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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $873 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($829.35 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Long-time user, first-time poster.

Found the S20 FE 5G on Amazon for $873 delivered (sure, there's a 1-2 month wait time on delivery).

Headed down to Officeworks and they beat the price down to $829.35.
Only $35 more than the current best deal for the 4G version.

Receipt for reference

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Doesn’t seem to be any stock anywhere In any local stores, Will they price match and order in?

  • Thanks for sharing OP, navy colour out of stock at my local stores,
    perhaps I'll wait for the Samsung S21 unveil even on 14.Jan first

    • Yeah I'm waiting for the S21+ announcement. I've been eyeing off the S20 FE for a while but never pulled the trigger.

      • +1

        For the first time since I started buying smartphones, I couldn't see any reason to upgrade from my S10e to the S20 series. Before that, I always upgraded on a yearly basis, if not sooner as the tech was moving so fast and every generation had some sort of design or technology advancement that made me want to switch.

        I'm hoping the S20e has some sort of exciting new features so I can finally retire my current phone. I came close with the FE with its Snapdragon processor and 120Hz screen but I like the size of the 'e' phones. An S20FEe would have been perfect 😊

        • I'm currently using a Oneplus 6 with a SD645 in it, so the newer SD888 should be a nice jump.

        • Yeah I'm in a similar boat. I just wish the s10e had a bigger battery, then I wouldn't be considering an upgrade. It's a shame that reasonably sized phones are so hard to find now — does everyone really want a 6.5+ inch screen?

          • @snep: Have the S10e too. I find my battery needs a top up by 8pm but I use gps for an hour every day.
            It has quick charge too, so not fussed, I get a 40% in 20 minutes so thats plenty to keep me going. Now at 74% after using it the entire morning!

            • +1

              @lordra: Yeah my main problem is that I prefer to use a VPN, which tends to really sap power in android even when using newer protocols like wireguard. That alone can often use ~20% of my battery daily, which means like you I often have to top up in the evening. It's alright for the moment but I know it's going to become more of an issue as the battery ages. For that reason I tend to disable quickcharging unless I really need it.

  • +1

    I called up the store. They had stock and only available for click and collect. It was showing until I clicked checkout.
    Nonsense. … I hate this.

    • -1

      It was showing $795 online. Whoever purchased it (unless it was price error and they revoked it) post the receipt so they could possibly honor?

      • +1

        $795 is the price for the 4G version (with a lesser Exynos processor).

  • +17

    wait one week and the price may drop further

  • +2

    I feel the price for this might fall to all time lows in one to two months given new phones are being unveiled very soon.

    • +1

      1 week until the S21 comes out. I think this phone will be much better priced

      • +8

        Still 2 years ahead of an iPhone. AND CHEAPER!

        • +2

          100% agree. Even the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Smartphone 256GB $999 is great value. I am really hoping on scoring an S20 Note Ultra for around that price soon. I think it would be the best phone for me and hopefully will last 3 years. iPhone are overrated. Not going there again

        • +2

          Yea mate, Apple copied Android 10 & 11 and closed the gap from 8 years to two.

          • +1

            @lordra: Long time android user just used iPhone for 1 year then switched back to android 11 and can tell you that Google copied apple much much more than the other way around.
            Still prefer android though.

        • +1

          The iPhone camera is a class above tho. Not even close tbh. And that's the main reason for me to get an expensive phone.

          Shame I don't like the apple ecosystem.

          Hoping the Fe 5g drops under 800. My P20 Pro is starting to show its age :(

        • yes but Samsung has also far more traps: FE means crappy rear camera, unused more front camera pixels. Way too many models a mess! My Huawei is far easier to use not forced to use the Samsung store, less bloatware.

      • -1

        I don't think the Samsung phones ever really drop in price when the new model comes out, they just make the new ones more expensive.

  • +1

    Has the multi-touch been fixed on this? Last I heard it had only 2 or 3-finger multi-touch

    • Honestly? No. From all accounts the software update decreased the likelihood of it happening significantly.

      Unless you want to be a competitive mobile player in games that require multitouch like shooters, it won't be noticeable.

      What I'm saying is it shouldn't deter most people from buying this device. If Samsung didn't roll out the update and it happened that frequently, yes then you would want to avoid it.

      • Multi-touch issue is noticeable and happening more frequently for me than before the update.

        Even something simple like browsing is frustrating as the ghost touches cause you to zoom rather than scroll when viewing ozbargain - as an example.

        TBH I didn't have any ghost-touch issues until the latest update a few weeks ago when it started happening.

    • Out of the box, mine would make mistakes while typing quickly. Since the last update it hasnt happened once.
      Performing that test on YT, it only happens a few times instead of constantly.
      For regular use, its perfect imo.
      For competitive fruit ninja, prob not lol
      (5g 128)

    • I purchased one when Samsung was having that $300 off sale a few weeks back. From my own personal experience, haven't had any multi-touch issues (and I use my phone a lot for work), though the one thing I will say is coming from a Galaxy A70 which would last me 2 days on heavy use, the battery on the S20 FE 5G sucks!

  • +9

    Why didn't you guys get it during Samsung's Christmas deal? I got my 5g for $699.

    • Good point - but I thought it was 4G version. If it was really 5G then once the new phone are launched Samsung will lower the price on this I suppose.

      • +1

        I got the FE 5G 128 for $695 early December with the Samsung education store 35% discount, pretty happy with the value.

  • +1

    This is actually about the same (give or take a few bucks) as the in-store offer from Vodafone with the difference being that if you get it from VF, they include a pair of Galaxy Buds+ for free.

    I ordered mine on the weekend and its still awaiting shipping from VF so I suspect they got hit with orders badly as I went to three separate VF stores and none have the phone on hand.

