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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered, Graphite, Size B $1690 + $80 Delivery/Pickup in Sydney @ Living Edge


Been eyeing these for a while trying to find a reasonable deal. Not as good as it has been in the past but considering the last decent price on these was from 2017 i bit the bullet and ordered one

If you plan on getting delivery however you can order from https://www.sitbackandrelax.com.au/aeron-chair-by-herman-mil... instead and delivery ends up a bit cheaper.

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            • @SardineHead: Cool. Just know it won't give any upper back support. Always good to try it first but I know that might not be an option.

          • @SardineHead: I believe this is the regular posture-fit (no the SL i.e. sacral lumbar version) - if the knob is on the right hand side of the chair under the chair towards the back.

            Nah the horizontal bar thing is ancient and I hate it (some people seem to like it for some weird reason).

    • I had lower back pain for two years.

      This chair used to help and so did applying heat.


      This chair is quite cheap but it was not in Bangalore so I got it shipped from Hyderabad (600km distance).

      The other thing was a lower support back belt https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00I0RQKZ4/ . This was like AUD 10 and cured me in 15 days flat! I guess all I needed was something to immobilise my back to heal it.

    • So do you still have back pain? What are you trying to do to get rid of it if all these expensive chairs have not worked?

      • Its good now.

        A good chair + stretching + standing desk whenever possible has basically fixed it to the extent I am not constantly thinking about my back being sore. Some days I do notice it though and will have to stretch a bit.

        Note I am at my desk much longer than the average joe so that's definitely a factor.

        • I do minimum 8 hours at a desk sitting since WFH orders happened for COVID. Absolutely destroying my back on my old officeworks chair and makeshift desk. Back was not good before then anyway!

    • which was best bangs per buck ?

      • I would say best bang for buck was the ergohuman, as my biggest pain was in the lumbar region.

    • Oooeer, I love that I can get some real feedback finally!!
      I've been battling lower back pain for a while, probably started when I took a serious fall in outdoor netball, and then strained it again playing squash. Since those 2 events, it's never felt right. Back then I was on a DXRacer as well and that stupid lumbar cushion I think made things way worse as it over protruded my lumbar.

      About 2 years ago I upgraded to a HM Mirra 1 with mesh back (it was used though), it was pretty good early, but really since covid, I started to notice a lot more issues. Lower back flared up again and more recently my hammies have been sore & tight.

      I think I might be better suited now towards a padded seat so I'm looking at the leap? But reading your feedback seems like for lower back, I might be better suited toward the ErgoHuman. How did you find the 2 compare?

      • +1


        I found the leap and ergohuman elite to be both very good chairs, but suited to different audiences.

        Hammies: Please refer to this comment I made for someone else dealing with thigh pain. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596464#comment-9918817

        Lower back:

        I generally suggest the Ergohuman for people with lower back pain. As you can see in this picture https://www.gainsville.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Erg... the spring there (the big black spring pushing into the lumbar) does a great job of applying constant pressure into your lower back. On the other hand, the Mirra and Steelcase really on the shape of the chair's back being changed (and increased stiffness in the lower back area of the chair) to provide lumbar support. I personally prefer the Ergohuman lumbar support. I also don't find myself trying to constantly have to change the lumbar setting (as I would on the Mirra) with the Ergohuman, as the spring does all the work.

        Regarding more padding: Note that there is a Leather version of the Ergohuman that has padding and not a mesh seat. The Steelcase is comfy but doesn't have a HUGE amount of padding. You can kind of see in this picture: https://www.btod.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/leap-se...
        Its decent but not overly thick if that's what you are after.

        In my opinion, based on the back pain I had myself, the Ergohuman helped more for my lower back then the Steelcase Leap did.
        Maybe a leather Ergohuman (assuming sweaty back/bottom is not an issue for you if you are somewhere very hot) might be a good compromise for you between lumbar support and a thicker base. However, the steelcase material is definitely softer than the leather of the ergohuman.

        I keep a leap in my house as I really like sitting cross legged especially when its cold. It doesn't have a hard plastic rim on the seat base holding the cushion in place, so it allows sitting cross legged whereas the mesh chairs aren't as friendly in this regard.

        • Dude, thank you for such a detailed reply!!
          I did read your comment earlier re. hammies & thighs, btw that link isn't working. I will say I've played with the mirra's seat length, but found the issues persisted.

          Just on the leather ergo's, did you notice more / less support with the leather back too and how did you find the seat comfort vs the leap?

