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Methven Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower $49.50 + Shipping/Pickup @ Bunnings


Methven WELS 3 Star, 9L/Min Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower $49.50, appears to be nationwide. Listed on the Harvey Norman website for $299.

Free click and collect in store otherwise delivery from $10. Special order item so not stocked in store (4-7 day lead time according to website)

Other items in the Methven Waipori range seem to be marked down too, for example:
- Methven Waipori Shower Mixer $39.50
- Methven WELS 4 Star 7.5L/min Waipori Wall Mounted Basin Mixer With Plate $49.50

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  • Can I just use the shower head and hose bit. As in just unscrew my existing hose and shower head and screw this one in. It looks like it doesn’t detach or unscrew from the mounting bracket that attaches to the tile…??

    Is the screw size a standard diameter….

  • This brand used to be a top line brand, I think it’s now made in China ( like most things) the benefit I’d that it stain has the brand name and back up, These are value and a good post thanks OP jusT got 2 rails and mixers

  • Anyone can suggest a good Methven showerhead that is not single function like the one here? I need more than 1 shower function as sometimes I want to use centre jet for hosing off other stuff. Thanks

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      Try the Methven Futura, has the satinjets and mode switching to a centre jet.

      • Look on eBay. There are a couple I found under $100 that have multi function settings.

        • There's a lot of variation though. I've tried quite a few like a Flexispray, cheapie Estiko, cheapie Aldi, one that came from eBay when I bought a diverter set, and also a whole bunch of different ones from hotel hopping for work a couple of years ago. The quality and volumes of them all vary so much. "Shower" mode on one is very different to another.
          One even had a fancy "bokoma spray" which changes
          But imo wasnt that good. Very clacky mode buttons too.

          The Methvens I got to try were nice but they were the fixed mode ones. I couldn't buy fixed anymore either as the strong centre massage stream on my Flexispray is great for those cleaning jobs.

  • How much of this is brass and how much is PVC? Cheers.

    • Only the rail part is brass, rest are all PVC.

      • Thanks. I'm a bit over plastic in the bathroom, however it is hard to avoid.

  • Website has updated, now seem to be out of stock as cannot order through link and cannot find on normal Bunnings website

    • thanks for the heads up, will mark as expired now

      • +1

        Just a heads up I picked up 2 from Tuggeranong just now. Still plenty of stock around stores. Belconnen had none but their special order desk got some on hold for me over the phone. Other stores in Canberra had one each as well - certainly worth asking at the special orders desk for stock!

        • Will check Bunnings tomorrow thanks mate.

  • Great deal for the ladies…

  • Wow just got in on time about 30mins ago. Thanks OP.

  • Damn, should have ordered 3 sets

  • I just got a call from Bunnings saying this was a price error. I bought 4 but they will only honour 2. Anyone else got the same call?

    • Yeah I did. I chose to keep the 2 units and just get a refund on the remaining items.

      • How many did you buy?

  • Anybody in Melbourne want to sell me the 2 units that Bunnings are honouring for any of the 3 items in the deal if it doesn't suit your needs anymore?

    I missed the call but got an email from Bunnings stating that it was a price error but they would only honour 2 units of each item or can get a full refund.

    • So seems like they will just honour 2 units regardless of how many you bought

  • Its weird how some bunnings are saying its a price error. My bunnings (virginia) told me that its a discontinued item from their supplier and the supplier dont have any in stock, so they gave me a refund.

    • Given the amount of dust on the boxes I got, this sounds more likely to me. The shelf was stickered with this price, and it still shows this price in Powerpass app.

      My local Bunnings just said that orders were suspended when a family member tried to order at special orders desk at the start of the week.
      Happened to find the last stock at another store though, so I suspect if you find a store with stock it will still be at $49.50.

      • Yeah my local still had the empty stock box on the shelf for this item at the OPs listed price. They also has the deploy model displayed on the display wall at the listed price. So I don't know how some bunnings are saying that its a price error.

  • +1

    Got 2 of each item I ordered. They said it wasn't meant to be published online and that it was a human error. He stopped short of calling it a pricing error though and wasn't 100% what happened. Oh well good of Bunnings to honour something at least.

