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Apple Computers 10% off (M1 256GB MacBook Air $1439.10) + Delivery/C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


Got an email from JB this morning saying Apple computers are 10% off until the 10th so just one day I suppose. Excludes iMac Pro, Built to Order, refurbished and factory scoop. Officeworks is still at RRP so should be able to price match. Apple education are giving AirPods with MacBooks so JB may be able to match that, thanks fozzie.

Officeworks has now matched, thanks vodamerc.

256GB M1 MacBook Pro for $1799.10

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      But do you know what’s even more awesome? Getting this price with the new m1 chip plus free AirPods from the Apple store


    Could someone please set me straight
    - am looking to get a MBP with M1 chip and 16g RAM (need it for video editing)
    - don't really care about airpods
    - want to get educational bundle of software (really only need final cut pro)
    I can legitimately get from education store.

    What is the cheapest / best route for me?

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      16GB is considered BTO so JB won’t give you a discount. Go to the online Apple Store through Cashrewards for 1.5% off, purchase using a credit card that gets you points. Pick up the free AirPod and sell for $100-$150 unopened on eBay or maybe $125 in the classifieds here.

      Salary sacrifice if you can in your workplace if you use it over 50% for work or depreciate on your tax based on work percentage. Salary sacrifice will refund you the GST component which is 1/11 of the price. If you salary sacrifice there is a package fee you will pay, sometimes for the whole year and sometimes just while you are being reimbursed through your salary. Remember to keep a log of work v personal use for either of those for the required time. I can’t remember. Maybe three months.

      The invoice will discount the computer by $249 and charge you full price for the AirPods. If you are salary sacrificing or depreciating you will need to work out whether taking the AirPods and reselling them is worth the time and effort versus your marginal tax rate and level of use that you claim. At a marginal tax rate of 32.5% it’s probably worth it but any higher probably not.

      tl;dr Work it out yourself.


        thanks for that - appreciate you taking the time to explain


    Ordered a Mac Mini M1 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived 😭

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    Are these certified to be made by the Apple child slave labour workforce? I only buy certified.


      R U OK?


    Couldn’t get jb hifi Doncaster to match including airpods, anyone else had any success?


    Thanks OP. Started investigating MacBooks due to this post. Previously did not consider those at all. In the end decided to get one via Apple Education with AirPods thrown in. Must say I quite like it (and that is coming from me who’s been forever with Windows laptops).