This was posted 1 year 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Pre Order] MSI Radeon RX 6800 XT 16GB Graphics Card $1069 + Delivery/Pickup @ Harvey Norman


MSI Reference card. Don't expect it to be delivered within next 30-45 days. I'm guessing end of February or March. Still a great price that you cant find anywhere else.

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            • @Mick83: thanks. This is an AU group right?

              Do they also cover CPUs?

    • How did you cancel with HN? Options for communication seem limited :/

      • Facebook messenger

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    if anyone is after 6800 reference cards now, PCCG just got stock!

    • I rather wait and pay a little bit more and get the XT version.

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      1k for non xt version, ppl pls wait

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    Copped thanks OP

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    I had a 3080 order with HN last year - zero communication, zero idea of when it was coming. Went through Computer Alliance and got it in 3 weeks. It was a nightmare trying to cancel and communicate with HN online - no phone number, they do everything through whatsapp and take 24 hours to respond to a message.

    • Yeah I have heard about 3080 delays with them. No one should buy this if they need a card in next 2 months. But this is a great deal for the people who are happy to wait

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    I decided to pull the trigger and preorder. I don't want a reference board but I can cancel if I find it available somewhere else before it ships. I'm a bit miffed about not having the option to pick up. No store has stock except Auburn so they can't be selected for pick up, but it's a preorder.. no store is supposed to have stock, including Auburn. They should still have given the option to have it delivered to the store of your choice. $18 to ship is a bit expensive.

    Also, it's rumored that GPUs are going up in price due to supply shortages and demand from mining.

    • Tariff exemption for GPUs has now ended in USA too, so if they decide to reflect their new pricing globally we'll also see price hikes.

      • who is charging the tariffs and on which country? US or AUS? Or rather, who is paying the tariffs?

          • @reloxation: Those tariffs apply to US residents only.

            if they're smart, the cards ship directly from place of manufacturer to country of purchase, instead of from POM -> US -> AU. Then we bypass US tariffs.

            • @lostn: Obviously. What I'm saying is that if they can hike prices over there, they may increase them here too to have "globally consistent pricing" while taking higher margins on sales here.

              EDIT: While still shipping them from POM straight to AU

              • @reloxation: yes, you're most likely right. We'll all pay the tariffs, and they'll pocket the difference. And there will be nothing anyone can do because they'll still sell out instantly.

                • @lostn: Exactly. Not a great situation, but what can you do. Anyways, have a good one

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    bought 100 hope mining market still steady that time

    • cyka bliet

  • I,ve ordered a 3080 at harvery Norman and i waited for 2 and a half months, i still couldn't get my card and i cancelled preorder… They seem unclear about their stock anyway so you don't know how long you'll wait

  • Is this the sign that price is about to come down?

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      good joke.

      Prices will come down when they can be freely purchased in a store. When they no longer sell out (supply > demand) then you get discounts. As long as demand outstrips supply, you have to pay at minimum RRP.

    • No its a sign that price is going to go up.

    • I don't recall amds cards ever losing value, even Vegas are still pricey, they must mine OK
      The 3080s and nvidia will go down as they are around 30% over rrp

      • Crypto mining is going to keep the prices up for probably months. Look at the used market over the past week has sky rocketed in price for cards with over 4gb vram. You need over 4gb to mine.

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          Sweet, gonna sell my 1080ti well

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            @botchie: Yeah I've got a 1080ti strix that I'm going to sell too. What price are you going to put on yours. Pm me.

  • This card will knock your socks off, surely a deal.

  • HN claims that their supplier will no longer stock this item or be able to supply it.

    • Where do they claim this?
      I have spoken to a couple of CSR's and they are waiting for the supplier to give them an ETA, nothing about them not stocking it.

      • I asked my HN manager friend to ask supplier.
        Hope I am wrong.
        The 3x 3080's HN has online are apparently 9 to 11weeks away.
        Dunno what to do.
        Hope this 6800 XT still comes through and my sources are wrong.

        • Well, I 'd trust a HN Manager more than a CSR so my doubts about ever getting this card are growing…
          If I manage to get a well priced Nitro+ I'll cancel this.

    • Contacted them through livechat this morning and they said no ETA can be given at this point.
      Nothing about unable to fulfill or cancellations.

