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Steelcase Leap V2 Black - $930.60 + Delivery (Free for QLD, NSW, VIC) @ Arki Environments


Supposed to be for Google employees only. Excellent price lower than black friday $997.50.

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  • Good deal. I bought the version with the headrest for around 1300 (1220 now) late last year, still waiting for it to come.

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      My first thoughts were full back (headrest), thanks for advising this model can come with one.

      • No worries.

        Yeah even though the price is ridiculous for the headrest, there's no aftermarket ones that can be bought without adding holes to the chair.

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    I got the Steelcase Think for $80 off FB marketplace. Mint condition too!

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      How are you finding it so far?

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      Why didnt you just buy one, then post it after confirmation? …smh, how un-Oztralian :/

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        There would be a slight possibility the deal not being honoured, but the given reason is not acceptable here!

  • Been waiting for this thanks OP! Been looking for second hand for over 6 months with 0 luck

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      Was looking for one with arm rests, and didn't come up…ended up ordering an Ergohuman chair, and a week after delivery (which took months), Steelcase Leap with arms came up for a fraction of the price! :(

      I told my boss to go get one, so at least I get to see one every day through MS Teams! lol (Not bitter at all!) :P

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    Whats the story with these, Herman Miller go cheaper second hand, never heard of these before?

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      It's a pretty well known brand. I'm sitting on a V1 currently.

      Bought mine second hand for less than $100 but missing arm pads.

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      I had both last year and sold the HM. I preferred the Steelcase.

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        I had both last year and sold the HM. I preferred the Steelcase.


      • Note: Edit.

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    Where can you try one of these out?

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    Haven’t heard about this brand before. Is it the same class as Herman Miller?

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      Yep. Some prefer Herman Miller Aeron/Embody, some prefer Steelcase Leap/Gesture.

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      Herman Miller owner here. Not the quite same pedigree as HM - if that's a concern to you - but very well regarded. The Leap was on my shortlist but after I tried the HM Embody I fell in love. Chairs are a very personal thing. You really have to try them out before you drop a grand on them.

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      It's probably considered their main competitor. When I did my research some blue moons ago, it was always about Herman Miller vs Steelcase. That said, I think HM's have better resale value.

      • agreed. probably alot easier to sell herman miller if you hate it also. steelcase not well known in Australia.

  • Thanks Grabbed one of these.

    Was looking at an Aeron at $1690 (On sale) Plus delivery. However online reviews all say that this and the aeron are comparable and it will depend on your personal preference. For a $700 discount i'll gamble that I prefer this more lol.

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      Should’ve waited until you have enough for the Aeron. Ah well.

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        I have enough for either. They both come with 12 year warranties too.

        I've tested the aeron but not the leap. So I may regret it. There is no online review that says the aeron is straight out better than the leap. So you can't say just to save up and buy the Aeron. It doesn't mean it'll be better.

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          If it makes you feel any better, I had an Aeron and it isn't for everyone. I sold it and bought a leap.

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        Aeron is sold on recognition and hype.

        Pick the chair that works best for you. Go to a store and try them out.

    • Are they that similar? The Aeron is a mesh chair.

      • Obviously the looks and materials are different heh.

        In terms of reviews online. There is actually no review that flat out says Aeron is superior is Leap or superior. They all basically say it'll depend on your preferences / seating habits. This isn't like buying a Ferrari or Toyota. It's more like buying a Ferrari or Lambo. It'll come down to what you prefer driving and what you like the looks of.

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          I fully understand that they are both at the top end of task chairs and that your enjoyment will come down to personal preference. I personally wouldn't be gambling $1000 on liking one thing I haven't tried more than another thing I haven't tried.

          • @johnno07: Lol I get where you are coming from. It does seem like a big gamble doesn't it?

            For my office chair I actually grabbed an Ergohuman instead of the Aeron. $500 vs $1800. To this day I still somewhat regret it. The mesh in the seating area just doesn't sit right and kind of hurts my butt after many hours of sitting. But I just live with it now.

            I guess if I'm wrong on the leap for my home use i'll just have to live with it lol. But there are no bad reviews of the leap. So I don't think i'll be unhappy with it.

            • @MrMoo: Did you get the Ergohuman V2 Plus Elite chair by any chance?

              I am close to pulling the trigger on it but concerned with the mesh seat.

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                @Chickfilo: That is literally the same chair that I got lol.

                So I'm about 174 CM and 70kg. I sit fairly normally without putting my feet up on the mesh. Just upright feet on the ground like a normal person. I work 8 hour days.

