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12 Month Membership $96 (Was $960) @ Noom


I tried the Noom app for a month or so last year and I lost about 5kgs in a month, but I didn't want to keep paying the membership fee.

It's a daily check-in app; for me the main thing that was effective was the meal logging - it made me more mindful about what I eat (and how much).

With 90% off annual memberships I'm signing up again for the year.

Note: jimbobaus linked to poor product reviews of Noom. It is recommended to pay with PayPal instead of credit/debit card for ease of cancellation.

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    12years of membership??? There'd be nothing left of you if you lost weight for 12yrs at 5kg/month!!! Lol

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      Company won’t be there in 12 years so don’t worry lol

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      You might underestimate the average OzBartagainer weight :p

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    How much is the membership?

    • Yup - interested to know too.

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        About $960 for the year paid upfront, now about $96.

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    $850 for a daily reminder and food tracking app WTF

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      Each to his/her own, if it works and people are prepared to pay that I'm not gonna judge

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        How does this differ from other food tracking apps like MyFitnessPal, which is free?

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          It costs money

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      $850 less to spend on KFC = weight loss

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      Almost cheaper just to get the liposuction!

  • This is actually a really good deal. Noom is a very highly regarded weight loss app. It usually costs around $160 for a 3 month membership, I think, and it almost never goes on sale.

    • Agreed. It cost me $97 for this entire year.

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      Well I worked out how they afford all the TV advertising they do.

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      very highly regarded

      … by whom?

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        Noom shareholders

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      It's a terrible deal made to look good…

    • If you sign up to their emails they email several times a week with 65% to 85% off deals. I have been receiving the offers for at least 6 months. 90 % off is the best I've ever seen though.

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    Too bad just installing it wouldn't help my lazy arse to move and shred some of the 10KG that I gained in 2020 ☹️

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    In a nutshell, how does it work compared to say, myfitnesspal?

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      would like to know as well

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      I'd also be interested in an answer. I did the trial run for a nominal fee and didn't get the benefits if their service. When I told the rep that I didn't understand their value against the tree tier of MFP, they didn't provide me with any explanation

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      I tried it for the 2 week trial back in July so I can share my experience.

      - Accountability in checking in every day
      - Articles are interesting, I liked the goal setting approach
      - There aren't good and bad foods, they have a colour coding system again to show which foods are more/less nutrient dense

      - If you are triggered by weighing yourself, be warned that there is an expectation that you do it every day. The idea behind it is that it desensitises you to it, but I never really got comfortable with it
      - Mostly American food database (so lots of of Aussie food isn't there)
      - Some of their measurements for food amounts are weird - a handful of this, a smear of that. Again, they do give you reasons behind it, but really unhelpful if you're looking to accurately track your food intake
      - Unlike MyFitnessPal, I can't enter my own recipes (I have an android phone) so I couldn't track a lot of my food. I ended up using it in conjunction with MyFitnessPal for my two week trial
      - My steps never synced to the app, so every day it was telling me that I wasn't reaching my step goal, even though I was
      - The coach is of limited (none) use and although the groups only kicked in around week three (after the trial period) I've heard from other longer term users that they don't bother
      - Despite selling itself as 'not a diet' it actually is - calorie deficit is a requirement for weightloss!

      Conclusion: It's targeted more to Weight loss program users (WW etc.), not intended as only a food tracking app like MFP. I didn't think it was worth the $59 for the three months that I was offered at the end of my trial so I didn't sign up. There is also a Noom Australia group on Facebook if you have more questions

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      Yeah mfp is great. I shed 10kg of pure fat simply by tracking what I eat using myfitnesspal, for free too. My waist was around 34 inches 18 months ago and now it's 31. The most important thing for me is I have been able to maintain my weight for over a year now which is something I have never been able to do in the past.

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    Even with the exorbitant cost, they still “share” your data to FB for targeted ads.

    Noom values privacy, and we support laws that protect your privacy…(the) sharing of data that allows us to provide you with personalized ads on other platforms.

    Facebook Opt Out: To opt out of Facebook’s use of your data to provide you with personalized ads, please submit your email using the form below. Please note: if you use more than one device, you may need to repeat this step on each device.

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      mate… every single company does this.
      They upload a list of email addresses from their database, and with that, they find people who look "similar" to that database, and then target them with ads.
      It's normal practice, and it's unavoidable.

      That's why you always have extra email addresses to sign up to all your bullshit. Just go to gmail and make a new one unrelated to your own.

      And then get over it, and move on.

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        I get that, however, it's always explained away with "if it's free, then we are the product" - fair enough. For a service that not only is paid but is, subjectively, over-priced, why do they also need to sell my data?

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          But they are not "selling" your data. They are not profiting of your email address by getting money by selling it to someone.

          They upload the list of email addresses to facebook. If there is a match, then they buy ads targeting users who look like those people (IE similar likes/ages/page and topic likes etc). It's called look-a-like audiences.

          It's a way to not just spam 1million people with an ad, and instead try to target people who might be more likely interested in the product.

