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Xiaomi 34" Ultrawide Monitor $450 @ Kmart (Limited Stores/Stock)


A couple of these left at Airport West Kmart (VIC) on clearance

Mod: Some reports of these being available at other stores but in limited numbers. Discussion.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • on the way! thx

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    Xiaomi at Kmart?! Wow. That’s pretty cool. Didn’t realise they had made their way to B&M stores!

    • It was a black friday special.

    • Apparently they sell the Mi SmartBand5 too https://www.kmart.com.au/product/mi-smart-band-5/3294848


        Interesting that Kmart has almost doubled that ‘ozbargain’ prices. Kmart prices are rock bottom compared to other stores from what I can usually tell.

        • Well, if you factor in things like local warranty, staff wages etc, it's about right.

        • Retail markup is ridiculous, Kmart is just less so. Same reason a pair of shoes in Vietnam costs $10 and is $100 here for the same shoe. However in the case of most major brands, they'll shut you down if you try import directly and sell it without the massive markup, but Xiaomi don't care though. Thus why you see products at Rebel - a high margin store, high rent costs, etc, sell products for the same price as Big W. If Big W were to suddenly slash the price of products and it threw stores like Rebel into trouble, Big W would suddenly have "supply issues" and not get stock. The whole RRP thing is a giant scam.

          Kmart/Aldi/etc stuff is cheap solely because they manage the entire supply chain and don't have layer upon layer of retail/wholesaler markup, nor anyone forcing them to sell at a specific price, but it's still Aussie wages (in retail and back office). Xiaomi simply doesn't care what price you sell it for and isn't worried about supply chains outside of China, so anyone can buy stock and flog it off with a 25% over wholesale price and make a profit (or just drop ship straight from the supplier without any middleman).

  • My son got the last one left in QLD (apparently) yesterday

  • All south east suburbs out of stock called, lucky western suburbs

  • is there any method of checking where the stocks?

  • Very good prices ~! I got one.

  • Do kmart accept holds?

  • The fun part is finding one.

  • Is there a link to the specs?

    • Just a warning that I own this monitor and have had some ghosting issues running it at 144hz, mainly with bright objects quickly moving across a dark background, bumping it down to 120hz has reduced it immensely however so just putting it out there for consideration.

      • Yeah this is a common issue with all budget 144Hz and 165Hz monitors. They often perform best at 120Hz (perform in terms of colour accuracy and picture quality, not refresh rate). Would highly recommend Hardware Unboxed reviews for a monitor before purchasing, or for those who want the best settings for their monitors.

        • Thankfully for me personally i'm too much of a pleb to notice the difference between 120hz and 144hz unless I was comparing them side by side so i'm still more than happy with this monitor, but for those more sensitive to frame rate its definitely something to note.

      • I don't have ghosting on mine, but weirdly I get backlight flicker at 144hz if I have freesync and vsync running. No flicker if I turn off vsync. Haven't been able to figure out what's causing it but apparently it's a common problem. Tried CRU but can't seem to fix it to run both vsync and freesync.

        • You don't need to run vsync when you've got freesync going, they're both the same thing, freesync is just offloading that process of syncing the monitor and PC output onto the monitor and off of the GPU, which is good because when its the GPU managing the syncing it causes input delay because the GPU needs a frame buffer to run vsync.

          If you're using Vsync to cap framerate like some people do, you're better off just using rivatuner if the game doesnt have a frame cap option in game or an ini file setting, that way you can cap frames without having to use Vsync.

          • @chepsk8: yeah, at the moment i'm taking advantage of most games having a built in max framerate setting. for reasons unbeknownst to me i haven't been able to find the setting built into the radeon driver since the update to 2020 adrenaline drivers. either its really well hidden now or its been removed =(

        • I'm completely new to this sort of tech. My monitor seems to be running at 60 Hz on Windows apps. Do I need to be running a game etc. to get it changed automatically, or do I somehow increase the Hz manually? I couldn't see anything in settings.

        • If you are using Nvidia card, run games in full screen mode instead of windowed or fullscreen windowed.

          If you’d like to run games in windowed or fullscreen windowed mode without flickering, Nvidia Control Panel - G Sync set up - tick 'full screen' instead of 'fullscreen and windowed', flickering goes away along with G-Sync (no G sync in windowed mode)

          Apparently it is a common issue of rung a g sync on a VA panel with Free Sync

  • anybody find any in hobart?

    • Pretty sure not as the Kmart page specifically says which states are applicable and tassie sadly isn't one, I would have probably bought one if it was.
      In saying that I haven't checked to see if there is a way for them to transfer any… doubt it though.
      Just checked the website and I think product isn't even available on there anymore.

    • You know you be dreaming, son. That's what we sign up to when living in Tassie. Great life/environment but means miss some deals and/or pay extra for shipping.

  • Something at Kmart that is not Anko brand?

  • Thanks. Just picked up one from airport West. I heard them say they have 1 more left out back and the one on display

  • I just picked up two at airport west. They still have plenty left at the moment.

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    Nice monitor and great price. Have one but preferring my non ultrawide.

    • Why?

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        Just annoys me how you get the black sides in video and such. Seems like I lose a bit of viewing real estate

        • Also happens in games as well for cutscenes and menus.

          My main annoyance is YouTube where the video is ultrawide but someone has encoded the top and bottom black bars into the video… Luckily there's a chrome extension to override.

          Aside from that it's a pretty good monitor. Colours and brightness appear better than my old aoc 32inch, plenty of ports on the Xiaomi, the magnetic covers on the back of the stand and port covers are a nice touch. The edge of the display not sitting evenly in the panel area does upset my ocd but otherwise I'm quite happy with the monitor.

  • those who bought one, can someone share what the SKU code is?

  • looks none in adelaide.

  • There is one available in arana hills, QLD if anyone wants a put a hold on it, just returned it after 20 minutes of purchasing as I realised I don't need it!!

  • I wonder why are they on clearance? They are well received. Unless the general consumers aren't familiar with them?

  • I don't believe they do in SA?

  • $469 on Kogan & free delivery with Kogan First.


  • Anyone had any luck from Western Sydney?

  • Could anyone confirm if still some left? Pretty far from where I live.

  • why are they on clearance?

    • Leftover online only Black Friday stock that they've pushed to stores to clear.

  • wow literally just bought one on the 24th for $499

  • Anyone know if there are any Brisbane stores with stock of this? I’ve called a few but no luck so far.

  • when i went to airport west around 1pm, there was a guy buying 1, then i bought 1 also, there was 2 more..i was going to grab all 3, but i think there be people who need it like i did who missed out on clickfrenzy sales…so yeh probably all sold out now

    • Thank you for not buying all 3, I put one on hold at 1:30pm and managed to pick it up tonight!

      Hopefully no dead pixels or issues, will have to test it tomorrow.

      Mine was retaped actually, it had the mi.com tape underneath some yellowish tape on-top. Was yours like that too?

      • They are all like that. They must have put the Mi tape on top to prevent any retaping by customers.

  • I'm at Chatswood Kmart in NSW right now. For anyone that wants to know, there are none here. The attendant also checked out the back for me and none there.

  • There’s a bunch of these left in Townsville (Fairfield Waters store). I counted at least a dozen today.

  • Most eastern suburbs vic none available ( Burwood, eastland, knox, fountain gate, boronia,… ) I'm so sad 🥺