          I don't have issues with heat generally, so that's not a problem, I do have a c*** cat with sharp claws and fur problems, so leather might be good for fur issues, but maybe bad for scratching :P

          • +1

            @GuniGuGu: Np!

            Which link isn't working? They seem to be showing up on my computer.

            "Just on the leather ergo's, did you notice more / less support with the leather back too and how did you find the seat comfort vs the leap?"

            So the leather ergo vs the mesh ergo have quite different designs in terms of the back.
            Behind the leather, there is a hard plastic panel supporting / holding the leather in place. You can see what I mean here https://img.zcdn.com.au/lf/50/hash/37569/18593045/4/Ergohuma...
            So its basically a stiff/farm back.

            In comparison, the mesh ergohuman doesn't have this hard panel. Its just got mesh. So your back sinks into the mesh more.
            So for upper back pain, the ergohuman (or most mesh chairs with a few exceptions such as the Posture fit SL version Aeron) aren't that great, as there is nothing really supporting your back and your back just sinks into the chairs.

            Seat comfort - the leap is definitely more comfortable as its like a foamy type base with a fabricy covering. Its much softer.
            The leather ergo is more firm in comparison, which is understandable as its made from a leather cover with cushioning underneath.

            I prefer the leaps seat in terms of comfort.

            Haha yes, I do get quite worried this leather may eventually tear.
            I believe its genuine leather and not that PU leather look alike material though, so will probably gold up better over time (cats excluded).

            • @fd9: Thank you again! I've spent a lot of time looking / researching chairs, so really appreciate your time and thoughts here.

              re. link: (sorry, wasn't clear) was referencing the link in your earlier reply about pan depth: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596464#comment-9918817
              It went to a google sheet I'm presuming?

              Last questions:
              How did you find the lower lumbar support on the ergo with leather vs mesh?
              Outside of heat, is there a reason you'd recommend the mesh over leather?
              Do you rate the headrest also? I've found more recently my neck getting sore.. might be an issue of the mirra1's protruding upper back brackets causing me to lean forward.

              Also thoughts on mirra 1 vs Aeron? Wondering if the Aeron would offer a decent upgrade in lower back support at all with posture fit or lumbar support? (do you have thoughts on which is better btw)?

              • +1

                @GuniGuGu: Oh right. It was just a basic picture showing how the seat pan can go in or out like thie https://www.posturite.co.uk/media/help-advice/seat-depth.gif

                "How did you find the lower lumbar support on the ergo with leather vs mesh?"
                The lower lumbar seems almost the same on leather vs mesh. Maybe leather is slightly firmer due to the plastic backing, but I didnt notice any difference until you asked me about it.

                "Outside of heat, is there a reason you'd recommend the mesh over leather?"
                I just like crossing my legs when sitting. The mesh doesn't allow this as its quite a coarse mesh (not fine as the mirrra) and it leaves mesh marks on your ankles. Its not really comfy. I also got the subconscious feeling the pressure points on the bones in the ankles may not be as great for the longvity of the mesh (but this may not be true). In any case, its just more comfortable sitting cross legged with the leather.

                The leather provides greater UPPER back support due to the hard plastic back behind the leather.

                "Do you rate the headrest also? I've found more recently my neck getting sore.. might be an issue of the mirra1's protruding upper back brackets causing me to lean forward."

                Headrest is good but my head is almost never on it. Its only supporting your neck and head if you are leaning your head back, and this isn't a natural position for me as my head usually isn't touching the head rest. Its GREAT when you are lounging backwards but that's about it for me. I dont find it useful when doing any serious work.

                "Also thoughts on mirra 1 vs Aeron?"

                Aeron remastered with Posturefit SL is miles ahead of the Mirra. Its in a different league.
                Classic (old) Aeron isn't that great in my opinion.
                Some people on the net say they find the Mirras better than Aerons. Each to their own I guess.

                I found the Mirra stood out for upper back support. In particular the Mirra 2 with the butterfly back.
                It felt as if there was something pushing into my upper back, and made my upper back feel supported and hence less back pain after a day of sitting.

                However, the Posture Fit SL (Sacral Lumbar) is also great for both lower and upper back support. The previous Aeron lumbar supports including the original posture-fit only apply for lower lumbar support.

  • +6

    are people actually paying $1690 (discounted!!!) for a chair!?

    what planet am i on.

