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Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD $119 + Delivery/Pickup @ Bing Lee


Seems to be the cheapest so far. Just bought mine from Officeworks then I saw this deal, not happy Jan.

It says 3 days only but not sure if it started yesterday or today.

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    Next to see Amazon price beat to $99 then I might buy one.

    • A half decent $100/TB SSD this part of the decade.. hmm no way but I would like to see it happen!

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    can we price beat Officeworks with this?

    • Why not!

    • -2

      You would have to call your local OW as it depends on the manager.

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        It's their policy.

        Tbh my experience is that some OW stores are very dishonest about their policy.

        Find stock first. Take a photo. Then if they don't honour it, report them.

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          I've done all that and had the manager tell me they wouldn't price match. I showed them the receipt from another Officeworks and he has told me that just because another Officeworks has done it doesn't mean he will.

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            @Rojohe: THEN HE IS NOTHING BUT AHOLE

            • @V003: Actually, we call those people Lucy R'sole

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            @Rojohe: This is unacceptable. The manager and store needs to be called out for. It is their (profanity) official policy, not subject to the whims of the manager. I would get loud and ask for a detailed explanation.

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              @BrutallyHonest: Maybe not over $6?

              • +10

                @cycloneaussie: I would do it even over $1. It's not about the money, it's about respecting your customers and following your policies and not being an oversmart (profanity).

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                @cycloneaussie: Value don’t matter buddy, policy is policy.

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              It is their (profanity) official policy

              The price match policy is advertised clearly on the back of their blue jumpers or whatever work garment they wear.
              Some Officeworks store employees act like you are a leper as soon as you mention "price match".

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            @Rojohe: What was the item and who were you trying to price match to? Working at an officeworks I can tell you every price match gets checked after we put it through, and as a result everyone has a responsibility themselves when they're processing it to check regardless of whether another store put it through. I've come across times where other stores have price matched items that are not identical, not in stock, international items, clearance items etc etc. Just like anything human error is always a factor and many sites will intentionally make it hard to check to see exactly what item it is. There are many instances where a price match may not be valid regardless of whether another store has done it, and its up to the team member each time to check it and then chose to put it through or explain exactly why it can't be done.

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      You should be able to, although Officeworks tend to modify their price down to match to stop it usually.

      • +2

        Yeah, pretty scummy bait advertising

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        My local OW has wheeled out the old "they are not a local competitor line" on me when attempting to match Bing Lee (SA)

        • For us in SA they should (as per their policy) price beat, if you include the $6 delivery cost to SA, as we can't pick it up.

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          Their policy doesn’t say anything about a competitor needing to be local, and in fact specifically says it includes online retailers (but shipping will be factored into total price).

          I’d contact head office if given that run around or hit them up on a social media channel. If you care enough, even contact the ACCC.

    • I just called, they will price match.

    • +2

      They will PM but it they will match price + shipping and handling if you do not have a store in your area

      • +1

        Yeah, so unless you live in NSW, it is looking like $125 (if you can get OW to price match / beat). So ~$118 after price match / beat.

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    For those of us with BMPCC cameras the T7 (newer version - even the non touch flavour) is not compatible with the cameras ( and may never be possibly ) so the t5 is the only option that's not overpriced (other than external usb c enclosure which I've tried and works but is much larger).. As the T5 is meant to be discontinued, now is the time to get your hands on these at such great prices.

    • Exactly the reason I've now literary stocked up on these. Great price for this purpose.

    • +1

      Oh wow - I didn't realize the T7 wasn't compatible, what a bummer.

      I've got about 20 T5 drives in different sizes for my BMPCC4k (and editing drives). I might stick to keeping the T7's just for editing scratch in the future and the 5's for the Blackmagic then.

      Good to know - thanks!

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    I bought mine late last month from Bing Lee, and it was $169. Seeing this drop so much the past few days have not been nice.


    • +8

      I bought the 1TB T5 4 years ago for $550 or something

      • +1

        I bought the 2TB T5 for $330 from Bing Lee eBay on December 2019.
        I can only only imagine how far the prices will drop same time next year.

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    I just bought this for 128 yesterday.


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    Everybody check up on your friends who bought this at $149, $128 and $119 as they might have suicidal tendencies at the moment :(

    • Im okay but it hurts. Is it possible to get the difference back now lol?

      • Buy another one and refund with older receipt?

    • Not if they bought AfterPay shares or Tesla shares earlier this year.

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    Successful price matched with Officeworks for $113.05
    Thanks OP!

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    I bought 2 of these yesterday from OW. I just took them back and said I wanted to refund and repurchase at 119 (price match with BL) + the 5% price match guarantee. They did it no questions asked, ended up paying $113 each and got a refund of $30

  • Shuckable?

    • Nope, not that kind of device.

      • +3

        The T5s are suckable. msata drives inside though

      • +2

        The pizzaguy learns something new today

        • I do, I was sure it's like T7 - those are not shuckable, right?

  • Has HN got any price match policy?

    • +2

      Yea the shittiest one there is. They'll conveniently refuse to price match saying "its lower than our cost price" even when the different isn't all that much. I had $500 gift cards with them which took almost a year to use up cause their pricing is terrible but also their service and support.

