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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black: 120,000 Bonus Qantas Points + $200 Cash Back ($3000 Spend in First 3 Months) $425 Annual Fee @ ANZ


Doing my annual cycle of credit cards and noticed that the ANZ FF Black is running their popular 120k points + $200 cashback promo.

I'm sure there'll be comments about not being able to fly anywhere but $225 for 120k points is still a good deal imo (can always be used on the qantas store, worth about $600 in giftcards).

Personally I'll just be accumulating the points for when I can travel.

ANZ FF Platinum also has a promo of 75k FF points/$295 annual fee/$150 cash back if your income is less than $75k, but you might be better off applying for this deal unless FF points are important to you.

Ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold or an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months and meet all other offer eligibility criteria

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  • How much is 120k worth in gift cards?

    • Circa:
      $661 in David Jones/TCN
      $640 in JB
      $607 in woolies

      • Thanks!

        • But don't forget you still need to pay an equivalent value of an economy flight in taxes and surcharges to get the business seat..and even then you have to be on the ball 300+ days in advance.

          Don't get me wrong, I love points for flight redemptions. But don't believe for a second its as easy as applying for this card then booking a business seat. Especially via Dubai or the US.

          • @tunzafun001: What sucks to is Emirates First Class bookings are no longer possible through QFF.

            The second issue is no guarantee that the airlines aren't going to hike up the redemption rates too once international travel resumes….

            • @stewy: Emirates confirms partner airlines to lose first class reward bookings

              Emirates can confirm that starting from 1 April 2021, First Class Rewards will be exclusively available to Emirates Skywards members as well as members of select strategic airline partners that offer mutual benefits to our customers.

              A Qantas spokesperson has told Executive Traveller that Emirates' revised arrangement doesn’t apply to Qantas Frequent Flyers, who "will still have access to first class reward seats."

              Unless there has been more recent news refuting this, it appears QFFers are "members of select strategic airline partners" with access to EK F reward seats.

              • @itstoocheapnottobuy: Thanks, I had missed that clarification. Earlier reports I saw looked like QFF was losing it.

                Glad to hear it though!

                I missed out on my first class redemption back in April due to COVID!

    • Gift cards range from:

      • Jetstar voucher at 181 points = $1
      • to Universal MasterCard at 268 points = $1

      The best non-flight purchase available on the Qantas store is a charitible donation at 116 points = $1:

      2021-01-02 - Qantas Store Item Values

      • The best non-flight purchase available on the Qantas store is a charitible donation at 116 points = $1

        Just thought about this. Why would anyone ever do this, when you wouldn't be able to claim it on tax. Deceased estate, maybe.

        • someone with leftover points, too. Say they just have 500 from a random flight, or cos they were international and get free membership, took a single flight etc.
          I did this with my asia miles when they were expiring, bit of a donation and some cruddy power adaptor.

  • Good to bank the points

  • Signed up to this deal on 29/12 and got approved on 30/12

  • Tried to sign before and got rejected. ANZ seems to not like salary sacrifice

    • ANZ is absolutely ridiculous anytime there's salary sacrifice, unpaid leave or any kind of deductions. They seem to look at ONLY the year to date figure, after tax and deductions. Not even worth the credit file lookup

      • Not sure why you got negged but I also have issues with ANZ. I got jerked around from needing to show no payslips being an existing customer, to 2 pay slips, to 7 pay slips. One customer service member is clueless to what another does.

        There offshore service centres aren’t good to deal with either.

        • Agreed. They're absolutely horrible. ANZ doesn't even bother trying to hire those with reasonable English fluency or a 2-digit IQ.

          They don't follow up whatsoever, everything is on you to chase, and every time you send a payslip they get so unbelievably confused, they seem to think that 1% annual "pay rise" is because I'm laundering money or something. Painfully frustrating.

          I cancelled my application because that's who you'll be dealing with if anything goes wrong, and that kind of incompetency can ruin lives.

      • ANZ is a mess of a bank. Only ones that had me go into the brick and mortar to set up the CC. They also did to my friend what they did to gamemaster. He had to provide them with 12 total payslips before they approved this deal. But he banks with them. He has a home loan with them. Never missed a payment and has a (profanity) of savings. Weird shit.

