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Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Support $518 @ JB Hi-Fi


4K disc player with great reviews. Automatically selects Dolby Vision and HDR10+ when appropriate and has exclusive Panasonic HDR optimiser. Not the cheapest ever but a pretty good price for this unit. I’m replacing my Sony X700 for the auto selection in the Panasonic unit.

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  • Great price for a change!

  • Wonder if any new players get announced at CES 2021 in Jan?

  • Is it worth the $280 premium over the UB420 just for Dolby Vision? Unless it has other features over the cheaper model?

  • Why not consider an Xbox one X at this price? Plays UHD Blueray as well.

    • Doesn't do Dolby vision for UHD discs unfortunately

      • +2

        Xbox also lacks many features that high end players provide. From the excellent PQ and tone mapping to being able to move subtitles, this is a fully featured player and it is second to nothing at this price range. Next gen consoles will play discs in a pinch which is great for bringing UHD to the masses, but if you're a cinephile, then this player you are looking for if you want to spend under $1000.

    • +2

      Doesn't look too good in a lounge room full of expensive hifi and nice furniture is another reason. Xbox One X looks like a mini fridge and PS5 looks like a space age coffin from Star Trek.

      • Don't you mean Xbox Series X, not Xbox One X. Since when did the Xbox Series X look like a mini fridge. :P

        • +1

          Yes. Though did you mean xbox one x when you said series x just there?

  • Great price for a great UHD Player.

  • -3

    Be careful OP, this has issues with Dolby Vision.

    I'm in the same boat with the Sony X700 and originally set up an alert on this to replace like you. However, changed my mind after discovering the issues with DV.

    See https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-4k-blu-ray-p...

    • Huh? You linked to an article for the UB420 which doesn't support DV. This is the UB820 and supports DV out of the box. I upgraded from a X700 to this unit and couldn't be happier.

      • The "upgrade pick" was the 820. The link was to my comment chain that discussed the issue with the author.

  • Does it support Dolby Atmos?

  • I upgraded from the lg ubk90 to the ubk 820. Bought the 820 a week ago from jb hifi for $510. Westcoast hifi has the 820 on sale so jb price matched.

    • How are you finding it? I can't decide between this one or the UB420.

      • If you don't need Dolby Vision get the UB420.

    • Did you find a huge difference between the ubk90 and 820 in terms of image processing / quality?

  • I got this from JBHIFI for 495 few days beck, happy to provide receipt if any one required.

    • Please provide receipt thank you

  • +1

    Had mine for a year.

    Amazing unit.

    Use it for Netflix and Blu-ray. Dolby Vision is king.

  • It's weird. I have the 420 and a Panasonic GZ1000 OLED. Even though the player doesn't have DV my TV has come up displaying Dolby Vision when I played a 4k disc. Do you think that the TV has managed to somehow upgrade the disc to DV ? I personally would not be able to tell the difference unless I saw the the picture quality side by side.

    • I have a GZ1000 too, brilliant TV. I am interested in knowing this as well, if the signal sent to the TV by the player is converted to DV by the TV.

    • If it does this for every 4K disc, even the non-Dolby Vision discs, then I'd say it's a setting on either the TV or Player. If this is the case, you will be losing colour accuracy and would be better off turning the setting to do HDR10 instead.

      FYI the Xbox does this with Netflix, outputs all HDR content as DV, if you turn DV on in the settings.

      • No, not every disc. 1917 came up with HDR10+, which my TV supports. I only saw it on 1 movie, but thanks anyway.

  • what's exactly wrong with Sony UBP-X700 vs this Panasonic? Both have DV, but only Sony can read SACD.

    • Sony requires manually toggling DV on/off.

      This has issues with DV. see my comments above.

      • but are there any issues with DV once manually enabled?

        • With the sony? No, none to my knowledge.

          This is why, despite hating having to manually toggle, I've stuck with the Sony.

          • +1

            @yozza: that's great that the Sony supports it all as it's major advantage over other players is amazing audio quality of SACD.

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