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Partner Offer: 100,000 Qantas Points + $200 Back with The Qantas AmEx Ultimate Card ($450 Annual Fee)


Last day to apply for this offer is Tuesday 2nd February 2021

For a limited time, American Express is offering an increased sign-on bonus of 100,000 bonus Qantas Points plus $200 back with the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card (new Card members only).

This offer is exclusive to American Express Partners (this includes us!). It isn’t available if you go to Amex directly or use a referral link.

To receive the 100,000 Qantas Points, you must apply through our Partner link by 2 February 2021, be approved and spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from approval.

Qantas American Express Ultimate inclusions:
* 100,000 bonus Qantas Points
* $200 back to your Card
* $450 Qantas Travel Credit
* Two Qantas Lounge invites each membership year
* Earn up to 2.25 Qantas Points per $1 (uncapped)
* Complimentary Qantas Wine Premium Membership (valued at $99)
* Exclusive Amex entertainment and lifestyle offers
* Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible

Need to know:
* $450 annual fee
* Offer only available via Amex Partner link (that's us)
Spend criteria, T&Cs apply
* Apply by 2 Feb 2021

This offer is available to new Card Members only. This means you must not have held a Card issued directly by American Express Australia in the last 18 months. Previous and existing bank-issued American Express Card Members (Cards issued by Australia New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation) are eligible.

Reminder: This offer isn’t available via the public American Express website or via a referral link. You must apply via our Amex Partner link. We may receive a small commission if you are approved for this offer.

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  • +5

    Pretty good deal with the travel credit, that's normally not offered in addition to a cash back.

    I have so much travel credit from cancelled flights :(

  • What about eligibility criteria for previous amex cardholders? Any exclusions?

    • +2

      Hi, this offer is available to new card members only. This means you must not have held a Card issued directly by American Express Australia in the last 18 months. I've updated the post with an eligibility section.

      • +16

        that rules out 99.9% of us!

      • 18 months!!! 6-12 months would've been acceptable

        • +9

          Basically all visa and MasterCard's are 12 months and amex is 18 months. It's been this way for years and years. Not sure why anyone would expect anything different.

      • can you extend it by 1 month when my 18m will be up :)

    • +2

      Keen to know if this includes Westpac Amex holders although I'm fairly sure the application process to Amex is independent of Westpac (despite Westpac sending them your deets on your behalf).

      • +1

        Holding the Westpac Amex shouldn't preclude you. I just cancelled mine since they notified me of closing the Westpac Amex link and then we'd be directly in with Amex. This date was set from Feb so shouldn't be an issue right now even though they may have sent my details through. I'm thinking of applying now as a new bonus is the reason I wanted to get out of the Westpac deal.

      • +1

        No westpac amex arnt included

      • +1

        Not included. I cancelled my Westpac Amex maybe 6 months ago, got this card a month ago from the previous offer and just received my 100k bonus points.

  • Any qantas lounge passes?

    • +1

      If you click through to the Amex page it says you get two.

    • +1

      Mind you, the rules are quite restrictive… e.g. only on domestic flights or international Qantas flights, and since COVID you also need to book the lounge in advance. I have already tried using the lounge twice and failed each time. Very frustrating.

  • +1

    How long in between decline can you apply for another Amex?

    • That's entirely their call. A decline can be because you were 2 months into a new job, and they might approve you on month 6.

      Although if you've been hard declined anywhere, best to give them a wide berth for some time

      • Even if it’s different card to what you applied for previously?

        • I don't think the decline is based on the product, but more so your ability to service the debt.

          This is unsecured debt, so any responsible lender has to consider the risk of default and make a judgement call based on their risk appetite whether they want to take you on as a customer.

          If your circumstances are different to last time, then by all means apply. I've been both accepted and rejected by Amex in the past.

        • +1

          Apart from the advice you’ve already been given, it’s also important to note that every application (even through different lenders or card issuers) can generate a credit check enquiry to a credit reporting agent. Each enquiry is recorded for date and credit amount applied for, so if you have quite a few within a short space of time it might be seen unfavourably. This may be another potential reason for a knockback.

          It’s also one reason why it’s important to get regular credit reports from one of the top agencies, to keep an eye on these kinds of things. If you have unusual requests appearing it could be a sign of fraudulent activity due to identity theft or dodgy credit providers.

          • @Chazzozz: I have always been approved for Amex in the past including but not limited to Platinum card, Platinum Edge, Explorer, Velocity Platinum, Qantas Premium and David Jones. So not sure what has changed but have applied for both the Kogan and Anz recently and both were approved. I usually go through Illion to make sure all credit cards have a closing date before applying for the next one so very much aware of the credit report.

  • +7

    Note: "The Qantas Travel Credit can be used from the anniversary date and cannot be carried forward to any subsequent year." ..

