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iDrive EVC Throttle Controller $195 @ AutoBarn


Equal best price I've seen.

Yes, I like this device and drive faster with it. No, you don't have to believe me or like it

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    Looks fully sick bra

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    You don't drive faster with them unless you tune the vehicle as well.

    They modify the signal being sent from the legal to the fly by wire computer…

    We sell these and tune vehicles, and they are complimentary products, but your vehicle cannot physically go faster with one of these…

    Good price though


      Yeah this thing is suss. You can just press down on the pedal further


        Yes pushing pedal down will cause the car go broom broom quicker, however throttle sensitivity in most modern car follows a curve to tune towards fuel economy.

        I've used one before, and it helps create much more linear throttle response, making driving a better experience.

        Though I'd agree that the price is a bit excessive.


    What car have you OP?


      Pajero Diesel. I reckon they work best on big diesels, though am tempted to get 1 for the missus Lexus IS250 as I reckon the throttle profile on most modern cars are way too mild

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        Just stomp on the pedal every time for the same effect. Then you can StopSpending on rubbish, and save fuel too.


        Long live Pajero, have one too but I think a good quality chip is better (not rubbish ebay ones). Having said that I had both throttle controller and chip on my previous diesel dual cab.

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    This is nice to have in the diesel prado


      Yes they work great on the 1KD engines.


    You wouldn't believe it is the same car with/without it. Absolutely love mine

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    I believe that this can be fitted at Fully Sik Salim's Sled Shoppe, as per pegaxs' recommendation.


    Does this device (profanity) up the timings in my engine to make my exhaust sounds like farts?


      no, it goes between the gas pedal and throttle harness. It modifies the voltage the ECU reads from the gas pedal.


    Yes, I like this device and drive faster with it

    Genuinely curious, as I work on a lot of cars.

    Why do people choose this more expensive option, rather than getting the dealer to change the throttle curve to how you like it?

    All of mine, and family have been mapped to 50% less smoothing and 1:1 throttle position mapping.

    Just wondering what the appeal is?


      The appeal is that its $195 and its plug and play and you can remove it it you dont like it and you can readily sell it.

      The dealer wouldnt piss on you for $195 and further if you dont like it, do you think you can recoup any money from the dealer?

      Nice that you found a nice dealer for your brand.


        What is your dealers hourly charge?

        Our locals charge 80 an hour, and a throttle map is quoted at half an hour; its an obd2 flash.

        Was sub $50 at mazda, nissan, and ford.
        And my mate works at holden where they charge about $70 (minimum 1 hour charge).

        What did your dealer quote you? yours sounds like the odd one out here.

        And no, i dont expect to recoup money from a dealer, but I know what I roughly want (a more 'connected' throttle).

        Nowadays i own the tool for ford, mitsu and subaru; but not many people are into buying tools anymore.

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          You got a good thing going there. Here's how it works in a lot of dealers out there, even ones I'm friendly with.

          They dont want to touch whatever mapping you describe. They're not interested in flashing whatever that can upset the warranty.

          Further most charge, like you say, min. 30 mins to 1hr just for a basic OBD2 query. $80 is where most dealers start.

          I'm good friends with a local mechanic who will do this for free and they generally dont want to do as what you describe simply because most modern car will note that there has been some flash change and that will readily come up if a dealer wants to check.

          This is Sydney though… prices are bit higher. Think about this… most dealers are geared around doing $300+ servicing and selling overpriced accessories so why would they even care about sub $100 flashes?

          The local guys who I dont use because they are expensive is wall to wall in $300-$700-$900+ service charges so what's $100 to them???


            @tonyjzx: Wow, never going to Sydney for car stuff then, that sounds awful to deal with.

            In Brisbane, they wont remap anything engine related of course; but throttle maps are just a default option in most suites.

            I dunno, less than 5 minutes work for $50-100? For most of our dealers thats not bad cost for time; thats what, $600 per hour?

            I think its appealing because its automated; almost literally no staff time required; just plug, walk away, unplug.

            I should buy the other tools and offer it as a mobile service in Sydney it sounds like.

            ESPECIALLY for fords, I did my bosses ute from inside the office because he had a bluetooth OBD tool, haha.

            most modern car will note that there has been some flash change and that will readily come up if a dealer wants to check.

            Which throttle controller does that?!

            Almost all ECU's do that, but ive never seen it on a throttle chip.

            For most it's not even a custom thing, its literally an option. A few suv's even have 'pedal dances' you can enable in the software (like forscan) to switch it DIY.


            @tonyjzx: What dealers are remapping throttle responses? Would genuinely like to know.


      Theres a few good reasons to go with this option

      Dealers generally wont touch anything and if they do then you are stuck with it how it is

      Wit an idrive you can change the throttle performance in many ways , which they are well suited for people with 4wd for towing or also for slow offroad where you might very slow performance

      Sure the naysayers will say mash your foot harder , yes you can do that but it becomes very tiresome

      I bought mine a could of years back , its great , when im finished with the car i know i can prob sell it for $150


      The throttle controller has numerous settings, so you can adjust the throttle curve whenever you want to suit the conditions at the time. You can dial the throttle down when off roading, turn it up when towing, adjust it for economy on long trips, turn it down for wifey or learner drivers etc.

      When you sell the car you can pull it off and sell the throttle controller and re-coup a lot of your money back which you cant do with a dealer map.

      Also some throttle controllers have advanced features like a pin code to lock the throttle for security, overtake mode, idle up for when running a winch etc


    Can this tune down the throttle response to reduce wheel spin on a stock mk vii golf?


      Technically yes, but not in the way you'd like.

      Might have worn engine mounts; it takes a LOT to make mark 7 golfs spin, assuming you have decent rubber.

      Can I ask your tire brand, size, and pressure?


    Have this on my VE SS Commodore and WOW, unreal feeling of acceleration. And yes i know it just changes the % throttle but in the seat feel is :-)
    Also was cheaper at Repco at @ $174 last year.


    Op, Plus one for posting. Don’t what it is, but is sounds Fast and Furious to me. 😎

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    Came here to look for current Ebay promos and left with an iDrive. Sometimes I really hate Ozbargain!


      haha i am in the exact same boat.. wt!! I didn't pull the trigger tho lol. I think I want to "tune" the car first… anyone got tuning options for an old v35 skyline coup :)