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Xbox Series X 1TB $749 Delivered @ Microsoft


Available and in stock. Doubt this will last long. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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            • @Wonderfool: you still Xbox/PS5 is capable of NATIVE 4k120


              thanks for the laugh

              • @Freestyle: Nitpick all you want, but the xbox is far more likely to hit the target 120 than the 1080ti, which can't even run consistent 4k60

                • @Wonderfool: Yeah dream all you want, hardware isnt magic

                  maybe research before making baseless claims

                  • @Freestyle: Cute, coming from someone who compare a 4k machine with a gpu that barely runs 1440p.

                    • @Wonderfool: Cute coming from someone who doesnt even understand the basics and principles of computer hardware and how it works and just thinks 'haha 4k120hz go brrrr'

      • +1

        Hasn't testing shown the RDNA 2 cards in the latest consoles to be closer to the performance of cards from about 2 generations ago? I think a $3000 PC with the latest RTX 30 series or desktop RDNA 2 would smash these in graphics.

        • Maybe a little bit. But enough to notice a vast difference or ‘smash’… most definitely not.

          • @DisabledUser214631: Hmm, saw somewhere that said these barely matched the 2060 in ray tracing. Might be wrong though.

            • +3

              @reloxation: Yes but regardless of all of this, it’s the optimisation that is important. PC players time and time again get the crap end of the stick and pay exponentially more than consoles.. we love doing it but have a hard time admitting the simplicity and hassle free nature of gaming on console. And whilst the PS5 and Series X isn’t as powerful as a pc with a $2,000 GPU…. the games still look and run damn well and for 90% of gamers, that’s all that matters.

              • -1

                @DisabledUser214631: Oh absolutely! Apologies if my comments came off as pcmasterrace-esque. There is certainly a simplicity to just booting up a console and having 90% of the PC experience. Have a good one

          • @DisabledUser214631: theres more to it than "looking" similar. what you get on PC for your money is more framerates for the same level of graphical fidelity too

            • @furythree: That’s why I said “and run”

        • +1

          2 gen ago? this cards can run 4k and rtx so I think you read wrong
          its prob close to 6700 xt

          • +1

            @botchie: 6700XT would beat this.
            It is closer to 5700XT or RTX2070

            • @congo: I saw somewhere that it struggled to match the 2060s performance in ray tracing. Can't find the source though

              • @reloxation: The AMD GPU's are pretty terrible at ready tracing so so suprise

                • @Ark94: Yeah, that could be it. Maybe rasterization is close but it is still smashed by RTX 3000 series in ray tracing.

            • @congo: https://youtu.be/HCvE4JGJujk - gamers nexus video comparing to a 3300X and GTX 1080 - not exactly $3000 hardware

              • +2

                @reloxation: Yeah but if you want to muck around and get into the specifics of the testing they go through… aka spend more time tweaking settings and changing GPU voltages to gain 3 FPS than playing games, by all means. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Steve does but he ain’t human! No matter how we look at it, the price to performance ratio of a PS5 or Series X (FOR GAMING), easily beats any gaming PC.

                • @DisabledUser214631: No doubt about that! Just pointing out some credible data for people to form their opinions of.

                  • +6

                    @reloxation: I own a gaming pc with 1080ti and x box s x and i can tell you what they have in there is not a 1080 or 1080ti
                    its pretty new gen - games are pretty smooth @60 fps with no stuttering or frame drops
                    not sure if its 4k resolution or if it scales to 4k but it looks great and plays great on my TV

                    if I try to run 4k games on my computer - it wouldn't even get 30 fps :)

                    • @botchie: Yep, have concluded in another comment it's the ray tracing that is lacking, not the rasterization performance. Have a good one

        • it would but people think hardware is (profanity) magic

      • -2

        i agree the Series X is a good price for the performance but $3000 PC will absolutely thump the PS5/Series X.

        These consoles are cheap just like the printers are cheap but the ink is expensive!

      • +4

        With $3000 you can get a ps5, series X, Switch, and a $1100 laptop with a gtx1650ti, maybe even a rtx2060.

        • maybe not rtx2060 with all of that :-)

        • i don't think it's worth 3k in pc hardware, but on the topic of price, now that xbox provides full backward compatibility, alot of the savings that you'll get from being a pc gamer became much smaller. Plus, physical copies in Australia are often cheaper at launch than pc digital market place.

      • +1

        My pc was about $3000, with the 3080. Love it.

      • Yeah no to the 3000, def more than what ur paying for an xbox tho.

      • No its not, stop spreading stupid misinformation

  • +9

    Loving the Series X.

    On a side note, I bought the new USB-C rechargeable battery kit from the Microsoft store. It wouldn't charge, and it took me a full hour to convince their support to replace it - they spent 15 mins claiming no such official product existed and it must be a 3rd party battery, then once they realised the product I was calling about was legitimate, spent another 10 mins trying to tell me it wasn't compatible with the Series X .. good lord it was painful.

    • +9

      Eneloops FTW!

    • Any link to see this kit?

    • what utter incompetence, its specifically designed to be compatible with the series x. i have one myself.

    • Lol I got my replacement today. It's the old version with USB micro cable .. uggghh The battery probably works fine but it means i've missed out on the super long USB-c cable WTH Microsoft.