    • I agree. There is a workaround if you're topping up super - you can lodge a Notice of intent to claim a deduction for super by submitting this form.

      I top up my super to the concessional super limit and it doesn't affect my salary figure. Basically, you top up your super from your after-tax salary and you can claim a deduction on your tax return provided you've done everything correctly.

    • I was recently rejected and I think its due to large mortgage even though we have a massive offset attached to it. Doesn't seem like they take into account the offset.

      • I have a mortgage too (Not sure if it would be classified as large? that's debatable but it's definitely serviceable by me). I got a card with NAB when the loan was larger and the offset account was smaller.

  • Is there a minimum income criteria? I cannot locate it if there is one?

  • Waiting for cash back to go back to $275, similar to the deal posted couple of months ago…

  • Don't know how I can spend another 3k in 3months when I have already spent 4k in the past 2 months.

  • They rejected my application even though had very high credit score, and absolutely great income and savings. This is the same bank who often sent me many auto emails to increase my credit limit on my current credit cards. They took 2 weeks to decide my application and lady wanted 32 pay slips. No emails are returned for any question to might have. There is no phone support due to "corona virus"

    • Always had similar issues with ANZ, they wanted 6 months of payslips and once provided never processed my application… Received an email 3 months later saying my application was closed because I didn't provide requested documents.

      When I phoned they kept saying they thought I was receiving jobkeeper and requested I showed I wasn't… I work full time for a government employer; my employer isn't even eligible for jobkeeper.

      Never had this issue with other banks (never even had any request over 4 payslips before). Honestly isn't worth the credit file lookup applying for ANZ imo.

    • same experience here and almost the same situation. I had the same card two years ago, and was recently rejected. The cards team member was impossible to hear and eventually hung up on me after I tried to ask why it was declined despite the high credit score and current financial situation. No issues with Westpac, NAB or AMEX.

    • For those that have commented that ANZ gave them the run around and then canned their application for no legitimate reason, do you happen to be serial credit card cyclers for bonus points etc? Just wondering if this is ANZ's way of showing distain towards those who practice this, without specifically saying so?

      • Serial churner here (probably 12 cards in the last 12months, and about 3-4 years of doing this on an increasing basis)… No issue with this application. Even when holding ANZ rewards platinum only held for 3 weeks when applied for the black FF + cancelling another STG card an hour before this application to reduce credit limits.

        Must be other factors at play to reject applications as I expected a rejection, but alas - my FF is on the way.

        • Excellent, thanks for an alternative view. I've done time with anz before, so was worried perhaps the churning history may have triggered them… Glad to hear you're still succeeding.

        • Hi donbot,

          We've just recently started to use the credit cards for the bonus points/vouchers.

          From your experience, could you please tell us what purchases won't fall into the category 'fees' for the purpose of accruing the required spent limit? For example,

          council fees (for land and house)
          water bills
          energy bills
          car rego and insurance
          school fees
          membership fees (e.g. ebay, gym, basketball club fees)


      • Why would you assume that? Not at all. This was my first ever application for rewards card

        • I didn't assume, I asked. Was wondering if they might be using this as a tactic to discourage people who churn cards, of which there are quite a few people on here that do so it's notable info for the group. Good(?) to hear that you don't fit into this category and still got the run around though. Thanks.

    • They send you unsolicited emails to increase your credit limit on existing cards? This is illegal… I’d be reporting this to ASIC.

  • If I currently own another ANZ Credit Card (Frequent Flyer Platinum), can I cancel my Platinum card and apply for this new Black one and still be eligible for the deal?

    I was already planning to cancel my credit card this year, but would stick with ANZ if I can get this new one.

  • As the owner of a ANZ FF Black card be prepared to deal with absolute incompetent buffoons and the worst application process of any bank if you want to apply for this. If you end up getting it easily, consider yourself fortunate (at the time I applied it was $275 back, and I only ended up getting approved after getting help from someone at a branch to push it through after they admitted the cards team were difficult to deal with).

    • I suppose I was lucky. Applied (Nov 20), provided requested payslips and was approved within a week, cards arrived shortly after. Qantas points received 3 weeks later after I spent the required $3000 in first week. $200 cash back then received after about 5 weeks.. So whilst I think ANZ are crap for other reasons, in this case all was easy and went as good as it could.

