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[PC] Epic - Free - Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition - Epic Store


The next freebie from the very generous Epic Store.

This time it is: Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition

It should be this: https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/star-wars-batt...


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    Current freebie is Crying Suns: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/crying-suns/ho...

    Don't forget to grab it.

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      Cheers, sun's crying, nice one

      • +1

        Get don't forget to set Reminder

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          Please remind me to set a reminder.

    • Download it, finished it and uninstalled it.

      It's fun but the story and in my opinion the ending was underwhelming at the end.

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        you would certainly hate to have an underwhelming ending at the start

        • +1

          Not enough caffeine when I type the comment, the game definitely worth playing though.

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          Doesn't Max Payne start with the ending?
          "They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark on everything that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger, and it was over."

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    I bought this from steam a few days ago, haven't played it yet.

    Refund time!

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      How do you refund on steam?

      • +9

        -steam support
        -choose the game in question
        -choose apply for refund

        very painless process.

      • Account details > view purchase history > click on a transaction > select refund option and give reason

    • +1

      Lucky you!

      I bought this from steam many months ago, haven't played it yet.

      • +3

        Try anyway, ive had refunds as much as 6 months old

        • Fair point. Submitted… lets see I get lucky amongst all the other refund requests for the game.

          EDIT: 0hrs play time… so hopefully that'll get me over the line.

        • Keep us updated mate :D

          • +3

            @capslock janitor: Got this reply "We will not be granting a refund at this time as there is no evidence that the product has a major defect as defined under Australian law." I did not say the game was defective… I just said I accidentally bought it which was the closest of all the options available.

            Much like supermarkets in Greater Brisbane atm, Steam were probably inundated.

            • +5

              @Mugsy: They have a time period to refund. If you could refund every game never played, I could retire off my back catalogue. Many months falls well out of reasonable time to refund. Even under Australian Consumer Law.

            • +1

              @Mugsy: Wow wtf I got starforge refunded like 2 years later

      • Screenshot your "hours played" and pleas your case. 👍

    • +1

      It will be funny if the game publisher at the last minute then decides after all not to give it away on Epic Games and to do a switch to another game freebie on Epic Games.

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    I hope this provides me with a sense of pride and accomplishment

    • +19

      Count on it, I would not.

  • +3

    Well, scratch another game off the wishlist.

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    for those curious the celebration edition just comes with a boat load of skins and emotes.

    legitimately might play this a bit though, heard it beacame fairly solid after they unscrewed the game.

    • +2

      I played it a while back when it was on PS+. It was fun for an evening or two but gets old very quickly. Certainly worth giving it a shot here for the princely sum of $0, though. Especially since there would hopefully be an influx of new players grabbing it while it's free.

    • Play on PC, way higher calibre of players and gameplay than console.

      • +1

        Last time I booted it up on PC you'd spend 30+ minutes just trying to get into a game

        • +2

          Yeah it's crazy because the game has so many different game modes but no server browser; you have no clue what people are trying to play. If there was a server browser you could just decide on a whim which game mode to play by joining an active server instead of wasting 30mins in queue for something nobody is playing.

          • +1

            @Agret: Yeah the matchmaking system is terrible, server browsers worked well!

    • +10

      You should be thankful if our Lord and saviour Obi Wan, gifted us such a game that is 05 Battlefront

      • Obi Wan? Everytime I think its Lysander personally gifting us each Friday

      • It was/is still a great game. I've got the boxed version and still play it occasionally.

      • Still amazing that they got that running on the XBOX & PS2 complete with bots. Must've been some talented coders in that team.

    • +7

      WHAT?! You want the 2017 edition?

  • Nice!

    • +8

      It shows up in Epic store in the Free Game section as the next game in the website and launcher.
      And thanks Lysander, may the force be with you!

    • +3

      That's because the person who posted the fake list didn't verify the information before posting.

  • +1

    Nice there's still some games at night and plenty on sat/sun arvo also region swapping in settings is easy to change to find games too

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    Pretty great game for free.

    My son has it, and recently started playing it again after not for a while. Still easily gets games, the player base is still large, and the game still looks and sounds stunning.

    I mean, they'll be doing it largely to combat the player base shrinking, this will reverse that for a while, and bring in more players who will include some who will pay money for items, but as a game, it's given my kids a massive amount of playtime, so highly recommend it.

    • +2

      If this is the celebration edition then there isn't really anything to spend real money on afaik. It is good though, I think I paid $15 on Steam for it and have played 12 hours in a couple of months. I love the online coop mode.

  • +2

    Awesome game, I am still playing this on a regular basis, galactic assault servers are active east coast every night, but be warned some of the online players are bs good,

    • Do you mean US East? Any Oceania or SE Asia servers?

      • +1

        in Australia,

        yes Aussie servers as ping is good,

  • +1

    Hopefully this will get us good Aussie playerbase. I can find games on Xbox but never can find any Aussie servers, i think it goes to US or SEA.

  • Awesome! Been waiting to play this, thanks Lysander.

