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Xbox Series X 1TB $749 Delivered @ Microsoft


Available and in stock. Doubt this will last long. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Don't forget Cashrewards for 1.5% cashback.

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  • tnx

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    Posted 42 seconds ago…. Already 22 clicks

    • Don’t always trust these numbers. sometimes on some systems they are deliberately delayed

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        You understand that you’re reinforcing his point right?

  • Checkin in

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    Thanks. Didn’t get one

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      Maybe try again- I just got one

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        No I mean I didn’t try to get one

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          Thanks for letting us know. No one cares.

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            @Dienk: Thanks for letting me know that no one cares.

          • -1

            @Dienk: Did you get one, huh did you?
            Wot bout one of those PS5's did you?
            Wot bout a StreamDeck for a dedicated OzB button?

            • -2

              @raybies: I have both. And a switch. Thanks for asking

              • @Dienk: Photo of dedicated OzB button pls :)

        • Well you did provide a laugh, so there is that

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          Good on you. Upholding the OzB values… No Deal at RRP.

  • Includes bluray drive?

    • Yeah

    • Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

      • Sweet. I can see it from the picture, but it wasn't listed.

  • yay

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        It's not OzBargain specific. This has progressively gotten way worse in society in general. Everyone ready to jump on someone for literally anything.

        I don't understand it. At all.

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    Got one, thanks mate :)

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      • Oh gosh, silly me. Thanks TA :)

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      "Up to 5.5%"

      as per OP link:
      Movies & TV Shows 5.50%
      Xbox Games 5.50%
      Office 365 (Monthly Subscriptions) $5.00
      Office 365 (Yearly Subscription) $4.00
      Microsoft Office (Non-Subscription) 3.50%
      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1.60
      Apps 1.50%
      Xbox Consoles & Accessories 1.50%
      Xbox Game Pass Console & Live Gold 1.50%
      Xbox Game Pass for PC $1.40
      PC Hardware 0.70%

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    About $737.80 after CR, to save anyone from having to whip out their calculator.

    • But that's the exciting time of the day.

      • do you keep a separate calculator in this modern era of smartphones and smart wearables?

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          it has a printer so i can remember my best bargains :)

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    Bought 10, Thanks!

    • Bought 0 !

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      They will cancel yours, limit to 1 per customer

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        amazing to think this joke can still fool someone on ozb

        • That's one very old boring joke, get something else instead

        • "Joke".

      • Who said he got all 10 from the same account.

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      This is the Microsoft store. Why would they be stocking ps5's?

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          But this is an Xbox post. Maybe go to forums.

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        Wow dude relax lol

        My god people are toxic here.

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          agree. I feel bad for the newbies coming on here, making a first post and having to write “please be kind”. That says a lot about ozb’rs

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    I love my series X and gamepass.

    Haven't played anything next gen on it yet but the gamepass is so good. I got mine through Xbox all access though.

    • -1

      Gamepass is great but the Series X does lack that 'new console' feeling without the next gen games. Can't wait for Halo.

      • +4

        i beg to differ.. i have the OG Xbone and all you have to do is play a game on that then play the same one on XboxSX … :)

        • +2

          That's the point though, whilst it looks a bit nicer it's still the same game that can be played on the previous consoles(and most of them on PC too). It's not quite the same feeling. As much as I do enjoy mine, and gamepass!

          • @ONEMariachi: Yep i get it and absolutely right about needing new exclusive or gen games for it… just personally it made a big diff in the games i was in the middle of .. and the potential of either this or the PS5 is nowhere near being met :)

            • +1

              @scud70: Oh 100% with you. To be honest, just the SSD quickness, as well as the ability to instantly start back where you left on games is a huge boon I'm absolutely loving!

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                @ONEMariachi: lol and the fact that overnight i filled both the internal HDD and external 500gig SSD HDD with games… love game pass ultimate!

                PS: I got mine through telstra.. and already used the bonus points for an extra controller … even if it's kinda RRP i'm paying that along with game pass ultimate has been one of the best buys end of last year

                • @scud70: How does the External HDD work with it, can you play games off of it? Was consdiering potentially investing in one, or possibly the proper 1tb drive, as I had a heap of telstra points to get it half off.

                  • +1

                    @ONEMariachi: Oh works fine no difference to internal as far as I can tell, I used a $10 external case with a Samsung evo 840 I had gathering dust. You can only install previous gen games on it so any new gen ones go on internal drive… But it's great to move your old stuff to from xbox live or you had for your previous xbox

                    • +1

                      @scud70: You can't play Series S/X native or enhanced games off external drives, only the internal. You can store them on the external but will need to move them to the internal to play them. So something like AC Valhalla, the Series X/S version cannot be played with it on an external drive.

    • “I love the power glove… it’s so bad.”

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    Shame No stock when i had the Amex credit available :(.

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      Haha same here mate :)

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    I'm just here for the RRP sooks!

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    Afraid to say no margin for flippers so should be found at your favourite retailer shortly double stacking :)

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      Definitely not as much margin as the PS5

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    Thanks, got one finally

  • 25 mins still up there, where are you now flippers? Please gathering here.

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      Scalpers getting sweaty the longer this console is in stock

    • -1

      who flips xbox anyway.

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    I want the series x, only thing that's pulling me towards ps5 is the exclusives. And the ps plus collection is a big bonus, 20 or so quality ps4 games available to enjoy right away (given you have ps plus)

    And I have a pc anyway so I doubt a series x would benefit me much.

    Just gotta hope to see a ps5 pop up in stock soon :)

    • +1

      The Xbox game pass has alot more games than ps plus

      • +4

        Really? $3000 can get you a lot on PC.

      • +1

        Probably not since 3060ti came out. But yeah, even if you decide to buy from a vendor like techfast, it'll probably still cost you $1500. So the value of the consoles are really good.

        • considering that the consoles have performance comparable to 10-series (1060 to be exact) you shouldnt be comparing it to 3060ti lol

          • @Freestyle: Good luck getting anything in the 10 series run consistent 4k60 in modern AAA, forget the chance of even running 4k120.