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15% off iTunes Gift Cards (Excludes $20 GC) | Coles Mobile 60GB $99 @ Coles


From the upcoming catalogue sale starting Wednesday 30 December.

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    Excludes $20 not $30

  • Price beat at ow

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    Can you use iTunes credit to pay for in app purchases/subscriptions (e.g., simply piano yearly subscription)?

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      Netflix, Disney+, Dropbox, Rosetta Stone, Apple Music ~ all use my stack of gift cards.

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        I wouldnt pay through Apple, they have very big commision.
        Id rather pay straight to the service.
        But thats just me not wanting to give even more money to a trillion dollar company. You do you.

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          Who cares if Apple get a commission for Disney Plus or not. Apple gives Disney Plus a lot of promotion too so I bet it makes more money than it costs Disney. Plus Apple is super cozy with Disney, Steve Jobs and then his widow were the single largest shareholders of Apple after the Pixar merger. Iger was on the board of Apple until recently. And Disney itself is a billion dollar company.

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            Who cares if Apple get a commission for Disney Plus or not.

            Smart people do care what happens in the world and why. Others cant see further than their nose.
            But, you know, 'whatever dude'

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              @nikoris: How about you look out for Disney's best interests for the both of us. Maybe get two subscriptions to make up for the 30% cut I'm robbing poor old Disney of.

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                @AustriaBargain: I could do it but it wont be enough.
                People with a mindset like yours have made Apple selling $2000 phones with no headphones/chargers, selling $80 'original' silicon cases, etc (list could go on, i have 1000 of these examples)
                I'm an Apple user but im baffled by how easily people hand over money to Apple (the same people who cry when Colesworth charge a mere .10 for a bag or raise the price on anything etc)

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                  @nikoris: I'm happy to pay 10 cents for a bag because those are quality bags. If they sold them in a 50 pack for $5 as bin liners, I'd buy it too.

            • @nikoris: Well this is a first…. someone arguing that Disney is poor and deserves more money. Now I have literally seen everything.

              Here's a newsflash - selling digital assets like copies of movies, music, games and game DLC has extremely low marginal cost, so BOTH companies are making absolute gravy on the transaction.

              Maybe a more constructive cause for you to take up would be for companies to lower prices on digital assets so we are all better off, not only them.

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                someone arguing that Disney is poor and deserves more money

                You didnt even read my argument

                Now I have literally seen everything

                "Literally" everything. Literally. Everything.
                I have a question for you, what do you think you achieve when you use 'literally' so poorly? Sound smarter? Give emphasis? Sound like a 12 year old?

                • @nikoris: Yes literally everything. Someone claiming Disney was the hard-done-by-poor-exploited-party-in-any-business-relationship was the final piece of the puzzle.

                  It’s such a rare thing to acquire because normally nobody with more that one brain cell would dare suggest something so moronic. So thank you for completing my quest.

                  • @lunchbox99: My comment was focused on Apple. For some reason you keep insisting about the ‘poor Disney’
                    There’s a reason iPhones cost north of $1500 and it’s people like you. So, thank you.

                    • @nikoris: Ok, so your issue is just that you hate Apple. It has nothing to do with retailer margins at all. Nothing that sophisticated.

                      I was gonna say, it must really steam you shopping… well pretty much anywhere… knowing that the retailer adds a margin so sell someone's product. I assume you are seeking out all the farmers and manufacturers of products at your local woolies to deal with them direct.

                      Single brain cell confirmed.

                      • @lunchbox99:

                        knowing that the retailer adds a margin

                        'I am 12 and i made a strong argument'
                        Obviously, some 'retailers' have bigger margins, as long as people keep buying.
                        I am not gonna make you smarter through ozbargain though, i LiTEraLLy cant

                        • @nikoris: Wah Wah. Big bad Apple doesn't sign up subscribers for another company for nothing… I'm telling my mum!!

