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Dell 27” 4K UHD Monitor - S2721Q $324.84 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Same prices as previous with LOVEKEANU promo code.
$324.84 down from $498.99.

Device Type - LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology- AMD FreeSync
Panel Type - IPS
Aspect Ratio - 16:9
Native Resolution - 4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz
Pixel Pitch - 0.1554 mm
Brightness - 350 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio - 1300:1
Response Time - 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Colour Support - 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors - 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments - Tilt
Screen Coating - Anti-glare 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand - 61.16 cm x 18.68 cm x 45.34 cm
Environmental Standards - TCO Certified Displays 8
Compliant Standards - DisplayPort 1.2
Bundled Services - 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

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    Great deal thanks OP

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    Does it support VESA?

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      VESA mount yes (100x100). S2721QS comes with a height adjustable VESA stand. S2721Q does have the VESA mount, but a very basic stand.

    • yes, recessed VESA Mount.

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    Here's a $20 coupon code (Min $100 purchase) which I probably won't use before it expires.



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      Thanks. Someone cashed in already.

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    Thanks I do need a monitor soon!

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      Dell doesn't do soon, they only do some time.

  • Would this work with a MBP 16". and if so how? what cables would I use? sorry I have no experience about this stuff.

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      I would imagine either hdmi 2.0 or 2.1 off of a thunderbolt dongle, or the straight thunderbolt/c -> dp or hdmi

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      I am going to return it after having problem with text clarity. Text is clear but has fuzzy/ blurry edges. On 4K, text is too small. On 2K, as i said has blurry edges so tiny that it is indirectly noticeable to eyes and gives you kind a headache / eye strain.

      Connecting with HDMI, color profile is set to YPbPr ( mac kind of think that it is connected to TV etc ).
      Connecting with DP to USB-C gives right color profile of RGB but still text is not clear to me.

      Gray / Black is really bad one …. overall it is nice one but may be not for macbook pro even though on paper and by rtings, it is better than that.

      Can be many reason, but most says that it has DPI of 163 and while mac os needs value near to 110 ( for non-retina ) and 220 ( for retina ).

      It is just my experience.

      • +2

        do not run monitors at anything besides their native resolution.

        you can adjust the scaling in windows and mac OS to make text larger

        This is the second time you have posted about this monitor being blurry at 2k resolution and text too small at 4k.

        the problem in these scenarios is not the monitor.

        Im running it in Windows 10 @4k60 with text size set to 125% and its plenty sharp. maybe its too small at 4k for most people but to say its a blurry monitor is incredibly misleading.

      • Why neg? just because my experience is different than yours and people running Windows?

  • Need S2721QS at ~ $298.66 :)

    • Maybe next black friday deal from LiMaaa. :)

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    Is anyone using this monitor for Photoshop/Illustrator etc? Side by side with the Ulstrasharp U2720Q (which is significantly dearer) this seems to stand up very well considering the se 99% sRGB colour gamut.

  • This is a good deal but considering it was 269.46 BlackFriday…

  • $15 voucher (expires today)
    Hope someone manages to use it

    • Coupon entered was invalid, if you don’t mind could you please PM me the code?

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        It meant some other OZBer used it (and did not reply to indicate used).

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          nah it would say "This coupon code has already been redeemed." if it was redeemed? edit- also seems short a character?

      • Oops, phone didn’t copy the last letter S

        • ah rip, coupon expired! thanks anyway

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    Would love a code if someone can spare :)

  • I had ordered the S2721QS in November when it went on sale. Arrived smashed, they have approved to replace it but estimated ship/arrival date is 1/3/21. Unfortunately they dont pack their monitors very well, just cardboard with no foam or bubble wrap. Hope you guys have better luck and a decent delivery driver

    • Did the package damage?

    • all my dell monitors have very good protection inside the box

    • Agreed that this monitor comes with thin packaging unlike with my previous Dell UP grade monitors probably to cut costs. I wouldn’t be surprised it will get damaged if the delivery people (particular with StarTrack) mishandled it like chuck it in the truck or stack other heavy parcels on top of it while in depot.

    • Basic stand. You need the QS for the adjustable stand.

  • Just wanted to put this out there, my order for this monitor from the Black Friday sale has yet to arrive, has been 2 months since I placed the order. Granted that is with Dell eBay and not directly through the Dell website so would not recommend if you need it soon as delays can happen.

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    Does this monitor support VESA mount options?

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      Yes, 100x100.

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        Thank you!!

  • This or the AOC U28P2U ?