  • They are now out of stock, so they must have known what number of cards they are getting. Hopefully not to long till they are shipped.

    • Nooooo I was umming and uhhing about putting an order in (bought an NCase M1 but haven't planned out the rest of the components, but this would have been great). Dammit!

      • Damn, although there seems to be more and more stock popping up over the last few weeks hopefully you can get a good deal somewhere

      • I ordered on the 9th and they were already out of stock then if that makes you feel any better.

        • That does make feel tremendously better haha. So did they let orders go through and then cancel (as the HN page only went available yesterday)?

          • @Kotchi: Yep I ordered twice and an hour after I ordered both times they sent back an automated generic email saying 'your order has not been accepted'.

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    I guess this was one of the most sensible buys if you weren't looking to fork out hundreds of dollars for customised cards with 2% increased performance?

    Contacted support and they claim to fulfill all orders that have been made, but they still don't have an ETA. Sounds dodgy af but I guess worst case scenario everyone gets their money back and no card.

    And from seeing how sh*t things are going for the AMD6800, 6800XT, RTX3080, 3080Ti (postponed), it doesn't feel like this 'retailers turning into scalpers' situation is clearing up anytime soon…

    Hopefully I'm wrong and a better offer pops up before these get shipped.

    • Thanks for this comment it was helpful.

  • Hey guys, does anyone got anything on the pre-orders of this card from Harvey Norman? I pre-ordered mine on the 9th of last month and still haven't gotten a hint of an ETA and I'm afraid that my card will get sold out to someone else because of a such a short supply, or am I secure since my pre-order went through?

    • I don't know myself, but you could try speaking to HN live chat

    • Or give your order to me you lucky SOB

      • lmao, you can have my 750 ti when I, maybe… probably won't be getting the 6800 XT.

        • Fingers crossed. So mad I wasn't actively looking to buy a 6800xt when this came out. I just want a reference 6800xt for under 1100. All you can get is AIBs for like 1500+

          • @knobbs: Sapphire and Powercolor are under $1400, but still too expensive…

            I'm also in this HN queue, but don't expect to get until May, or at all…

            • @Hellcrusher2903: May? :(

              Live chat couldn't give me an ETA the other day.

              Was hoping OP's guess of end of Feb or March would be close.

              Do you feel it could be as late as May?

            • @Hellcrusher2903: I feel like May might be a bit too far, maybe March. AMD is realising new reference cards in Q1 of 2021 so hopefully HN can fulfill our orders by then.

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                @FitzyWitz: Just my guess. There's no sign that other retailers are taking orders for the ref cards, not even PLE. It's also CNY soon which menas production will be on haul for around a month. AMD did announce that they're reopening the production line for ref cards back in Dec, but they didn't specify it was for AU. At least in AU, all the ref cards are manufactured by AIB partners. There is very little incentive for them to make the ref models as profit margin is extremely low. That's why there're so little ref cards around in AU. But yeah, I too hope HN will fulfill our orders soon.

    • I asked a Harvey Norman rep on Facebook Messenger if there's a chance my order won't be fulfilled and they replied with "It will be fulfilled, we just do not know when stock will arrive unfortunately".

      I'd say if you have received a confirmation of your order you are secured, unless the supplier runs into issues.

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    Let's keep this comment section alive if anyone gets a call from Harvey Norman or knows any updates on the ETA post it here. Thanks.

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      Yeah, I'll try to come back with any updates I get. No ETA still but if I do get it, I'll inform people.

      • Yep I ordered this card back in Jan as well, I'll let people know if my order gets filled as well.
        But after March I may look elsewhere.

        • If you do end up giving up on hardly normal send me a PM please.

        • Where else will you look ? Today's pricing is significantly more expensive than this deal !

          • @Nom: Stick with my RTX 2070, the Amd rx 6700 and Nvidia 3060 options are a joke.

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          At this rate we’ll get this card when the next generation is announced

  • I honestly wouldn't be surprised that Harvey Norman overshot on how much stock they could get and are now just silently waiting on customers to cancel their pre-orders so they won't get in trouble for not holding up their end of the sale because it's been well over a damn month now. Has anyone got anything from Harvey Norman??

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    I got in contact with Harvey Norman again, still no ETA. However, the worker I was talking to told me with her own personal experience, the supplier they're in cooperation with is rather reliable. So, take that information as you wish guys.

