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Harris Coffee Varieties (Beans or Ground) 1kg $15 ($13.50 S&S) + Del ($0 w/Prime/ S&S/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Massive fan of the crema coffee from this. Roasting dates are recent from my orders (usually within a couple of months).

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  • usually within a couple of months

    $10 more and one can find a deal on locally freshly roasted (<1wk) beans. Sure, that's a ~60% increase in cost, but the quality difference for your espresso is big

    • How does this brand compare to Grinder also on Amazon?

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      Or just go to Aldi, pay less and get beans roasted within the past month due to high turnover. A few months past roast is stale.

    • Can you please recommend me some? :)

      • Lime Blue are frequent posters here and they've got one atm (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/593792). That's a SO for $27 delivered.

        Deals come in fits and bursts here. Last time Black Friday was a golden patch, and a lot of us picked up this one for $24/kg (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583840).

        Making espresso shots can get very complex if you go deep into all of the factors that affect quality. But the biggest leap forward is using freshly roasted (ideal 7-21 days post roast date) and a consistent fresh grind (at time of pulling shot). Worth the time/effort if you enjoy coffee.

        • Thanks mate. I've been in the coffee world for a while with what I believe.is a good amchine and a nice grinder. Now I feel like I would be able to get decent shots from a nice coffee.

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      Agreed. We used to drink Vittoria beans for years from woolies (buy them at half price). Then I stumbled across all the coffee bean deals here on ozbargain, never looked back since. 1kg lasts around 2 months for our family, and the taste is well worth the premium.

  • Looks like minimum order quantity is 2.

  • I seen this in cheap as chips yesterday for $9.99

    • Mine sharing where?

      • http://imgur.com/gallery/lievSkX

        Seems to be heaps of stock. I buy the harris stong posted by OP. I believe this is the same with slight packaging design changes. I have purchased some yesterday but yet to try as still have half pack left

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          where is this if you dont mind saying?

          • @lknight: Sorry slow reply, cheap as cheaps port lincoln SA

  • My local NQR still have this stock.. Cranbourne… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565856

  • These are $10 at NQR and not worth any more tbh

  • I bought a few from Coles when they were $15, now they're $20.

    It's that good that I'll be hanging out for the next lot of cheap premium coffee on here!

  • NQR Boronia and fountain gate sold them for $10 with April 2021 expiry. NQR i

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