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Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD $289 Delivered @ BPC Tech


Hi all,

We've got a nice Samsung deal again:)

MZ-V8P1T0BW Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD, Samsung 3-bit MLC V-NAND, M.2 (2280), NVMe 1.3, R/W(Max) 7,000MB/s/5,000MB/s, 1,000K/1,000K IOPS, 600TBW, 5 Years [email protected] $289.00inc each

Happy shopping!

Hi all,
For those who missed the last deal, this deal is back online now and will last for 48Hrs!

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    Showing up as $349?

    EDIT: NVM, price updated when added to cart

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      Please try another browser or using the incognito mode in Chrome. Price already updated.

      • Showed $349 in Chorme's incognito mode as at Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021, 6:02 PM Melbourne Time

        Edit: All good now

      • Hello Mr Store Rep, is there a reason why I can't use Paypal to buy this item? There's an ANZ Mastercard/Visa card option but does that accept non ANZ cards as well? Looks like bank deposit is my only option…

      • Hi Store Rep,

        Site says it accepts PayPal however I can't find this option?

    • Yep shows as $349 for me too.. only shows as the sale price win the cart

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    I wish ps5 enabled expansion

    • +3

      when they do, this would probably be on the approved list given that its one of the few pcie4.0 nvme drives available. up to you if you want to gamble on it.

      • +1

        Username checks out ;)

      • Noob question:

        Do you still install this on the same M.2 slot on your motherboard?

        I currently have a Samsung EVO 970 plus.

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        • Yes, but it can depend on the motherboard. Yes it will run on the same m2 slot, but the speed will depend on which slot it is and which motherboard it is. ie. on an x570 chipset with a ryzen 7/9 cpu, chances are one of the slots is running using pcie4.0 lanes from the cpu and one of the slots is running pcie4.0 lanes from the chipset, which would be fine for full speed. but on a b550 chipset with a ryzen 7/9 cpu, one of the slots will be running at pcie4.0 from the cpu, the other slot would be running at pcie3.0 from the chipset, so in this case you'll have to make sure you are using the correct slot for full speed.

  • Great price, thanks!

  • I just bought a 3080 from you. Fast and efficient and especially thanks to ian.

  • Good deals on most Samsung EVO too

  • Any deals on graphics cards?

  • Thanks for that. Was waiting for this or SN850 to go on sale

  • +4

    Good drive but downgrade from MLC to TLC

    • +1

      Yep less Pro, more Evo

      • I love pro evo

  • +12

    Tried to buy from BPC before, absolutely useless. I called them before and after purchasing (about 4 times total) to confirm they had stock of the Item I was after, every time they said "yes we have stock". A couple days later I ask again to check my order status: "sorry but we don't actually have stock of this item." Took a couple more days chasing them for a refund.

    • I hate that

    • Cpl, pcbyte & ks computer (shopping exp) all behave this way. I thought bpc is somehow better than them from my experience

    • +1

      We are truly sorry for your bad experience before. Let us know your order number, then we will remark in our system to offer further discount to you in the future please.
      If this experience by any chance was related to a RTX30 video cards purchase, we are really sorry, but we did our absolutely best to please everyone in term of stock allocation and ETA updates. Market went crazy, not near enough stock supplied.

      • It was a monitor over 5 months ago. Nothing to do with RTX3080. Maybe next time when someone calls 3 times to check for stock you can actually check atleast ONCE. When stock levels are low its easy for a system to be 1-2 units in error.

        • +2

          Totally agreed! sorry again about this, I will let our team know as well.

  • Wow great price, i paid $380 for one of these in november!

    • I paid $350 yesterday 🙁

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    600TBW is really scary. Doesnt inspire confidence considering stuff is 1800TBW. Great price though..

    • +1

      That must be due to the shift to TLC from MLC but I am no expert.

    • Havent people kinda dubunked those numbers? I did see a review once where a reviewer did about triple the rated number and suggested they are pretty safe figures for the manufacturer.

      Could be wrong, I do get you though, 1800 to 600 is a big jump back.