  • If anyone in Sydney has spare Ovalo basin mixer, or the shower rail and shower mixers, I'd be interested to purchase it from you. Cheers

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    Anyone else still waiting for "Ready to Collect" message for in-store pick up?

    • yes, in adelaide

    • I paid for delivery and have had no updates. Don’t think it’s going to be honoured for me

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        not necessarily - if the store you ordered from had no stock, they're likely waiting on the order to arrive from methven directly. but if it won't be honoured then they'll contact you to let you know

        • Cool thanks, I’ll wait it out 👍🏽

  • +3

    Just got the following email from Bunnings, I ordered 2 x Rails and 2 x Shower mixers in separate orders. Looks like some orders will be honoured.

    Hi xxxxxx,

    We note that you recently ordered one or more of the Methven Rail Shower/Shower Mixer products.

    Unfortunately these products were incorrectly made available to order on our website. This was a genuine mistake and we always try to do the right thing by our customers, so we are honouring the price for the first two units of each item per customer so that we can fulfil as many orders as possible.

    We are pleased that we have been able to fulfill your orders in full at the discounted price. It is currently being processed and will be on its way to you shortly.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bunnings Customer Support on 1800 797 586 or via email response should you have any further questions.

    Customer Support

    • Yep, i got it. Thankfully my order for 1 x shower and 1 x mixer will be honored too, come in handy for bathroom reno this year.

    • received the same. How nice is Bunnings? Would not happen with Dickie or Hardly Noman

      • Bunnings, its a let down too. After confirmation, now quoting out of stock and replaced with half alternative.

    • Damn, I haven't received that email yet, I only ordered one tho.

    • Have you actually been able to collect it yet?

  • No communication for my order despite ordering on Jan 1 40min after this was posted. Given everything said here I’m losing hope I’ll ever see it and I’m not happy given my shower head is actually falling apart and actually really needed this.

    Just spoke to Bunnings. He looked up the item code and said “don’t think you’ll get it mate, they’ve been marked as “isolated” on the system so there must be something wrong with them they’ve been taken off the shelves”.

    Piss poor. No communication after 9 days and taken our money even though they know they won’t supply them.

    • Not over yet. 'Isolated' in bunnings world is a catchall for stopping sales on an item. From what I gather it used to be used on product needing recall or issues, but the online team now use it for price errors. We may still get it.

    • I also gave Bunnings a call and the lady said they are on isolated. She is calling the supplier to check and ringing me back later.

  • For me they said, suppliers asked them to hold on it as they are performing some test on product.

  • got the email and sms from Bunnings stating the product is 'isolated'. They offered full refund or replace with this:

    which seems to be a bit meh and mixer with these:

    which are not too bad from what I'm getting.

    Has anyone had any experience with Dorf products?

    edit: can't type

  • I also got a voicemail from the store I'd arranged click and collect at, saying it was an "isolation product" - wasn't offered an alternative, just a refund.

    • and now the email offer. they have no idea what's going on :)

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    Just got this email:

    We note that you recently ordered a Methven Waipori rail shower.

    Unfortunately we are out of stock of this product, however we are able to offer you a Methven Maku rail shower for the same price. You can view the product here. Please note the Methven Maku rail shower will be available from 1st February, so there will be a delay in getting this product to you, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    If you are happy with this replacement, there is no further action required, we will continue to process your order and the store will contact you when it is ready for collection. If you have any questions or would like to cancel or discuss other options for your order, please contact Bunnings Customer Support on 1800 797 586.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Anyone know if the Maku is any good?

    • +1

      Link to Maku:

      Obviously no way close to OP’s original post.

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      Just got same email. This comment earlier in the thread says less coverage/fewer holes. I think i'm going to cancel mine.

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      Just got the same email. It's listed at $120 on Bunnings website and it seems very plasticky on the photos so it's not much of a deal.

      I am pretty sure there was nothing wrong with the original product but most likely supplier didn't like the discounting and forced them to pull it off. Bunnings might have wanted to clear them but Methven might not have liked the heavy discounting. I don't think there is anything wrong with the Waiporiri product because other retailers (eg Harvey Norman) are still happily selling it.