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    Anyone has 5% coupon code to share, please PM me thanks

  • -2

    Have tried so many other codes and no luck..

    Does anyone know if the $20 voucher given to customers was for previous purchases?

  • Had ordered the QS, but delay was too great. Went the DS (Quad HD) and could not be happier. Perfect res for 27 inch.

  • I ordered some monitors during the Boxing day sales (2721DS) which I thought had 5% cash back for the next purchase.. no vouchers came through with the purchase. Can anyone tell me how to get these vouchers? Are these the ones that are being posted in these comments? Thanks

    • +2

      Have you received the monitor yet? You get them 1 month after order or delivery. They arent going to send them straight after order cause then people will just make a big order, receive a code, buy something else, then cancel the original order.

      • Ah I see thanks. I received the monitor 1 week ago

    • +2

      When I called them last week, they advised that the 5% coupon is being sent out after 4 weeks of your initial purchase. Please contact customer service on 1800-812-392 during business hours and mention your previous order number and request them to send coupon sooner which worked out for me as I needed to buy another monitor.

      • Thanks for this.. I just tried this, however the agent I got said that they can't do anything to speed it up as it is an auto-generated email. Perhaps others got lucky

    • Normally, you get it 1 week after you received the monitor. However, I reckon Dell might have stopped that Dell Advantage offer now (though some people indicated they know send it 1 month after). I am in the same boat and not received a voucher this time.

      A couple of month ago, I did purchase a monitor and the voucher came 1 week after the final invoice is issued (normally on the day of the delivery or the day after).

      • anyone know if you can stack multiple dell advantage vouchers?

  • Does anyone have experienced problem with no way to see POST text until computer is booted in windows. I have had to return S2721D back to Dell, because was not able to see POST over HDMI. I used three different computers, and only Dell laptop was succeeded to get POST picture. My son brought for testing and sorting out this strange problem his new 32" LG, and no problem with HDMI.

    • This can happen to 2K and 4K monitors when using an old computer, especially if the old computer / laptop is first gen UEFI BIOS. I keep a 1080p screen for this particular reason (for one very old itx PC which its BIOS cannot handle 2K or 4K). Discrete graphics card may help (though I found it is still best to use DisplayPort with discrete graphics).

      Certain 2K, 4K displays do work old PC BIOS, but most don't. It's best to assume this one doesn't.

      Another possibility is to look for BIOS updates. I cannot recall which NUC (could be the 5th or the 6h gen NUC), you need a BIOS update so the BIOS works better with a 2K or 4K display.

      • Sorry, by mistake placed my reply below in wrong place.
        Thank you for respond, I got a really old computer with non UEFI BIOS and discreet Nvidia, which is old as well, but my old monitor 27" 2K used without problem. Suspicious is that Dell really old laptop has no such problem with Dell monitor. But two another computers fails. Dell technical support has no idea why it happend.

    • This can happen if you have a very old PC or BIOS, or if your cable is too cheap/incompatible. I had this problem with a cheap supposedly DisplayPort 1.4 cable — I only resolved it by buying a more expensive VESA certified DP 1.4 cable, which worked perfectly out of the box and allowed me to see the bootup screens/text.

      I've never had any problems with the included HDMI cable, that always allowed me to see the bootup screens.

      • Thank you. Probably it is have no problems with DP, but my old comp's doesn't equipped with it.

  • Any advice on how connect two of this 4k monitors to an average laptop? I have one 2k and one 4k currently. Using the dell USB 3.0 docking station which says support one 4k and 3 FHd. But I can only got 2k at 2k, but 4k is at some where around 2k only. My plan is to upgrade to a new precision laptop with 4gb memory card, and a new USB c dongle split for 2 hdmi cable. Would it work or any other solutions. Big thanks.

  • Can't you use a stand from another dell monitor?

    • Nope. Only monitor arms. The non S models can't use the S model stand because they don't have the button to eject the clipped in mount from the rear when you want to remove it.

      • Good to know. I thought it's the same monitor and just the stand is different.

  • Thank you for respond, I got a really old computer with non UEFI BIOS and discreet Nvidia, which is old as well, but my old monitor 27" 2K used without problem. Suspicious is that Dell really old laptop has no such problem with Dell monitor. But two another computers fails. Dell technical support has no idea why it happend.

  • Hi! Q re Dell Display Manager.. presumably a Non-Dell w i7-8550U processor, MX150 card will run no problem? Windows 10 home 64. Will only run with this single monitor. Thanks!

