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Partner Offer: 100,000 Qantas Points + $200 Back with The Qantas AmEx Ultimate Card ($450 Annual Fee)


Last day to apply for this offer is Tuesday 2nd February 2021

For a limited time, American Express is offering an increased sign-on bonus of 100,000 bonus Qantas Points plus $200 back with the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card (new Card members only).

This offer is exclusive to American Express Partners (this includes us!). It isn’t available if you go to Amex directly or use a referral link.

To receive the 100,000 Qantas Points, you must apply through our Partner link by 2 February 2021, be approved and spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from approval.

Qantas American Express Ultimate inclusions:
* 100,000 bonus Qantas Points
* $200 back to your Card
* $450 Qantas Travel Credit
* Two Qantas Lounge invites each membership year
* Earn up to 2.25 Qantas Points per $1 (uncapped)
* Complimentary Qantas Wine Premium Membership (valued at $99)
* Exclusive Amex entertainment and lifestyle offers
* Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible

Need to know:
* $450 annual fee
* Offer only available via Amex Partner link (that's us)
Spend criteria, T&Cs apply
* Apply by 2 Feb 2021

This offer is available to new Card Members only. This means you must not have held a Card issued directly by American Express Australia in the last 18 months. Previous and existing bank-issued American Express Card Members (Cards issued by Australia New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation) are eligible.

Reminder: This offer isn’t available via the public American Express website or via a referral link. You must apply via our Amex Partner link. We may receive a small commission if you are approved for this offer.

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    • I've had a lot more places not accept it in the last year, to the point I'm considering ditching it (and all regular use credit cards) in the future.

      Its current primary use is for supermarkets, PayPal, and some direct debits.

  • Easy to cancel?

    • +1

      Yeah its a law that they have to have online cancel system.

  • How far could you fly on 100,000 points? (assuming pandemic over)

    • That would get you four return flights from Melbourne to Brisbane, a return flight to Hong Kong, or most of a return flight to London.

  • how long does the travel credit last?

    • +1

      1 year from your anniversary date (the date you're charged for the annual fee)

  • Do the ATO payments incur a surcharge?
    anyone else use it for BAS/income tax payments?

    • +2

      A great service called Sniip takes ATO payments with the full Amex rate with a 1.5% surcharge (1.5% surcharge also on MC/VISA). Simply enter your BPAY number and you're in. This is compared to 1.45% AMEX surcharge when paying it direct on the ATO website but you only get 0.5 points.

      • thanks for the tip!

      • Waiting to hear if this is the new Platypus scam

  • +1

    $450 annual fee kills the deal

    • +1

      But you are getting $450 travel credit each year?

    • +2

      You get $200 back here which makes it $250, plus $450 travel credit which means you're up $200 provided you use the travel credit of course

  • +1

    Does the $450 travel credit expire if I don't use this in the next 2 years?

  • +1

    Been eying off Amex card deals for a while. Finally jumped on-board.

  • How does this compare with the ANZ frequent flyer black which is posted here —> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/595539?

    I see that the Amex deal does not provide Qantas FF membership and you need to pay separately to become a QFF member ( which costs separately ) in order to avail the points ?

    Does the ANZ FF black provide the QFF membership ?

  • +3

    It's possible to obtain QFF membership free in so many different ways, so not really something that you need to factor in with a card. There's a long-running OzB deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/352785

    • Thanks !

      Would still like to compare this with ANZ black FF as ANZ is Visa and accepted everywhere. Also comes with 120k points vs 100k.

  • Any minimum credit limit needed ?

  • Sorry a bit new to the credit card industry but can you get the card, spend $3k, get the Qantas Point and cancel it before the annual fee comes in? If yes:

    1) Do you still get the $450 travel credit? I am guessing you wouldn't get $200 back as you haven't paid anything to start with.

    2) How long does it take for the Qantas points to come through?

    3) At what point does $450 get deducted from the card? First month, 12th month?

    Any help is appreciated :)

    • +2

      No, annual fee comes in first statement (first month)

      Assuming you hold the card for 11 months
      1) You get the travel credit as soon as the first month (after you pay the first month's statement that includes the $450 annual fee), then you also get -$200 statement credit, effectively the annual fee will become $250
      Travel credit expires in one year (anniversary of your card, so.. when the second annual fee comes)

      2) The statement that you hit 3K spend (and pay it off), AMEX credits it pretty fast

      3) First month statement

      Hope that helps!

  • I can't remember if it has been 18 months since I've closed my last Amex card. How do I go about checking?

    • Call them up and ask.

    • +2

      They also send out an email, the title of it reads: "Your Credit Card Account has been cancelled" you can use this to search your inbox.

  • +1

    Can you use the travel credit on hotels instead of flights?

