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Methven Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower $49.50 + Shipping/Pickup @ Bunnings


Methven WELS 3 Star, 9L/Min Waipori Satinjet Rail Shower $49.50, appears to be nationwide. Listed on the Harvey Norman website for $299.

Free click and collect in store otherwise delivery from $10. Special order item so not stocked in store (4-7 day lead time according to website)

Other items in the Methven Waipori range seem to be marked down too, for example:
- Methven Waipori Shower Mixer $39.50
- Methven WELS 4 Star 7.5L/min Waipori Wall Mounted Basin Mixer With Plate $49.50

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    • Surprised i have not got that follow up email. I responded to the prior one to challenge it on the 12th but no reply so far.

      • I don't have the follow up email either. I replied to the first email too to ask from another comparable product and got told no, and if I wanted to continue, I did reply yes.

  • Got an email saying my items are ready to collect from box hill vic and I was thinking they might have substituted but they havent. Got all 4 methven items I ordered. 1 each

    • Lucky bugger. I really want the actual shower rail and mixer for our bathroom reno.

      • Shower rail feels cheap but it might hold up. Basin mixer on the other hand is super high quality. Shower mixer handle is small but same quality as basin mixer

    • Did it take this whole time before you got a "ready to collect" message? I am still waiting for that after 3 weeks, but this gives me some hope

  • I didn’t hear anything for three weeks then after complaining I got a call yesterday from Oakleigh bunnings saying that they only had the rail shower in stock (not the mixer) I was like all food better than none so they sent it out.

    Took delivery and they’d subbed it out for the cheaper dorf ren shower rail.

    So confusing. Pretty annoying really

  • +1

    Managed to pick up the two shower rails I ordered when I was in store today (ACT). There were 4 or 5 sitting on the shelf - I'm sure they weren't there the other day.. anyway asked special orders what was happening with my order, got fobbed off to click and collect where a very helpful young lady told me about the bulk email I got last week. I mentioned the ones I ordered were on the shelf, she couldn't work out why my order hadn't been prepared if the items were in stock, so she happily scanned the two I nabbed off the shelf and finalised my order on the spot. Might work for others if you find stock.. good luck!

  • Update on my order for those interested. I was advised by Bunnings that the final part of my order was ready and I've now collected.

    I purchased everything for the new bathroom:

    • Shower rail
    • Shower mixer
    • 2x Basin mixer / spout
    • Bath mixer / spout
    • Towel rails
    • Hand towel rails
    • Toilet roll holder
    • Robe hooks
    • Soap dish

    Had communication from Bunnings through the whole process (via the special orders desk) and there were no issues at all.

    • all methven waipori range?

      • +1

        Yes all Waipori.

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    Finally walked into the store I had set pick up from tonight. I had received the emails telling me there were no stock, would get substituted to the lesser Maku model.
    Walked into shower section, and there were two boxes of the Waipori Rail on the shelf, took them, purchased at counter normally at the $49.50 each price.
    Will now ask them to refund the ones I ordered online.

    • purchased at counter normally at the $49.50 each price.

      So you just grabbed them off the shelf and they automatically scanned at that price? No price override or anything?

      Man this whole thing has been a bit of a shamozzle 🤦🏽‍♂️

      • Yep, just scanned at that price, the tickets on the shelf do match the prices on this post. All 3 were on display with those price tickets, only the shower rail was in stock though.

        • the day after this deal was posted, I saw the price tag at the store was $49.50 - so yes if you can find stock at a store, it will scan at that I believe.

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    Just popped into the local Bunnings to grab a few things and I thought for a laugh I'll see if they have any in stock, one left. As someone else has mentioned the box was very dusty.

    Price was $49.95, there was no clearance tag over the price on the shelf either.

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    As stated above, Bunnings are being super dodgy on this and not honest.

