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21% off Ultra Thin Condoms: 3 Pack $3.91, 6 Pack $7.07, 12 Pack $10.23 (Free Shipping) @ Sokkie


It's the 1st hump day of 2021 so let's kick the year off with a BANG! :)

Protect your sexual pleasure with Sokkie condoms – Australia’s new-age sexual health brand. Our discreet 3 pack makes it easy to pocket and bring safety with you anywhere, anytime, any-fun.

Get 21% off our 3, 6 and 12 packs. Prices include free shipping.

This sale will come and go quickly. For one hump day only - 6 Jan 2021.

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  • +12

    Yeah but do you have ultra small?

    • Is that what she said? :)

      • +11

        That's not how you use that quote

  • +2

    $3.91 is decent to last the whole new decade.

    • +2

      These expire in Aug 2025 so half the decade, at least? :)

      • +7

        Hmm thats decent. Even if I have to throw all 3 out in 2025, better to be safe than sorry.

        • 2021 hope for the best, better to have some near by

    • +2

      gee, someone is a player

  • +10

    I'm not wasting $3.91 on something that won't be used

    • +3

      You'll regret saying that when you hear about the new COVID-19 rules ;-)
      Cheating during Lockdown article

      • Funny conclusion they draw. This reads like an ad for ashley madison

        • +2

          Most of what's in are paid PR articles in some form

          • @taoz: I remember hearing something along those lines

            • @belongsinforums: You can tell with most of them. So many articles.paid by lobby groups, companies etc.
              Today obvious one. Timtams
              Been lots of one's recently mentioning onlyfans also, seemingly everyday someone is joining it and thats news….

    • LOL

  • +1

    I'm going to be forever single. So gonna have to pass this deal.

    • +28

      Username does not check out…

      • +1

        username refers to free codes

        • User name refers to username taken during sign up

  • It’s an upvote from me because at least some people out there are getting some hahaha

  • +26

    Buy them. Use them. Carry them around.

    Surely not in that order?

    • +8

      some of us are proud for doing the sex

    • +6

      Marketing didn’t approve “Buy them. Carry them around. Use them.” Just doesn’t sound as good. On the other hand, “Slip, Slop, Slap” campaigns are in the works ;)

  • 4-9 days for free shipping. Guess I better sign up for some apps…

  • -1

    Pair them up with some edible underwear

  • +3

    I just came here for the comments!

    • +27

      You came too soon

  • Where are these manufactured?

    • Malaysia, where most of the world’s latex condoms are manufactured

  • Pretty expensive for protected roots

    • +9

      You know what's more expensive? Kids

      • I do know but pretty expensive brand and I've never heard of

  • +2

    seen too many of these, the jokes have dried up. Just like….

  • +1

    Condoms are for pussies…..

    Take that as you will 😄

  • -1

    This sale will come cum and go quickly


  • 3 pack makes it easy to pocket and bring safety with you

    There are OzBargainer studs who need to carry that many? :P

  • +3

    Guaranteed mood setter and deal sealer:
    "I got these from Oz Bargain"

  • Durex Fetherlite is cheaper at woolworths 30pack for $15

  • +1

    Withdrawal technique is a cheaper option.

    • +3

      Yes if you withdraw enough you won’t see anyone. Also known as hermitting.

    • +1

      yeah right up until it doesnt work and you have a child thats gonna cost you for the next 18yrs
      oh and a case of the herps :P

    • gamers RISE UP

  • how does it compare to japanese 0.01mm

    • can some ozbargain chad please weigh in on this?

  • word of advice, if you want to re-use them don't wash them with soap — it breaks the latex down.

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