                          I'm now going down to JB Hifi to tell them off for taking commission for signing up Telstra and Optus customers. Cause that's what I do, I'm the commission exterminator and my mum said I was a good boy for doing it.

                          Take that you evil baddies!

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                            @lunchbox99: I really wish i was a simpleton like you, my life would be happier because ignorance is bliss.
                            Just because JB HI FI takes a commission too, doesnt justify Apple's 30% cut on every sale.

                            I'll just shake my head and move on. Nothing i can do to educate

                            • @nikoris: Oh dear… poor baby doesn't understand basic commerce. Maybe if you hold your breath the big meanies will stop. Make sure to tell your own employer to stop charging margin. Cost base only charging for the win.

        • sorry sir this is ozbargain

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      Depends on the service. Apparently Netflix doesn’t take any new subscriptions through iTunes, for example, but if you already use iTunes for subscribing you should be sweet.

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        Yes it depends on the service. New sign ups for Netflix has to go through their website but I signed up via iTunes before this policy and I always top up my credit with these 15-20% off iTunes cards.

        Did the same with Disney+.

    • Is simply piano worth it? Just bought a digital piano from recent JB deal and starting to research apps

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        Don’t know. I’m in a similar boat, however, my piano is on back order… the reviews for simply piano are positive. I was planning on doing the free trial before deciding on whether the subscription was worthwhile. The annual subscription is quite expensive (120 USD converts to about 160AUD), but lessons are also expensive after a while… Let me know if you discover anything. Cheers!

        • Mine is on back order too! Arriving mid January for you?

          • @dajackal: Yep, piano (Roland) is also due mid jan… there must be a shipment of pianos coming in, ha!

            Unsure if I should buy the iTunes Store credit at the discounted rate. I won’t have any need for the iTunes credit if simply piano is a dud… there are also two of us who want to learn, i’m hoping two profiles can be made on the one subscription but I suspect that won’t be possible.

      • +1

        I've just finished the 1st trial lesson. The app is so much fun!
        Now thinking to get (discounted) iTunes Cards to pay for it

  • Coles Mobile deal is still available on their website if you prefer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/588080

    • I wish there was an option to add/replace an international country included in the package.

      • There a reason there are selected countries, if you could CHOOSE the country the price would have been different.

  • can we use FlyBuys dollars to pay for iTunes cards at Coles?

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      Yes Flybuy Dollar is treated like cash instead of gift card. You can pay for anything with it.

      • oh, thank you

        • I think the answer is no. Please report your outcome.

          • @Neoika: I am pretty sure i bought gift card with my flybuy dollar last time

  • Ah sweet I get a discount on that ATO debt I need to pay off.

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      This joke is as old as my grandma

      • -1

        Wasnt even funny back then tbh

  • Coles mobile sim can be activated end of March for example?

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    Officeworks does 5% price beat, I've called to confirm. So all together you save 19.25% (5% off new price not 15% + 5%). Still works out to be a lot cheaper and save money.

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      My local officeworks was not impressed but honoured it - thank you!

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      Just went to one office works and they told me that they couldn’t pricebeat because it only gives a percentage of discount, not a price.

      Seemed stupid, so went to another on the way home, and without a second thought they applied the price beat.

      So not all stores are created equally it seems.

      • +1

        Yep, some of the stores are tards. Honestly, whilst it’s a bit annoying, their phone service is great - never had any questions asked price matching gift cards and free express post delivery. Saves dealing with the random on checkout that day that just wants to argue about how they don’t understand their PB policy.

  • Can I buy iTunes card via coles gift card?

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      Probably not as we can’t use Coles gift card to buy other gift cards.

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      Yes you can actually, the payment method isn't blocked like in Woolies.

  • Perfect timing. Just upgraded my icloud to store photos

  • Coles Mobile offer extended to 12/01/2021

  • Hi could anyone tell me if I can port in my number to this Coles Mobile offer?

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