    • The fun continues with my faulty battery kit. After they've sent me the incorrect item in return, no one has a clue how to deal with the issue. Phone support has given up on it with my latest call telling me they could no longer help with the issue and I had to try the email support address. This latest support person noted that a resolve to the issue could take up to 6 to 8 weeks. What a joke.

      • That's just unbelievable. You could have walked into big w and grabbed one without any of the fuss. Any chance of just being refunded?

        • +1

          Yeah I definitely regret buying direct from Microsoft! Oh well.. we'll see I'm just surprised at how hopeless they've been.

          I think the fact that the official Xbox Customer Support number has sound effects/music/informational ads and menu options all relating back to the Xbox 360 as being the latest console out, is pretty telling as to how important that side of things are to them …

          • @narcoleptic-haze: They used to be really good, but my last experience of that was back with the 360 where they were probably forced to get it together due to the faulty console. Looks like that's where the investment stopped. I exchanged a controller recently that had some stick drift, there were no dramas with that and it all moved quickly and smooth. I'd say the battery packs don't have an operating procedure that's effective currently

            • @mackaxx: I actually finally heard back about this, apparently I wasn't suppose to send back the cable (but no one told me that), and they sent me the old battery pack because I had only registered my console (A Series X btw, so definitely not an "old" console), and not my controller. Again something that should've been asked of me when trying to sort it out in the first place. Who registers a controller separately anyway? They said the only way I could've got the newer battery pack with USB-C cable is if the claim was made against my controller, not the console… WTH. I think they're just looking for ways to say it's my fault.

              • @narcoleptic-haze: We were in the past not actually able to register controllers so it’s a new thing. Newer ones can be registered but I think the older ones were associated to your console.

  • +3

    So tempted to pull the trigger on this, but I dont even play my one X enough to justify spending another 750. Currently have an LG C8 too, so I should probably wait to upgrade my TV to an HDMI 2.1 supported model somewhere down the line before getting any next gen consoles…right…right? :p

    • +2

      get it :p

    • +1

      Buy now then wait for deal on HDMI 2.1 tv :D

      • I personally think it end up faster at their Ebay store and should be able to do a double stacker or a 10% off JB HI FI cards deal at the place with the frequency they are on .
        The time this deal is lasting shows the interest in them .
        Market wants PS5 :)

    • +1

      You'll still get the added benefit of things running smooth as butter without dips on 60hz and insanely good loading times for the once a month session you play the Xbox :P

    • +1

      Same for me. Don't use my one x enough to justify upgrading. Plus I don't think Kinect is supported any more

    • Hahaha thanks guys, or shall I say the devils on my shoulder! :)

  • +5

    Thanks OP, got 2 (controllers).

    • +1

      FYI, Xbox one controller works with Xbox series s and x.

      • This shall be my first console, so definitely needed 2 controllers. Keen to try the redesigned direction buttons.

        • +1

          You'll love them. They feel and work better than the ones on my 1st gen elite controller. The dpad I mean.

  • +1

    I don't need one but thanks for the PSA, TA :)

    • +7

      Someone getting neg'd for saying thanks for a popular deal - this place has gone to the dogs.

      • +2

        I’ve watched this place get really toxic over the past two years

    • +7

      What I really meant to say is "I appreciate people taking the time to post Series S/X and PS5 stock because it's giving a lot of regular OzB'ers the chance to get one". I am hanging out for more PS5 stock though :)

    • +21

      I've been waiting for you xoxo

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  • That's it, oos

    • Still stock from what I can see.

      • +1

        Probably just ms site playing up

        • Cool finally got one)

  • +2

    Lol, I’m imagining MS just unloaded few pallets from their shipping container and they get a notification that they’ve been ozbargained again.

    • Looks like they chartered a whole plane full of pallets this time ;P

  • that is wierd.. people are saying OOS….

    i still managed to get one at 9.18am Perth time?

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered one

  • +1

    Still in stock for me

  • After getting the new Xbox, is there a way to hack the OLD Xbox One X and install windows 10? Turn it into PC?

    • WTH?

    • +1

      Not sure why you'd think the release of a new console would allow Windows 10 to be installed on the old one… Anyways, the answer is no currently.

      • +1

        Just thinking outside the box.
        No harm.

        • I see your point, they release a new console so the old one is now less "cared about" or "secured down" so to speak. Certainly wish Xbox could run Windows 10, would be a dream come true. Never going to happen though as they make the money from you using their console ecosystem.

        • Ignore this comment, app posted the original one twice…

          • @reloxation: I was hoping you were going to say
            ignore this comment, someone found a hack on reddit!!

  • +2

    Ordered a late Christmas present.


    • +1

      2021 Xmas gift sorted out

  • +1

    I’m waiting for eb to get more stock so I can trade in my one x.

  • order keeps getting cancelled

    • Are you using the correct billing address?.

      • most likely the 1 per customer limit

  • -1

    if you buy xbox gift card then this can be even cheaper.

  • Has anyone's order passed the pending stage or received an email saying their order has been shipped?

    • +5

      it’s only been 2 hours, give it 2 days

    • +1

      haha yeh bit keen there. MS are generally pretty good though so if it does happen to get sent out today DHL normally will deliver it next day.

  • +1

    Thanks op, grabbed one and an extra controller (15% off)

  • If I’ve got a gaming pc with game pass, is there much point in getting an xbox ?

    • I got a 3090 but still get the PS 5 because the controller is amazing

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