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20% off All H Series Monitor Mount - H80 Single Arm $35.16, H160 Dual Arm $63.32 Delivered (Free for Metro) @ Screen Mounts AU


ScreenMounts AU will be starting 2021 off with a hot deal exclusively for Ozbargain members. Quite a few people were requesting for this deal in the previous F80 post. Ask and you shall receive ;) - Thanks to the kind rep for organising this deal.

Deal starts 12:00am January 1. Ends 11:59pm January 1 or when sold out prior.

The H series is suitable for ALL monitors with VESA mounts - including recessed and non-recessed. These are (I believe) Ozbargain's favourite monitor arms!!!

Overview of H-Series Product Range

The prices shown below are final including GST and free delivery to metro areas. Delivery charges may apply to remote or regional areas. Please double check by entering postcode on website.

Model H80 H100 H160 H180
Price $35.16 $57.16 $63.32 $83.56
Type Single Single Dual Dual
Monitor Size Fit 17" to 27" displays 22" to 35" displays 17" to 27" displays 22" to 32" displays
Support Load 2kg - 9 kg 2-12 kg 2-12 kg 2kg - 12 kg per Arm
VESA Compliance 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
Rotation, Swivel 360°, ±90° 360°, ±90° 360°, ±90° 360°, ±90°
Tilt Angle +85° to -30° +85° to -30° +85° to -30° +85° to -30°

Last but not least, Happy New Year for 2021 Ozbargain!! Please stay safe.

Lets see what other great deals we can score in 2021 ;)

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      • Thanks,

        Ironically i have about 96MM Clearance, so i can raise the desk to install, as long as when i lower the desk my real desk dosent knock the end of the mount, as long as its 95mm, ill be safe by the sounds of it

        Thanks for the other recommendation, work supplied me the Vari Desk… when they want it back, i will go with your option.

        So 95mm will suit me, and give me 1mm to spare

        Now my only question which i think has been asked alot.

        1 DUAL arm…. or 2 x single arm….
        i am mounting 2 x Dell 27Inch are the DUAL and SINGLE arms all 95mm clearance

  • H160 good to go with a s27dgf dell?

    • I'm still waiting for my DGF, but I have my S2721D on my H160 which is very similar to the DGF when mounted. Have been really happy with the H160 so far.

  • +2

    Anyone run the h80 or f80 with a Dell u3415w ? Weight is under 9kg without a stand, probably marginally heavier than the Xiaomi 34" but similar in size.

    • +2

      I have the f80 with family an LG 34” ultra wide which is about 6kg.

      Holds very easily.

    • +4

      If you don't mind using Cashrewards I think this might be a viable option:

      Use this deal (expires in around an hour and 10 mins):

      Activate the $5 Cashback, then buy a $30 CHOICE Gift card with an additional 5% cashback, which is $6.5 total cashback.
      Use the gift card on eBay to buy this:

      For $42.95 - $6.5 = $36.45
      Again, you will have to wait for Cashrewards to do the cashback for you, but it is the better deal for the people who don't get free shipping,
      as $42.95 is less than $35.16 + $14.67.

      • +2

        Thank you for sharing that!

        • +1

          No worries! Only 7 mins left though, be quick! And make sure to activate the $5 cashback first!

  • +2

    I bought this arm from these guys off their eBay site a couple months ago for pretty much the same price.

    It holds up my 34” ultra wide (~6kgs) quite easily.

    Has good cable management.
    Fairly simple installation.
    Arrived quickly.

    Hope this helps.

  • +1

    Hi Rep,

    I have been reading the previous posts and I dont think I have seen this question asked before. How much space do I need if I want to mount 2 x Dell 27 inch monitors ?

    I would like to have the desk to be against the wall as close as possible and dont want the mount to take up like 1/3 of the table space as the mount might need to be in a certain angle to align the monitors, e.g. dont want this:


    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      I would go with the H160 but you need to look carefully at the Overview Sheet for that product.
      It has shorter arms, so needs less space behind to position two 27" screens together.
      Still, two H80 positioned off centre would allow even more space.
      Like they say in realestate - location, location, location…

      • This is exactly what I needed to know, thanks for asking teno..

        Rep, I actually have 2 x 24" monitors, and I like how on the photo below, the monitors are very far back, even though the desk seems to be close to the wall:


        Can I assume the same can be done with the monitors in landscape mode instead?


  • Same price or cheaper on Amazon for the H100.

  • what is the difference between this and the f100 https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07496HG96/ref=ppx_od_d...

