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[Pre Order] MSI Radeon RX 6800 XT 16GB Graphics Card $1069 + Delivery/Pickup @ Harvey Norman


MSI Reference card. Don't expect it to be delivered within next 30-45 days. I'm guessing end of February or March. Still a great price that you cant find anywhere else.

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    Sorry but RRP and an unknown ETA pre order is not really a bargain.

    • According to price hipster it only went up yesterday so likely they will be getting some stock soon. But in saying that I ordered a Galax 3080 on 12 Dec and I’m still waiting with no eta.

      • +15

        Good luck to anyone who wants to pre order PC hardware with Hardly Normal, maybe you'll get it in a week or a month or perhaps a year. But it's still not really a bargain just because they started listing it at RRP on their site. If it were "in stock" i'd be more excited… :P

        • Can rewards has 3% cashback on HN. Does that count?

          Also agreed if in stock, then Def a + from me

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      Deal says "great price that you cant find anywhere else" find me somewhere else that let you preorder for "RRP"

      • +14

        Don't take it personally, more stores listing 6800XT is good news.

        But it's still not bargain worthy IMO, especially as you cant actually get this in your hands and it's simply RRP. Lots of PC stores list the 6800XT for RRP and dont have stock either.

        • +10

          For someone will be a Good Bargain, i think

          Because you CANT find anywhere to preorder at this price even without ETA

          This is just same thing like PS5 deal yesterday from good guys

        • but they don't allow you to preorder it, so you have to check back every day in the hope you catch the 2 minute window when they are actually in stock.

          RRP is the new bargain, inflated prices is the new RRP.

        • -2

          Waiting for your reputable "PC store" link for RRP 6800XT

          • -1

            @InternetExplorer: I asked Skramit for link when he is claiming " Lots of PC stores list the 6800XT for RRP" and all I get is negs for that. wtf

            • +2

              @InternetExplorer: I didn't neg you but I'll explain their reasoning. Traditionally this community is not impressed by RRP deals unless it's an Apple product ("this should be in the forums"). Combine this with the fact that the RRP of the card is $649 USD which is $831 AUD. Add 10% GST and you're looking at $914. That's about $173 in ozzie tax for the privilege of living in the arse end of the world.

              But it's been a strange year and perspectives are in need of change given how hard it is to buy anything anymore even at RRP.

              RRP has become the new bargain. Jacked up prices are the new RRP. An actual bargain on tech products might be a thing of the past until the world returns to normal which could take years.

              • @lostn: "Official" RRP, from AMD themselves, is $1049 (
                The US RRP's mean nothing in Australia as we are just willing to pay more (as it was determined in a Parliament enquiry a few years back involving Apple, Microsoft and Adobe).

                • @not4us: i'm aware that's the official AU price. I'm talking about US pricing for the same item.

                  We normally pay more for the same thing (aussie tax). How much more depends on the manufacturer. When they charge a lot more, that's when we get pissed off.

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    Amazed a store like Harvey Norman is selling PC hardware like GPUs

    • +4

      They've done it before for really popular stuff if they think they can make money out of it.

      Back in the 90s I'm pretty sure they were selling the 3DFX Voodoo series graphics cards.

    • for huge shortages like this, its worth it to them to bulk buy for cheap cuz they know it will sell. And there's no cheaper price than RRP so no chance of a price match loss.

      OTherwise, HN don't do pc parts cuz they don't sell well at the usual inflated prices they sell since everyone price matches it with better pc retailers, they always have to price match below cost.

    • I don't know how many are aware many many moons ago, Officeworks used to sell computer hardware from CPUs to GPUs before they found out they were losing money and got out.

      • There's a reason none of the big PC retailers do price matching. If OW wanted to keep that, they had to drop the ineffective departments.

        Shit, Megabuy comes to mind but they really became absolutely useless when their price match excluded sales.

        Like wtf is even the point when you exclude sales???

  • Will this fit into Asus Z390 plus gaming wifi ?

    • +5

      what do you mean "fit"? Thats just a motherboard.

      • I mean't to say is this gpu compatible with asus z390 plus gaming wifi as i don't have much knowledfe about gpus

        Thanks in advance

        • Yes it is.

        • +2

          FYI - Any mainstream consumer graphic card released in the last decade or two will be compatible with any mainstream consumer motherboard released in the last decade or two.

          • @zonfierre: This… but might not be able to take full advantage of the card due to other bottlenecks, but you would know this if you are spending 1k on a gfx card

    • It depends on your RGB levels, if RGB>10 probably not

    • +1

      you should be checking if your case has enough space (check the length of the card (~325mm versus the space in the case), and whether you have a strong enough power supply (650-700w or more)

  • is it cancellable if a better deal is found elsewhere by then? I hate prepayment with no ETA.