    • Same email, not sure what I will do yet.

    • Was called by Bunnings last week that they would only honour 2 orders per person and have now been sent the same email. Looks like the specs are a bit of a downgrade Maku 7.5L/min vs Waipori 9L/min

      • I think I'll cancel mine too. Maki looks trash

        • I got the email saying they'd honour it, now a follow up saying they won't. What a joke!! I actually have the Maki already been using for a few years (model without a rail, same head) and its OK but definitely a smaller spray area. I only paid about $60 for it in the first place.

    • Received same email, so disappointing.
      As I placed my order within 30mins of the post. This is the 2nd time bought a bargain from bunnings and much later on told out of stock.

      • Same, ordered the kitchen warehouse (from bunnings) santoku which was cancelled same day. Ridiculous.

    • I got the same email. I remember this shower is very basic and not a good enough for me. Cancelled after 12 days. Wowww

    • Only ordered a single one but just got this email too.

      As you can see from this site, Maku is their entry level product and worth a third of the Waipori as we ordered. Very substandard substitution.


    • Same email, disappointed

    • Yeah got the same about the same time :(

  • Anyone get any replies about the Waipori mixers? It seems only the Rail Showers are being mentioned.

    • Yes. I ordered two basin mixers, a bath mixer and shower mixer.

      The basin and bath are ready for pickup. Still waiting for shower mixer (and shower rail) which I’ve been told are on their way.

  • +3

    I just got the same email and yes it is not only a major downgrade from the original item but also different specifications, 7.5 litres per minute versus the original 9. Not at all happy. And I will let them know in my reply email. Actually it seems you have to call them.. If they are going to offer a substitute then it should be of similar quality and the same specifications.

    If you ordered a 65 inch mid range TV, you don’t want a 50 inch base model as a substitute.

    • +1

      I tried to call, was on hold 35mins and had to drop off. Pretty cruddy support really.

      • I only lasted 15 minutes before i got fed up and then replied back to the email asking them to cancel

        • I got the same email today and asked for refund after going through the thread here. Bit disappointing 😌

          • @Mag05: Anyone have any luck with support today?

            • +1

              @JayMoney: They've replied back and said they've processed my refund. Was hoping for a small credit or something but oh well.

              • @Chickenleg: If you are looking to get something out of the deal, the simplest way is to just accept the replacement and conveniently lose your receipt. You can then change your mind and return it for a store credit. Might not be morally correct but it is perfectly within the limit of their return policies.

                • @truetypezk: Eventuality you need to have proof of purchase ex like bank tranaction. Then can easily see from POS system if the itel sold by them or not by filter by day. You only get refund/,credit what you paid

                  • @denubunny: Nop, that is simply wrong. Bunnings allows return without proof of purchase as long as you give them your ID and you will get back the scanned price on the date of return as a store credit.

                    • +3

                      @truetypezk: Bunnings have a very relaxed and consumer friendly return policy. It’s great when you have a legitimate reason for return and due to circumstance you don’t have proof of purchase.

                      Watch our nice things get taken away as people like this ruin it for the rest of us.

                      Stop committing fraud.

                      • -1

                        @AaronR: You are making some very big accusations here. To commit fraud you will need to deceive someone by lying about certain facts, which are not applicable in my suggestions. You dont need to lie about throwing away your receipts, you can easily and actually do it. Bunnings will not ask you how much you have paid initially, their policy is to just refund the scanned price. It is certainly a very relaxed policy because they can do what IKEA does, which is refunding the lowest historic price for an item without receipt.
                        Your action of taking advantage of the store is fully complete when you made the purchase at the error price, returning it is just one of the possible channels to cash it out, just like selling it on eBay or Gumtree.
                        I dont think you need to worry for the store about their relaxed return policy. For big corporations return loss and theft write-offs are always precalcuted into their operating cost to make sure they are perfectly viable and profitable in the long run. In a society where most people are honest they wont institue a stringent return policy just because of a few scammers.