      • Second that. They even refused to price match The School Locker which is basically Harvey company!!

    • +5

      I just came back from HN after successfully price-matching. Granted, it took 3 staff member to approve it because apparently "Bing Lee isn't an Australian retail store". I had to literally show them Bing Lee's wikipedia page.

      • +4

        Lmao, casually racist HN employees? I'm shocked.

        • +1

          Are those HN staff just born yesterday? Or just migrated from overseas? If you work in retails, especially in electronics, you must have know that Bing Lee is one of the largest consumer electronics superstores in NSW. You can find BL stores in many corners of NSW, but not HN.

  • Usable in ps4?

    • +1

      Not internally

    • +1

      As an external drive, sure.

  • Thanks. Just picked one up

  • can this be shucked into a laptop ?

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      Depends on the laptop - if it uses SATA then yes (with adapter), if it uses msata, yes natively. If it uses NVME its a different connector + signalling system so no.

      It really is intended as an external drive, and you might be better off buying a dedicated device for internal use - for example if the laptop uses a sata connector, then an 860 evo (which is what the t5 uses internally albeit in the msata format) drive would work - and give you 5 years warranty vs 3 for the external drive (shucking it voids your warranty of course)

      If you want to tell us which model you have some of us can take a peek online

      • +1

        I bought an msata to m.2 adapter for an msata ssd i ripped out of a old laptop but it doesnt show up in bios or windows. My motherboard (H270 ASUS Prime) says the m.2 slot supports nvme and sata protocol but nothing shows up, do you have any idea if I killed the ssd or I need a msata to sata adapter instead?

        • an msata adapter case to use a sata plug on motherboard like this

          As its not an m.2(ngff/a,b,m)/nvme drive but an m-sata drive which in essence is normal mini-sata connection like you find on laptop dvd drives ripped out of the plugs and repasted on a pcb altogether as 1 connection with a tiny gap between power and data pins.

          The adapter you bought is probably the m.2 key type that your motherboard doesn't support, the standard these days for m.2 is ngff. but the adapter you bought could be a random key type that only is used for wifi or something like m.2 e key.

          Key types including table of all m.2 keys in use or possibly in future.

          Only other reason I can think of that would cause your adapter not to work would be that there's an issue with the drive you're trying to use which makes it not compatible (if your board does actually support m-sata as well as m.2/nvme drives.)

          • @mrhashish: The adapter I got is a m.2 B+M key and it fits in the m.2 slot on my motherboard. I also checked the manual and it does say it supports the sata interface through the m.2 slot. The only other reason I can imagine causing this problem is if the existing windows install on the ssd is blocking something but I doubt it. Thanks for the help anyway I might just bin it.

      • Google search shows 860 evo and t5 have different firmware. T5 might be optimised for external use. Is it true? Or the other way round, is it a good idea to use 860 evo with a USB 3.0 enclosure as an external drive? A while ago 860 evo can be bought for $110 or so after eBay 20% discount and boosted cashback. Thanks.

        • +1

          T5 is not able to fully utilised USB 3.1 gen 2 due to it being a mSATA based SSD. However, it still has a USB 3.1 gen 2 chipset. Most of the el cheapo USB 3 enclosures are USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1 only so even if 860 EVO were to be technically faster, the chipset would limit the sequential read/write, but may/may not limit the random read/write.

          A big issue with getting your own enclosure is there is chipset lottery. Some USB 3 chipset is really cheap and nasty. Even USB 3.1 gen 2 chipsets are all that good. We basically have 3 choices currently: JMicron, Asmedia, Realtek. USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1, a lot more choices and a lot of junk chipsets (which don't support TRIM over USB).

          Make sure your PC has USB 3.1 gen 2 ports before you get the T5.

      • laptop is "lenovo ideapad 110-15" and originally had a 1tb mech drive that was causing issues so i swapped it for a 500gb spare drive i had .. i would like to put a ssd in it to freshen it up so its more usable as in its current state im not very happy with performance…

    • If it has mSATA, then yes

  • Just got a $113 Victoria price match

    • Didn’t they include shipping?

      • Nope. Only looked at the binglee price.

  • +3

    Just price matched at $113.05 with Officeworks - thanks OP

  • -1

    called 1300 number and they said no price match after I got the product lol
    Might head to the store

  • Just price matched in Canberra no drama

  • Got one on boxing day for $132 .. c'est la vie.. it's already hanging off my Series X half full of games :D

    • If it's only half full, you could've saved even more with 512GB instead. ;)

  • Got 2 from officeworks vic vermont south. 3 left but you have to ask for it from the counter. Got them at $113 no delivery fee included

  • the only reason i've been able to resist these deals is my computer has only USB 2.0 lol

    • Lol

    • it is just an old msata ssd drive + USB enclosure
      maybe this makes us feel better too? :)

    • Get a pcie USB 3 adapter.

      • On a 2011 MacBook Pro I don't know if I even have pcie

  • -1

    went to the store and the staff refused straight away!

  • No faith in the Bing Lee click-and-collect system actually being able to fulfill all of the Ozbargainer orders. All stores still show "in-stock".

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