          I cannot think of a single company that doesn't do this, and it's very different to "selling data".

          It's important to understand the difference.

          • @arkdog: Good explanation. Sad to see the butt-hurt downvoting.

  • I clicked weight loss and did the test. However at the end it's only showing an 8 month plan at 66% off. I will try it for 14 days, but I am wondering if I like it I will only be paying for 8 months or is there an option to do it for 12 month like it says in the post?

    • same here, getting 8 months for 81

      • Mine is saying 8 month plan at $6.30 per week totalling at 219 per 8 months. There is no option to put in the code above. This is confusing.

        • Oh I just found it says do I have a promo code. Under the 8 month plan. I will try. I wonder after the trial if I will still be able to use it.

      • Ah yes. same as you now, 8 months for 81.

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    I got to the last page and after putting in the code, I was only offered 6 months @ ~$75. But I found this link on reddit that took me to a page that, after inputting the code again, offered me 12 months @ ~$92:

    • Thanks mate worked for me too!

  • LOL. What a joke for the start of the year!

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    I'm amazed at the number of people who seem to think that this is a good deal.

    Just shows you the power of advertising!!!!

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      It's the price of a single session with a personal trainer or a few weeks gym membership. Definitely not blatantly expensive at the discounted price relative to other traditional weight loss products.

      • their RRP will cover for over 3 years of my gym membership..

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          Where do you get a $6pw gym membership?

      • A personal trainer or gym access is physical. This is all virtual coaching that you can simply ignore if you want to. The membership fee doesn't provide entry to a gym to exercise in, so if you wanted to go to gym you'd have to pay extra. You could just do this with a spreadsheet and ignore that as well 🤣

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    …. This much for a whole year uhmm what the flying (profanity)? Do you get to talk to nutritionists and have some view and optimise your diet?? That's what I'd expect, this just seems like it's trying to pretend to be a good deal what the heck. There's plenty of premium 1 purchase food tracking apps out there… My god.

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    Why not just get Fitbit app with built in food/drink log system and calorie in take calculator. It's free!

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    Pay $96 and keep thinking about it Why did you pay that?
    You would have got so many items through OZB and stress will do the rest to reduce your weight.

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    I get that it does food tracking etc like myfitnesspal, just wondering how the psychology stuff works - is it good eating tips etc. Do they help you design a healthy nutritionally balanced eating program?

  • 10 minutes into that questionnaire and I had already given up hahaha

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    Probably among the best weight loss apps as per the research


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    If you don't get to consult with human beings - (which is what I thought they were advertising but maybe it's a trick?) - then I don't understand why it is worth anywhere near that "discount"?

  • -3

    more pointless rubbish.

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    they are good at marketing, getting $100 for a reminder app. …don't eat….don't eat….run….run faster……..you're still fat…..don't eat…..lettuce is good……chocolate bad…..

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    Thanks OP!

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    What does this app offer that free research on the internet doesn't

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    I don't understand why people are negging just because this isn't something they want to use themself. OP found it to be good value and they are sharing - it's a good price relative to what's advertised. Unless people want to point out something that offers the same service at a lower price, I don't see how this isn't a deal.

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    Recommended app. Yes, the RRP is ridiculous, but the app did for me what others didn't. I learned a whole heap, stayed motivated and lost 8 Kgs in two months.

    This app does 3 things: calorie counting (like MFP and LoseIt), self-paced course with quizzes (though a bit too quirky for my liking, I did learn a heap about what matters for weight loss and the psychology of it) and personal coaching/private support group (I didn't use this).

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    If the first meal you enter is 10 chicken tenders, you're off to a good start

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    Worth the $1 2 week trial to see what it’s like, and then $90 for a year access if any good. Whilst RRP is crazy talk, discount seems not unreasonable if their approach works. Lots of free content on the internet that can do the same thing, but I guess this tries to coach / nudge you along the way and helps track your progress.
    Thanks OP - I signed up to see what it’s like.
    TIP: sign up via PayPal and delete the auto payment once you’ve paid the $1. That way if you forget to cancel you won’t get charged.

  • Is this good enough

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    I used to use noom. At the end of the day it's just a tool to track calories. If you're new to calorie counting it does help but honestly myfitnesspal free does the same thing and it has a bigger food catalog.

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    noom is about accountability and mindfulness and awareness. For some people, not all, but some, being aware of one’s eating habits and having to share with others can be enough to shake up their lifestyle and cause weight loss. Weight loss research shows that small changes can make huge differences. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, noom work for some people because of the accountability factor. Even just weighing yourself daily has been shown to help people lose weight without any other change. There are many paths to weight loss and whatever works for each individual is worth whatever to that person.

    • Exactly.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! My wife uses this app and this post now justifies me spending more time looking at OzBargain! Win win in my book. Legend!

  • +2

    Wish my ex would try this. He's a bit on the getting very heavy side now, he's tried nothing and he's all out of ideas.

  • Oddly only gave me a 4 month plan at$58…

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