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OnePlus 7T 128GB US$409.20 (~A$554.93) Delivered @ B&H Photo Video


Great deal by the looks of it, has band 28 and is unlocked. Deal only lasts until Dec 31 at 11:59 PM EST (Friday 12:59PM for those in the West, 3:59PM for Easterners)

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B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video

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  • Does this phone require special chargers / cables to charge or I can use the regular samsung/blitzwolf chargers that I have horded

    • It comes with USB C cable and warp charger for fast charging. You can still use your existing cables, it just won't charge as fast

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        Only the OnePlus charger will warp charge it, you will also need a US - AU power adaptor

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          This Oppo charger works with the included USB cable to warp charge.

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            @matictac: Just to add onto this: For anyone who is unaware. Oppo, realme, oneplus, vivo etc are all under the same parent company. They have different names for their fast charging but it's the exact same tech so you can use any of their faster chargers interchangeably between them.

        • also cable for oneplus to have warp charge

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        What a turn off.

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      It comes with a US charger so you could use an AU adapter to get warp charging, not sure if you'd get the same speed with other chargers.

      • Or buy a xiaomi powerboard with AU plug, that takes most appliance plugs

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      I can confirm that this Oppo charger works with the included USB cable to fast charge my OnePlus 6 and 7 Pro, assume it'd work with the 7T.

    • Requires a vooc 4.0 capable charger. I ended up getting a 30watt charger for mine from Realme Australia and has kept the warp charging.

  • This or Pixel 4A?

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      Pixel for the camera if that is important to you. Otherwise, 7T all the way - SD 730G simply cannot compete with SD 855+.

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      Pixel 4A - Cleaner Android experience, better camera, headphone jack
      7T - Larger screen, larger battery, better CPU and GPU

      Depends on your needs.

    • I missed the pixel 4a and kicking myself, out of interest is there a deal your looking at for the 4a that's available now?

    • +3

      Just moved from OnePlus (5) to pixel 4a 5g. Also had a OnePlus 3.

      Oxygenos vs stock android, pretty much the same experience. OxygenOS had little tweaks that just made sense e.g. shortcut for auto screen brightness, hidden app drawer where I shoved all lesser used apps etc.

      I miss the screen gestures a lot, torch and music gestures were so good.

      Pixel charging is considerably slower than dash charge, warp charge would be even faster.

      Pixel has "stereo" speakers where the OnePlus is only a single downward facing speaker.

      I moved to give stock android another go and wanted audio jack.

      Both are good phones, depends on what you need

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    Single SIM only as it's NA variant?

    • Correct.

  • Interesting. How come it says partial OPTUS 4g LTE coverage?

    Also, is there any general difference in the factory unlocked vs t mobile unlocked versions?

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      Maybe missing bands as it's NA variant?

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      Missing B40.

  • I got a OnePlus Nord 5g 12gb 256gb for $500. How does it compare to that?

    Edit: not 5g…I will keep my nord

    • This is a bit better, mostly because the CPU and GPU are far superior, but the Nord is still good for that price.

    • I keep my phones for a few years. For me the Nord wins hands down: an extra year of updates/security updates and 5G more than make up for the slower CPU.

    • Agreed. OnePlus phones last forever so best to get a 5g for now

    • Interesting discussion on Nord vs 7T. Also, Nord should get an extra year of Android updates (being released 12 months after the 7T). Android updates are starting to become more important than bleeding edge processors, for maintaining their usable life (there will always be some users who need the latest, but the 7T is not that)

  • Great find. Thanks for posting.

  • Mich difference between this and the 6T? Given they have the same cpu?
    6T can be had for $100 less

    • Different CPUs and GPUs. Both are great, whichever makes the most financial sense to you is the better option. If you can afford the 7T it's the better choice, if you want to save money 6T is still a good choice, especially at $400 which it has dropped to many times in the past.

  • I've been eyeing a OnePlus to replace my ageing LG G6. I'm close to pulling a trigger on this one. I realise this doesn't have 5g but will this phone perform well in Australia given I haven't seen any local retailers stock it?

    Also, any concerns buying from bhphotovideo?

    • +1

      If you are using Optus then you will be missing out on Band 40, every other 4G band is fine though. Other than that, you'll need an adapter as this comes with a US plug.

      Seller seems trusted according to the reviews I've seen. https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/b-h-photo

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      I'm using an oneplus 7pro and my wife is using a oneplus 6t. They are all Chinese version. We've tried Vodaphone, Telstra and amaysim 4g network and none of them has any issue.

    • +3

      Bought my last phone from B&H Photo Video about 2 years ago.
      Excellent company to deal with. Delivery was very fast, about 4-5 days and tracking was detailed.
      A lot of Aussie photographers buy their gear from them.

    • The phone won't be able to use some towers. You might not notice.
      This is why when I was shopping in this range I decided to buy an Oppo instead of OnePlus. Oppo is sold in Australia and supports ALL the frequencies.

  • No Headphone jack 🤦

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      Not many phones left that do have headphone jack. Just use bluetooth headphones or buy the usb c to 3.5mm jack convertor for like $3, no biggie!

