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Special Black Friday Coffee Blend, 1kg for $24 Delivered @ Coffee on Cue



Coffee on Cue have developed a unique blend specifically for Black Friday.

Available in 1kg size only - get it for just $24 delivered! (RRP is $60)

Special ends 12pm (noon) Thursday 26th November.

Tasting notes are Chocolate | Toffee | Raisin

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    Doesn't look like free shipping is enabled for this (it's showing as $9 shipping for me for orders under $25)

    • Hi KevinL, refresh your page for me :)

      It should be fixed now.

      • Sweet as, ordered!

        • Awesome - was a bit of lag time from my updating some settings.

          We hope you enjoy and Happy Black Friday to you :)

          • @julianm: Got one,thx

            • @myth88: Hi myth88,

              Not a problem - that's fantastic!

              We hope you enjoy :)

  • How would you compare this blend to your standard Elevate blend in terms of flavour profile and roast? Which is better for milk based, and which is better for drinking as straight espresso?

    • +2

      Hi caprimulgus,

      Thanks for your message. All coffees are prepared the same way, with a light-medium roast style.

      However, the Black Friday Blend is less fruity than our flagship Elevate Blend.

      Both are great served black, but the Black Friday Blend is just a little more suited to milk-based drinks I would say.

      Hope that helps :)

  • Bought a kg to try

    • Hi Trojan,

      Fantastic! Thanks for your order.

      We hope you enjoy our special Black Friday Blend :)

  • +1

    Running out of beans in 1 week. Bought a kilo to give a try.

    • Hi JC1986,

      Oh no, we hope you don't run out!

      We'll get your kilo out to you ASAP and we hope you enjoy :)

  • Chocolatey, not fruity, and low-mid $20 range? Sold! :D

    • Hi dufflover,

      Glad to hear it's right up your alley.

      We hope you enjoy :)

  • Running out soon on delonghi signature beans… truth be told - don’t like them at all. But caffeine is caffeine

    Bought a K

    • Hi Thy-San,

      We hope you don't run out of caffeine!

      We'll be shipping your order immediately after it's roasted, and we hope you enjoy the beans :)

  • Do you have a decaf option?

    • Hi bluedufflecoat,

      Thanks for your message - this is something that is in the works, but currently we don't have a decaf option available.

      We do understand the importance of having it as an option, and will be launching it once it's ready :)

  • +1

    ordered thanks ops, with all these deals last few months I have enough coffee supplies until Feb 2021

    • Hi Hearthstone,

      Glad you took advantage of the deal!

      One less thing to think about during the Xmas/NY period ;)

      We hope you enjoy.

  • +1

    We need more cheaper single o choices.

    • Hi czesccotam,

      I've made a note of this for future deal; thank you for your feedback.

      Out of interest, what coffee origins are your favourite?

      Do you prefer coffees from Africa, or Central/South America?

  • anyone tried this roaster before. any good?

  • Better for espresso or filter?

    • Hi askvictor,

      Our coffees are omni-roasted, so you can get great results from both brewing methods.

      However, I would say this particular blend is more suited to espresso.

      Hope that helps :)

  • Perfect timing - running out of beans in the next few days
    Ordered a kg, thanks OP!

    • +1

      Hi EmaT,

      Amazing, thanks for placing your order and we hope you don't run out of beans until ours arrive.

      We'll be dispatching immediately after roasting and we hope you enjoy :)

  • for some reason paypal payment keeps redirecting me back to checkout page.

    • Same - it tells me payment was declined due to international regulations compliance…
      Paid with CC and it was fine

      • ah ok so not just me… thanks :)

        • Hi scud70,

          Apologies for the inconvenience.

          I'm going to look into this immediately.

          Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I'll get to work to fix it.

        • Paid with PP (on Amex) no issue

          • @Thy-San: Hmm thanks folks,

            Appreciate your feedback, doing a little investigation on our end to determine the issue and fix it.

            Thanks for commenting and helping us out :)

      • +1 - Keep getting:

        This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations.

  • +4

    Haven't bought any fancy beans since I realised Aldi has the best and most affordable, but great price.

    • Hi Broden,

      Thanks for the comment!

