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[QLD] Bird’s Nest Yakitori - 50% off Online Order Pick up Only (from Toowong, West End, Fortitude Valley)


Bird’s Nest Yakitori are offering 50% off online pick up orders until close of business Monday 11 January 2021 during the greater Brisbane lock down.

Available at all 3 of their locations in Brisbane.

  • West End: Shop 5, 220 Melbourne St, South Brisbane. Order here

  • Fortitude Valley: Shop 4, 702 Ann St, Fortitude Valley. Order here

  • Toowong: 9 Sherwood Rd 4066, Shop G67A. Toowong Village Order here

They were pretty busy tonight at the FV store and had taken a bit longer than their online system’s estimate but please remember to be courteous and wear a mask when out to collect your order.

Stay safe and happy eating!

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  • +1

    Nice post, tomorrow nights dinner sorted

  • Had this from the West End store earlier today. They were already getting smashed with orders and were periodically turning off online ordering to manage the load, so people who try at the "wrong" time have been unable to put in new orders. Food is good though… charcoal grilled meats ftw!

    • No wonder I couldn't get an order through, try again tomorrow

  • +2

    Great food but careful in Toowong.

    Since the government put up accommodation for homeless, there has been a massive surge in home robberies and general theft in the Village.

    Then you've got your COVID crazies, including the guy who punched a woman in Coles on Friday for not wearing a mask.

    • +4

      Not sure why people are negging you, good to know so I don't get rolled for my Yakitori

    • Why would you punch a women! These people smh

  • Email or link doesn't work

    • +2

      The online ordering links should work once the stores reopen in the morning. I’ve just asked the mods to update the URL to the business’s home page as it the deal shows up there too.


  • Love Bird's Nest. Their food is really nice and staff managed to recognise me (at a different store) the second time I went!

    • thanks for letting us know!! So sad!

    • Bugger. Good pick up though. Thank you.

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