    I just walked into a Sydney Bunnings and bought both the Shower Rail (last one i think) and Wall mixer (a few more left) for the exact same price of the online order which is still not fulfilled or refunded. And that order was for collection at the very same store! They could have fulfilled at any time over past 3 weeks. Seriously, what a bunch of muppets.

    Now to try and get my refund!

  • Lucky I checked this thread when I was in Bunnings this morning. After seeing people buying them off the shelf, I showed my online order and asked them to check stock level. They found three in the nearby Bunnings. I drove down and purchased two straightaway.

    There should be one left at Bunnings Logan Road QLD.

    Thanks OP and JayMoney and Snuke

  • Just to echo what’s been said, I went to Bunnings to grab some stuff for another project and saw Waipori shower rails and plenty of mixers etc on the shelf… so decided to get a second set for my other bathroom. All stickered and scanned at the low price.

    • Which store was this? I called up a a store in Vic and they said it was showing as 0 everywhere else…

      • +1

        North Brisbane. There were multiple stores with stock too.

        The PowerPass app should show you where you can find stock.

        • Thanks!

        • Oh bugga. To use the powerpass app u need to have the bunnings trade account

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            @BlitzR: What suburb are you in? I can check for you.

            • @AaronR: Nundah. Thanks for looking, much appreciated.

              • +1

                @BlitzR: Stafford is your closest with stock.

                • @AaronR: Cheers mate. There are also 4stores close to me which are carsildine, virginia, toombul and newstead. I know virginia have no stock, and I'm guessing the other 3 don't either?

                  • +2

                    @BlitzR: Correct.

                    Virginia has stock of the basin mixer, but no shower rail or shower mixer.

                    • @AaronR: Thanks again. Much appreciated!

                      • @BlitzR: Tamborine 4272? Would you mind having a look for me

            • @AaronR: Tamborine 4272? Would you mind having a look for me

              • +1

                @bne87: Nothing in the 5 stores for that area.

        • How about around Chatswood 2067, in Sydney. Please…

          • +2

            @Foxxster: Chatswood? You can afford RRP mate.

            Haha just kidding. It's showing stock in Gladesville. Good luck!

            • @AaronR: Thanks for that. Went there this morning, only had one on display. Went to special order desk and got told …yep lots of people ordered online, it was a mistake, temporarily not selling them… so no dice.

    • Have sent you a private message. Thanks

    • Can you please help me to check around Wheelers Hill? I have ordered since 1/1 and heard nothing. Thanks in advance

      • +3

        Nothing near there. Couldn’t actually find any stock anywhere in melb (Didn’t look everywhere, but gave it a good crack).

        • thanks so much for checking!

  • Unfortunately the Waipori Rail Shower is out of stock and no longer sold by Bunnings. Due to a genuine mistake, the Waipori Methven rail shower was incorrectly made available to order online at the time of purchase. We apologise that this had happened. In trying to do the right thing by our customers, we are honouring the price for the first two units of each item per customer so that we can fulfil as many orders as possible.

    As the Waipori Rail Shower is no longer available, we can offer you the choice of a refund or the Dorf Ren 9l Multifuctional Rail Shower

    • Got the above email from Bunnings

    • Didnt get this but got the offer for the Maku. Anyone know how Maku compares to Dorf?

      • I didn't like Dorf Ren it at all. The rail itself looks very thin, attachments are plasticky and feel brittle. No Bunnings I've been too had Maku on the display, so can't compare.
        I'm going to try Maku, and if that's not good enough - Ikea ones seem to be decent for $69.

    • offer you the choice of a refund or the Dorf Ren 9l Multifuctional Rail Shower

      Thats funny - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/595745

    • While I already got the Waipori in store I wanted to see how the online order online would play out.

      I don't have that email. I'm still awaiting a response from my email to support last Monday!

      • I just got the Dorf email and cancelled the order, this whole situation has been so poorly handling by Bunnings!

      • I emailed them twice, never responsed, just received the cancellation today 30mins ago. Such a poor customer service they have. I wish Master is still around.