                I begin feeling the mesh on the outer areas of my upper thigh and a little bit on my butt too. I don't have thick thighs or anything just normal legs. It definitely feels uncomfortable and noticeable. Enough for me to have to adjust myself a little bit to give the mesh a new place to seep into. I mean like I said I live with it now and it isn't painful (which would be terrible lol). But I definitely regret not just getting the Aeron in this case. The aerons mesh did not dig into my thighs like this one does.

                I was sitting on a crap wooden chair before this for work, it wasn't very good and it had no cushion but at least it didn't dig into my thighs lol.

                The lumbar support / back support is fine and there are lots of adjustments that can be made. I'm not tall enough for the head read adjustment to benefit me. Nor do I sit back and use the headrest.

                • @MrMoo: Thanks for the detailed explanation Mrmoo. This sold out pretty quickly so I took a punt on the Onex chair in another post. Similar foam seat from my old chair and also saved me a couple hundo.

            • @MrMoo: FWIW I'm more-or-less the same size as you and have been using the Leap V2 for approx. 5-6 years with zero niggles. GL!

              • @vaskothefrog: Thanks mate. This is actually pretty good to hear =) I'm pretty excited!

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      I had both the HM and the Steelcase at my desk last year and ended up selling the HM. I found the Steelcase more comfortable.

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    Glad I bought a replica Japanese ergohuman office chair for 377 from catch during the boxing day sale period. It was about 850.

    Catch still have them but it's 419 plus 81 shipping. They did offer extra 10% off on top of 50% off. That's why I instantly bought it.

    Very happy with my chair, of course, with headrest.

  • Can someone list the top rated chairs? So I can scope the used market over time.

    1k is just too much for me, but I'd be happy spending $500.

    Sometimes you get lucky, I just don't know what specific brands and models to look out for! Thank you!

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      The top of the high-end task chairs in my research generally are (not in any particular order)
      - Herman Miller Embody
      - Herman Miller Aeron
      - Steelcase Leap
      - Steelcase Gesture
      - Humanscale Freedom

      You can get very lucky and get them sub-$500 if you keep your eye out.

      • Where do you usually keep an eye out?

        • Second hand at that price, Gumtree, Marketplace etc

        • Facebook Marketplace and Scumtree.

          There are a few resellers from office closures. There's one with a warehouse in Roseberry.

        • I don't keep my eye out these days as I don't need another! I managed to snag an amazing deal on my Embody for floor stock 7 or so years ago and I don't plan on replacing it any time soon!

      • Thank you, much appreciated!

        Used market, tough in SA but a timing thing for sure!

  • Nice but Im holding out for the leather + armrest

  • -4

    Supposed to be for Google Employees…From the look of the chair, dust can accumulate on the seat and back rest whereas the Herman Miller doesn't while still being very ergonomic.

    • +1

      My aeron gets dust at the back of it, on the lumbar support and frame.

      • Mine too. It's a dust magnet. Still would buy another though

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      Literally everything accumulates dust - and everything includes Herman Miller chairs.

      • +3

        What I mean is when dust gets accumulated in these chairs, it's difficult to get rid of them compared to the Herman Miller types.

      • Have you seen the Sydney Trains video where people punch the seats and you can see heaps of dust coming out?

  • Not that great of a deal. I paid $868 inclusive of delivery in 2019 when arki were offering a $100 off coupon.

    • +7

      Still not a bad price given the current market. You could get them for ~$630 delivered in 2015.

  • No delivery to WA?

    • $150 delivery cost

      • I'm pretty sure this was around $940 at DesignFARM pre-Covid last year.

        • any recommended place to buy an office chair in Perth

          • @RichardF89: You can try Herman Miller at Living Edge on Queen Street, Steelcase at DesignFARM on Hay Street and Haworth on King Street.

  • +5

    Amazing chair, have a 12yr old one and still going strong - they are built to last forever.
    Only issue is not having headrest.
    Much prefer the fabric + cushioned seat and back.

    I have Herman Miller Aeron at work and this Steelcase is much better.
    Herman Miller is too stiff and ridged; doesn't allow to sit cross legged; the material is too harsh and cold.

    • Its definitely a preference thing, but Ive had the luxury of using extensively 3 versions of herman millers.
      Mirra V1, Aeron V1 and Aeron V2.

      Aeron V2 is pretty comfy.
      Mirra is ok, but the plastic back never felt right.
      Aeron V1 is terrible for me.

      Over the weekend they would always reorganise the chairs so the Aeron's were at the desks, so first thing on Monday morning was switching the chair out with a regular office chair from a meeting room.

      Working from home, im using a Steelcase Leap that i picked up cheap from an office liquidator. was around $100.
      I like it a lot, but not sure its worth the new prices.