    The only place I can select for click n collect is Auburn NSW. That's the wrong state for one. The only other option is $18 delivery.

  • I'm confused now, are they continuing production of reference models? I thought they stopped it…

  • +6

    So pay 1k1 but has no clue when we are going to get it…

  • +9

    how to get $50k-$100k (conservative guess) from consumers without any actual products.

    nice job

    • Waiting for "what to do with 100k?" /thread, post

      • well. probably 10k of that is profit - without an actual product.

      • +1

        Conservative: into their loan offset at ~3%pa.
        Aggressive: buy a few bitcoins.

  • Shame about the no ETA but otherwise a very good price/performance card given the current situation.

    • +4

      I called for eta but they couldn't provide it, last time I bough from them wan 1080ti just before the price went up, took them 2 months to deliver but by the time I got it the card was $300 more expansive everywhere else so I didn't mind

  • Where's my Red Devil at??

      • +1

        Can't order 😢

    • That's what I want to buy. Guess I'll be waiting a couple of months though and I funny thing is they will probably have a refresh of these cards by the time you can actually buy them. Lol

      • the refresh will be just as hard to get a hold of. This cycle will repeat forever.

  • Quick question. Please forgive my ignorance.
    What are the advantages of the higher end 6800xt's ($1350-$1600) that would justify paying 30-50% more than this reference design card? Obviously they will not provide anywhere even close to a 30-50% performance boost, so why would people stump up so much extra cash?

    • +1

      overclocked a little, fans might be quieter or temps could be cooler. The board might look nicer with more LEDs and logos. Reference cards are intended to look plain.

      • Seems like a hell of a price increase for that. $100 I could understand but $200-$500 seems crazy!

        • It’s like 7% increase for 20% price.

    • +4

      Coz gamerz gotta game and are somehow rich and don't give a shite about that peasant thing called 'money'.

      • +1

        Curse my peasant brain!

    • +2

      It's aesthetics, people are willing to pay a lot for that, for example, sleeved psu cables are generally upwards of $100 and provide no performance gain lol

    • For 6800x, there is no difference at all. in terms of performance, thermal, power consumption etc.

    • Mostly noise and looks

      Reference cards are quiet plain by design, PC players now buiding colour coded rigs with big glass windows will pay a premium for a nicer looking card.

      Thermals are generally better as they have a different cooling setup 2 fan or 3 fan or just better design fans.
      Reference cards historically were very loud as they just crank the fan to manage heat.

      Some manufacturers may also package the card in different lengths making it suitable for small form factor builds.

    • Inpatient and fear of missing out.

      There is no good reason, the performance increase right now is absolutely NOT worth price-wise.

    • because people play benchmark more than games. They are satisfied by seeing 5 more FPS rather than playing a real game

  • +4

    I think you should update the post to add +$18 delivery, unless you live near Auburn NSW because that's the only place you can pickup from.

  • Just buy a card that is in stock now, and crypto mine with it to offset the cost, you may not be 100% better off money wise, but at least you get to enjoy a card now

    3060 ti is the ideal card, great hash rate and relatively cheap so when the gpu you want is available, you shouldn't make a loss selling it, also great gaming performance as well

    • I just started with my 3070 on Eth and am only getting 50 MH/S at best… I think it's a profit of like $5 a day? This all seems too slow.

      • 3070 and 3060 ti has the same hash rate, 50 sounds about right for stock settings, to get 60 you need to overclock your memory to about 7800-8000, also downclock the core to be more power efficient

      • I think it's a profit of like $5 a day? This all seems too slow.

        So $1825 a year then? A profit. The more you buy, the more you make.

        • It wouldn't be that much, since he's consuming a lot more energy than necessary, need to some tweaking if you mine

          • @ln28909: get cheap solar with a rebate from the gummint

            • @lostn: You don't understand my point, there's just a lot of room for improvement with a few slider moves

    • Just buy bitcoin directly without mining, better returns lol

      • Youre speculating if buying directly, mining has less risk

  • wait… HN does pc parts now???

  • Since when did Harvey Norman sell computer parts?

    • +1

      somebody said above they sell anything that they can make money out of. perhaps in future we’ll see rice / pastas and tp deals from HN

  • How long are we talking about here 1 month , 2 months, 3 months , 6 months ?

    • +1

      Reports of their 3080 preorders taking 1-2 months, but who knows.

      This is the only version of the 6800 they have listed, and they only just put it up, so they must have some stock on the way.