  • I feel like i wanna swear so hard right now…first telstra cancelled my Samsung note20 order then now bunnings cant give me Methven…#!$¥€!%[email protected]%@

  • Thanks @AaronR for advising me of the stocks. No stocks at Cannington, EVP and Maddington. Willetton has 2 on the time I was told, but went there mid day today, staff says 2 but can't find it. Redirected to Cockburn and asked to hold for 1. Got it for $49.50. Time to cancel the online order.

  • After being delivered the Dorf Ren without Bunnings Oakleigh informing me that there would be a swap I have finally spoken to a manager at the Bunnings who has swapped the Dorf Ren for a Methven Amio free of charge due to their stuff ups.

    They were super friendly, of course the Amio isn’t as good as the Waipori but it’s still better than the Dorf Ren.

  • Same here - received the email on Maku sometime back and yesterday on Dorf Ren. Just called a few stores NOR in WA and received conflicting info - available of 1 in stock in 3 branches, contacted these store but was told non available. Somehow, their computer system shows in stock but when calling the specific store, was told none (from a check on their system). Hmmm…. Guess the chance of getting a waipori is disappearing…

  • Thank you for your response and we sincerely apologise for the delay in responding.

    Unfortunately the Waipori Rail Shower is out of stock and no longer sold by Bunnings. Due to a genuine mistake, the Waipori Methven rail shower was incorrectly made available to order online at the time of purchase. We apologise that this had happened. In trying to do the right thing by our customers, we are honouring the price for the first two units of each item per customer so that we can fulfil as many orders as possible.

    As the Waipori Rail Shower is no longer available, we can offer you the choice of a refund or the Dorf Ren 9l Multifuctional Rail Shower. Please view the attached for further information.

    We would appreciate your return response by Friday the 5th of February. If we don’t hear from you by this date, we will process a full refund for your order.

    Thank you again for your patience and understanding on this matter, we look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Like above, I have been told they can not supply. They have offered the Maku for the 2 units I have bought. This doesn't look as good quality as the Waipori, though do I just stick with it?

    Has anyone installed the Maku and happy with it?

    • I can’t speak on the Waipori but the Maku is ok. It feels nice to get sprayed with thousands of little droplets but the coverage is a bit narrow for my liking.

      • Put it as high as you can?

        • Any higher and the wife will need a step-ladder to reach it! XD

    • +1

      Don't think quality is any better or worse, all just shiny plastic.

      The only downside to the Maku is the smaller spray pattern. It has a lower flow rate than the Waipori but wouldn't say it's bad, Maku felt softer to me.

      The Waipori is like having two Maku side by side. Spray is wider but I think about the same front to back.

  • +2

    I had a check on stock of Waipori at one Bunnings and was told a store in Vic had 4 in stock but I should double check by calling first. Called the store, the guy looked at the shelf and said he found just two left. Told him to put it aside and I'll be there shortly..Travelled half hour to get there, waited 20min to find the guy who put them somewhere only to discover he had mistakenly thought another model was the waipori!

    Another staff member was perplexed that they could get it so wrong and she said "I don't understand, they did stock take counting yesterday but they probably counted the wrong products"

    This whole saga has been a great example of how poorly Bunnings does online commerce..

    • Man thats a shame. i wish they would let me buy the display model-i saw one but apparently they dont sell them

  • got a refund email just then

  • Just got a call from Bunnings Spingvale that my order is cancelled and need to go in to process the refund.

  • +1

    Well I finally decided to buy a different model and got a Dorf Enigma multifunction chrome from Hardly Normal.

    Price was a lot more than the so called Bunnings non deal at $139 but a big reduction on retail of $355.

    I would say this is as good as or better than the Methven Waipori non deal in terms of quality and has more functions if that is important. Also has an air button that allows air in to boost pressure if you want.