    • Hmm good to know, thanks for sharing

    • +2

      Did she sounded genuine ? or did she just say just to get rid off you?

      Can you describe the tone on the way she said it ?
      she sounded professional and genuine?
      Or did she sound unprofessional with a alcaholic crack junkie voice?

      • +1

        I wish there was an up vote for funny.

      • the rather reliable supplier is the Australian's AMD distributer called Tec****a.

        FYI all Australian computer store who sells AMD CPU and reference AMD GPU get stock from them.

        Reliable? Yes.
        Stock? No.

        • Tec****a

          Tech Data ?

        • How do you know this ?

          • @CheapOjoe: been working in one of the large computer store before. All AMD CPU and AMD reference card should be coming from them. what makes people think HN can get stock when every other computer store can't?

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    I'm losing more and more hope that any of us will get our cards. I've been in contact with Harvey Norman again and they still have nothing.

    The only information they gave me is that the reason why pre-orders went up at all was because their knowledge was:

    "suppliers had stock allocations to take up for the next shipment but there aren't any ETAs for these".

    I mean, it's obvious we paid for nothing since we have nothing, it's just stupid to even put up pre-orders when they had NO stock and just wanting to get orders in without anything solid to stand on.

    They also told me that customers that pre-ordered a 3070 or a 3080 have been waiting since last year…

    The "customer support specialist" gave herself the nickname of "Queen Bee 💅🐝" so now I have a sense of the level of professionalism Harvey Norman has….

    • +1

      On the other hand, when you eventually get the card you only paid $1K and they're now priced at $1500 at other sellers who also don't have any stock 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • +1

        Ref cards are pretty much non-existent.

        Kinda glad I pulled the trigger on a Red Devil 6800xt for $1399 back in Jan, even though it was $1249 two weeks before my purchase. Who would imagine these "MSRPs" would only continue to increase 🤦‍♂️. The same card goes for $1699 now….

        Still holding onto my HN pre-order though.

    • That's not good.

      • +1

        Nothing will come back to normal until probably next year where supply can finally meet up with demand.

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    So, I've been wondering about the legalities about this, holding our money for only god knows how long. Shouldn't the product been on backorder not pre-order?

    A pre-order is for the item that has not been released till now and will be released in the future or after some time. Backorder is an item that was once in stock, but currently out of stock and will be available in future.

    Stock wasn't available in January, otherwise they would have stock, but they didn't have anything and the specifically told us that they don't have an ETA and to pay for the card but we paid for something that has been out of stock for a while even before the pre-orders went up right? And they surely would of known about supply issues with current global shortages amongst other things.

    We paid to join a virtual queue, correct? "Coming Soon! Pre-order with payment today to join the virtual queue and be the first to know when an ETA is confirmed. You’ll receive a call as soon as your order is being prepared." as they said in the email sent to you if you were able to put your pre-order in. Wouldn't a queue also have indications that even for the people that did pre-order it would be still whoever was the firsts to act get their card in the queue so we may not all get our order in anyway or am I wrong on this?

    They had to be joking when they told us it will be coming soon, we're all coming up on three months, they knew, their supplier even knew that there was no stock. As I said before the customer support specialist told me "suppliers had stock allocations to take up for the next shipment but there aren't any ETAs for these". Three months is a joke and if they continue to hold our money for even another two months they should of given us all refunds if they cannot supply us with the products within a reasonable time frame.

    According to the ACCC for non-delivery & services:

    "When a business accepts your payment for products or services they must supply them to you within the time frame they have indicated or if no time was specified, within a reasonable time.

    Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must not accept payment for products or services if:

    they do not intend to supply them
    they intend to supply materially different products or services

    This part of the law is not intended to cover businesses who genuinely try to meet supply agreements, for example, if:

    the failure to supply was due to something beyond their control, including the act or omission by another person
    they exercised due diligence and took reasonable precautions."

    They know, or should have known, they would not be able to supply the products or services within the time frame indicated or if no time frame was provided, within a reasonable time.

    Arguably, they might stick to the part that things were out of their control but if that was so, they shouldn't of open up pre-orders for non-existent cards knowing of the extreme supply issues that was happening well before the pre-orders went up in early January and they would of known, surely would of known about the issues prior to the backorders/ pre-orders.

