chatswood or norths rocks in NSW

    • you sure?

      This is what Kmart's AJAX reply says:

      "Top Ryde_1251_Low|Chatswood_1079_Low|North Rocks_1030_Low|Lidcombe_1220_Low|Burwood NSW_1160_Low"

      I believe they are keeping them behind the counter in the service centre now.

  • +1

    Picked up the last one from Chirnside Park in VIC. Apparently, Greensborough still has stock. Don't forget to use your flybuy points (converting points to flybuy dollars).

    • Damn it! I forgot my Flybuys. :(

      • +1

        Kmart might still allow you to pay with flybuy dollars and refund the same amount to your card. Worth a try

  • -2

    Sorry but this monitor needs to be 450 for trigger. Its like everywhere now and always going on discount. 450 max or bust. I know, somebodys surely gonna get upset but hey this is ozbargain.

    • Just did a search on OzB and this is one of the few times it's ever gone sub $500.

      • +2

        literally 450 at kmart rn

        • +1

          In store only and limited stock. But sure, that's a better deal if you have a store nearby with stock and don't mind picking up.

          • @MiscOzB: Plenty of stock in store actually :sweat: Just not in all states.

        • Is this still the case? Cant find it anywhere on the website, wouldn't it be on there even if its being sold instore only?

          • @bkbone: Nope. You have to call individual stores.

  • +1

    I should have waited. I purchased the backordered Kogan, with "true rewards" gift cards so I can't even cancel.

    Oh well… = $425.55 delivered is what I paid (with all the cashbacks). Still a good deal?

    • +2

      Sorry but why would some one pay you $500 right now for it when Kmart literally has it on clearance for $450 in store right as of this moment?. Bad timing to be asking $500 for this.


  • Comes up as $579 for me. Maybe just at sale price for the 26th?

    • PC Byte must have just jacked the price up after seeing an influx of orders.

      If you have Kmart nearby maybe try and see if they have stock of this monitor in store for the $450 there. It's on clearance at Kmart.

  • Back in stock guys
    Just ordered for $499

    • me too :)

  • Bought on 28th as well

  • My order status changed to "shipped" on Monday, and there was a tracking number. Now the tracking information has disappeared and the order is "processing" again. What's going on?

    • I ordered it Sunday evening, and haven't gotten any shipment emails yet, only the invoice. I just emailed asking for an estimated date.

      • Did you end up receiving an email?

        • Nope, nothing yet. I’ve also placed an order from PCCG at the same time as this monitor and they surprisingly haven’t shipped it out yet as well, so it’s probably just delays due to the holidays.

          • @heywoah: curious to know if you got free shipping ? says $499.95 delivered , but checkout says $10 shipping

            • @hjin: I got free shipping but there was a PayPal/ cc fee.

            • @hjin: I did get free shipping. The free shipping offer disappeared a couple days ago and now it’s back but the price has also gone up.

              • @heywoah: yeah realised that - will wait for next one , thanks !

    • Hi, we are sorry that you have gotten no information about your order for a while now.

      There has been a very high demand recently but we would like to help you out and get your order to you as soon as possible.

      We are aware of this issue and are working to update any delayed orders, but if you would like, please feel free to send us an email to [email protected], and ask for Regan.

      We will ensure a prompt reply.
      Thank you.

  • Same story here. Ordered a couple of days ago and no shipment email yet.

    • Did you end up receiving an email?

      • Nil response yet. 04/01

  • Dang, I missed the boat, back to $549. I tried ordering one last night but I was too drunk.

    • Maybe that might teach you to lay off the booze.

    • +1

      You and me both with the booze

  • Any one received their shipment. Ordered on Monday. I Send email and no reply yet

    • Purchased on Monday as well haven't received shipment tracking yet, no response on the email as well.

      • Yep same with mine. It’s most likely a holiday delay as my PCCG order is also unusually late.

    • Hi, we are sorry to hear that you are not getting any email response due to the high demand recently.

      We know that it is important to keep up to date with progress and are working to resolve any outstanding orders, but if you would like, please feel free to send an email [email protected] and ask for Regan.

      We will ensure a prompt response.
      Thank you.

  • Refurbished ones now available for $399.

    Product Condition: Minor Scratch or 1-2 Dead/Colour Pixel
    Working in Order and with Full Warranty.
    Local Stock & Local Warranty.

    • +2

      called them and they said they can't check nor can they gurantee where the dead pixels are BUT most of the screens will have them. Buy at own risk.

  • +3

    Nil response yet 04/01

  • +3

    No response for me ethier ordered on the 28/12

  • +1

    No response, and they're not answering their phones.

    Anyone had trouble with this mob in the past?

    • useless bunch of tits
      2 stores and no one will pick up the phone?

    • +1

      Finally got a hold of someone. They said they "hope it may ship out tomorrow"? Really they have no clue

      What I should have asked is why the item is showing as in stock, but they don't know when it would ship.

      Not that the poor lackey on the other end of the line could do anything about it. I heard lots of excuses as to why they don't know when it would ship, but no actual indication as to why they are sold an item as "in stock" (and still are), but don't actually have stock and can't advise when they will be able to fulfil.

      That kind of stuff wastes peoples time and shows a deliberate lack of respect. It pisses me off and pretty much guarantees I won't waste my time with them in the future

  • +3

    Just got through to them - they believe these will start shipping late this week. No option to pick up from local stores either :(

    • Thanks for the update, if anyone’s does get shipped this week please let us know.

      Thank you

  • +1

    Just got an email reply/update from them as well.

    They said:

    “The payment has been received and the order is currently being processed by our warehouse is waiting for the courier to pick up the order.”