  • +10

    Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition: December 5, 2019.

    What you get

    • Base game with all past and future free updates
    • 150+ Appearances, including 6 Legendary Appearances
    • 100+ Emotes
    • 90+ Victory Poses

    What isn’t included

    • Experience and Star Card progression, this will need to be unlocked via regular gameplay.
    • The Last Jedi appearances for Kylo and Rey, as these remain exclusive for players who pre-ordered, and owners of the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition.
    • Customization options that can only be obtained via special in-game events such as Leia Princess of Alderaan or the Farmboy Luke appearances.
    • Customization content released after December 20, 2019 is not included in the Celebration Edition
  • +3

    This game has improved markedly from initial release and is now a great little casual game.

    The PC version had empty servers when I purchased not that long ago hoping to play on PC too, but I could and can still always find players on PlayStation.

    Hopefully this will up the player count on PC.

    • +4

      PC runs every day minimum from afternoon till late night. Galactic Assault mode.

      • +1

        yea galactic assault mode always has a server or two,

    • +1

      This is the same game that was on PSPlus a while back? I'm not really into shooters that's why it stick in my mind, but I think when I actually thought about giving it a try, it's download size put me off! If I remember correctly, it was in the 100s of Gb?

  • +1

    Tried this through EA Play on the PS5, and was pleasantly surprised after knowing of the drama at its launch.

    Definitely worth a play-through, just a bit of a shame that no new content will be added.

    EDIT: Also, I don’t find any difficulty with finding matches (I normally just quick play, but tend to avoid Ewok Hunt when it comes up).

  • +6

    This game is still alive on PC. I still play regularly, if anyone wants tips PM me. Its relatively easy with a basic understanding of weapons / cards. Galactic Assault or Heros vs. Villains is where youll find aussie players.

    Unfortunately there is a common bug though where upon map change the lobby sometimes gets booted to another region (you'll see connect bars top right). Its still playable but experienced players will call it out and re-search from main menu to get back to aus.

  • Thanks op

  • +2

    Game is crazy fun now that they fixed it. A must have for any star wars fan. Have it on ps5 and pc

  • +4

    This will definitely boost the PC space…which is at death's door now for the MP aspect. I might even reinstall after all these years.

    • +2

      The closest PC came to death in AU was for 2-3 months when EA were letting a cheat destroy the AU lobbies every night making it literally unplayable, but eventually got banned and game has taken off again since. There is probably more people playing it now than there was 6 months ago.

      • Getting one hit killed by hacking blaster heroes is where I left back in 2019…many even openly admitting it on the chat and nothing was done even when video proof was provided. I even once saw crazy hacks where a Bossk with lightsaber showed up. Lets see how it goes in 2021.

        • +1

          Fare enough. You can 1 shot kill some classes as Han or Leia without cheating if you get a head shot or use leia alternate fire. Trade off for being weak with no blocking. Cheating has always been a bigger problem with assault class using cr2 or jetpacks class but fingers crossed it stays a rare now

  • +1

    Bought for $5 ages ago on origin nice to have free DLC though and a influx of players however

    • +1

      Indeed! I wonder what is best way to get the DLC though if we've already got it in Origin. Redownload the whole thing I guess?

      • +1

        Hopefully the files are almost the same so we don’t have to redownload the whole thing haha

        • I'm quite sure that this runs through the Epic Games client and downloads all the files off one of the Epic servers. So you will probably have to redownload it.

  • +7

    Why's nobody mentioned the great single player campaign?

    • +1

      I've read it's great, but short. The main focus was on multiplayer. Same with Titanfall. I liked the campaign, but there was way more emphasis on multiplayer.

    • Because the singleplayer was very short and the AI in it is very very bad.

  • Does anyone know if there are people still playing in the starfighter modes? Or have they all switched over to Squadrons?

  • Wow! I've wanted this game for so long. 100% going to be grabbing and playing it.

  • +1

    I hope this brings more people back to the game, it's amazing now!

  • -2

    i was just curious will this use data usage from my internet service provider? im on a data limit when playing epic games

    • +1

      Yeah it will, if the game is already installed and no updates shouldn’t use too much bandwidth but it’ll use some.

      • the game i wanted to play is installed but i also seen that there is a offline mode in epic games also

    • -1

      Yes, downloading games still counts as downloading

  • +1

    I heard the co-op is pretty good in this game, can't wait to try it.

  • +3

    So to play, will it require the Epic client and Origin running simultaneously?

    • i would think so

    • +2

      just got this a few hours ago: yes it requires epic client to launch (maybe just to link) and then install origin.

      but once origin is installed, you can stop epic client.

  • Oh yeah, all this waiting had paid off!

  • thanks :) cant wait!

  • +4

    Epic has gotta be the best gaming company there is out there. I've gotten so much AAA games for free…I've become a fan for life. Damn Steam for still selling 7 year old GTA V for $47.

    • Which AAA games did you get free?

  • 2 days left

  • +3

    Got it! Thanks.

  • +4

    Its out now… Go for it peepz

  • +3


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