  • I’m going to forget about buying these come 1st Jan 2021 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • +2

      set a reminder on this deal !

      near the report button, there is a reminder option. it will send an ozbargain notification to you on the day of the deal or whichever day you wish.
      download the ozbargain app and log in to receive the notifications straight on your phone

  • +1

    I currently have the F80 (440mm maximum lift).
    I can see the H80/H100 both have 550mm maximum lift.
    Are there any other mounts that have more than 550mm lift?

    • Only some of the sit/stand solutions, so not really appropriate. Sorry.

    • The dual-monitor stands (H160/H180) have longer poles, to fit 2 screens vertically above/below each other. They go up to 630mm and 615mm.

  • Hey OP, I am trying to chase up a tax invoice from over a month ago but nothing has been done on Screen Mounts end. Any ideas?

    • +1

      Have you checked your messages?
      We send it back on the Amazon message system within 24 hours, but if you don't check there you won't see it and Amazon does not provide any alerts that your request has been responded to. Super frustrating as you are not the only one who asks multiple times - not knowing it was provided straight away.

      • I checked messages on amazon and i was unable to find anything. Is there some other way of following this up.

  • +6

    H160 is $59.96 on Amazon currently. Just picked it up H160 @Amazon

    • Cheers for that, just purchased from Amazon as well.

    • thanks, just ordered from amazon

    • Cheers just purchased to replaced my F160 to suit the monitor recesses.

    • Thanks just bought from Amazon.

    • +1

      Seems to be $75 now =/

  • How does everyone mount their screens.
    I had 2x 27" side by side.
    Looking to go either 2x 32"
    Or 2x 27" and a vertical aswell but dont know where to mount the vertical one

  • OP. Can these mounts be mounted/drilled directly into the desk (rather than clamped?)

    • Yes, all the H Series come with both Clamp and Grommet mounting options in the box.

  • I got the NB F80 as well as a Silverstone ARM23BS-L which I use with 2 x 27 Dell U2718Qs.

    F80 is decent for the price, but it is a bit wonky and not as solid compared to the Silverstone. Then again the Silverstone is is 5 times the price

    Also the Silverstone itself is a rebadge OEM, which i've seen another model that looks identical to it.

  • Does anyone know whether the H80 will be compatible with this monitor?


    • Based on the mounting holes on the back of it, I'd say it is compatible. H series works with both recessed and non-recessed.

  • +1

    Other than the height advantage of the h80 when compared to the f80, are there any other differences? Any disadvantages?

  • I have the F100a and when I placed the monitor furthest back, the monitor arm sticks out to the side due to the way the arms have to be folded to have the monitor not extended. I assume the H80 and H100 doesn't have this problem? Can anyone confirm?

  • Any of these two mounts fit the Dell ultra wide 34”? I’ve got a u3415w on a fixed monitor arm that I’d like to get swivel and tilt etc on.

  • +1

    New NB H160 Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring for 17''- 27'' Computer Monitor from 2kg to 9kg Per Arm

    $ 59.96 on Amazon today

  • +1

    Any benefit from buying 2 separate single arm vs. 1 dual arm?
    I know with the last deal, the 2 single arm reduced the clearance needed behind the desk to mount

  • +1

    they have been cheaper on amazon for quite sometime.

    Lastly who sells EXGST these days.

    • Rep says

      Our site is set up for resellers as a wholesale portal, so all pricing is ex GST and it does highlight this.

  • Can the H100 be used for the Dell U3818DW, if not which do you recommend? Thanks!

  • This monitor arm is great, I bought it recently. It has very versatile angles - example here - https://youtu.be/1dHZAKPoz4k
    Can be used for more than a monitor arm, can be modified to hold tablets, laptops, keyboards, MIDI controllers etc….

  • so 20% off how much the original price?

    I am currently seeing $39.95 ex GST after 20% discount for H80.

    OP please clarify.

    • 20% off current price. Prices will auto change midnight

  • I have two 23" monitors - Would it be best to purchase 2x H80 single mounts or 1x H160 dual mount?

    • Personally, I'd get 2x H80 single mounts. Way more flexibility in your monitor arrangement and more likely the arms will still be useful when you upgrade to larger monitors in the future.

  • Awesome, been waiting for this to lift my monitor high enough to give enough clearance for my MBP.

  • Hey @ScreenMountsAu

    The H160, how far from the table can you get it? I got dual 27" monitors prob gonna get H160, but I saw in the video when stacking vertically, the bottom monitor is pretty much on the table.

    Can this go up, while vertical?

    • Over and under monitors is not great for the neck. Side by side is way better for comfort.
      The H160 ends up being about 30-40mm taller as you need to lower the top screen to meet up with the arm positioned lower on the pole.

  • Looking at the H80 vs the Blitzwolf MS-1…what is the benefit of the H80 dancing on the pole?

  • Will I be able to stack a Dell 27" S2721DGF on top of an Alienware 38" AW3821DW with the H180? or is there another option someone can suggest to achieve this?