    • Guessing you need a voda plan to get the phone through them?

      Also it seems to be $1040 online, do they have a cheaper deal in store currently?

      • I guess so but wouldnt hurt to ask them if you can buy without having a service.

        It is $1040 online so I think the offer is purely in-store as I havent seen it advertised everywhere. Its cheaper by roughly $160 or so from memory plus they will include a set of Galaxy Buds+.

      • On plan you get further discount and it becomes $861 & with Buds+ worth 299 free.
        Available in some stores like the one in Keilor. :)

        • Thanks, Any idea if you can just cancel the plan or do you need to stay connected to get the discount?

        • Thanks, went in store and checked it out, yep $861 if you stay connected, the discount is monthly. Was hoping to cancel it and use it on Telstra

  • Has JB ever lowered the price on these? I've got the GC I'm looking to spend.

  • So the description says it's a Snapdragon processor, but I was under the impression the Aus Samsung models used Exynos.

    Can someone please explain to me how it works?

    • +2

      S20 FE 4G model is Exynos whereas 5G Models are Snapdragon. Also 4G model has 6GB RAM whereas 5G models have 8GB RAM. 4G model only comes with 128GB memory, whereas 5G models can either be 128/256GB. Hope this explains.

      • Oh wow that's a big difference. Thanks for the explanation mate! I assume it's the same for the 5G flagship models too?

        • No, all other S20's use the exynos

          • @cille745: Oh what that's crazy. So is the snapdragon 5G FE processor better than the S20 Exynos processor? Or is the Exynos not all that bad?

      • +2

        5G 128GB has 6GB of RAM and the 256GB has 8GB of RAM. The rest is correct.

      • +2

        the 5G 256GB SKU has 8GB ram,
        the 5G 128GB SKU has 6GB ram only

  • For an Exynos chipset phone $550-580 would be an ok price, considering there is already a Snapdragon version available

    • +3

      The 5G version is Snapdragon

  • anyone know what the best bang for buck value phone with 5g is? local stock

    • +2

      Motorola Moto g 5G Plus. $499 ( local stock) or ?$408 (amazon UK)

  • +1

    I'm just here for the inevitable touch screen comments

  • +1

    bought the 5G version for $575 during Samsung EPP program during half price offer.
    since day 1, it's running superbly.
    no lag, no touch screen issues (unless you replicate it from YT), but it doesn't cause any problem in day to day activities..
    awesome camera.. gcam makes it even better.. only downside is the front cam, which I don't use anyways..

    • Woah, that is a steal of a price. May I ask how you have EPP access?

      • When was this, never saw S20 FE 5G 128GB model for $575 unless you are talking about the Trade In loophole !!

        • can confirm regarding $575 Telstra EPP around product launch.

      • Got this offer as Optus employee

  • Are phones like this any better than a Pixel for example? I've used a few Samsungs and found them all to be a bit shit.

  • Would you suggest getting this deal on the Samsung S20 fe or waiting for a similar deal on the Pixel 5?

    • +1

      It depends really on what you want/need as they are sort of not in the same level per se (the S20 FE is the baby flagship while the Pixel 5 sort of occupies a mid-ranger and flagship area ).

      The S20 FE is not dual SIM (Pixel 5 is), there's expandable memory on the FE while the Pixel is fixed, the screen size is bigger than the Pixel 5, cameras are different (Pixel runs native GCam which is pretty well known for being a good camera app), battery size, etc etc I could go on.

      • +1

        I think the FE supports eSIM + physical together but is technically not dual SIM.

    • +3

      I bought S20 fe in December to replace pixel 4. I sold it 2 weeks later. Pixel is a so much better experience. Currently using Pixel 4 again but plan upgrade to 5 when a decent deal comes along.

      • I am using both the S10 5G (work phone) and the Pixel 5 (personal). They both have their pros and cons. Just wondering what you like better about the Pixel?

  • -1

    My only problem with this phone is that you can only store max 3 fingerprints, not 4 like the regular S20. I want to storeq both my thumbs and index fingers

  • I'll get when it's $699!

  • Not the cheapest.
    I got the 256gb 8gb ram 5g for $740 (Samsung education).
    No touchscreen issues here , phone is perfect! I upgraded from s8+

  • Officeworks Fyshwick said they can not price match. The reason given is that Amazon does not have stocks of discounted phones. Eg: White and Navy with 2 month wait.

  • Officeworks Fyshwick's manager said someone made an error yesterday when they sold this at $840..

  • +1

    Have been using the S20 FE 5G variant since launch, and can I say battery life has been amazing. It easily lasts through the whole day with moderate to heavy usage and usually get 5.5 - 6.5 hrs screen on time. I did experience touch screen issues very rarely, I would say once a month, but went away after reboot/power-cycle.

  • Called Officeworks Punchbowl and was told they can't price beat it as the Amazon one currently is not in stock due to 1-2 month shipping wait. I sent them the receipt as well and they still said no. You can get the same phone from Catch for $872 if you are looking for similar price.

  • pls edit this post. Officeworks do not match this price

  • I successfully got a price match from Officeworks, bought the last one at Campbelltown. The same price as the OP's receipt.

    • You got lucky, they lied to my face saying they never had it in stock haha.

  • Does anyone from Officeworks say why you got different standards for price matching in different stores? I had such a bad experience yesterday with two store managers. They point-blank said this is against their policy. More importantly, one said because the phone comes with a travel adaptor, it does not seem to be an Australian phone. I finally got it matched from JBHifi without an issue. Next time, the last thing I would do is to go to Officeworks for price matching.

    • Any chance of sharing your JB receipt? Going there shortly to try and match.

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