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Dell 27” 4K UHD Monitor - S2721Q $324.84 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Same prices as previous with LOVEKEANU promo code.
$324.84 down from $498.99.

Device Type - LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology- AMD FreeSync
Panel Type - IPS
Aspect Ratio - 16:9
Native Resolution - 4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz
Pixel Pitch - 0.1554 mm
Brightness - 350 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio - 1300:1
Response Time - 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Colour Support - 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors - 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments - Tilt
Screen Coating - Anti-glare 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand - 61.16 cm x 18.68 cm x 45.34 cm
Environmental Standards - TCO Certified Displays 8
Compliant Standards - DisplayPort 1.2
Bundled Services - 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

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    Price in title please.

  • +20

    Dell love Keanu long time.

    • +6

      the LOVEKEANU code is still working

  • +11

    Have it setup now, it's a good monitor. Said it was going to arrive Jan 19 but it arrived December 31st. Very happy with it.

    • What overclocking like if you have?

      • Haven't, couldn't say, sorry.

      • +3

        Overclocks to 75hz on 1080p and 2k, not on 4k though, most likely limited by the displayport 1.2 port (limited to 4k60hz) or just the monitor not being made for it lmao.

        • would OC'ing your monitor reduce lifespan or reliability?

        • Brings back memories of overclocking my Celeron 300 to 450.

  • +4

    Been waiting a month still waiting

    • yep, i just bought 2. ETA is 30days.

      • +1

        Most people have been receiving it a couple weeks earlier than the ETA they give.

        • Was the case for me. Ordered early December, arrived end of the month, 3 weeks earlier than expected.

        • My ETA is 18th of January… still nothing (9th of January now).

          Even contacted Dell to find out why the 50 day wait.. they simply said "world wide demand has caused a back log".

          • @Darge: My ETA was 21st Jan, it arrived yesterday. Beautiful monitor, considering buying second for work purposes.

          • @Darge: Any updates? my eta is 17 Jan and its still processing…………..

    • i wonder what Dell means by 'part shortage'; do they freshly make this monitor as we order?

      • +14

        yep. they buy them from IKEA flat packed to save on storage space

        when you order one they quickly hire a domestic leprechaun to assemble it for an acorn

        then it's posted via DB Schenker which is actually an awesome worldwide logistics provider

        • +6

          like seriously bro

          • +15

            @DisabledUser370554: seriously? most stuff you see on Dell website is made to order. unless it's "in stock for fast delivery"

            pay attention to the "Order Code" part of each position on Dell website. as a general rule, if it starts with "sm" it's ready to ship somewhere in Oz. if it starts with "c" it's made to order with parts sitting most likely in Malaysia. orders from a number of countries are sourced in this manner

            via DB Schenker

            I have to explain all this like 5 times a day, so I spice it up every now and then.

            leprechaun part is also not completely off course

            • @shabaka: this monitor order code is Ms2721qau.

              MS is the part we should be looking for?

              • +2

                @sergeyv: that's right. from memory I think none of the monitors Dell sells are physically here.

                if you purchase from Dell outlet, they are sent pretty much immediately because units are physically in stock and ready to go. if you pay via chat that is. if yoy pay via CC it goes through seven rings of financial hell first, and there will be a delay

                but if you purchase something from Dell website, if it's not "in stock for fast delivery" it will be built at the factory in Asia first, then dispatched.

      • +1

        Yes, they only start production after you placed your order. You will notice an ‘in production’ stage when you check your order status later on. It’s like an Apple BTO order but without the option to spec it.

  • Cashrewards

    • Not valid.

      • +2

        Cashrewards was valid when this comment was made as the post didnt have the LOVEKEANU code then and was posted as $349.

  • +13

    $324.84 with LOVEKEANU promo code.

  • +1

    How is this different from the U2720Q? Is the ultrasharp worth double the price?

    • Not sure about the actual panel but height adjustable stand, connectivity ports, USB hub are the main ones.
      Probably differences in colour accuracy, response time but i dont know enought about that stuff. U series come calibrated.

      • +2

        The s2721q and s2721qs are the same except the S has adjustable stand.

      • Ooph an they need a good calibration too. I grabbed two of these. One's distinctly more red than the other.

  • +4

    Best value for money monitor. Bought one last month, delivered 2 weeks before scheduled.
    Hooked to an XB1x at 4k 60hz. Superb.

  • Got a couple of these from the Black Friday deal for a dual monitor setup, very happy with the purchase - amazing screens!

  • +7

    20$ coupon for anyone who want to use it.