      • Yeah I'm glad you didn't have trouble mate - as you can see from the comments here, that seems to be the exception. BTW re the $275 cashback for me, I had to chase them up to provide it after waiting a full 3 months and getting nothing….

      • I guess I’m lucky as well based on all the comments here. I’ve never had an issue with ANZ. I applied for this card on the 2nd and submitted payslips on the same day. I just got an email and text saying that I’m approved today. 1 business day approval with no follow up ranks it amongst the quickest approvals I’ve received.

        Have churned through this card about 4 times in the past, but credit rating of 850 might’ve helped.

  • I think my biggest problem with ANZ cards is the process of disputing transactions. They're just useless…

  • ANZ is the most incompetent bank, tried to apply for this earlier in the year when we couldn't visit branches in person. I told them the hours I could be contactable and it seems they always made an effort to contact me outside of those hours. This went on for several weeks where they just could not call me at the right time then they withdrew my application.

    This time I finally got it approved but when they sent me the text message to confirm approval, they had mixed up the names and called me by another name not even resembling my own.

  • Negging due to issue with retailer… Mods remove neg if not allowed, but from memory a major issue with the seller is a valid reason to neg.

    I've had many cards with different banks though only ever had issues with ANZ. I think people need to be aware of these kinda issues (seems others have had similar experiences too)

    Spent around 10+ hours gathering different documents to meet rediculious requests, only for application to be closed without explanation…. Tanked a credit lookup with no benefits…

    In the first instance I provided 6 fortnightly payslips and a print out of my shares portfolio (ANZ requires evidence for any savings). Heard nothing for about a month.

    Phoned and got told they needed a statement for the shares, rather than the printout. Provided a statement as requested. Heard nothing for about 1-2 weeks. (Never had to provide evidence of savings at other banks but provided it anyway)

    Phoned and got told they needed further payslips, apparently 6 months of payslips - not 6 payslips. Provided as requested. Heard nothing for about a week.

    Phoned and got told they thought I'm receiving jobkeeper which can't be counted as income for the purpose of my application (as it could end suddenly). Explained I worked in the public sector and my employer wouldn't even be eligible for jobkeeper…. None the less, provided a signed letterhead from payroll stating they're not receiving it. Heard nothing again for about 2 weeks.

    Phoned yet again, this time they were concerned about a week of unpaid leave about 6 months ago… They wanted confirmation it was a once off and not recurring (ie confirmation I've returned to full pay). Provided another letterhead from payroll.

    Heard nothing for a few more months and essentially gave up… Received an email after about 3 months stating they've closed my application as I didn't provide requested documents. They never requested any.

    They've said I can reopen application at anytime, but with another credit file lookup…

    For reference:
    Excellent credit score (ie 800+ Experian)
    Over double income requirement
    Full time stable employment

    • Applied, rejected, called, approved, card arrived 4 days later. Sucks you had a poor experience, seems to be a deal if you get approved though.

      • It's average if approved, but negging so people are aware of the hassle they'll likely go through.

        Best case appears to be 1-2 phone calls for approval - no one has yet mentioned approval without any issues.

        • One or two calls for a deal isn't going to kill anyone. We are ozb, we are willing to work for deals to make or save money…. This is a credit card Afterall

          • @onlinepred: That's if accepted. There's still a very high chance you'll get knocked back after all the effort.

            Note my first application a few years ago went straight through, was only when it was obvious I flip cards for the points that they stuffed me around a lot.

        • I agree with username456, they are absolutely terrible to deal with and always a hassle. It's worth knowing that you might end up with a credit check for no return. For me the card is worth the hassle, mostly, but I always end up yelling at the incompetent buffoons who ask stupid questions like "have you paid your tax bill?" when it's due in a month and the cash is sitting there. They are useless.

          • @cynicor: Yeah had similar to that too. Declared owing about $1,000 on other cards, they wanted to analyse absolutely all of my savings for it… Statements for shares, all my savings accounts, etc. The $1,000 was just other cards which weren't yet charging interest… Had over $60,000 in savings and shares to go against it… Was absolutely ridiculous.