  • For those worried about these cards, they are very silent and draw less power to 3080
    Perfect card for 1440p, for higher you should go 3080 or if you want full rtx go nvidia as well
    Also if you buy this card on 60 months interest free you get $50 Harvey Norman gift card…. You can always just pay off the card asap and still get it
    So after all this plus a promo they were runing last month where you get $100 if you spend over $1000 on the card, you can say I bough this card for close to $900

    • i am confused how to apply for the 60month, i can see it working, but how do you apply for it?
      So i am buy online, add cart, check out, whats next?

      • You need to have go mastercard, when you proceed to payment there will be a drop down menu you chose from
        Not on first proceed to payment option but 2nd I think

    • Just read up on the harvey norman 60 months interest free with the $50 voucher.

      A $25.00 Establishment Fee applies to new approved applicants. Account Service fee of $5.95 per month applies.

      So if you pay it off in the first month, there is still a minimum of 30.95, and who knows what other fees…

      • That’s if you apply for go MasterCard now, I already had it so I don’t pay that

    • So after all this plus a promo they were runing last month where you get $100 if you spend over $1000 on the card

      Is this still available?

      • You might want to check with them, it might be …to end of January but I am no rep

  • +2

    I have the MSI 6800 reference card and highly recommend it if anyone is thinking of pre-ordering it with HN

  • Need some more opinions on this VS RTX 3080. I'm planning on putting this in a custom loop so hopefully that'll match/beat the non-reference cards and I'm gaming at 3440x1440 on ozb's favourite monitor ;)

    How much of a difference does VRAM make, especially in the long term? I normally keep my gpus for 3 to 4 years+ as hand-me-downs. Would the 16GB matter a lot VS the 10GB?

    In terms of features, the only thing really swaying me to green team is Ray tracing - but that becomes mute if the 10GB's strangles the card, reducing performance more. DLSS is kinda meh? I heard draw distance tanks a bit + I think AMDs raw horse power can kind of bridge the gap in terms of performance and 'pure' image quality. Happy to hear any thoughts about this - not locked in anyways since we won't be seeing either cards for a long while :)

    • +1

      From what I read at 1440p this is a better card, 3080 only beats it at 4k with rtx on and games like control and cyberpunk that are not tuned to it
      I would think when amd gets their drivers updated in few months this will be a much better card, just in time for you to get it

      • +1

        I think driver optimization will come pretty rapidly.
        AMD managed to get there cards in both consoles so we will see a lot of new games optimised for the RDNA2 architecture.

        Undoubtedly Nvidia has got amazing software at the moment, but the physical hardware will become more important in a years time when they have solved all the software bugs.

    • i can't comment on 10GB vs 16GB but even nvidia acknowledges 10GB is not ideal. They are coming out with 3080S and 3080Ti which will have more VRAM. 3080 is just an appetizer that nvidia thought would be more than enough to crush AMD who will be no competition. Now they realize they have to quickly rush out the actually good cards that can beat them.

      Ray tracing is only worth using in conjunction with DLSS. At native res, the performance hit you take does not justify the better reflections and shadows of RT.

  • Right now they are very similar, Rtx 3080 might be slightly better right now because of its software features but 3 years from now Rx 6800 xt will always come out on top with newer titles compared to rtx 3080 10gb because of that 16 GB ram

    • On pure rasterization performance, they're about even however ampere is second gen ray tracing whereas this is first gen RT for RDNA2. NVIDIA has DLSS as well which greatly improves RT performance in supported games, which is quite limited for now. AMD is working on an equivalent, but not much info on how that will look (rumours are that it doesn't use AI like DLSS).

      So imo it comes down to RT - if this is really important to you then go an ampere card, if not then consider RDNA2. This is the first time I've owned an AMD GPU since the early 2000s and I'm really impressed with the 6800 reference card. I am using a 9.5L SFF case and target 1440p, which is why I specifically chose this card - it's 2 slot and runs cool and quiet, has one of the best performance per watt ratios, and the 16GB vRAM will help in future titles.

      • What case are you running?

        • formd t1

          • @balders: Club member here. Now waiting for this final piece of my puzzle.

    • Dont think so, this thing is bad at 4k, and only at 4k where you would need so much vram that 10gb maybe insufficient so kinda a catch 22

  • +2

    Finally I've got this! Order placed. Bought some gift cards and got myself a little 5% save. Better than nothing😜 And of course, thanks OP!

  • I had an order placed with them for this, then a card came in stock at pccasegear which I managed to get, HN cancelled my pre-order without issue

    • what card did you get at PCCG?

      • Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 XT Nitro+ 16GB

        I'm on a discord group that auto posts when stock becomes available

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