  • +1

    Wow, I feel super lucky after seeing the Feb updates. I got an email on Wednesday to say my pickup was ready (6 weeks after ordering).

  • +1

    I went to Bunnings 2 weeks ago and bought 2 sets of Satinjet Rail shower and Waipori Mixer. I ended up installing one for my investment property, and planned to return one set. If anyone in VIC around Vermont South can PM, happy to sell one set at cost ($85). Otherwise I will return to Bunnings next week.

    • PMed!

  • Ended up buying a Methven Kiri Satinjet after all of this kerfuffle. Very nice! Took a little to get used to after having some old hand shower that must've been fairly unrestricted, and wish the coverage was just slightly wider like i assume the Waipori would have been, but it's not a dealbreaker. It's like standing under soft gentle rain  🌧

  • +3

    i still haven't received anything from bunnnings. what a total screw-up

  • An email and text arrived this morning to say my order is ready to collect. After all this time I'm not confident it will be the Methven I ordered but I will find out this afternoon.

    • Which one did you end up with in the end?

      • +1

        Much to my surprise it's the Methven waipori I ordered.

  • Has anyone in Perth received their Methven Rail Shower set? My last email from Bunnings was on 20/01, and I haven't received any further correspondence since.


    We are emailing in regards to your recent Methven Rail Shower order Wxxxxxxxxxx.

    Due to a genuine mistake, the waipori Methven rail shower was incorrectly made available to order online at the time of purchase. We are sorry that this had happened. This issue has now been corrected and the items were removed from the website when we became aware of the error.

    As mentioned in our last communication, unfortunately the Methven Waipori rail shower is out of stock, however we are able to offer you a Methven Maku rail shower for the same price. Please view the product here for further information.

    Your order has since been amended and the next point of contact will be from your nominated Bunnings store for collection/delivery. Please note the Methven Maku rail shower will be available from 1st February, so there will be a delay in getting this product to you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact Bunnings Customer Support on 1800 797 586 or via email should you have any further questions.

  • +3

    I was called to say that my order was ready to pick up today - I arrived in store to be told that my order was now "missing" and that the manager would now contact me tomorrow to discuss what happens now. They are being super dodge about this, not right.

  • I just got called to say my order was ready to pick up but confirmed that it’s definitely the Maku not the Waipori.

    So after over 2 months of waiting they can shove the order where the sun don’t shine. I’ll be asking for a refund instead.

  • Had absolutely zero communication from bunnings after my order confirmation on the 1st of January.

    Today, more than 2 months later I get an email to say my order is ready for pickup. Scroll down and somehow my order has changed to a Caroma Jade mixer and Methven Krome rail shower. No explanation.

    WTF. Never buying anything online from Bunnings again.

    Surely consumer protection would have something to say about holding payment for more than 2 months and then substituting for a significantly lower quality product on the sly

  • I went into my nearest Bunnings store today in WA. I was initially told I can pick anything up to $150, but they later showed me a list which contains two specific replacement shower rail system I can choose. One is a Caroma one ( I don't know the exact model). I ended up choosing the Methven WELS 3 Star 9L/min Krome 3 Function Rail Shower. I much prefer their Satinjet showerhead, as I already have one at home. I don't think this is going to be anywhere near as good. :(

    • I got a call from my local Bunnings earlier today offering the same replacement model from Methven: https://www.bunnings.com.au/methven-wels-3-star-9l-min-krome...
      Will take it and just sell it on if it's not good enough. I don't think I would get anything better for $50 :-D

      • I've got a Waipori set and the Krome set you linked. The Waipori is much better quality in terms of the construction/quality of the rail and the Waipori head has the Satinjet technology whilst the Krome doesn't.

        • After seeing Waipori on display at Bunnings I totally agree with you. However, I don't think we can get anything better than Krome for $50 each. Worst case, it can be sold to someone for at least $100. Better than cancelling the order. That's why I agreed to the replacement :)

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