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WD Black SN850 1TB Gen4 NVMe M.2 SSD $328.54 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Cheapest price currently for a top tier gen4 NVMe ssd

Goes neck to neck with Samsung 980 PRO in specs


For those interested in Call of Duty edition, see this one (does not entitle you to free game, only 2400 COD points to buy in-game items)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    um.. i think it'd be customary for me to comment "price in title" :)

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      corrected as soon as i posted…lol.

      out of curiosity, do ozbargainers just keep looking at computing section for deals? (maybe on the lookout for ryzen or Nvidia RTX)

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        personally, i look at the 'deals' page for anything new that pops up. tech stuff typically draws my attention. can't speak for the rest.

        ozbargain isn't the best place for ryzen/rtx right now because most places still instantly sell out the moment they list stock. need to be on one of the stock watchers/discord channels for those.

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    woah 7000mb/s

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    For $355 you can pick up a Samsung 980 Pro at Centercom and it appears to do quite a lot better in pretty much every measure.

    I'd love a drive like this (or more to the point, the 980 Pro) for some stupid experimentation which I can't come anywhere near to fitting in to RAM, but I could let run for 100 - 1000 times as long crashing to disk. Aside from ridiculous geekery, I have NFI what kind of non-enterprise uses there are for disks like this.

    • I’ve noticed some of the Samsung drives have a sort of burst mode where the speed drops after a certain amount of writing but perhaps that isn’t the case anymore - I think it was with the 970

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        The 980 pro has been described as a 970 Evo Plus on steroids since it shares a similar architecture, but both of them are significantly different to the 970 Evo non-Plus.

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      Both are very close in performance, same warranty, same write endurance, same peak IOPS. Check out the review link I posted above. I was also under the impression that 980 PRO is the fastest one but seems not.

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        Sorry, which tests are you looking at where the WD outperforms? The QD1 4k looks like the only one to me, and that's not really a common scenario. Maybe (very!) large sustained writes?

        In all the other measures, the 980 Pro performs better.

        "Samsung’s TurboWrite gives the 980 Pro a tighter write profile due to its smaller size and reserved speed. As a result, the Samsung drive delivers consistently fast results while WD’s Black SN850’s dynamic SLC cache leads to slightly less consistent performance." — From your link.

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          Transfer Rates – DiskBench

          Trace Testing – PCMark 10 Storage Tests

          Synthetic Testing - ATTO / iometer

          make sure to slide through all images, its a mixed bag but a lot of leads for SN850.

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            @jedimaster: Transfer Rates – DiskBench —- Dude, higher is better, the 980 pro won this marginally.

            And yep, I got the colours the wrong way round on the ATTO graph, fair call.

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              @Joker042: Transfer Rates – DiskBench there are 4 images.

              980 pro won in 1st test which is 50GB Copy Transfer Rate, in all other 3 tests (100GB Copy, 6.5 GB zip file, 15 GB movie file) the WD SN850 won.

              Yes i read the final verdict that SN850 is considered a respectable runner-up.

              Both are still great drives and cant go wrong with either one with this price point.

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          WD also appears to perform better on QD32 4K random.

          Also, it oddly performs well in the OS file transfer in the SSD review:

          Generally, Samsung 980 Pro seems to be better, but it is now a TLC SSD (where Samsung Pro SSDs used to be MLC).

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    Sony really needs to enable the NVMe slot on PS5 in the firmware and announce compatible NVMe SSDs.

    • Agreed, but there isn't a fast enough one readily available atm.
      The included one is elite. I assume they are waiting for the next gen NVMEs to hit the market.

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        These are next gen. I believe this SN850 model is certified or about to be certified by Sony. 980 pro should be fine and Sabrant 4.0 plus might be as well. I think these 3 are the only 7k mb/s ssds atm.

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    why would i get this over the SN750?
    i have gen3

    • useful only if you have pcie 4 supporting motherboard

      • useful for what? what do you use your computer for?

    • Excuse to buy a new Ryzen 5xxx system with a new motherboard.

      • Any excuse to get a 5000 CPU. I got very lucky and picked up a 5900x and it's beyond even my expectations. AMD has really thrown down the gauntlet after 15 years last it happened. Exciting years ahead.

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    @POSTpak you wouldn't. I don't think you'll notice the difference between SN750 and SN850 even with Gen4 unless it's for some specific tasks that you run extensively where you might benefit. For everyday use I put two SN750s and I love them. Everything runs super smoothly and quickly. I think the SN750 is the better buy. It's basically the same as Samsung 970 Evo Plus in every notable benchmark.

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      thanks for the detailed reply, appreciate it.
      I've only been running SATA SSD's for years and have never moved to NVME because I have never filled up what i have and system boots up in 10 secs anyway so i don't think I can get faster.

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        You are welcome mate. Boot times are about the same from SSD speeds onwards. NVME speeds are a bit more noticeable loading games like RDR2. But it's not a must. However, given NVME prices (compare 1TB) and SSDsare about the same then NVME is the better choice.

        • ahh makes complete sense, well then, no upgrade to nvme yet.

  • This or the Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 Plus for $299

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      Sabrent for value but if you are looking for a value nvme then its not really these drives

    • That's a good drive but the leaders are Samsung 980 Pro and WD SN850. Having said that you probably won't notice in everyday use unless you constantly transfer lots of data. Video editing large 4k+ videos etc.

      For normal use of get the 970 EVO Plus or SN750.

  • Gigabyte aorus 1tb gen4 is about $262 on Amazon.

  • hope i'm still alive to the day the disk speed = ram speed….

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    will it work with my Razer Blade Pro 17 but it support only gen3, not gen4?

    • Yes, they are backwards compatible but would operate at Gen3 speeds.