      • +2

        A bit of perspective: older MLC based Crucials (m4, m500 etc) were rated 75TB Write.

        1800TBW shows that technology is improving - 2020 TLC really is better than 2010 MLC. No?

        • +1

          It depends a lot on the size of the drive, better to compare how many times the drive capacity can be written.

          • @DmytroP: Interesting comments, food for thought cheers guys.

    • +4

      If you are planning to use it for over 1 PB writes, sure. But at the rate that I/We write to the drives, it will take over 10 years to reach 600 TBW. By the time this 980 Pro reaches that point, we would be laughing at how we survived on so little and slow storage space. looks at Lexar 512MB CF card which cost me AU$500 and writes at 10 MB/s, the fastest back in the day

    • +1

      Well, it depends on what you do with the drive. Unless you use it for torrentting, it's really unlikely any ordinary people are going to write that much to the disk during its life span. I just took a look at the r/w statistics of my 970 pro(os drive) and it's only ~10TB r/11T w for about 2 years daily usage. And I have to say Win10 contributes to most of it as my work drive has only ~1.5 TB r/2TB w. So if nothing changes dramatically, 600TB w will be able to last for over 100 years and the fact is, how many of us are actually using drives older than 5 years? So to me I'm more worried about those sudden failures without any warnings which seems to be more common in SSDs than magnetic drives.

      But I do agree that the P/E count expectations dropped dramatically, from around 100,000 in SLC, ~2000 in MLC to 600 in TLC. Not really sure how much we can make out of QLC, but yeah, if the trend does not change, we'll soon be worrying about SSD flash wearing issues.

    • +1

      My almost 5 year old Samsung 950 Pro that has been used as my OS drive for it's entire life is currently at 16.4 TB written.

      • I have a Samsung 940 Pro, no longer my OS drive but it was for many years. 29.9 TB

    • Just done input. Has anyone ever had a ssd die on them ?

      I’ve got at least 10 never had an issue.

      I’ve also got my 10 year old Intel x25 80gb tuning in my brothers computer that I paid $860 for and has no trim. So really come on …… ur not buying this as a mass storage drive but got its iops

      • First gen of SSDs died like crazy. They promised reliability and didnt deliver. people paid premium for Intel which was the most reliable. After a couple of controller updates it became reliable.

        • dono i never updated mine,… so yeah i know if u picked a crap brand like ocz or something u were asking for trouble i went for the intel 520 later on which were premium stability, but turned out had encryption problems,…

          All im saying is dont put too much stock in those numbers ull be an old man before u have issues unless theres a serious manufacturing defect.

      • I bought 2 of those drives back in the day! And then circumstances changed so I sold them on eBay a few weeks later unused for a profit :)

      • I had either an OCZ or Corsair 60GB die on me. Those first gen were hit and miss

      • Head of IT of a small-ish business here. I'm not sure why, but I've had waaay more SSDs die on me than HDDs. It's almost always been something with the controller, most commonly the drive itself just one day stops getting recognised by any computer you plug it into. TBW has been the cause only a few times (thank you shitty Logitech webcam drivers writing >100MB log files to disk every few seconds). I have no explanation for this; I've tried different brands, different power supplies, adding/removing cooling fans to the drive area, adding expensive power-filtering UPSes etc, and so far nothing has changed this. I know people say SSDs are more resilient than HDDs, but for me they haven't been and I don't know why. I keep buying them though because they're definitely worth the speed boost, but I keep our more important data on mechanical HDDs

  • Thanks OP, Got one.

  • MLC or bust.

    • $100 (or less) = 1 TB, or bust.

      • +1

        Keep waiting!

  • Best NVMe 4.0 drive. Thanks, was waiting for it. Got one.

  • I got 4 from Shopping Express today, $349 less 15% and free delivery with 2 or more units; so, not quite as cheap, but not much difference.

    • 4?

      • 4 units, 2 for each of 2x NUC6i7KYK "servers'….

        • Wow, expensive kit

          • @spillmill: In the past I've paid around $300 per 1TB NVME M.2 device, but they have all been EVO versions (at sub pro at least).