    • +1

      Unlikely. The 38" would be on the desktop and not sure if the 27" could get above it. The height of the pole was the limiting factor and the manufacturer went with the same length pole on the H160 and H180 because of Amazon shipping sizes - really.

      • everything seems to swing on Amazons side haha

  • I'm choosing the H100 to mount my Xiaomi Mi Curved 34-Inch Gaming Monitor, is this a good choice? Anyone in the know, please chime in. Thanks.

    • H80 works fine with the xiaomi

      • Thanks for the reply but the H80 can only do a 27" max or this doesn't really matter? If so, then H80 it is then.

  • +1

    The difference between H160 and H180 is just that the H180 support a larger monitor and more weight, they are functionally the same, right?

  • Starts in 3 minutes, for those playing at home, assuming southern time zone.

  • Where is the discount

  • +2

    discount is showing now

    • +1

      Thanks for confirming. Working a treat.
      Note that the price for H80 is 31.96 + GST (bringing it to $35.16)
      Postage was free for me (ordered three)

      • +1

        Same free postage for me.

  • +1

    Just bought the H80 at $31.64 + postage. Nice!

    • Can get for $32 if you have eBay offer; save $10 when spend $30 by adding cc

  • +1

    awwww F195A black didn't go on special

  • $72 for the H100. Hard Pass.

    • $65 on Amazon with free delivery. Unfortunately postage is quite expensive to regional areas (sometimes 3x the shipping fee to metro)

      • I'm going to wait for a real sale.

        • you know screenmounts is a wholesaler right, so this discount is on top of wholesale pricing.

          cant really expect too much of a discount when they're already quite cost affordable!

    • The H100 cost me $56.17 delivered to Melbourne just then.

  • Bought one H80. Thanks.

  • I’m looking to use these to mount 24” monitors on a desk which is against a wall immediately behind it. The desk is quite thin at 50cm so I’d want the monitors to sit as close to the wall as possible. Can anyone tell me approx how close you can get the monitors to the back edge of the desk with these mounts? Doesn’t seem to say in the documentation and concerned they will stick out a fair bit

  • +1

    Nothing cheap,their ebay and amazon sites offer cheap price and free delivery but they changed price,some of ya noticed as well

    • changed price? it’s beeen the same since this morning. If you’re in metro with free delivery, then this is a good deal.

      • H100 on camelcamelcamel: Lowest * $51.96 Oct 13, 2020

        Which looks the same, however the actual price via screenmounts.com.au is 51.96 * 1.1 = $57.16

      • Mate, H160 was 59 yesterday on amazon without any deal, when pointed out by one of ozbargainer in the comment, they increased the price >$70, its called bs!

        • +1

          It was a price error on Amazon’s end. Amazon auto adjusted the price without permission from the seller…. however they are honouring all orders placed at the $59 price

          • @skido: Got it!

  • I've got two LG 27' 850bs. And I'm not sure if i should go H80 or H100. I'm wondering if the H100s are more stable and strong as they can support heavier monitors?

  • H160 was $59 on amazon, they increased the price yesterday 😊

    was amazon error!!

  • H80 vs H160 for dual Dell S2721Q? Thank you!

      • Thank you, the table I am using is L Shape and there is not much space on the edge, not sure if it is the right one!

        • +1

          You need about 70mm underneath the desk for the clamp system.
          The other option is the grommet mount system that is included with each monitor mount. You can then dril a hole between 10mm and 50mm wherever you need to locate the base.

          • @ScreenMountsAu: Thank you!

            • +1

              @DisabledUser247630: if not enough space get a small wood block

              • @theone4u: I did not realize it had GST excluded, will be buying from amazon once its on sale. Thank you for the suggestion, will keep in mind.

  • thanks just ordered a H160 :)

  • Whats the processing time of these items, I ordered one on midnight?

    • next business day

  • +2

    Gah, it doesn't end midnight in Brisbane. Went on to order now and the prices are back up ☹️ is there a "normal" timezone when deals have end times?

    • -1

      AEDT always

      • If you're logged in, it turns out in your account settings you can set the timezone used for dates on the website, which defaults to "Australia/Sydney".

        When I changed it from Australia/Sydney to Australia/Brisbane, the expiry for one of the deals on the front page changed: "7 Jan 9:00am–16 Mar" to "7 Jan 8:00am–16 Mar 11:00pm".

    • Same, silly daylight-savings / timezone misidentification!

      It got me the morning it started, with my phone unknowingly set to Sydney time, and I was an hour early for my bus. It got me when I missed the live new years Sydney fireworks on YouTube by tuning in too late. And it got me here (as well as a few of the free game bargains).

    • +1

      They are in Sydney.

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