    • +9

      The thing is:
      1. If you have back pain that stopping your work - any $ is acceptable.
      2. Its got a 12 year warranty. But I've seen them go for 2 decades and more.

      Edit : these chairs aren't guaranteed to cure your back pain - and should definitely be sat on before buying to ensure it has support where you need it.

    • +7

      I have probably already spent more than that on physio & treatment due to sitting on a chair for 10+ hours a day for the past 10 years so yes it's worth it if it will save you the pain in later years

    • These chair doesn't fix back pain. Only good thing about this chairs would be good after sales service and fully adjustable. So if you got a $200 chair that fits you best, $1690 chair is waste of $$. These chairs perfect for office environment as it suits most. Some reason, ozb love this chair.

    • ur on the money planet

    • not what planet, what suburb are you on.

  • +3

    If you are looking at this HM chair, you should seriously consider the Steelcase Leap V2.

    It can be had here for $1038 https://ninetwofive.com.au/product/steelcase-leap-chair-blac...
    About what I paid in March 2020 as this was all starting.

    Crazy comfortable, and I've used a HM Aeron for a couple of years too at work.

    The amount of adjustment is awesome!

  • Good chair for sitting upright?
    Is there any lean?

    • It has a knob which allows you to adjust it to 3 (if I recall correctly, someone who currently owns one can confirm) lean settings. I.e. 3 positions where the back locks in.

      • Yeah although so does this chair they say - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596365
        But still has that lean even it it's upmost upright position I wonder if this is the same or not

        • Oh. I think I understand what you are asking now.
          During my period of owning it, I felt it was good sitting upright.
          Further - its a mesh back - so your back does sink into it a bit - negating any lean.

          Anyway, try before you buy.

          • @fd9: Will try,


            • @Godric: I personally don't see or feel a lean either forward or backward when it's in neutral.

              There's a little bit of give backwards in the most upright position if you lock it to 0 reclining but there's enough resistance that you generally won't engage the "give" if you're sitting straight.

              • @pg88: Thank you appreciate the feedback,

                Unfortunately I'm terribly picky with chairs particularly when at this price point,

                I need to get my butt on one in Melbourne somewhere to try it

                • @Godric: Haha at this price point you'd be crazy if you weren't picky! Definitely give it a try. There's a few places that stock them around Melb.

                • @Godric: I just realised - not sure if you are aware or not but some models have the forward tilt function (it goes beyond vertical) which may interest you. I never ever have once felt inclined to use it though ….

                  • @fd9: Oh okay cheers, sounds like you'd be sliding out of the chair with a forward tilt unless its there to help counter that slight lean back

    • Yeh make sure you get the forward seat angle option. If you like sitting upright don't get an ergohuman.

  • As someone with chronic neck and shoulder pain (but not back pain), I find it a bit strange that a $1690 chair doesn't have a neck rest. Is that common with high end chairs? Do the ergonomics somehow alleviate strain on the neck as well?

    • You can get a few different third party head rests if you wanted, im still a bit snuffed you need to take this route if you want one but the option is available if you need

    • +1

      I had a neck rest on my ergohuman. It was good for when lounging around and stuff. But when actually doing work I wouldn't find my head that far back to be supported by the neck rest. In the upright position, the neck rest is only touching your neck and not supporting it anyway. You need to be leaning backwards slightly for your neck to be supported by it.

      There is an option expensive 200 dollar neck attachment for the Aeron from other sellers though.

      "Do the ergonomics somehow alleviate strain on the neck as well?"

      I don't believe they do. I guess some marketer will tell you a good positioned back will translate to a good positioned neck since the muscles in your neck connect to your back or something. But I don't know.

    • Herman Miller do not use headrests as they generally promote a poor posture. Regardless, I have 2 embody's and for some reason, you don't feel like you need a headrest.

  • +4

    I read through the post and try to figure out why I should buy a $1700 chair and I came to the conclusion.

    work out more, eat healthily and save the backpain, so I can save $1700 when I get old

    • +1

      Spoken like a true Ozbargainer

    • +3

      good luck with that

  • +2

    Gamers Nexus' recent "don't buy a gaming chair" video suggested I'd likely be disappointed on first sitting in an Aeron and wonder what all the fuss is about, but that after a longer period invested in trying it out and adjusting it, that might turn into "ah, now I get it". Not cheap to find out whether that'd be the case, though.

