expired 3DS $199 at Target in store and pink 3DS $189 on harvey norman website


Target selling 3DS for $199 as of thursday, not sure when sale ends, isn't anything special so far but was good to save $50 off the rrp.

Noticed last night http://www.harveynorman.com.au/nintendo-3ds-console.html has 3ds (PINK ONLY) for $189 which is best price I have seen so far

Target Australia

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    go for the $249 zelda limited edition from eb games.

    in 3 years time, your 3ds will be worth about $80, whereas your zelda special edition will be a collectors items still worth $249.

    check out the prices of the Zelda edition GBA that come boxed.

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      Unless you keep it mint, I highly doubt it.

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        doubt away. Im a games collector and I spend hours upon hours looking at gaming consoles looking for great deals/interesting collectors pieces.

        Zelda pieces generally hold a higher value than other gaming mascots because they generally don't sell as well (they still sell well though, dont get me wrong), and they have a more devoted following. The console is an EB exclusive and similar to the 25th anniversary mario all stars, its not going to be released again after the one run is sold through.

        Then again, I'll probably never part with mine, so technically its got no monetary value whatsoever.

        It's sad that someone else felt the need to neg an informed opinion based on the basis they don't know jack about the handheld collectors market.

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          I was going to buy one of the zelda 3ds's, but the lack of attached game was a real deal killer, and made me look over the purchase, to which I cancelled it because there is no guarentee ill buy oot, and the console it mostly black with a bit of gold print. If there was a zelda badge or something I would of been all over it. I ended up buying a mario bundle through zavvi


          I didn't neg you, if that's what you're implying (I've given you a + so you know I'm not lying).

          I can see the value of having an all gold GBA, but this 3DS is merely a black one with some gold decals on the top, and with some gold bits on the inside. They should have made it an all gold 3DS.

          Just my opinion, of course.

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          Invest in property instead.

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          fair enough too, but it also comes down the gold around the cartridge card, the decals that decorate it, and the writing on the back too all being in gold. I suppose thats where keeping the box comes in handy too.

          I remember when I was a kid, I used to cut up the boxes and blue tack them to the wall. If I could go back in time to meet myself as a kid, I would punch my kid self in the face for the condition he kept his games in… I'd probably tell my kid self the lotto numbers for the next 10 years too, but that would be secondary.

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      Or just pay the extra $50 for the sole purpose of keeping your dignity intact.


    Get the white one imported from the UK.

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    ill just bash the kid next door and take his