            Would understand if my application was very tight, but I earn over double the income requirement with essentially no liabilities.

    • Just for contrast (Westpac):

      • Applied Westpac about Westpac 7 days ago.

      • Provided 2 payslips in application (also had the option to login to bank accounts for auto approval)

      • Received a phone call 3 days ago (missed it)

      • Received an automated email with number, phoned back when convenient to me and provided info

      • Application approved today.

      Call was simply to confirm employment start date (I recently changed jobs though with the same employer). Was a <5 minute call. They mentioned it was simply because the YTD figure looked off with the other staff date)

  • Is it a valid strat to collect the points through these offers and then switch to a different credit card when the next offer is out?

  • Is there a way I can avoid paying the annual fee if I cancel within 12 months of having the card?

  • Am on about my 8th round of documents for this application now. They're asking for things I can't even provide, for example a letter of closure for a card that has details on it that the other bank has no interest in providing to me. Sounds like I've wasted a credit enquiry like others above.

    • Honestly think it's their tactic. My first application went through without an issue, but that was when I only had a single other card (which was still open).

      Now my file shows 7+ cards I've flipped for points, they seem a little more difficult to deal with… (note my credit score is surely not the issue, still in the perfect category)

    • This is fairly standard, depending on which credit agency they use there are often old credit cards still showing as open because the relevant bank has delayed reporting the account as closed.

      • That part is standard, but the part where they don't accept a letter from that bank showing that the account is closed is the issue. So they're then forced to consider it as part of the application, when it doesn't exist.

  • If you are adding it as part of the package for home loan is it easier? Obviously you won't get the points

  • When cycling your cards, how long do you typically wait after closing a CC before applying for another one?

    • As soon as I have a closure letter from the last card. Don't wait for your credit file to update, that takes months. Just take the letter/notice/statement from the closed account and give it to the bank you apply with next.

    • Don't wait at all if it's a different bank.

  • I applied for this one last year was only slight hassle of having to close an old card I didn't even know was still open.
    Applied for the ANZ rewards one last month, approved in 2 days.
    Guess I've been luckier than others.

  • Does anyone happen to know the ins and outs of eligibility of getting the QFF points…

    If I added my partner as a secondary card holder on my current ANZ credit card but took her off it recently, would she be eligible for the bonus QFF points if she signed up to this card?

  • It seems that holding the ANZ Travel Adventures card doesn't exclude you from this deal, unlike the deal for the ANZ Rewards Platinum Credit Card last month.

  • I guess I'm one of the lucky ones - provided the usual 3 payslips and that was it. My income isn't all that high although I guess what helped was that I only had 1 other credit card open with a low limit.

  • Thanks Op I'll apply one

  • From past experiences fellas, how long does it take for ANZ to give out the bonus points once the spending conditions are met?

    • shows up at the next statement cut after meeting the minimum spend. eg if you met the spend within a week of activating the card, should be credited at the end of the first statement (3 weeks later)

  • Negging for the similar reasons to Username456.

    Applied few months back and declined despite having excellent credit history and meeting income requirements. They had to come back to me several times and asked me for supporting documents several times throughout the process.

    When they did the serviceability assessments over the phone they told me that "with all the info I provided my serviceability meets the requirements", but had to verify my payslips. Sent my payslips in, and then declined me on the basis that the figures I provided was based on gross income and they use net figures so my income levels ended up becoming lower.

    I asked for reconsideration and to go through the numbers in detail again and then they poked into my mortgage with another bank and questioned why my monthly repayments appeared low for the remaining principal left, I said it's because the loan is in a joint account with my partner and I've only included half the repayments. So ran through the calcs again over the phone and said yep all good, I can service it but ended up getting declined in the end for some stupid reasons.

    Seems to me they were really just making up the rules as they go and doing their best to prevent me from getting the card (which I had in 2017 when my income was much lower). Complete waste of time.

    • Yeah they're rediculious to deal with. It almost felt like applying for a visa or something where the onus is on you to prove your case, it's stupid. Every other bank I've dealt with has been more than happy to assist throughout the process and usually makes it very simple and easy.

  • Along with many others in this thread, i got declined from ANZ.
    Have used 3 other banks credit cards just fine
    Going to avoid ANZ now