      Also, dont go past Gregory's office chairs. They are worlds apart from the ones you get at office works. The ones ive used at work were every bit as comfy to me as the Aeron v2 and my Steelcase leap, even though they dont look all fancy.

  • +3

    For those looking for a comparison between the HM aeron and Steelcase leap v2, having had both (purchased second hand for ~200-300 about 1.5 years ago). I think they're both fantastic chairs that are designed for very long sitting periods. Lots of adjustability for both chairs. It really comes down to personal preference and would recommend that you try them both to make up your own mind. They're both huge improvements on most chairs you'd buy from Ikea or Officeworks.

    I personally prefer the Steelcase Leap v2 (even though it's cheaper say) while my wife prefers the HM aeron. Both very adjustable - I enjoy the cushioning from the steelcase and find that it fits my body shape better, whereas my wife prefers the HM aeron, I suspect because of the contouring of the chair and prefers no cushioning. Either way we'd both be happy to use either.

  • I had one of these at an office and I couldn’t stand it.

    I tried all the adjustments and couldn’t find a comfortable position. Not a fan at all.

    • +5

      This is my biggest concern - buying a $1000 chair without sitting in it only to find out that it doesn't suit your body.

      • +2

        I would suggest going to your city's local flashy office furniture store and sit on everything. Mainly the chairs.

  • anyone know wheres a place to try this chair?

    • -1

      start with your butt.

    • Pyrmont in Sydney. Check their Aussie website for locations.

  • +1

    dam $150 shipping cost for WA which kills the deal

  • -3

    This or gamer chair? Does this have RGB?

  • +3

    Goooooneeeee, Ozbargain hit it too hard.

  • Dead

  • I have both the Leap v2 and Herman Miller Aeron. I think the Aeron is a better chair at $1690 and will hold its value better in 5-10-15 years, breathability of the back and seating is a huge plus not to mention it's iconic design….

    Also, these chairs can come off your tax returns so on more reason to go for the more expensive chair…

    • +6

      Also, these chairs can come off your tax returns so on more reason to go for the more expensive chair…

      Paying more money for something means you pay more money for it - regardless of any tax deduction.

      • -1

        The Aeron remastered will sell for ~$1200 in good condition 5-8 years from now while the Leap V2 will sell for $350. You do the math and also factor in the tax benefits…

        • +1

          I said nothing about the resale value.

          • @johnno07: paying more money for the chair will respecrively earn you back more money from the tax benefits…

            • +1

              @ogiusa: Yes but you still pay more money. You don't magically get more expensive stuff for cheaper.

              • @johnno07: its about how much money you will have in 5 yeara down the line taking into account resale value, tax benefits, initial price. Its like buying a limited ferrari for a million and selling it for 800,000 in 3 years conpared to buying a bentley for 500,000 and selling it for 150,000. You get to enjoy the better product and with the better overall value

                • @ogiusa: Ok, but you only started talking about resale value once @johno07 pointed out the flaw in your logic of going for the more expensive chair because of tax reasons.

                  • -2

                    @axel32: i said that the tax benefit is one more reason…

  • +8

    This chair helped me maintain my K:D ratio. Still at 0:0, just where I want it to be.

  • +3

    Honest post - what am I missing on these chairs? - it holds ya bum right?
    Just an honest ask…….

    • +1

      My first thought was, feed in address and it drives you to work .!!!?

    • +2

      I thought I overpaid for my Secret Labs chair for just under $500 but looking at this I don't think so
      dont think any chair can be comfier to what I have

  • Got one of these lightly used for 150 or 200 of gumtree a few years ago. Its really awesome, personally find it more comfortable than the (more expensive) Herman Miller Aerons work gives us. Definately depends on your body though, everyone will find different chairs comfy.

  • +2

    Hopefully dealing with Arki environments for warranty is better than dealing directly with Steelcase. I bought directly through steel case a couple of years back and need to claim warranty on a faulty head rest. Its been one of the worst companies I've had the displeasure in dealing with regarding warranty. It's been 3 months of me chasing them and every reply is that they will get back to me in 2 days. Fair trading is next step for me unfortunately. Good chair otherwise but hopefully you don't need to claim warranty. Based on that just go with another chair and save yourself the pain.

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    1K for this chair… Is it really that good?

    • +1

      Exactly my thoughts - I cant justify/find $1k for a replacement computer from my 2012 - i7 ……let alone a chair.

      • +1

        Yes, it's designed for sitting 8 hours+ daily without fatigue.

        • I guess there is a need - the old kitchen chair does me in most days.

          • +1

            @naphman: Your posture is important so please get a good chair if you sit in it for long periods of time. However please go to a shop and sit down for at least 30 minutes each. Those shops would not mind because that's how you can only evaluate the chairs. I personally like the Steelcase gesture better.

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