    Minimum Purchase 100$

    • Thanks Shanky. Greatly appreciated.

      • So slack. Someone used it whilst I put the order in and it removed the $20.00 Thanks anyways Shanky. =((

    • +5

      Very generous. It would be helpful if the person claiming the code mentioned it on here.

  • Is this a good monitor for a ps5?

    • I'm thinking to put xbox one series x. Should work fine with PS5

      • I have this and would not recommend for the consoles. The picture is good but the 60Hz is very noticeable. When I play Forza it's not the same as when I play it on the x900h. Really big difference. But if you are not fussed or play fast paced games the picture is very good. Download the calibration settings from RTINGS and you are set. It was a bit washed out until I used their calibration settings. Now very happy with it.

        • Could you tell me where can I download this sitting on RATINGS?

        • Oh the TV you using supports 4k 120Hz. I'll be ok with 60Hz for now as not many games supports 120Hz yet.

          • @fhqhfhqh: Maybe it's my eyes and how I perceive things but I notice a difference even in non 4k120. It may be associated with a bigger input lag.

        • How were you able to apply the ICC profile? What app did you use?

          • @jasswolf: There are step by step instructions on this page:


            • @DisabledUser372094: Thank you, but I'm aware of how the Windows Colour Management tool works.

              My Dell does absolutely nothing when you add an ICC profile, but I'll take another look. I've been having issues with my ICC profile being maintained on my other monitor, so it's possible the issue relates to a corrupted user profile.

              Was this on 8-bit or 10-bit colour mode?

              • @jasswolf: There are a couple if extra changes recommended in the instructions I linked. It definitely makes a noticeable difference.

                Here's one way to see it. Set your windows 10 wallpaper to the default blue window. When you change the profile those blue shades and the contrast levels change on that image. You'll notice it when you apply different profiles.

                • @DisabledUser372094: Pretty sure my settings match that instruction guide exactly, but there was absolutely no change, and based on the discussion threads on RTings, I wasn't the only one.

                  I'll double check shortly, but if you're having success I'm probably just going to do a repair install of W10 to see if the issue gets corrected.

                  • @jasswolf: Funny thing is we all see things differently. We assume that we all see things exactly the same way but we don't. Eyes are like finger prints. Unique to each individual. So it could be very true that certain people see no difference while others see a change.

                    • @DisabledUser372094: I'm watching the ICC profile on my other monitor trip over and over. The RTings ICC profile has changes to the gamma curve, and absolutely nothing is happening, I'm not even seeing a flicker.

                      It's either the monitor or its driver (or the GPU driver) somehow rejecting the LUT, or it's some sort of corruption of how W10 applies that. My other monitor's ICC profile disables itself whenever the monitor goes into suspend. I haven't been able to pin down the issue, but I believe both build 1903 and 20H1 updates messed around with the implementation.

                      Again, thanks for offering the entry level help, but that's not where I'm at with this.

          • @jasswolf: You don't need an app. Windows 10 uses ICC profiles to show how you see things onscreen. You just have to apply the profile you want to use. The instruction are in the link I've provided.

        • Consoles are mostly 60Hz. Forza is a 60Hz game. It has no benefit with your TV.

          • @Yuri Lowell: It's noticeable because a 60Hz monitor usually has a higher input lag. So it's not so much the refresh but the response of your input that gives a different experience.

            • @DisabledUser372094: I'll give you that but the difference is pretty small. This monitor has fairly decent input lag at 60Hz according rtings anyway. You sure you don't have a post processing mode enabled such as "true motion"? Could be giving you an artificial feeling of smoothness. Unless you just mean the input lag is better?


              • @Yuri Lowell: Thanks for that tip. I'll look into it. Hopefully that's what it is.

    • Works great on PS5 and I'm using it now.

  • +1

    I got two of these hoping to daisy chain, but realised this doesn't allow that (unlike my old Dells). Needs a pretty pricey dock for two 4k screens if hooking to a laptop. Great monitor, but suggest getting just the one!

    • +2

      Next time check if there’s a port for DP out if you want to daisy chain. Would have been awesome for the price. I got 2 as well so have to use 2 usb c ports for my dual monitor setup. You can actually buy 1 usb c to 2 hdmi dongle on ebay or amazon. That will enable you to use the 2 monitors extended display in 1 usb c port. Not sure if case is the same if you only have display port. Definitely extended display will not work if you only have hdmi.

      • Great do you have a suggested usb c to HDMI dongle? I noticed some only allowed 1080P max and some 4k 30fps

        • Not a suggestion but was planning to play around with this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Type-C-to-DUAL-HDMI-Adapter-4K-6...