    Honestly, as I said beforehand, I wouldn't be surprised that Harvey Norman overshot on how much stock they could get and are now just silently waiting on customers to cancel their pre-orders so they won't get in trouble for not holding up their end of the sale. Or, they just simply wanted to fill up another list of potential shipments to get your money first and making you wait and wait and wait because they know there's a very minor chance of you cancelling your order because there's nothing out there that's in stock or if so, the prices would be HEAVILY inflated.

    • +2

      I pre-orderd on the 7th of January and all I have is complete silence from Harvey Norman. I agree the way Harvey Norman is handling this this pre-orders is wrong some might even say illegal, I'm not happy at Harvey but I won't be cancelling my pre-order. Not yet. This is the very last time Harvey will get any money from me ever again.

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    I've already a got refund, it looks like it's going to 3 to 4 quarters from what I'm reading from GPU chip manufactures until cards are in stock at normal retail pricing.

    • How long was it until you got your refund back?

      • Pretty quick about a day.
        I brought a 6900xt for 2k, used the HN money and selling my RTX 2070 to weather the damage. I should come out even.
        It is what it is.

    • How did you go about cancelling your order and getting a refund? Harvey Norman isn't particularly good with customer communication, I don't damn know who to contact lmao.

      • You go to your order and use the live chat

        • Thanks mate

  • +1

    I might cancel myself, a relative of mine is possibly buying a pre-built with an ASUS 6800XT inside, I can possibly buy it off him and give him a RX 580 in replacement as well since he doesn't need the XT. He doesn't game that much anyway lol.

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    Yeah sorry gamers, I'm cancelling my order too, buying a RX 6800 XT ASUS TUF for the same from a relative. Sorry for the guys still waiting on the card and I hope things will improve for you guys in the near future.

    • I'll be cancelling my order soon too.

      Got a Red Devil 6800XT 2 months ago for $1399 so don't really need this order now.

      The extra $300 is well worth over this Hardly Normal perpetual pre-order…

  • +4

    At this point, even if they fulfill the order, I'll be reticent to buy from their store again. It's about the complete lack of a **** given. No communication. Certainly no updates and from where I'm standing, no remorse.

    No company should be able to put up false preorders, then simply hope for the best.

    • This experience has left a disgusting taste in my mouth towards Harvey Norman, the way they handle this is very unorganised and unprofessional. They will never see not even $1 from me or my family ever again.

      • you all know all will be forgiven when the cards arrive & now you'll be able to flip these [if you wanted too or already have another card] for an instant profit of about $500 - $600 on top of the price we paid.

  • +1

    Asked for a refund a week ago, I still have nothing from them, they sure love to take your money then take forever to f***ing give it back to you. It was supposed to take up to 72 hours, wtf??? Like, I even asked online support and they just said sorry for delays and told me just wait a bit longer for the store to cancel it…

    • Let us know when you get it back

      • I finally got the refund a week ago, forgot to tell you guys, but still took a damn week to even get the refund apparently the store didn't receive a refund request so the guy I talked to on the phone about refunding my order didn't do his damn job…

        I'll be getting a RX 6800 XT ASUS TUF edition next week for the same price though, thank goodness.

        • I guess that's what they want people to do… cancel. All orders / stock not fulfilled from the pre-orders will be sold at a much higher price.

          Crazy to be cancelling now, unless you really need the money.

  • +1

    What bothers me the most is that in the pre order page it said "ETA coming soon" and after pre-order they send a email saying "ETA coming soon" someone needs to tell Harvey Norman what the definition of "coming soon" is.

    Its been 3 months my guess is that many cancellation requests are happening right about now.

  • Looks like HN are refunding all pre-orders they opened for the 5600x. Not looking good for us considering there hasn't even been a mention of reference cards coming to any store in Aus in months. HN definitely acting illegally taking orders that they have no capability of fulfilling, but I guess its an easy way to get a free six or seven digit loan for 3 months or so.

    • Where did you hear this from? I just picked up my 5600x preorder from HN.

      • Yep that was bad info on my part. They did actually partially fulfil their pre-orders and then refunded those people they didn't fulfil. Not sure what proportion of orders were fulfilled though. How quickly did you place your pre-order once it opened?

  • +2

    Any updates from anyone

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