    • So if the covid travel restrictions goes on for another year or travel credit would be gone…

      • In the past, Amex has been very flexible about both extending the Qantas travel credit for this card and allowing it to be used for other Qantas spend (hotels, wine, the Qantas Rewards Store). There is no guarantee that this will be applied to future travel credit, but something to bear in mind.

        • Yep that could be happening.

          Qantas flights to US, UK unlikely to go ahead by July, experts say

        • Could be silly question- can I book flights with travel credit, cancel card and if travel don't go ahead will receive in travel credit rather than losing it altogether as was booked through Amex portal?

          • @Craze: Not sure re AMEX, but I booked a free flight that came with the ANZ Adventure card back in July 2019 for May 2020, and then I canceled the card shortly after booking. I've been given until 2022 to use the flight.

  • Sitting here with an unused Qantas credit from my last annual fee in April 2020…

    • sell it. I'm sure someone here wants to fly from Perth to Brisbane in their free little bubble.

      • You need to book a Qantas flight through the AmEx travel website with it. Can not remember, whether you can even book for someone else.

    • Happy to buy some for my status run at a good price.

      • Whats considered a good price?

        • The going rate for Amex Qantas travel credit in classified was $450 worth for $300. Not sure how to price credit that people actually paid for.

  • Good deal

    • No this gives you $200 credit statement and $450 travel credit so you’re up $200.

      • Depends how much you value the extra 20,000 points. Personally I’d take the extra $450 travel credit and Qantas wine membership with this one.

    • +2

      ANZ is a Visa, so it's accepted pretty much everywhere. This is an Amex so you end up having to have two cards as it only accepted at 70% of places.

      My citi bank deal just expired (20k citi points per month for 20 months) and despite this being the better deal I'll be signing up for the ANZ one as I still need a visa/Mastercard for day to day purchases.

    • Already got that one, also getting this one ;)

  • Looks good, thanks OP…….

  • Damn. If only the minimum gap was 12 months. I cancelled my last Amex 7/1/2020 and would have jumped on this 100%.

  • Does anyone know if Amex still assess a credit card application on household income rather than personal income?

    • Personal.

    • As far as I can tell they've never actually done that; tried with my (very low personal, but high household) spouse a couple of times and no dice.

  • How much are Qantas points worth? Last I saw 100,000 points were worth about $1,500. Is that about right?

    • +1


    • +4

      It really depends how you wish to use them. For maximum value, you would be best to save them for premium international travel down the track. If you want to use them sooner, you can get over 1 cent per point value by redeeming for new Classic rail Rewards (on The Ghan, Indian Pacific) or for some domestic redemptions. Typically, shopping at the Qantas Store offers least bang for buck, with the redemption value of goods and gift cards sitting just over 0.5 cents per point (it varies, depending on product).

      • Wait you can redeem them on The Ghan? How? I’ll definitely be interested in that.

        • New redemption opportunity that got released early Dec last year.

          Redemption value typically runs between 0.9 to 1.3c or thereabouts i think (Flight Hacks did some math on this)? Not as good value as flights, but still better than redeeming for gift cards, cashback or products on the Qantas Store.

          And also beats paying cash i guess if you've got a large Qantas balance, i know i'll be trying to save up some for a redemption here. They only do Gold Service level redemption at the moment, but sounded like Platinum was in the pipeline.

          • @squarepants: I posted about this on The Champagne Mile website a few weeks back (posting guidelines preclude me from linking a URL here), demonstrating that it's possible to extract up to 1.5 cents value with a Classic Rail Reward (The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin, single cabin Gold Service in peak travel period (Dry Season) for $2,799 or 185,000 points). No Platinum Class redemptions at this stage, but Journey Beyond Rail advised me they are looking to add Platinum upgrades at some point in the future.

            • +1

              @adelee: Thanks for the clue , as you can't post it up but I can? Here it is for others:


            • @adelee: Wow thanks for that. I might look into doing this as it's an all inclusive which will be awesome!

              • @nightelves: @nightelves yes, I think these Classic Rail Rewards represent great value. The fact that there are no carrier surcharges in play makes them quite attractive. I've booked The Ghan for next month, and the 3 day journey comes with all food/beverages, plus three off train activities and a transfer.

                • @adelee: Yeah the only one I can see in there that didn't represent that good of a value was the Expedition tour which bumped up the price from 180k Qantas to 285k. But overall great read and something I would definitely look into.

  • Are supplementary card holders eligible?

    • Holding an additional card on someone else's account won't preclude you from this offer.

  • -1

    People don't mind paying $450 every year just to get the QF points? Or they can get their employers to pay for it?

    • +1

      Cancel your card before the year ends.

      • Good idea.

