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[QLD] Ital Panettone Traditional 900g $3 (Was $8.50) @ Coles, North Lakes


Ital Panettone Traditional Ital Panettone Traditional 900g on special. Was previously on sale for $8.50.

At $3.00 it is a steal. Discounted because end of Christmas I suppose.

Can't find it online, so must be in store only (until stock runs out).

Baroni Pandoro also on sale for $2.50 (previously discounted at $9.50), usually $10.00.

Spotted in North Lakes Queensland. I guess it is nationwide, but unsure.

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  • Post Christmas score!

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      Make it in to bread and butter pudding!

      • +1

        We're about to try this. Notwithstanding, it's not worth eating. It's more like bread than cake.

  • we had the pandoro already, bloody awesome! if you find it for $2.50 give it a go. also we had the baileys one (bought it at full price $15) and we reckon that was a good deal too! so if you find cheaper give that one a go too. sorry i don't remember the brand. box long gone.

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    Don’t forget to put an ‘X’ over the barcode once received. This is to prevent re-gifting over and over


    • +1

      How does that stop regifting?

      • +1

        so you don't get it back after it re-gifted to someone you also know

        that or just write their name directly on the box!

        • +3

          How does the X stop it coming back to you?

          Can I put an X on my ex's dog and let it go so it doesn't come back?

          • +5

            @spaceflight: Let me rephrase. Should it be regifted you will know and be able to look your comarè straight in the eyes and say “I know you didn’t buy this…”

            • +11

              @bemybubble: What if my comarè purchased the gift and also put an X on it?

              It would be embarrassing to dismiss their gift because they did the same X thing.

    • +3

      Good idea but if you got people regifting panetonne maybe it's time to just get a box of Roses or Ferrero…

      Not me though. I freaking love Panetonne and will demolish it easily in 1 sitting.

      • +1

        Same I bought 5 Panetonne and 1 Pandoro! I gifted one, but plan to eat at least three.

        I also bought several at the original price before.

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      • Ayyyyyyye!

    • -3

      The fact there is a cultural need to do this within a culture that's supposed to enjoy this food says just how bad panettone is and that the madness must stop.

      Just like Christmas cake and fruit mince pies.. They are garbage. The tradition needs to die.

      • Look, I used to hate panettone for being too dry. But then Aldi started to sell the chocolate ones…

        Now I buy all the time!

      • +1

        try it with gelato and a dash of amaro or coffee, then good luck with your new addiction

        • -1


          Assuming it's the almond flavour, puke.

        • Can concur that this is delicious! But I think you mean amaretto not amaro? Amaro is the herbal bitter one, and amaretto is the sweet almond flavour. Even better (but more effort) is a panettone bread and butter pudding!

          • @Becsavers: amaro, the more bitter and herbal the better.
            Think fernet branca, amaro del capo, montenegro…
            just a dash, a sprinkle

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    Put the X on and got it back one year… No one gives back the chocolate one though.

    • +1

      How does the X stop it coming back?

      Do you know it was the same X you put on it, or did the person who gave it to you just buy you the same thing and put their own X on it?

      • Maybe next time he should put an X and sign it

      • +7

        My handwriting. Hid the X near the flap. Nonna was pretty annoyed, I couldn't stop laughing, because I heard this from a Joe avati joke and tried it, didn't expect it to work. She ended up telling people. Then it escalated because the person denied it and came to Nonna's middle of the night crying out innocence. Then they purchased ANOTHER Panettone… But it looked like one we didn't put the X on. Then Nonna got called a Liar, then I got called a Liar. Then I showed them the X. Then we got an apology. It was a whole thing…

        • +1

          Ah Christmas, the most magical time of the year.

      • +1

        The Christmas parable of the Prodigal Panetonne.

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    grazie mille 👌🏽

  • +1

    but does it support the ryzen 5000 series?

    • +2

      Either I'm missing an elaborate joke, or you meant to comment on the b450 board?

      • I think he just got so many Ozbargain tabs opened at the same time… Classic Ozbargain life

  • +1

    Pandoro at 2.50?!! why didn't you lead with that?!

    • +2

      I personally think Panettone is better, but I guess everyone is different.

      Afterall, there are even people in the comments who don't like these altogether haha.

  • I’ll bite at $2-2.50 XD got em last year for $2 and year before for $1

  • -1

    Good deal, but these I can't get into. Taste like ass

    • -2

      Good sir, you must eat alot of ass. xD

      But yes, it tastes sooooooo so bad.

  • I think 2021 should be the year we all acknowledge and embrace re-gifting. Literally everyone does it, but no one wants to admit it, kind of like watching porn.

    Just consider it another form of recycling.

    • Just consider it another form of recycling

      I think it is more like upcycling

  • is this some type of cake?

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