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20% Off AppleCare + Products @ Apple Education Store


Piggy backing off the earlier free AirPods with a qualifying purchase via Apple Education Store (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596435).

20% off AppleCare Plus on Apple products.

Recently purchased an iPad Pro and wanted to get AppleCare to cover the device - very timely promotion!

Hope this is of some benefit to some.

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  • ugh damn, I just got this last week! Anyone know if we can cancel and re-purchase within our 60 day window?

    • you can get pro rata refunds for unused applecare (if you can't get refund)

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      To be honest, I just purchased it as well last week. Currently on the phone with Apple to get a refund of the difference either as credit or bank transfer.

      Similar to physical apple products, services (usually) are also refundable within the two week frame.

      Edit: just got off the phone with Apple, they are happy to refund the full amount but won’t credit/refund the difference. They advised purchasing the apple care directly through the promotion link to get the discounted rate.

  • How does Education work? Do I need to be studying for this to work or have it under a child?

    or can I just buy it for my phone and they won't check given it's AppleCare?

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      I’ve purchased my last couple of iPads at the education price, never had a request for student ID etc

      • what do you mean education price? if I am a student in uni, can I purchase as discounted price?

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      I legit have no idea. Do they even check? I bought my m1 air using the discount and didn't have to provide any kind of information

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      I got checked before.

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    Seems the 20% off Apple Care+ doesn’t apply to the iPhone 12 because the iPhone is NOT part of the education store.

    Or I’m doing something wrong.

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      If my memory serves me correctly (ex Apple on Campus advisor at uni), iPhone and iPad was not part of edu store.

      • +9

        Certain iPads are. Phones have never been.

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    What does applecare+ give you that Aus consumer protection doesnt?

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      cheaper repairs for accidental damage is the main benefit I think

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        And less questions asked/tests needed to qualify for repairs/replacements

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        Yep. It’s basically per-device insurance policy.

        People may want to consider placing items on their home contents policy. Some credit cards also include insurance for broken mobile displays and if this is your primary concern, might be a good option.

    • Better returns on my Apple stock.

    • You don't have to take Apple to small claims court after they ignore ACL and consumer protection doesn't do anything.

  • +3

    I use 20% off iTunes vouchers and pay monthly 20% all the time, uses store credit.

    • Just note monthly repayments are more expensive than prepaying for the 2-3 year term. It’s probably cheaper after gift cards or close to the same in the end.

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        $2 a week for a iPhone 12 is ok.

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      How do you convert iTunes voucher to be used into store credit?

      • +1

        Add them to your iTunes account, use the apple support app to set it up.

        • +2

          Cheers! Thanks mate.

          At least this will allow me to use up some of my iTunes credit that have been sitting there for over five years.

        • i downloaded the apple support app, im assuming its in subscriptions and payments section, then update payment method.. it shows my Apple ID balance first then my credit card below it. When i go to purchase something on the apple store app it still goes to credit card only… how do you make it go to the apple id balance

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            @bccwjj1: Not sure, I use store credit for everything, Netflix, Stan, iCloud, iTunes movies, apple care, never uses CC. It should use store credit first.

            • @DisabledUser341338: Yes it does for all that but I thought you said you use store credit for purchases of apple hardware like iPhones or iPads

              • @bccwjj1: no lol

              • @bccwjj1: No, chat was about AppleCare only.

        • could you please clarify how you used the apple support app to convert itunes gc to store credit?

    • Where do you get 20% off vouchers?

    • How do I get 20% off iTunes vouchers?

      • +1

        When on 15% sale from coles etc, get office works 5% price match.

    • This is only for the monthly payment option for iPhone right? One off payment doesn’t come off your iTunes credit I don’t think?

      • not sure i just do the $8 a month, well $10 less 20%

  • I might need to check but anyone know if this valid globally or repairs need to be done via submission to Australia stores only?

    • +1

      Can confirm it’s globally accessible.

      • Thank You

  • I have an iPhone 12 with 8 days left to add apple care + protection.

    Can I apply this 20% off?

    • No

      • why not

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          iPhones are not apart of the education store

  • is this this year's back to school deal? or will there be other back to school deals as well?

  • Anyone recommend Apple care for AirPods Pro? Is it worth it?

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      Yes , if you are a heavy user. battery will be crap in 18 months and you will want to use apple care to get them replaced.

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        Would this not be covered and Australian Consumer Law?

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          It is, but you would have to chase them, put pressure, they'll push back, disagree with you, say that's reasonable life expectancy of the device. I'm led to believe (by the store bloke in JB) that with this, they replace it, just like that, no questions asked.

          But, CRAPPLE.

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    shame the deal was 2 date late for my ipad pro since its only valid for 60 days of activation(62nd day of usage) :(

    • +1

      Just call Apple and they should be able to override that since it’s only 2 days and then you can purchase it

      Edit: nvm you can’t get 20% off if you already purchased the product

      • You can upto 60 days

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    I have owned plenty of apple products over the years, never paid for applecare, but got all of my repairs/replacements free under Australian Consumer Law. Just know the process and be prepared to spend some time on the phone.

    my achievements:
    replaced mac mini optic drive 2010 model repaired in 2014
    iPad 2nd gen, battered and used, replaced with an 'as new' refurb in 2015
    iPhone 5s, replaced in 2014

    maybe more that I've forgotten. I represent my friends and get their cases resolved favorably.

    • +1

      I think the purpose for AppleCare+ (in Australia) is more for the coverage on out-of-warranty accidental breakage.

    • Would you not recommend it for AirPods? Main concern is battery and if that would be covered under ACL?

      • +1

        AirPods would be quite different than computers or smartphones. Battery, water damage, screen damage, wear and tear is not covered by ACL and if the apple warranty department even hear you mention, they will deny your claim.

        A friend of mine bought a used defective iphone, then got aftermarket touch panel/glass replacement. Following this, he took it to apple for warranty claim under ACL, and they replaced the whole device. If he had not gotten the screen fixed for the already defective phone (even though unrelated), apple would completely refuse.

        • Thanks, decided to purchase. $49 is a small price to pay for 2 year battery coverage I guess.

        • +1

          Battery is included since it’s not replaceable. It’s unreasonable to charge $400 and not have the device work for 2-3 years minimum. I’ve done the research myself from jb and apples website. I didn’t get apple care for AirPods because you’re paying 15%+ extra for no reason at all (I got them for $270)

          • @v7dal: Have you actually tried claiming AirPods battery related issues with ACL and went through that process though? I’m hoping for $49 it’s less painless when they drop below 80 percent overall battery health.

  • How do I get the discount? Apple Care+ is still $299 for me, even on the educational store

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    seems like its only available if purchased at the same time as buying a iPad/Mac/etc. T&C's from the Apple EDU site "This promotional Apple education pricing on AppleCare+ is available for eligible products during the promotional period only and cannot be combined with non-promotional Apple education pricing. AppleCare+ attached to eligible products outside of the promotional period is not eligible for this promotional rate."

  • Trying to login to Apple Edu store via Unidays. For M1 MBA, the device price comes down to $1410 instead of $1439, but AppleCare promotion is not applied. Price shows $273. Any idea how to get this price while logging through Unidays?

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    Doesn’t work for products already purchased.

    You need to buy AC+ for products you are going to buy from the education store.

    • That's really silly. We've got an iPad that was bought just before Christmas (so well within 60 days) from the education store, and it's showing as the standard $99 for AppleCare, instead of the ~$79 I would expect with 20% off.

      • Yeah, in also wondering how to access the AppleCare discount price. It's it strictly iPads bought from apples education store?

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