      • -1

        The cards I had deduct their fees in the very first month.

        Do you get the fees back if you cancel it before the year ends?

        • +1

          No you don't. But the fee is only reduced for the first year so it's not worth holding it beyond 12 months.

          • @Autonomic: But for this its $450 for every year, no reduced fee..

            But yeah it has the qantas points

            • +1

              @alisha17: Sorry, to clarify I was considering the $200 Cashback as 'reduced fee'

              • @Autonomic: had the idea they'd remove your points xD

                • @donkeydoc: your points are pooled into your QF account each month, yours to keep even if you close your Amex account.

    • Offset by travel credit and $200 rebate
      Sign on and uncapped earn are a bonus.

  • The link appears broken when I try and click get offer??

  • +3

    Minimum credit limit and income?

    • +2

      Did you try clicking the link?


      • 65k requirement is a bit high! Especially for just a 3k credit limit.

  • Hi People, just have a question. I am new in Australia, since 1 month, from France. I am wondering what is the benefits of such cards ? In France, we dont have reward cards , but i can see that in Australia, and the US, this is common. Is this something i need to apply, or is it something useless ? thanks for any answers

    • +1

      You earn points by spending on the card. In this offer you will get bonus points if you meet the eligibility criteria. These points can be used for redeeming items from the Qantas store. Or redeemed for flights.

    • -1

      The benefits are listed in the OP. Can you clarify your question?

    • +1

      You can use this card to purchase goods and services via electronic transfer in lieu of physical cash or currently held funds in your savings or transaction accounts. You will need to pay interest on any borrowed funds that are outstanding past the interest-free period.

      • +6

        Oh, twenty dollars. I wanted a peanut.

        Homer's Brain:
        Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.

        Explain how.

        Homer's Brain:
        Money can be exchanged for goods and services.


    • +1

      I'm certinaly not an authority on the subject but the key reason why people accumulate airline points here is so they can use them to buy award seats on flights - Classic Flight Rewards being the best value with the Qantas program. Note that with Classic Flight Rewards there will almost always be a separate cash component you have to pay on top of the points. But the total booking cost will still be significantly cheaper than paying all-cash - more so if you go up in class. The ultimate value is to be had from the round-the-world ticket with Oneworld airlines.

      • you're assuming redemptions for flights will be the same post covid. I doubt it.

  • Any knowledge about how long approval usually takes (assuming one meets all the eligibility criteria)?

    • Hi I just applied, it says seconds to approve on the application page but somehow mine will take 5-10 business days.

  • This is a good deal, but I still have 12 months left.

    Anyone got any good churn and burn cards ideas (I've done Amex, ANZ and Westpac so far)? 3-4k for 3 months is doable for us.

    • +2

      I just regularly check this page for current deals —> https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/earn-points/comp...

      Qantas Premier Platinum Mastercard - 100K points for $199 reduced annual, spend 4K in first 3 months
      Or St George Amplify Signature visa - 90K points for $279

      I don't bother with anything less than 90K points on sign up.

  • Anyone knows if the Westpac Amex Altitude Black is eligible?
    and need to wait 18months

    • Your answer is in the post:-

      “Previous and existing bank-issued American Express Card Members (Cards issued by Australia New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation) are eligible.”

      • Just applied for 3k limit

    • I believe you are

  • I have a green corporate Amex issued through my work. It is in my name, but the card seems perpetually unattached to any Amex offers, deals, etc etc.

    Do you know whether that corporate card would preclude me from taking advantage of this deal? Cheers!

    • I’d like to know too.

    • If you have a corporate card you are still eligible for the sign-up bonus under the personal car range. They are classified along with supplementary cards

  • So this 18 months thing… do they really check? Anybody has any experience on receiving the points even they have not waited 18 months?

    • Yes they check..

    • +3

      They check 100%

  • +1

    Thanks OP approved in seconds.

  • +1

    Any recommendations on how to make the minimum spend with Amex?

    I’m always on the fence with Amex offers as most retailers apply a surcharge to Amex.

    • gift cards at the supermarket. Especially when they are on sale :)

  • This is a weird question, but how many places can you use your Amex? Current card holders, have you had many issues with places not being able to take Amex? I'd be using it pretty much everywhere, from big chains down to small cafes.

    I ask because my work doesn't take it and I knock back people all the time.

    • Oh also, how does the Travel Credit work? I'd be wanting to use it within the next few months. Can you use it straight away or do you have to wait until you've held the card for a certain period of time?

    • +1

      Same, I use it for everything. Except the fruit shop

    • They used to be banned from many places due to higher fee but since the gov put a hard limit on that many payment processing company treats them indifferently now? (Now I can see they differ domestic / international card only) haven't seen many places with big no amex sign for a while

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