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½ Price Easiyo Yoghurt Base - $2.10 @ Woolworths


Easiyo Yogurt Base is 1/2 price $2.10, Was $4.20 or $4.50

Easiyo Yogurt Maker and Jar is 1/2 price too @ https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596839

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  • Add price of $2.10 please OP

  • Updated.

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    LOL. You can buy yoghurt for around $3/kg and skip all the hard work.

    Good for kids as a one-off activity.

    • Where can I get it for $3?

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      • Aldi

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      Woolworths blue Greek style yoghurt is as cheap as it gets at about $3.90/kg and is pretty good.

      With a yoghurt maker, using UHT full cream milk, it costs about $2/kg for extremely thick and rich yoghurt that would normally be the $5/small tub stuff at a market stall.

      There is literally no hard work involved.

      • Any receipts to use this yoghurt maker to make some tasty yoghurt without using its yoghurt powder? Thanks~

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          check on google, i bought a 1kg Jalna and froze into ice cubes. i use that as my starter only used a few cubes as i can also use the old yoghurt as well.

          takes less than 5 minutes to do. i also use lactose free milk.

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          Half a cup of Jalna Greek yoghurt. Mix in 1 L of UHT full cream milk. Make yoghurt.
          Once yoghurt is made, scoop out 1/2 cup of it for the start of the next batch.

          Repeat indefinitely, until you make a batch of yoghurt that doesn't work. At that point, you throw it all out and start again.

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        That Woolworths yoghurt is "thick and creamy" and so tasty and thick because they literally add cream to it. It's not necessarily strained like Greek yoghurt. I do like that yoghurt though - yum yum :)

        But keep in mind packs like these are pretty much just culture, powdered milk, flavour, and sweetener (if added).

        So the easiest and cheapest way to make yoghurt with this the easiyo is to use your own powdered milk. Add powdered milk to the canister plus around 1 tablespoon of the sort of yoghurt mix in this bargain (keep the opened sachet in the fridge or freezer). Other brands of yoghurt mix are also fine, or you can also use pure culture, or starter from a previous batch of yoghurt. For the powdered milk it's great because you can add enough to make 1L of milk or add more as if you were making a more concentrated milk to make a thicker yoghurt. And then add whatever flavour you want afterwards e.g. honey, fruit.

        With some quick and dirty calculations, it brings it down to well under $1.50 per 1L batch. And that's with everything full price, and me using 50% more skim milk powder than the bag suggests. Not bad for ~5 mins work left of the kitchen bench overnight.

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    Bought the strawberry flavour to try and it's a winner with the kids :)

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    Is filtered water necessary? Seems that chlorinated tapwater kills the cultures…

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      I was using tap water to make the yoghurt for many times and it tastes alright.

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      Boil water in a kettle or whatever and leave it to cool.

      Alternatively leave water out in an uncovered or partially covered pot overnight on stove (stove off).

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      Never had an issue with yoghurt cultures using straight tap water where chlorination was used.