      We hope you give our beans a try, and if so, we hope you enjoy them as much as the beans from Aldi :)

    • +2

      I could brew better coffee with dirt than Aldi beans

      (unpopular opinion)

      • +2

        Nope, popular opinion with me…have an upvote

      • When they first came out they were amazing for the price. I think the quality dropped off after a while and I noticed that the cheaper beans are no longer 100% arabica, whereas the $14 single origin beans are. That's where the value is at the moment IMO. I usually alternate the Aldi beans with a more premium alternative from a local roaster.

        • I'm finding the single origin aldi beans quite good overall. Haven't tried their other ones though.

          Obviously not as nice as a fresh roast from a local, but happy to stick with ALDI for the price.

          Hoping these beans are nice to, thanks for the deal OP.

          • @kulprit: Hi kulprit,

            No worries - hope you enjoy your coffee :)

    • +8

      Wow i didn't know Broden was still active!

    • Which beans to get from Aldi? I picked some Brazil Beans up for $12 but they were so bad and Undrinkable I had to return them

  • Trying to pay through PayPal & I get this error msg

    We're sorry, we can't complete your purchase right now.
    This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations

    • Hi tingleping,

      My apologies - I'm going to look into this straight away.

      Will report back once it's fixed.

      • I got the same error just now

        • Hi 808State,

          We are aware of the issue and are in the process of fixing it now.

          Appreciate your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  • Thanks, ordered one.

    • Hi MugiTheMongol,

      Amazing, thank you for placing your order.

      We hope you enjoy :)

  • +4

    Will this help me stay up from black friday to cyber monday?

    • Hi klownvandamn,

      Potentially, but don't hold me to it ;)

      If you placed an order, we hope you enjoy the beans.

  • express check-out not working for paypal

    • Hi Ciderfizz44,

      Thanks for your message.

      We've made note of this issue and we're working on fixing it as we speak.

      Appreciate your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused.

      • thanks, working now

        • Okay perfect.

          Thanks for confirming Ciderfizz44.

  • Ordered 1 to try.

    • Hi dmiser,

      Thanks so much for your order.

      We can't wait to get your coffee to you and we hope you enjoy :)

  • +2

    What type of ground beans would I get to use with yesterdays cold brew machine deal from Myer?

    • +1

      Hi Sunproof,

      If you add 'Pre-grind for Cold Brew' in the order comments section on the Cart page, our team will prepare them for Cold Brew.

      To complete your check-out, you can just select the 'Ground Plunger' option and add the comments to the order :)

      • Much appreciated. I'll order some now!

        • No worries :)

          We hope you enjoy the beans.

      • Thats awesome and thank you, order placed with comment

        • Fantastic, thank you for your order.

          We can't wait to get your beans to you :)

  • Should I get Ground espresso or whole beans and just grind it with the grinder machine I have? Dec are as tough as actually just buying it

    • +1

      Hi Mozzlah,

      I can appreciate the decision you are trying to make. Is your grinder in good working order and has high quality blades/burrs?

      If so, you will be fine to get whole beans, but if it's not grinding consistently, you may be best to get pre-ground. Note: pre-ground coffee won't stay as fresh as whole beans though.

      Hope that helps you make the tough decision :)

      • Grinder is pretty decent. Came with a very expensive machine lol. I think you could have just made my dec for me

        • This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations.

          Paypal Error. Not sure whats going on

          • @Mozzlah: Hi Mozzlah,

            Investigating this as we speak.

            My apologies for the inconvenience, we're looking to fix this issue ASAP.

            Thank you for your patience.

  • +3

    Strange. PayPal declined due to international regulations. Paid via google pay and went through. Got email confirmation from coffeeoncue from USA mobile number.

    What’s going on?

    • Hi expertreader,

      This is really odd and I want to investigate further.

      Are you able to send a screen shot of the email confirmation and email it over to me at: [email protected]

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Appreciate it a lot.

      • Sorry, I meant sms confirmation and not email confirmation

        • Hi expertreader,

          Okay, if you're able to send a screenshot of it via email that would be really helpful.

          I'd like to investigate this further to determine where this is coming from.