            • @affinity: This is more like a Pro lite - they're all TLC NAND. Since your platform only supports PCIe 3.0, you'd be better off choosing the myriad of PCIe 3.0 SSDs that are all cheaper and perform just as well. I'd have picked the WD SN750 or 970 EVO Plus instead (both TLC, just like the 980 PRO), or if you wanted a real PRO, the 970 PRO (for MLC).

        • Now down $10 before the 15% discount, still free shipping; so that deal is winning now and it looks like this deal here is finished unless you send an email to sales….?


  • Hi, Does anyone know if these are backward compatible? I.e I have a PCIe 3.0x4 slot. Will this work? Just at reduced speeds?

    • +2

      Yes it will

    • +1

      Samsung website says they'll work in PCIe 3.0 slot, but it won't be as fast. So it would be good for now and perhaps move to a PCIe 4.0 slot in the future (maybe add-in card?).

      Reviews also say it is good for PCIe 3.0 and some of those reviews say to not get this if you only have PCIe 3.0 as they say other options would be cheaper and better (of course, that is not considering upgrades down the track).

  • Excellent replies, thank you both!

  • Is this the best enclosure for this?

      • Wavlink device:
        Doesn't support Linux! Weird, but I believe it's a thing with Wavlink. Also, doesn't support PCIe 4.0, need to rely upon backwards compatibility with PCIe 3.0

        Does support Linux as you should expect. But also doesn't support PCIe 4.0 within the enclosure.

      • Is the enclosure just so you can use it as a potable SSD?

        • Yeah it is. Personally I wouldn't waste a 980 PRO but it's the enclosure I recommend if someone wants thunderbolt (the USB 3.2 version is also really good and better value)

    • Looks good, do you have something with thunderbolt 3?

  • I am trying to figure out if my motherbaoard m.2 slot is compatible with this product, any one know?


    1 x M.2 Socket 3, with M key, type 2242/2260/2280 storage devices support (both SATA & PCIE mode)*1

    • +4

      This 980 Pro is backward compatible with your M.2 which is PCI-e Gen 3.0.

      As this is a PCI-e Gen 4.0 SSD that your motherboard can't take advantage of, you may wish to try finding a Gen 3.0 one that is cheaper (e.g. 970 pro).

  • I think I can run 2x 980 pro's in an x570 mobo with no reduction in speed?
    Already running a 512gb 980 pro in my build (amd 5800)

    • Yeah im running 2 in pci4 m2 though it may depend on the mb. Cant do 3 though without losing 2 Sata ports

      • Are you guys sure, in my research I thought that running a second SSD in the m2 port on a X570 reduces it to PCI 3.0 speeds.

        • +1

          Not on my aorus master x570.

        • +1

          It'll depend on how the mobo uses the pcie 4 lanes. If it has two pcie 4 x 16 expansion slots then it may not be able to support 2 pcie 4 SSDs.

          The cpu and chipset make pcie lanes available, it's up to the manufacturer how they use them.

          Research specific boards, not chipsets when you're looking at this.

          • @Joker042: I have an X570 I Aorus Pro and I'm fairly confident that I cannot add a second PCIE4 M.2 drive without reductions in speed to both drives.

            • @yowiepowah: I have the same board. both m.2 support pcie 4.0

            • +1

              @yowiepowah: you can run both at pcie4.0. the drive in the second slot can theoretically be slower as it is connected to the lanes from the x570 chipset, which is connected to a lot of other things on your motherboard. whereas the drive in the first slot would be running on lanes directly from the CPU. this, of course, is provided you are running the right CPU.

              • @DangerNoodle: Thanks for the advise guys, I have a question for the experts:

                How theoretical is the slowdown? Lets say I have twin PCIe 4.0 SSD connected to my system and I have a program reading both drives simultaneously. absent anything else will both drives be able to hit the the 7GB/s theoretical speed?