    Main thing I took away is first impressions can be quite misleading when it comes to chairs, making the value of testing in store for a few minutes questionable, and the return/exchange policy particularly important, but I don't see any sort of satisfaction guarantee or trial period from Living Edge, and the store's policy is simply "choose carefully as refunds are not provided for change of mind or incorrect selection". The other store mentioned in the deal, Sit Back & Relax, "offers a 30 day full refund policy if for any reason you are not completely happy with your chair", although it excludes shipping.

  • +3

    I bought this two days ago and received it today. Didn't think it was cheap enough to post on ozbargain but turns out I probably should have given the interest in this post.

    Personal takeaways - have used this chair before in some work settings (too pleb to have this as my daily chair) and found it very comfortable.

    In the true spirit of an OzBargainer I had a long look around to see if I could get something that represented better value. Pretty much all the chairs I looked at have been mentioned in the posts above. Don't think you could go wrong with any of them but personally I liked the feel of the Aeron out of them all. I find that it just feels solid, supportive and secure with the way I sit - key takeaway is just try it first!

    I contemplated second hand Aeron but having been burnt a few times with dodgy goods and with chairs floating around 500-1000 I didn't want to have the headache of picking up an expensive problem… with the increased hours WFH, tax deductions and lifespan of the chair I figured I'd just bite the bullet on a new one.

    • +2

      Thanks for the insight!

    • Should say I feel like I'm a "neutral" sitter if that helps anyone.

      Generally try to have my feet planted
      Don't cross my legs or have them on the chair
      Might recline a little but I don't really lean forward or back
      Also have an extendable tray to my keyboard and mouse so reach isn't an issue

      • How do you feel about feet rests? With my current crappy DX Racer i have a slightly elevated foot rest. Honestly im not sure ergonomically speaking if its good to use but i dont know what sort of position the Aeron would place my feet?

        • +1

          No expert in this field but I feel that when my feet aren't planted I tend to take more load in my lower back leaving that tight after sitting for too long.

          Because there's no cushioning on the Aeron, I was positioned lower relative to my monitors than before. Fortunately I could just lower everything to suit, but if it was the other way around I'd definitely invest in some sort of footrest.

  • I got one during their demo clearance day for $900 about 5/6 years ago. Was the non remastered version but had all the upgrades (leather armrests, alloy legs etc). Still works like a charm.

  • +1

    I was in the market for a chair in June last year. I ended up buying the Steelcase and then winning an Aeron. So, I had both at my desk and ended up deciding to keep the Steelcase. I found it more comfortable, especially when the adjustable arms. I sit at my desk all day.

  • +1

    Ordered 3 days ago and received today.

    BTW, SitbackAndRelax only ships HM products within NSW.

  • +1

    Fantastic chairs. Got myself one almost a year ago.

    Super comfortable for me sitting for long spells. I also love the tilt feature.

    Only downside is having to sit on a crap chair at work.

  • I bought this chair yesterday after trying it on at Living Edge in Hawthorn. I'll agree with what people are saying that when you sit on it, don't expect to be blown away or anything like that. It was definitely comfortable - I just didn't feel like I was sitting on a cloud. I mainly chose it based on its warranty, quality of materials and pedigree.

    Just something to add: I also tried some of the Ergohuman chairs and although I found em comfortable they were wayyy too small for me (I'm 6"5). The headrest cut into my lower neck/shoulder. I'd say they if you're above average height, look elsewhere. The Aeron C and Embody fit me very well.

    • Do you know if the one you bought was Made in the USA or Made in China?

      • Oh, I'm not sure. I thought they were all made in the US? I got the Aeron Remastered C if that's any help. Hasn't arrived yet but was shipped immediately.

      • I wish they get to be made in China, would probably cut the price down to half

  • Glad I bought an ergohuman chair for $377 from catch. it has extra 10% off plus 50% off. Now it has gone back to $419. Be warned the shipping cost is $81. But worth a penny. Very strong quality of office chair with full mesh from top to bottom.

    I am sitting on it comfortably, with head rest.

  • +1

    As previously said here already, it won't feel like you're sitting on the softest surface ever. What you'll notice is (hopefully) longer term effects, the pain you had previously seems to seep away once your body gets used to the chair, at least that was my experience. I did feel a bit of pressure on my lower body initially but after 2 weeks or so it went away.

    I will say also, if you're the type of person that sits with one leg under your butt, you won't be able to do it with this chair, the bottom part is plastic and it digs in to your ankle/lower leg so it's not feasible unless you're going to sit on a pillow or something.