          Thanks so much for your help.

  • -2

    $60 RRP for 1kg blend? Really?

  • Good deal for a kilo bag. I'll give you guys a go.

    • Hi IPYF,

      Thanks for giving us a go, we really appreciate.

      We hope you enjoy your coffee :)

  • How dark is this roast?

    • Our coffees are prepared to a light-medium roast profile, allowing great results from both espresso and filter extraction.

      We hope to see you give our coffee a try :)

  • Bought for the parents. Was using Pablo’s which is really delicious, but running low.

    • +1

      Hi Flowerbomb,

      Thanks for placing your order and giving us a go.

      Pablo's are super tasty, we hope your folks enjoy our beans :)

  • Same thing order declined due to international regulations.

    Will wait to see what happens before I proceed with my order.

    • Hi worker,

      Thanks for sharing that - we're quickly working to identify the issue and will report back once it's fixed.

      Appreciate your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks. Picked up a kg. PayPal failed so just used a credit card, the old fashioned way…😁

    • Hi Savitar,

      I'm sorry PayPal failed - we're investigating the issue and hope to resolve it ASAP.

      Thanks so much for placing your order, even if by old fashioned methods ;)

      Hope you enjoy the coffee.

      • This failed for me also with the "This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations." error.
        This was using the Express Checkout Option.

        Clicking through to the Shipping page and then Payment, the Paypal option works there.

        Looking forward to some new beans.

        • Hi mviney,

          Thanks so much for the info.

          I believe the issue has been resolved, although it might be the Express Checkout option that is causing an error, as opposed to the shipping/payment page option.

          We are closely monitoring it. Thanks for your help.

  • +1

    thought my order went through but Paypal decline

    We're sorry, we can't complete your purchase right now.
    This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations.

    ah well until it fixed up no extra coffee for me

    • -1

      Hi Hearthstone,

      We are jumping on the issue and hope to resolve it soon - will update you once it's been fixed.

      I apologies for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

      • Lol looks like "The Trustee for RSPACCAV Trust" might be flagged on some watch-list or sanctions list or some name similar. We're sure its coffee in the bags? :P

        • -1

          Hmm interesting.

          Thanks for the feedback TommyGun, we are investigating and monitoring the issue on our end.

          I can 100% confirm only coffee in the bags :)

  • Grabbed a Kilo of Whole beans, The origins of the beans should make this a solid approachable blend.

    • Hi Josh R,

      That's great to hear - it's a well-rounded and robust composition.

      We can't wait for you to get your hands on it to try it :)

  • Tried again, worked via Paypal.
    Good timing OP. On to the dregs of my existing batch of coffee :)

    • Hi Maz78,

      That's great to hear :)

      To confirm - did your order go through successfully via PayPal?

      We're working right not to fix the issue, if you're able to share any further info that would be so so helpful :)

      • Yes it did.. I tried about 2 times earlier and kept getting that same error regarding international transactions.
        Gave it another go for the heck of it, and it went through

        • Perfect thanks for confirming Maz78.

          It was really odd, the PayPal gateway system must have been down for a short while.

          Glad to hear it's all working fine, we'll be sure to monitor this for all of the other customers looking to place an order.

          We hope you enjoy your coffee :)

  • +1

    Hi OzBargain community,

    I'm aware that there was an issue earlier with payments being made via PayPal.

    We've quickly looked into the issue and I believe it has been resolved, but will continue to monitor it throughout the duration of this special.

    Please use the comment section to provide any feedback you have, as it's super valuable to us so that we can monitor and fix any further issues that arise.

    To those who have already purchased, thank you so much - we can't wait to commence roasting these beans tomorrow for you all :)

    • I had an issue with it refusing payment due to being international(?). My order has since gone through however.

      • Hi robbyjones,

        We've been monitoring the PayPal gateway system - it seems it was down for a short time but it's now back and working.

        Glad your order went through and we hope you enjoy your coffee :)

  • Hi OP, I would like to order 1kg of whole beans. Just wondering if I can have it packed in two 500g bags? I'm not a heavy drinker and would like the beans to stay fresh for a bit longer. I would gladly pay each for the extra bag.

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