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Connect Smart 10W White LED Light Bulb $9 (Save $1) + More @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman

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    Connect Smart 10W White LED Light Bulb

    Connect it where?

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      Someone told me to stick it where the sun doesn't shine

      • In the basement?

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    I rather get the TP Link for $8…..

  • Not that I have these, but noticed these are 10w - more than the typical 8w. A review online said it outputs 1000lumens - 25% more than ~800 lumens from most smart bulbs.

  • Are these bulbs zigbee compatible or wifi only? I’m smart home amateur but for first bulbs would prefer zigbee if I can

    • Wifi only - why would you prefer zigbee? You'll need a hub for zigbee and it can be harder to mix and match brands, whereas with wifi if you stick to tuya (one of the most popular for wifi lights and other smart home stuff - genio, connect smart, laser, kogan and a whole heap others are tuya based) you can buy from many different brands and just use the one app to control them.

      • Thanks this is what I was hoping to hear. I was gifted a Samsung hub v3 which is zigbee based (haven’t opened yet) and also have an Amazon echo 4 which is apparently zigbee. I have some wifi Kogan stuff already set up, and my main reason is to not contest my wifi, I heard I’d internet goes out they will also still work as zigbee? So wifi is the way then?

        • It's really down to how they program the apps as to whether they'll work local or not when the internet is down - this is one of the reason that some people (like myself) buy tuya compatible wifi smart home stuff - you can either flash them (with tasmota or ESPHome) to allow full local control, or use an addon like LocalTuya (for home assistant) that leaves them on tuya cloud but you can also control them locally without internet - the other reason to flash them is that if the manufacturer decides later to start charging for cloud or additional smart control etc or discontinues their service (IFTTT is a recent one that's started charging, a couple have gone bust and their products no longer work). Note you are right about contested wifi - though more of the issue is crap standard issue ISP wifi modems that can't handle more than about a dozen wifi devices connected, a half decent external wifi AP will solve this (personally I'm a big fan of Unifi).

          • @WazzaP: Great I’ll look into the Tuya compatible wifi bulbs. This is great advice regarding the modem also, thanks for your help! I’ve acreen shotted this convo as it’s going to be real handy!!

  • Save $1 ? Wow !

    • “ Then you have 1 dollar. Then you take your dollar. You go to the dollar store, and you buy something else”

    • Yes, but imagine if you buy 2 - then you're saving $2!

  • It looks like the Genio from Kmart, Connect Smart from HN and the Laser from the Target are from the same factory but just brand differently. ( I have all three brands and just used the Genio app to pair all of them without any issues )

    The TP-Link one I bought yesterday and returned it today. Keep the connect smart ones because it is not as bright as the Connect Smart. The advantage of the TP-Link one it comes with 3 years warranty rather than the others only 1 year.

    • They're not 100% identical though, have some Genio and some Connect Smart lights and the connect smart are physically larger - worth keeping in mind if you're planning to put them in a housing with limited room.

  • Bought a whole heap of these not long ago - all were able to be tuya-converted OTA, likely HN don't sell as much of the smart home stuff as others so have old stock, as most other tuya stuff I've bought recently has the new firmware which prevents OTA flashing.
    Not surprising they don't sell many - all that I bought had the original price stickers on them, worst was the GU10 RGB which was marked at $49.95, but now being sold for a far more reasonable $19 (https://www.harveynorman.com.au/connect-smart-5w-gu10-rgb-le...).

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