  • +1

    Just picked one up yesterday !

  • I wish someone knowledgeable would make an office buying chair guide!

    I wouldn't mind spending $200-500, even used if it meant a huge upgrade.

  • +7

    Man I love OzBargain. Half the posts are people getting excited over $2 cashback, then you come across posts such as this!

    • True

  • +8

    Just some perspective since we've all been anchored to some pretty ridiculous prices in the past year. Not to judge those who view this as a good deal at the moment.

    June 2019 - $1338.75 (26 upvotes)
    June 2018 - $1350 (15 upvotes)
    January 2018 - $1290 (40 upvotes)
    October 2017 - $1395 (3 upvotes, 1 downvote)
    June 2017 - $1350 (6 upvotes)


    April 2017 - $1050 (16 upvotes)
    January 2017 - $950 (185 upvotes)
    July 2014 - $1099 (4 downvotes - tough crowd back then!)
    January 2014 - $990 (92 upvotes)
    June 2013 - $990 (77 upvotes)
    January 2013 - $900.90 (40 upvotes)

    Reference: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/aeron%20option%3Ati...

    • Yeah it is bonkers, i cant see the prices falling back that low anytime soon.

      • +1

        I can, considering half the country bought chairs during Corona.

        Eventually sales will fall.

      • Really changed the perceived value for me, but then I wasn't itching to get one of these (though I'm due for a new desk chair - current one is 20 years old!). Think my butt can stretch until June and should also have a better idea by then if this chair makes sense. The idea of paying for quality and getting one that'll last another 20 years does appeal to me.

    • Wondering if it will go back to $1300s in June

    • Yep, I got mine for $1350 from them in July 2019. Living Edge have been price gouging hard since March/coronavirus lockdown.

  • Pro tip: anyone interested in these units (I bought one 26.06.2014 for $1099AUD due to the strength of the AUD at that time) should become aware of the sizing guide to make sure they get the right fit, especially if you are a manly sized man (tall and or heavy set);

    The OP only list size B so tall and solid people may have to question that before a buy, I bought size C. You can tell the size of a chair by running your hand along the back underside top of the chairframe and you will fell dots, 1=A, 2=B & 3=C.

    Mine is an awesome chair but it does take a lot to get used to and find the specific settings for your individual comfort. I have chronic back pain and this chair is the only way I can persist for hours at the desk but I had to remove their horrid 'lumbar support' as my condition really can not handle that in a chair (I prefer a straight backed chair).

  • I'm 6'5" about 95kg and picked up a size C a few months ago. Strangely sitting in this chair for only about an hour or so I start to feel unusual pressure on the underside of my legs and my circulation in my legs starts to feel poor.

    Has anyone else experienced anything remotely similar to this? I can only find one other report online of something similar this happening to someone else.

    It almost feels like the bottom pan of the chair is too big and maybe I would be more suited to a size B but then I would be concerned about the back rest being too small.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • This is a common complaint from what I read/hear from people. You may consider tilting the seat pan forward as sometimes that reduces the pressure on the underside of the legs.

  • wow, such great feedback for such an expensive chair = I can't afford it even after this deal but am definitely going to keep an eye for an office clearance opportunity like one of the comments above….!

  • +1

    Give the COSM chair a try as well. It is the latest chair from HM . BTW I work for Herman Miller and some of us swear by the COSM.

    • +1

      Had a bit of a heart attack looking at the price!

  • +1

    Didn’t know a chair could cost that much and that’s simple looking.

  • +2

    This is the best chair I have ever sat on. I was deciding on this or a gaming chair for both work/games. And ended up forking the money on this chair. It has 12 years warranty and has really helped with my lower back pain. Best thing is I can sit on this chair all day long with no back pain. Feels like I'm sitting on a cloud. Think of it as an investment into your health for life.

  • Just got an email from Living Edge. Aeron remastered size B $1690.

    • Any different than the deal posted here?

      • sorry I was half asleep - I was thinking this thread was for a different store.

  • Picked up a pair of originals from around 2002-2003 for $20 each at an op shop a couple of years ago, best $40 ever spent!

  • Thanks! Bought it from sitbackandrelax for the cheaper delivery

  • We throw dozens of these out when we refurbish offices in the city.. I should have sold them on here Instead!

  • Na, no way in hell I would get this chair for that amount of money. No even if I win a lotto.