          Didn't push through as didn't want to pay $40 just to free up my other usb c as I don't have use for it anyway (yet).

          Take note that in the description it says the extended display only works on Windows and most likely it can only do [email protected] if on extended display mode (based on other sellers). Better ask the seller to be sure.

  • Ahaha why you tempt me!! This is goooood….

  • +4

    Waiting at Dell Australia can be 3-4 months. They change ETA after weeks of the order, mentioning that product is in production overseas. If you can price match elsewhere to get earlier, that's better.

    • That date change is automatic, and if you check the deal histories you'll see that people get their monitors in 2-4 weeks.

      It's not as speedy as pre-covid, but it's decent.

      • Yes, I was pleasantly surprised when it came around a week or two before the ETA.

        • When it arrived, will the order status change to delivered or still the same old eta displayed? Thanks

      • I am still waiting the one ordered on 26 Nov. It seems they sell without stock. High volume sales with deals. Then order goes in production to build these. Deals and products are good but business model is not customer friendly.

        • Mine had to be shipped from overseas production as well, but I'd imagine there was a crunch from late November to basically last week.

  • I bought one of these to use as a second monitor for my 2015 27" Retina iMac. Connected via an 8K DP lead I can offer the opinion that it is nice, but not a patch on the iMac screen.

  • Any built-in speaker(s)?

    • Yes there are built in speakers. But cannot confirm quality of them.

      • Speakers are decent.

        • +1

          Decent but not loud enough to use like a TV in a room. Should be good enough if you listen while sitting in front of it like during zoom meetings.

    • I would rate the speakers as poor. They have very poor frequency response and poor volume.
      Anything else will be better.

    • +1

      Yes but they're monitor speakers (terrible), I'd honestly rather not have them to save the faff of disabling them in Windows

  • Anyone facing problems with this monitor not able to run at 4k60fps. Note my main laptop monitor is running at 4k60fps.

    • I did through HDMI, but grabbed a mini display port to display port cable and it works fine.

      • My laptop doesn’t have a mini display port or a display port though. Did you use a HDMI to display port cable?

    • yep. had to get a hdmi 2 cable

      • The cable that came with it wasn’t the HDMI2.0 cable?

        • Your laptop's HDMI port is likely limited in bandwidth (like most laptops) so it can only do [email protected] There is no workaround.

        • +2

          It worked at [email protected] on mine with the cable from the box. Most likely a limitation of your laptop.

  • I am looking for a monitor for email and office use only. Not sure whether to go for a 2K or 4K. Price difference aside, would this be more suitable than the S2721DS?

    • Looking for 2k screens, I think you'll find it cheaper to get a 4k monitor buuuut ensure your device is able to adequately run a 4k display. Not sure your machine but yeah, we used to have issues at work. Was annoying aha

    • +3

      If you only use latest apps, then you could consider 4K. Though in Windows (or Mac), you will be using display scaling as 27 inch 4K 1:1 pixel mapping is too small. The display scaling most people choose is 150% which will effectively look like 2K, but it is kinda like Retina Display so texts generally look smoother.

      However, make sure your PC/laptop/Mac can do 4K/60Hz. Personally, for work, I use S2721DS, but for entertainment and non-work usage, I would use S2721QS.

  • Is there any issue with running 1080p on this for the moment if I get it for the future?

    • Can't see why you would?

      • Current PC can't handle 4K, but a future one might. Also consoles.

        • I mean, I can't see why you would have an issue - generally it's not a problem to go from higher resolution to a lower one

    • I have an older 4k monitor that I tone the res down to 1080p for gaming. It works fine. Upgrading to 6800xt on Monday though so no longer an issue

      Almost any gpu can output a basic desktop to 4k thesedays. Gaming or rendering is where you need power.

      • +1

        Thanks! Yeah I was more thinking downgrade for gaming only.

    • While generally you want the monitor to run at its native resolution. 4K monitors generally do a pretty good job displaying 1080p (since it is actually 4X so interpolation does a decent job). However, it still won't be as sharp as 1080p native screen. I would say it is about 95%.

      Generally, it is not ideal, but in this case, it is fine. It is not ideal to run it at 2K resolution (you could, but the interpolation isn't sharp).

    • Don't do it, running a high DPI monitor at a lower resolution invariably always looks like blurry trash. I can confirm this is the case with my Dell S2721QS (which is very similar to this monitor). If you're planning to upgrade to a computer that can output to native 4K in the near future, then you can probably put up with it for a while. In fact, I'd be very surprised if your current rig can't output to 4K…

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