This was posted 1 year 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xiaomi 34" Ultrawide Monitor $450 @ Kmart (Limited Stores/Stock)


A couple of these left at Airport West Kmart (VIC) on clearance

Mod: Some reports of these being available at other stores but in limited numbers. Discussion.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Apparently Keysborough has 1.
    Nothing in the East :(

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    Any in WA?

    • Heaps in Joondalup

      • Any SoR?

        • Nothing in Booragoon Kmart

      • 5 in Joondalup….make that 4 now :)

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          funniest story -

          walked out of Kmart - girl on the front checking bags "where did you get that"
          walked into JB Hi Fi - security guard, "where did you get that"
          walked out of JB Hi Fi - sales guy - "Hey dude, where did you get that", i said "gimme $10 and i'll tell you"

          There were 4 left at Kmart when i got mine, not sure on stock levels now but they're all sitting on the left of the Service dept/click and collect section.

  • Any in Melb west or SE?

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    I want this but how about my 28 inch samsung monitor? Sad… Waiting for my one not working…

  • Not sure with other stores, but the monitor that I got from Airport West was previously opened and resealed.
    Not sure if it was refurbished or not, but that might be why it's on clearance.

    • Most likely from returns from customers

    • They all come double taped (with a "Mi" tape on top), if that's why you thought it was resealed.

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    So this means they wont sell the monitor anymore?

    Sucks, was planning to buy one in the future from them rather than kogan

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    They received for Cyber Monday which was only held at a number of select stores across Australia. If you saw your local Kmart doing Cyber Monday sales then they would probably be the only one that would most likely have stock.

  • None SE Victoria - still looking for one here’s hoping another offer comes up

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      Good luck getting a locally branded monitor, the closest thing would be Kogan and they're just rebadges.

  • Just tested, found a small line of dead pixels in the far corner of task bar (1cm long), not noticeable unless view in bright color, I guess change the set will take quite a while?? Will the VA panel dead pixel tend to develop more?

    • Once you see it you will not un-see it. Can you live with it knowing you gave 450 for it? In a few months these will be selling for this price anyway….. The pitfall of buying such an item from Kmart… No easy swap overs.

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        Actually it's invisible under normal setting, couldn't find it! Probably blended with the Win10 task bar and only noticed when look carefully under testing setting when there is pure color contrast.
        Kmart said they will take care of the warranty, you don't have to ship it over to online store.

        • Had the exact same problem, took it back to the local store and got a new one, which was in stock then. I called customer service to ask what to do if they were out of stock, I was told I could wait to replace it until it's back in stock, as it has a year warranty anyway.

          • @ozyack: LOL, is this the one that you replaced? I got it from airport west, vic, then I called my local kmart for warranty support, they came back and said I can return the machine and get the refund, but they won't replace it and it's clearance. I guess my only option is to try to reach xiaomi australia.

            I read news that because Samsung panel is out of capacity, so no more panel supplied to Xiaomi in short period, which means no more units to be manufactured until they found other panel source or Samsung resume supply. Due to shortage, the monitor is likely to be dearer.

            BTW, where did you find the 1 yr warranty statement? I couldn't find it on receipt nor warranty card.

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    Purely from my personal experience, this Xiaomi feels better than my ViewSonic 32inch QHD monitor, the stand is more versatile and more pixel estate.

  • Does anyone know if there are anymore available in NSW?

    • Yes. Just need to go to the right store.

  • Any stock in Perth?

  • I was told no stock in Blacktown and Mount Druid.

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    Called up many Kmart's in inner west over phone they all said no stock or product doesn't exist. Had to go to Burwood Westfield yesterday to do some shopping and just thought i would pop in; felt lucky. Asked random store staff and they said none left and then walked to the back area near the photo print area and guy staff was taking stuff in and out from the loading dock area. Asked him about it and he knew what i was talking about and grabbed me 1 from the back. I asked if i can have another and he grabbed me a 2nd one also. This means they do have in stock just need to ask the right person.

  • Visited Kmart in Waurn Ponds VIC and was told only one in stock but being hold by earlier phone call. A bit said but let it go. :(

  • 2 left in pagewood store. 5 in warriewood. Don't think anyone would be getting those 5 until the northern beaches are out of lockdown

    • I tried pagewood already over the phone and they said they didn’t have any :(

  • Purely for work purposes would you buy this one or 2 x Dell from this deal

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      Personally I prefer two monitors. I have the dell S2721D and it's great

    • for work, buy a 4 k 28”or better,

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    2 left at pac fair Gold Coast if ppl are interested

    • Thanks, got one

      • Glad I could help. I'm quite impressed with mine.

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    5 left at joondalup WA, on the floor near the service desk

    • Would u be able to take a photo for me?
      I am planning to price match kmart with themselves (paid 499$ 2 weeks ago).

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        Just use the photo in the original post?

  • I just bought one at Kmart Joondalup about 5 mins ago. They still have 3 or 4 left outside the service desk near phones etc.

    • Dam, maybe I should have made the drive up (looked a couple of hours ago and the last post was 6+hours old figured they would have all been gone).

  • I just got the last one in Joondalup. There is still one demo unit on shelf.

    • I tried buying the demo, it’s supposedly against company policy to sell it :(

      • What is the policy?
        Are they going to throw away the Monitor? Can I pick it up?

      • code for : employee is gonna buy it

        • I think they are going to take it home……

        • If it's against company policy to sell the demo unit. One is the employees probably gets it for free. Problably the store manager or some one higher up the chain.

      • some times demo units are supplied by reps so technically not stock for sale. sometimes it’s stock opened by staff for display then they can sell it.

        had a similar situation at bunnings for a drill, was demo stock, sold cheaper because no case or batteries because rep supplied it as demo unit for display and didn’t supply the case or batteries as per the tag description.

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    This monitor is awesome!

  • Anyone experienced the AW38 by alienware? I'm thinking of getting this one for office purposes, or potentially the LG 34WK95U 34”

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