                      • -2

                        @AaronR: Basically I think if you have a high moral standard you should feel bad about taking advantage of error prices, because the store incurs the loss when they sell it to you below the prevailing price. Returning it subsequently at the prevailing price is not where the actual damage is done. Get my point?

  • I was also offered the Maku today.

    I think I'll still take it because 7.5l/min will reduce the kids huge usage a little at least.

  • Received the out of stock email and have emailed them back to cancel the order. Bit disappointing.

  • Same email. Wouldn't have cared if they hadn't sent the email saying it would be honoured.

  • Got the same e-mail. Didn't even have to explain the product or order number to the customer service, she already knew what's up. I think the replacement order, Maku, is substandard for the waipori.

  • Yep got the same email - what is this bait and switch business!

  • -2

    Received an email from bunnings today:


    We note that you recently ordered a Methven Waipori rail shower.

    Unfortunately we are out of stock of this product, however we are able to offer you a Methven Maku rail shower for the same price. You can view the product here.


    Please note the Methven Maku rail shower will be available from 1st February, so there will be a delay in getting this product to you, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    If you are happy with this replacement, there is no further action required, we will continue to process your order and the store will contact you when it is ready for collection. If you have any questions or would like to cancel or discuss other options for your order, please contact Bunnings Customer Support on 1800 797 586.

    Is this Methven Maku rail shower agood buy? on bunnings website, its listed price is $120 v/s Methven Waipori rail shower price was $49.50

  • +2

    I'm going to try it out. If it's no good, then I return it.

  • Just phoned them to cancel. Told them the replacement was not only sub standard but also different flow rate. She just told me that is what the supplier gave them as a replacement product. So … what can you do.

  • Just reply to the email with directions to cancel.

    Mine was responded to by next day.

    Saves a phone call. I wish DELL was easier to deal with! (2 week shipment turned to 3 months for a monitor…yeah naaa)

  • +3

    Hold of cancelling. The representative i spoke to mention that they had received a lot of feedback to swap to a different product. This issue has been escalated.

    • Yup, thanks for this! Im waiting to see what happens since we have another 2 weeks

    • Thank you for this comment. I will hold the order to see how they are going to deal with.

    • Any further updates regarding this?

  • +1

    anyone notice the Maku rail shower link on bunnings doesnt work anymore either?

    • Same for me. Can be because they thinking of replacing with a different product (see madster09's comment above).

  • Got an email on the 12th saying my order was ready for collection, then one shortly later advising the Waipori was out of stock and was being changed to a Maku.

    I didn’t read the second email properly before I went instore, so picked up the item today and it was a Waipori! I guess it wasn’t out of stock as claimed…

    It may be worth going into your local store if you got a collection notification to see if they’ve also managed to pull a Waipori out of thin air. This was the Fairfield (VIC) store.

  • I was able purchase the display Methven Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower from Coffs Harbour Bunnings for $40.

  • Good guy bunnings cancelled my order first, offered Makus for replacement but then managed to jailbreak two waiporis from isolation and honour the price.. Still curious as to what happened behind the scenes

    • Click and collect?

      • Delivery but don't think it would've made a difference they confirmed I still wanted delivery when charging card again over the phone

        • Oh you rang them, I sent an email about a comparable product and got told no.

    • Say what?

  • +1

    Just got another email:


    We are emailing in regards to your recent Methven Rail Shower order XXXXXXXX.

    Due to a genuine mistake, the waipori Methven rail shower was incorrectly made available to order online at the time of purchase. We are sorry that this had happened. This > issue has now been corrected and the items were removed from the website when we became aware of the error.

    As mentioned in our last communication, unfortunately the Methven Waipori rail shower is out of stock, however we are able to offer you a Methven Maku rail shower for the same price. Please view the product here for further information. https://www.methven.com/au/showering/rail-showers/maku-satin...

    Your order has since been amended and the next point of contact will be from your nominated Bunnings store for collection/delivery. Please note the Methven Maku rail shower will be available from 1st February, so there will be a delay in getting this product to you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We thank you for your understanding and patience.

    • Yup same. So theyre really just doubling down now…

    • ugh Bunnings - would have thought they would offer something similar