                Now what if I now 2 SATA drives also connected and they're also reading at 600MB/s, what would occur to the read speeds on the primary and secondary drive? a) both primary and secondary PCIe 4.0 SSDs experience bottleneck b) only the secondary PCIe4.0 SSD experiences bottleneck c) no bottleneck d) something else?

                Now if the situation was instead of writing to the twin PCIe 4.0 (@ 5GB/s per drive) drives what changes?

                Basically, I'd like to understand under what scenario a bottleneck will occur.

                • @yowiepowah: The theoretical max is likely only achieved from cache of the drive itself.

                  The NVME device has it's own memory and cache (aside from storage).

                  Next comes the number of PCIe lanes that your CPU and chipset support (or any motherboard limitations which may vary depending on how many and which ports / expansion slots are in use).

                  Then you need to consider the "type" of activity, sequential or random for both READ and WRITE. And if you sustain doing any operation, it may impact performance as well. There are all sorts of factors involved here and the underlying OS of the machine as well as the file system type are also considerations.

                  IOPS also comes in to consideration (IO operations per second).

                  In a nutshell, you will get the best performance that you can get with these taking in to account any bottlenecks that might exist in any part of the whole system. There are no simple answers, a good review will give you a fair understanding of the performance you could expect for particular system setups that they test the variations upon.

                  Of course, you may be able to improve performance with a RAID0 setup or some other configuration, but you'll need at least two units to do RAID0 and RAID0 is also known as "scary RAID" for a reason. Go up to 4 units in one box and you have the possibility of using RAID10 (which is striped and mirrored). Now we are getting to the point of being too technical for many.

                • @yowiepowah: @DangerNoodle

                  You /might/ find this interesting:

  • in!

  • Does this work with ps5

    • +1

      It should but Sony have not announced official support yet. I believe WD have sent the SN850 for certification which is similar performance to this

    • What enclosure do you need for Ps5?

      • PS5 has an M.2 slot but currently disabled by firmware

        • Great! Save extra money on not needed an enclosure.

  • nicee i was waiting for something like this for a long time

  • Why did they change their domain?

  • Great price, cheaper than anything on StaticICE. Even the 500GB drive is great value.

    Looking to build a new system in March, hopefully this deal with come around again then

  • hands down

  • My advice for anyone wanting in future for PS5, do not by it now! By the time Sony enable the expansion slot and this is one of their approved SSD's, price will come down significantly.

  • I've placed my order an hour or so ago, as a guest. I haven't received an email confirming the order. I've also made an account with the same email address as the one I used for the order but the order isn't listed for me. Is this normal? I'd have expected an "order received" email once the order was placed.

    • I ordered mine around the same time as you, and got the confirmation and the shipping email fairly quickly in succession just a little while ago. I imagine they're getting a lot of orders, so might just be a bit slow?

  • Hi budgetpc
    Could you please cancelled my order? Sorry my mobo can't maximise the Gen 4 speeds yet.
    I sent you an email at 12 Jan, 21:14.

    • Got an email saying it was cancelled, but then received notification that it has been posted :-(

  • TLC being used is quite a shame. Ruins the reason of this 'pro' model. This should be the Evo. Makes me worry the evo model will have qlc in it.

    Performance without reliability and endurance is useless for serious professional use.
    They should have labeled this one '980 turbo' or '980 performance' rather than '980 pro'.

    But boy does this run hot, though I might put this in the ps5 but bit worries with it running that hot.

    • What are the downside of TLC?

      • 600TB write endurance.

        But let's be real. It's a 1TB drive. If you write the entire contents of the drive every day it would last almost 2 years. But who does that? If you fill up half the drive daily then delete, you're still going to get almost 4 years out of it. But again, who writes that much a day?

        The TLC problem is overblown.

        • It'll be fine for most people, home users and enthusiasts. It would make a poor choice for something like a cache drive in a commercial use, but that's not really the target despite the pro moniker.

          (I have a pair of 1 TB drives in raid 1 I write 600-1000 GB to a day but I'm an extreme use case). It's a hack to fix issues with write performance causing errors under unraid :\ . But these are drives caching an array of well over 100 TB.

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