    I suspect Amex offer this good deal knowing full well that a certain % of applicants won’t use the $450 due to covid concerns if it can only be used for flights.

    • I personally hold this card, and my Qantas travel credit was automatically extended. Late last year, I also received an email, advising that the credit had been expanded to include spend on other Qantas products - goods at the Qantas Store, Qantas Hotels and Qantas Wine which made it much easier to use it up. There is no suggestion that the credit available to new cardholders who are approved under this deal will offer the same flexibility (the current deal wording makes it clear that the credit can be used for flights). However, Qantas and Amex have certainly been working on making key card benefits more usable in the midst of Covid.

      • Wait so you can use the 450 to buy gift cards at the Qantas store? That makes this a much better deal for me if so!

        • +1

          The offer was only sent to selected existing cardholders, I believe. As mentioned above the current offer wording states that the Qantas travel credit is for use on flights, so unfortunately there is no guarantee that new cardholders can access this flexibility.

          • @adelee: my 2020 credit expires end of march - waiting to see what happens before then - not been near the airport since Feb!

          • @adelee: @adelee: Fair enough, thanks for clarification

  • Does anyone know if you can book using your travel credit within the anniversary period, for a date outside of the anniversary period? E.g. If $450 credit is expiring on 10 Jan 2022, can you book on 9 January 2022 for a trip in June 2022?

    • Whilst I don't know for certain, I'm pretty sure you can. Just as ANZ Travel Rewards free flights could be booked in one anniversary to be used in the following year.

    • +1

      I believe you can book at the limit of the Qantas timetable which used to be 353 days (pre-COVID). Last time I redeemed my flight credit, the $450 for the subsequent year appeared a few days before my card anniversary, making it easy to book flights to a value of $900. Prior to this welcome change I booked one flight using the expiring credit, and another the next day when the anniversary ticked over.

  • The travel credit is for airfare only, wish it could be used for accomodation just like explorer card

  • I had AMEX David Jones card in last 18 months, am I still ok to get bonus points? Heard David Jones and normal AMEX card are separated actually.

    • Yep you can, if you have or have had Amex DJ card, you can still get the bonus under another Amex.

  • Mind you, the $450 travel credit can only be spent within a year and only on Qantas flights booked through the American Express Travel website. I ended up paying up to 100% more for a flight just to use up the credit.

    • -1

      Incorrect. Not just Qantas Flights.

      • -1

        @Dont Care could you point me to any document saying that?

        According to https://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/qantas-ultim...

        Receive a $450 Qantas Travel Credit to use on eligible domestic or international Qantas flights each year when booked through American Express Travel.

        From my experience this is automatically enforced on the Amex Travel website.

  • Can I use the travel voucher to buy a plane ticket for my girlfriend, if the credit card is in my name only?

  • Interesting, got approved for the card even though i put down unemployed.

    • Is that possible lol, didn't you have to submit payslips or income documentation?

    • umm irresponsible lending?

    • Wtf how is that possible.

    • Lol, lucky you! I got rejected, $120k full-time for the past 7 years with same employer, no mortagages/car loans etc, one other credit card with $2k limit and $0 owing.

      I only applied for $6k limit too. Phone support couldn't help either. Bummer, was looking forward to using the travel voucher to attend an interstate wedding.

      • Wow did you not get any pay rise/promotions in the 7 years with the same company :P

      • Now this looks very arbitrary…

  • Edit: turned out it was a Westpac issued amex ( not obvious from the email trails). Called to confirm and all good.

    What happens if I apply not realising I had a card within the last 18 months? (just checked history, and it was cancelled in August 2019, seemed longer ago!)

    • You probably won't get the bonus points if you apply and have had a card within the last 18 months.

      • You still get the bonus if you have or have held the Westpac Amex card

  • I have a question for people who have been approved: Can you start using the card as soon as you have been approved for online purchases? Or do you have to wait to receive the physical card first?

    • I have a question for people who have been approved: Can you start using the card as soon as you have been approved for online purchases? Or do you have to wait to receive the physical card first?

      How do you.. know what your card number is without receiving it?

      • +1

        Some banks like Westpac give you your card number and a temporary CVV straight after approval in their app.

    • +1

      I got approved and there is no option to get a virtual card first. Think this is only available to US customers.

      • Thanks for the info!

  • -1

    $3000 of liabilities…

    • You don't spend money?

      • -1

        In saying that, $3000 is a bit too excessive at this stage..

        • ah right, well kudos if you have living expenses of < $1000 a month :D

          • @points4life: I was thinking of taking me and my wife’s rego off quarterly and paying out the year. That’ll get me up to about $1800 in one hit.