  • I have a size C Aeron I bought like 10 years ago (paid $900 during a sale). Then went to ebay to get the head rest.
    Quality is top notch, the mesh feels firm and it's good for the back.
    However, if the back is the prime reason to get this chair I would instead get a Focal Upright Mogo stand/stool. That requires good posture to sit on or it will topple.

  • +1

    Steelcase Leap gang checking in

  • No wonder ppl pay 3k for a graphics card when they pay this much for just a chair.

  • I bought one second hand for $500-600 (like new)

  • Thanks; bought 2

  • +1

    shit i didn't know the chairs i had at work were that expensive!

  • Anyone know why the Embody is $367 cheaper on LivingEdge

    • Whats your question? Why is it on sale? I believe there is just a Herman Miller deal on at the moment

  • Just picked mine up this morning

    Initial impressions are positive, very happy with the amount of adjustments i can make. My favourite part is actually the arm rests which allow me to slide in nice a close to the desk and allows me to widen and shrink my arm width as required. Otherwise i cant see much i dont like, there is quite a bit of initial pressure on the bottom of the thighs towards my butt but i think this is more of an adjustment period from sitting slouched and will be helped once my new foot rest arrives

    • You're right that the pain is most likely due to slouching in the chair. I find that if my back or legs get sore its because I've been slouching in the chair. Once straightened up again thepain goes away.

  • +3

    As a long term owner of an aeron original I'll add a few comments.
    I've had mine since around 2003-2004 from memory so we're talking about using the same chair for 17-18 years or so. Its my daily use office chair so I'm in it for 8, 10, or more hours a day. Based on my experience I would not use a different chair. For me, its comfortable, reliable and just works. I've used different chairs over the years and nothing has ever come close.

    Many will not like the price. People are willing to spend $1000 or more on getting a comfy couch for their lounge room so why not spend a similar amount for something that you are possibly going to spend 8-10 hours a day using for work. Remember that these chairs are not a super soft couch designed for lounging around in so don't expect that kind of feeling. They are designed and built for an office environment where someone is using the chair for extended periods of time.

    I know there are a lot of the 'I can get a similar chair from X for $50, $70, some other price so save your money' comments out there. Quite simply, "no, you can't". The similar chair may have a mesh back, but that generally sags or rips within a few months. The seat may sag. The gas lift may punch through the bottom of the seat (I've seen it occur). The star supporting the gas lift that the wheels are attached to may split. The wheels break. And, by the way, you're getting a really cool 3 month warranty, if you're lucky. :-) With an Aeron, you are getting a quality chair that the manufacturer is so confident in that they are willing to give you a 12 year warranty. When I initially got mine they were providing an 'on-site' warranty. If anything went wrong, A technician would come out and swap your chair out with another of the same model, fix your chair, then return it to you.

    Now these chairs aren't for everyone though. These chairs can be a pain, literally, to set up. Because of the adjustments available it can take a couple of weeks or more to find the adjustments that work for you. I'd recommend start with getting the chair right for you, THEN adjust desks, screens, etc to fit you, not the other way around.

    I'll just climb into my bunker now and wait for the outrage to start…

    • I share the same sentiments as you.

      I bought mine from Living Edge in 2015 (for about $1300…wow, they've gone up in price). Living in Australia, we just have to face that there's less population and therefore less competition to ever bring the price of an Aeron chair down to an affordable level, so I splurged and bought mine without ever sitting in an Aeron.

      It is not going to make you feel like you are wallowing in a LazyBoy recliner while you're working. It forces you to sit properly. I don't get stiff or sore while sitting in it for extended periods, which was exactly its purpose. I was editing a video until 5am once and noticed that when I got up from the chair, I didn't have any pain in my butt, back, shoulders or neck.

      It looks great. It fits in anywhere and never looks daggy or dated (it was released in 1994).

      I'm 6'1 and weigh 80kg. I went with size C. Because I'm a bit skinny, It is a little wide for me, but height-wise, it is perfect. Because the height of my desk is ergonomically unsatisfactory, I can't really use the comfy arms of the chair. I actually can sit in it cross legged and lean back if i'm watching something.

  • +2

    Just went and tried one out at Living Edge in Richmond, and was told this promotion is running until the end of January and they have plenty of stock - just FYI.

  • Mine shows
    GST (Incl.) 160.90
    Sub-Total 1,690.00
    Estimated Total 1,770.00
    Is it still cheap?

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