Bakeey 8 in 1 USB C Hub with HDMI, 87W PD, 2 USB 3.0, Ethernet, Card Reader US$20.99 (~A$27.14) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


On sale shipping from Banggood's AU warehouse is this cheap 8 in 1 USB Type-C dock.

Featuring HDMI up to [email protected], USB-C port with data/display, USB-C port with PD 87W, 2x USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD & SD Card reader and a Gigabit ethernet port.

  • Apply the coupon BG8HubAU at checkout

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  • Hi OP
    Does the price include GST ?

  • 4K @ 30Hz might be problematic for some people.

  • Do they charge your card in USD or AUD?

    • Up to you to choose the currency. I have a currency conversion free card linked to my PayPal, so I pay in USD and at checkout change the currency conversion of my card to be in USD.

  • Sounds too good to be true.

    • Not really. Australian stores are ripping you off.

      • Yeah shame on them for paying GST, import duty, company tax and higher minimum wages, as well as providing warranty and support for their products. What a$$holes!

        • Great way to blow something out of proportion. If I was to order this dock from suppliers it would cost me $65 each, while stores are selling it for $120-$140. That's about 50% markup or higher and there's no import tax involved there. The reason? RRP! Brands often control pricing too and with some of them you can lose distribution rights by selling too low.

          In Banggood's case you're already paying for GST ;)

  • Thanks OP. Was looking to pair this with the new google chromecast. Bought.

    • It looks the same as this one that I bought off eBay and unfortunately could not read my USB/hard drives (even though they were FAT32).

      Still searching for one that works.

      • Just wondering if the ethernet port worked with your hub and the chromecast?

        • Didn't try the ethernet port as I didn't have a spare cable at the time unfortunately. Already returned for a refund so can't test it out now sorry :(

      • I assume you had a USB-PD charger powering the USB hub too? USB HDDs often draw more power than a non-powered USB hub can handle.

        • Yes I bought a 67W charger from Amazon and still nothing. Even my small USB stick wouldn't work, not the SD cards.

          • @mangobango: Definitely faulty then.

            • @Clear: I've tried 3 of them so far (different brands/types) and sadly none have worked so doubt this one was faulty.

              Chromecast seems to be pretty particular about the hubs for some reason.

              • @mangobango: Oh I missed the part where you was using it with a Chromecast. I assume the new one with Google TV?

                • @Clear: Haha all good, and yep the one with Google TV.

                  I posted a thread in the forums and someone posted this comment for a working hub/power supply (that's the power supply I bought).

                  The thing is with these USB hubs, they work great on my work laptop. Everything just plugs in normally and works. But Chromecast is being a bit picky for some reason.

                  • @mangobango: This is the hub I'm using with the new Chromecast with Google TV. It reads my USB stick fine and I've moved some apps over to it.

                    Am experiencing some issues with this new CC though eg. its very hit & miss on turning the TV on & off with voice command which we didn't have on the Ultra. Not sure whether its related to it being connected to a hub or not, would have tested but got the TV's mounted and its a PITA to get access now.

                  • @mangobango: It would be the chipset the dock is using for sure. I know older Android TV devices like the Xiaomi Mi Box and Vodafone TV were picky with what USB ethernet adapters were plugged in.

              • @mangobango: Let me know when you find one suitable, I also have a hub that doesn't work on the Chromecast.

        • Hey mate, I'm gonna pick your brain if you don't mind.

          So I would like to get a USB hub like this to charge my laptop (Acer Nitro 5 if that matters), so I'd get this hub, a USB-C cable to go to the laptop, a USB-A to USB-C adapter to plug into to the wall, now the wall plug, this is where I'm unsure, I've got plenty of the standard iPhone charger plugs around the place. Do you know if that would suffice, or would it not allow enough power draw?

          • @tomsco: What is the exact model of your laptop? Not all Acer Nitro's support USB-C Charging.

            For these they use something called USB Power Delivery so you'd actually need a power adapter that supports USB-PD and have a USB-C to USB-C cable going from the charger to the dock. Depending on the laptop that'll typically be 45W.

    • Will it work with it???
      I got new Chromecast as well just want to attach usb storage to it.

  • Not sure if I am doing something wrong but the price is USD$22.99 before code and it goes up to USD$27.99 with the code. At the moment the thing is on sale so I think the code only applies to the non sale price of USD$38.99. So it seems the best price is USD$22.99.

    • Did you select the AU warehouse one? It's $22.99 on flash sale when added to the cart, the coupon makes it go full price and then applies discount. This is what I see with the shipping insurance unticked.

      Order Subtotal: US$26.99
      Coupon: -US$6.00
      Shipping Fee: US$0.00
      Grand Total:US$20.99

      • Weird, I did that 3 times and each time the final price was USD$27.99. Just did it again and it's $20.99USD..

  • can this display 2k @ 144hz?

  • Item says Gigabit but in description states RJ45: Max Ethernet speed: 100Mbps. :o

  • Do any of these ever have 4k @60fps?

    • I've been looking, but seems like no. Something to do with the bandwidth of USB-C/Thunderbolt. I'm no expert, so barely understood it. Ended up getting a usb-c to HDMI cable for 4k60, and then a usbc hub for the rest of my requirements.

  • Coupon BG8HubAU did not work for me. COming up with ~$32 AU

    • Coupon is valid. Do you have the currency set to AUD on Banggood or letting PayPal do the conversion?

      • Yeah, and more. I registered an account, which may have been a mistake.
        The field for the coupon value wouldn't enable, preventing the code entry.
        No joy.
        BangBad then started sending me lots of emails with redeemable vouchers. None of the links worked. Either 404s or invalid voucher.
        I gave up. There 's only so many hours in the day.

  • Tried a couple like these from Amazon, they hear up so gave up on these. If anyone using it for longer duration better to buy a reputable brand or risk catching fire

    • See above. I had hassles with the Bangbad checkout. Finished up ordering a similar but better specced gizmo from Amazon. Cost a bit more, but it is 2021 and there may be no tomorrow

  • OP @clear - I have my laptop connected by usb-c. Will this hub allow Alt-DP via USB-C so the monitor can still get display from laptop, and laptop receive 65W PD from monitor ?

  • Thanks. $27.13 deducted from UpBank account.

  • Any idea if these work with Samsung Dex @ 1440p ?

  • Purchased this hub at time of posting. Received it today and can confirm it’s working with my chromecast with google tv. Tested with Ethernet connection and a USB drive. Have not tested with external HDD yet.

  • Has anyone got the ethernet working in Windows 10?
    The ethernet is not showing up, even after Windows Update.

  • I received mine recently, it has pretty poor build quality, the circuit board inside has nothing fixing it in place and the ports often move around in the enclosure.

  • A trap for young players - ensure the microSD goes into the slot, not the gap between the slot/housing.
    My hub is now a maraca, rattling with 64GB.