          • @points4life: Yeah, I spent a bit more than I should over Christmas and all the costly bills have been paid haha

  • Am I eligible if within the last 18 months I've been issued a corporate AMEX card via my employer?

    • Corporate AMEX is different to AMEX, it doesnt count towards the eligibility. I have a Corp AMEX as well.. still get the bonus points :)

  • Can anyone comment on how flight prices on Amex website compare to normal prices on Qantas ? Is there usually a big mark-up?

    • $318 melb to bris one way in June

    • Mark up is not significant, but you can not use any special offers and you can not use your Qantas points. Also, as with any travel agency, their support sucks.

  • Thanks OP, applied and got approved today

  • How quickly has people received their card in the mail? My application was approved on Monday (4/1) but still haven't received it yet!

  • any tried to purchase qantas carbon offsets for cents to get lounge invitation?

  • For current holders with their annual fee coming up, are they any other AMEX cards worth considering?

  • Applied under the earlier deal and received my card yesterday. Might be struggling to meet the $3k spend when still not widely accepted vs Visa/Mastercard or comes with high processing fee that negates savings?

    Has anyone recently paid rego to Vicroads with Amex? Received renewal notice but can't see option for Postbillpay? Website only accepts Visa/Mastercard.

    • +1

      How long did it take you to receive the card after approval?

      My last Vicroads renewal also had no option for Postbillpay, so you can't use the Amex for it unless you use a service like Sniip (1.5% fee) which isn't terrible if you're struggling.

      • Took a week to arrive, (no) thanks AusPost!

        Yeah just discovered about Sniip as received an offer from Amex- will probably use it to pay a few bills just to meet the min spend.

  • Applied for this card last night and uploaded the payslip. This morning I received an email stating that I was approved. Now I have to figure out on how to spend $3K in 3 months to get the qff points and cash back.

  • Anyone else have issues after applying?

    I applied on the 7th, uploaded Payslips, signed employment contract, only to have the an email sent every couple of days asking for the exact same documentation. Called through several times with several different excuses given for the delay.

  • Too easy, thanks 😊

  • Does paying bills like insurance and car rego count for the minimum spend?


  • Fastest approval process ever!

    Applied last night and got approved this afternoon after final verification with AMEX rep over the phone.

  • I currently hold a Coles credit card with a 2k limit (lowest). Would this significantly affect my chances of getting approved? Would only apply for the lowest credit limit and definitely meet minimum income required.

    • +2

      Should be fine. I had another 6k limit card and still got approved for the Amex.

  • Red Energy, Iman/Nab health insurance and Paypal all support linking an Amex card, btw.

  • Also, write down and create a reminder for your Amex account activation date!
    You get a Qantas travel credit once per anniversary year, but the Amex website will not tell you anywhere when your anniversary is.

    • +1

      When I log into the Amex Travel website it tells me the exact date my Qantas credit expires under my name.

      • Oh, maybe it only shows it while you have travel credit then. I just double checked and it doesn't tell me.

  • So this was the easiest application ever! Didn't have to prove income and said I already had $21k in credit cards. Only applied for the minimum $3k limit though

    • credit checks give them more information now though, don't they?

      • I have no idea. Would a credit check be able to verify my income?

        • probably not income but definitely if you have any loans/lines of credits, any kind of defaults and all that jazz. Of course, if you have a good history and a good credit score, this is taken into account.

          That being said, it was a very seamless application process as well without needing to provide payslips or proof of over income streams.

  • +2

    This was the easiest application ever! Applied for 15k limit, got fully approved on sumbit (took only 2-3 minutes to submit online application), didn't have to submit any document, not even my income proof.. Never ever before I have been approved so quick and without submitting any income proof…

  • applied, thanks.

  • Well that was weird got my first decline. They sent a letter and not an email, looking at the letter head it was the same date as application.

    Looks like an auto decline.

    I have excellent credit. This was my 2nd time applying, my last time was 3-4 years ago, with closeure just over 2 years ago

  • Received my card in 6 business days after application submit.. Most places I tried to use this card in last couple of days don't accept Amex, even Aldi don't accept it where we do most of our grocery shopping.. Most of our insurance companies don't accept it, kids school care don't accept it.. Looks like I'm going to have tough time spending 3k in the first 3 months.. I don't have any other credit card, looks like I'll need to get some other Visa/Mastercard credit card as well..

  • Anyone know about eligibility where the card was bank issued? I had a Westpac Altitude Black card until August 2019, 17 months ago, which came with an Amex companion card at the time. Amex used to count bank companion cards separately, but this was after the RBA changes on interchange fees that caused most banks to stop issuing companion cards, and so it was more Amex issued than Westpac issued - e.g. I received separate Amex statements for the Amex card, rather than a single combined statement.