  • Noob question: is it better to plug in via DP or HDMI? Or does it make no difference?

    • No difference, both do 4k 60hz. Dp if you're gonna overclock monitor to 75hz (if it's possible)

  • doesn't mention the color accuracy

  • Rtings reviewed the QS (stand version) of this monitor :

    After calibration, accuracy is exceptional. The remaining color inaccuracies shouldn't be visible to the naked eye. The color temperature is almost right on our 6500K target, and white balance is nearly perfect. Gamma is significantly improved, but very dark and very bright scenes are slightly over-brightened.


    • So, you just need to add price of X-Rite into total cost.

  • Bought, Thanks!

  • Finally got my monitor I ordered last year. Nice picture but really ugly design. The White/ grey back is super ugly and the monitors aren’t super slim . Why didn’t dell just make the screen back all black?

  • With 60hz (max 60fps) - it would not work well with any of your gaming needs. Correct me if I'm wrong? Yes you can get good 4k but capped at 60fps.

    • Yes, you're buying this for the 4k IPS specs. High refresh Ips costs over a grand right now.

      Get a VA panel for ~$500 if you want high refresh 4k for gaming

      • Any suggestion for a ps5?

        • Hard to say. Hdmi 2.1 isn't on much monitors and AFAIK the ps5 doesn't do 120hz at 1440p.

          This is good if you don't care about 120hz otherwise look into a tv instead. There should be alot of new hdmi 2.1 models coming out soon, but expect them to be around the $1k price.

  • Does anyone know if the front bezel on this is the same as the s2721dgf?
    Considering getting this for a second monitor for work while using the dgf for games and it would be nice if they both looked the same

  • Ordered thanks!

    "Estimated delivery time of 30 days" I'm assuming this is the arrival date that everyone is looking at?

    By the way, cash back now reduced to 6%

    • Thanks for the info. And monitor is 3%.

    • +1

      Is cash back valid? I can't see LOVEKEANU listed on cash rewards site

      • +1

        think that is why no cr

  • I currently have two Viewsonic 27" 2K IPS (VA2719-2K-Smhd) monitors, do people think its worth the upgrade to this monitor? Have these monitors since 2017.

    From what I can see comparing the specs, beside the double from 2K to 4K, everything else seem to be just a minor improvement.

    I just recently got a new PC from with a RTX 3070, though I never really game in 4k mode and I dont think that gpu is that great in 4k as well.

    • I have the same viewsonic model as well as the above Dell screen. In terms of colour, it's definitely worth it.

  • Should I spend extra to get the 34" 144Hz Xiaomi?
    I will use either of them for my PS4 Pro, and possibly upgrade to PS5 next year.

  • I ordered the same monitor on 18 Dec 2020 and the estimated shipping date is today 13 Jan 2021, but the Dell order status page still has not updated yet. Finger crossed it'll be shipped later today.

    • How come I ordered 08 Dec and eta 15 Jan?

      • And I remember that I saw somebody here in ozbargain ordered the same model after me has already received the monitor.

        • Has your order been shipped yet? Did your order status get updated? Thanks

          • @OzBed: No update, still shown yesterday (13 Jan 2021) as estimated ship date.

          • @OzBed: It has just been updated to shipped at 12:02pm.

            • @vchung916: Oh thanks! Good for you! Hope mine will be shipped tomorrow. They really waited til the last minute to ship their product.

  • Ordered on the 12th Jan, current estimated shipping date is 17th Feb. Hopefully no delays.

    • Same boat .. ordered on 10 Jan and expected on 17 Feb … May come with the same lot.

    • I ordered on January 10 and got February 23! The system is rigged!

      • eta doesn't mean anything. My eta was yesterday and still shows in production

  • Is this expired? Showing as $464 in cart with code applied.

    • +1

      It looks like it. I'm sure the promotion was due to expire on thursday 14/01/21 (yesterday). It looks like they've got a new round of monitors on special.

  • +2

    Just a quick update. I contacted support today and was notified that the warehouse expects to receive stock by 30/01/2021, and will be shipped soon after.

    • +1

      Thanks so much for sharing! That's great news!

    • It’s 30 Jan now. Anyone have there ordered shipped already?

      • Yes, I ordered from the previous deal on 31/12/2020, it got shipped on 29/01/2021. Estimated shipping date after the order was 15/02/2021.
        ETA to Sydney metro is today.

  • Just sharing that I purchased one of the S2721Q on 22nd of January and just took delivery of this today (Syd Metro), was expecting late February based on the above comments so a happy surprise.

  • Back in stock.