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        Didn't know there was a USB C to 3.5mm might have to upgrade, been sick of looking at my smashed screen for the past 2 years.

        Then again if it ain't broke no point buying a new one

      • -1

        True audiophiles prefer 3.5mm with true DAC. LG V Series has the best sound better the Samsung and Apple and Oneplus

        • +1

          True audiophiles, yet listening to audio on a mobile?
          Yep OK.

        • LOL

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      Every ozbargainer should have a few pairs of BT wireless headsets by now.

    • +5

      not gonna lie, i was extremely salty when most of the phones followed suit with apple and got rid of headphone jacks. But now, i genuinely dont care, I love the freedom without wires and bluetooth audio devices have gone a long way since then.

  • +1

    Bit the bullet and finally upgraded my ancient Galaxy Note5. Charged AU$554.93, so ~$20 more than the shipping estimate when converted from USD to AUD, but still a good price regardless.

  • -1

    Non 5G support. Can get 5G mid ranger phones for around the same price point

    • +1

      5G is not as important as most people make it out to be, the distance it covers is much worse than 4G which is already bad enough as is. What 5G phone would you recommend at this price point over this? Nothing really comes close, you will be losing out on a lot of features and performance if you want 5G, which won't make a noticeable difference in every day use.

      • yeah I've got a pixel 4a 5g and while I get 5g in my area I really don't care. I don't do anything using mobile data that would take advantage of the extra speeds. Although if you have high/unlimited phone data caps I could see it being useful. I don't however.

      • +2

        I like to keep my phone for 5 years that why spending once on a phone with 5G support is important feature going forward. Double spending on a mobile phone is not wise investment for me.

      • Got my Oppo Find X2 Neo from JB at $250 off in November. Similar phone and price, but the Oppo covers all 5G bands.

        • So you got it for $749? That's $200 more than this, not really the same price point.

  • very tempting, but just gonna waiting for a good deal on the OnePlus 8 Pro 12Gb

  • Fml a day after I post on whirlpool this comes up… I have a 5t and I have to charge it twice a day but really wanted something with Aus warranty.. to bite the bullet or not

    • With your budget of 600-700 this might be worth it, you are with Optus so just keep in mind they use Band 40 which is not compatible with this phone (not sure if that will be an issue).

      • Ah shit didn't see that .. well there goes that. 7t does support band 40. Just not this model right ?

        • Yeah, NA version does not support it unfortunately.

    • It's not too hard to change the battery, iFixit has a tutorial. I paid USD$18 for my replacement battery from AliExpress and it came with all the tools (though not the most durable, the plastic opening tools will get a bit mangled). Not the absolute easiest to open with the tight fitting shell but no adhesives etc so it's quite simple to do.

      Normally I'd upgrade by now but no reason for me yet, maybe when 5G is more widespread. Still a solid phone.

  • Why no info about shipping? It is part of the total cost

    • +2

      Shipping seems to be the same to every major Australian city so I just added it to the total cost. If you discount the shipping and taxes it is US$350, with it included it is the US$409 as seen in the title.

  • How much is this compared to Chinese model? I want that cyberpunk version.

    • +1

      Comes with glitches, just like the game!

  • My gosh, I remember oneplusone releasing and everyone going crazy over it. Now we're up to 7!?

    • +4

      Don't mean to freak you out, but we're currently up to the 8T: https://m.gsmarena.com/oneplus_8t-10420.php
      The 9 is rumoured to be coming in March 2021.

      • +1

        errrrmaahgaahhhdddd….. I feel so old lol

      • Punchhole on 8T sucks. lets hope 9 is not following the same go back to 8 Pro

  • it's not 5gee just bgee

  • It's showing $455 aud for me. I think they've dropped the price more since this came up?

    • +1

      pre-tax and shipping? USD price is still the same.

      • So tax will be applied after checkout?

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    Could never get VoLTE to work on my previous one plus phones. Just a warning for those like me who care about that feature.

  • It is showing $531 now

  • On sale again. Same price.

  • Hey guys, I am looking to buy this or 7pro. just being curious what is your experience? Should i get this or a 7pro? should i do it? or pay for the 7pro?

    • If you don't find the curve edge annoying then it should be fine. 7T - SD 855plus, FHD+. 7 pro - SD 855, QHD.

      • Thanks for replying. I cant find any decent deal on 7pro otherwise I would get one. I dont mind the curve edge tbh. Missed out on the 7t pro from kogan which sold for under $700. Cant believe 2 years old phone still hold up values on the market. I am now considering to get the 7pro from buybuybox but not sure. Do you have any experience?

        • Some controversies regarding their after-sale services. You should find somewhere else. By the way, you don’t like iOS? BigW has XR on sale for $669. Not that bad.

          • @hawkeye93: Nah man, sick of iOS tbh. And im after a decent phone like oneplus which offers good camera, specs and performance. I am looking to pick up a used 7pro for $450. What do you think? worth it? or wait for another decent deal from Kogan.

    • I bought it and I'm happy with the purchase. When I go back and compare it to my Galaxy Note5 the Galaxy feels like ancient history in comparison.

      • Nice man. How long does it take for shipping? is it a global version? Does it come with warranty? thanks

        • All these questions have been answered on their website.