  • +2

    I also finally received a response from them:
    "Please be advised that due to a minor delay over the New years holiday, we have received our stocks and it is currently being dispatched this week.
    Your orders would most likely be delivered by end of next week."

  • +1

    Could be worse guys. I'm on holidays and 90% sure mines been left on my porch. I didn't explicitly provide any ATL so wondering if it'd a covid thing but I'll be rather annoyed if it's not there on my return.

    • Can you ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up?

    • +2

      there's no way it's on your porch - these guys don't have the item and have no idea when it will ship
      that's fine if you're going to operate in this fashion, but you need to let you customers know you're not going to fulfil the order in a timely fashion
      11 days with no response and no timeframe for shipping (other than wild guesses) is not good enough
      I have a fully paid invoice and the order doesn't even show on my account - frustrated fella here
      If I would have known it was going to take a month to receive I would have bought something else

      • 100% right

      • Honestly you and me both. I went for it solely because of the 499 price tag as I was debating b/w this place and amazon ($586). Still not sure if it was the right decision but it is what it is rn.

  • Just got delivered today. Hope you guys get it soon

  • Same, unexpectedly showed up without receiving any sort of shipping info - Sydney

    Hope your desk spaces are big :O

  • Received mine today too. The order still shows "processing". I hope they won't send me another one.

    Edit: And I just got an email from them saying sorry but your order is delayed. The funniest part is that it was addressed to some other customer with my email in Bcc! Knuckleheads.

  • Thanks for the updates from those who got it today! I might still have to wait a few days for it to get to melb, but I just received this email (unexpectedly) from them 10 mins ago:

    "Dear PC Byte Customer,

    We are sorry to inform you of delays with your order, as we are experiencing a large number of orders during this busy period and are working our best to get your order out as soon as we can.

    If you have recently purchased a Mi 34 Monitor from us, we are sorry to let you know that we are experiencing some delays with your orders. We can assure you that we will have these out in the next few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Please give us some time to dispatch all our orders and we will send email tracking updates once the orders have been dispatched.

    Sorry for the delays and inconveniences and we appreciate your patience.

    Thank you. "

    Edit: Logged onto my Auspost account to check something else, but a new consignment just popped up, shipped from Minchinbury, NSW yesterday 7th Jan, and arrived at Tullamarine, VIC this morning. Think this might be it, but still no shipment email.

  • Mine just turned up - no shipment notice and order still not on my account
    It's here at least….

    • When did you place your order?

      • 28th

        • Thanks, I just received mine too! No shipping order or anything. Hopefully others receive theirs too.

  • Been following this recently as I purchased from 28/12, just received mine today and also the email to apologise for the delays.

    • Just tested for dead pixels and it passes woohoo! Loving the new monitor

      • Any idea how to change the refresh rate? I can only see up to 60Hz in Windows Settings. Using the included DisplayPort cable.

        • +1

          If you go to Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Display Settings (scroll down) -> Display Adaptor -> Monitor, you should be able to change the refresh rate right there. If you have an NVidia GPU, there is another way, but I am sure the first way works for all GPUs (it worked for me)

          • @ahsome: I could only get the option to go 144 Hz if I change the resolution to 2560 x 1080. I assume this might have something to do with the fact that I am running it connected to my laptop. I would have thought my GTX 1650 Ti would be more than capable to handle it, but it might not be able to connect directly to the GPU. The set-up is

            Mi Monitor > (via included DisplayPort cable) Dell Thunderbolt Dock > (via thunderbolt) Laptop

            I did notice that the monitor runs "Generic PnP (Plug N Play) Monitor" drivers, and I can't seem to find a dedicated Xiaomi Mi driver via Google. Manual doesn't mention one either.

            While writing this I decided to try changing my primary display from the Xiaomi back to the laptop's built-in one. Going back into Advanced display settings I am able to apply 100 Hz at full res (3440 x 1440). That's better than 60 Hz, for sure, so that might be the best I can do with this configuration. Hopefully this helps fellow Googlers as some of the few comments I found discussing drivers and refresh rates for this monitor on Google were also on OzB. Haha.

            Thanks both for your help and let me know if you have any further thoughts.

        • +1

          NVIDIA control, scroll down from ultra HDD/SD to PC choose native and 144hz

  • Totally crappy customer service… chased few times to get status.. only response is to wait and sorry for delay. Ordered on 28th for Sydney delivery and still no signs of delivery ..

  • Received mine at 5pm today (ordered 27th). Was outside when the delivery happened and it was just left at my door even though signature was required. But Hey, it’s here.

  • Hi guys, I ordered mine from mobileciti and not PCbtye, well today I got a sorry we missed you card from STARTRACK, I don't know if its the monitor or some other stuff I ordered online as there was no tracking provided. Was the courier that delivered the monitor to you guys from StarTrack?

    Something tells me that all these retailers pcbtye, mobileciti, mi official site, etc all order from the same external warehouse and this warehouse does not provide any shipping information nor do they relay any information back to the retailers, hence the reason why these retailers have no clue what is going on with our monitors.

    I am not trying to defend the customer service of these retailers or anything but I wish there were some kind of tracking provided so I could have made arrangements to stay at home today.

    • Yep it was from Startrack. The only reason I knew it was coming today was because they automatically added the tracking info to my Auspost account with the same email address as what I used to order. It does seem likely they use the same warehouse now that you mentioned it, as the tracking did not have sender details.

  • +1

    Back in stock.

    • Shipping not free anymore though looks like.

  • Got Mine - Vic arrived no shipping info etc

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